My name is Vini, I live in a small city in England. This is a story about a nice surprise on a wonderful day.

I was awakened by warm sunshine on my face coming through a gap in the bright yellow curtains. My bedroom was infused with a soft yellow glow that somehow made it feel more summery and warm. I glanced over at the alarm clock and the neon green digits declared that it was far too early to be awake on a Sunday morning. Still, "I'm awake now, might as well get up," I thought to myself. I had a shower and then decided that for a nice relaxing day in the sun I would go fishing. I was not particularly in the mood to be around people that day, so I decided to go to a quiet little spot on the river. You never see anyone else there because to get to it you need to climb down through a forest that grows on a steep half-mile slope leading down to the water. I got all my stuff together and drove down to the nearest parking place - the local crematorium. It was quite a long walk to get to the edge of the forest and so I stopped for a breather before making my way down through the forest to the water. The trees were very thick and it was cool and dark inside the forest. When I finally got to the water I set my things down on the small pebble beach that marked the spot and started setting up. I caught a few small fish in the first hour, but nothing special and I began to get bored. After about two hours I was so bored that I couldn't be bothered fishing anymore, and tackled down my rod and packed my things ready to leave. I didn't want to leave though, it was such a lovely warm summers day, and so peaceful. I decided to stick around for a while and just relax. I let my chair all the way down so it was like a bed, closed my eyes and laid back.

After a little while I felt the sun rounding the treetops and it had reached the time of day when the sun shone directly on this little beach. I decided to top up my tan and took my shirt off. After a moment I realised that I was quite on my own out here, so I took my trousers off too. I stretched back and relaxed again, feeling the warmth of the sun on my naked skin. Quite suddenly I realised that since there was in fact no one around, and I was hardly out in public, I could see no reason why I shouldn't get a proper tan. I took my shoes and socks off, put my socks in my shoes and placed them under my chair. I glanced around again to make sure no one was there then I stood up and slowly slipped down my boxer shorts, exposing myself completely to the nature around me. I led stomach down on my bed-chair and closed my eyes again. I was so comfortable that I fell asleep, after a little while I woke up and felt quite warm on my back, so I turned over to tan my front side. As I felt the warm rays of the sun on my stomach a small breeze went by and tickled me a little just there, as soon as it was gone the warm rays of the sun felt that little bit warmer. This sensation on my unusually exposed parts had an immediate reaction, and I developed a strong erection within seconds. I hadn't done anything for a few days and so it felt very right to let my hand slide down and start playing with my hardness. I was very lightly, and very, very slowly stroking the shaft of my penis, letting the skin move just a little on the downward stroke. I was incredibly aroused now, and it took all my willpower to maintain this very soft, slow pace. After a few minutes I couldn't stand it any more and I firmly gripped the shaft of my cock, ready to masturbate properly. I was so turned on that I knew it wouldn't take long to finish, and just as I started with the first meaningful stroke I heard a sharp breath take in behind me.

I was quite shocked that someone was there, I hadn't checked around before I started masturbating and I felt really self-conscious. I sat up immediately and spun round to see who was there. I was so surprised by what I saw that I forgot to stop myself, fell clean off the bed-chair and ended up in an embarrassing heap on the pebbles. A soft peal of laughter rang out through the quiet forest, the sound was mesmerising, it engulfed me completely. I looked up slowly and beheld the most beautiful site I have ever seen. With the sun directly behind him, his head was haloed like that of an angel, his gorgeous angular features were emphasized by the light behind him. He looked down at me and offered a hand, I slowly reached out and let him help me to my feet. As I stood there, gazing into his beautiful dazzling eyes, naked as the day I was born, I was dumbstruck. I couldn't say a thing, I couldn't move, his face was about a foot from mine and I still could not believe this was happening. His name formed in my mind, I licked my dry lips to give them some moisture and as I slowly began to mouth his name he gently leant in and kissed me. I caught my breath sharply, I had literally stopped breathing I was so stunned. I knew he grew up around here but I had no idea that he ever came back, and I had no idea that he knew about this place.

"Orlando?" I asked.
"Yes," he replied, smiling.
I paused for a moment before replying, "is that your real name?"
"Yeah," he chuckled briefly before asking me, "and what do I call you?"
I felt like saying 'absolutely anything you like, you beautiful man' but I was still dazed by this, so I just about managed to mumble my name to him, "Vini."
"I'm sorry for interrupting you," he apologised.
At this I began to blush profusely, which he found very amusing.
"I mean it Vini, I'm sorry," he looked genuine, and then an impish smile grew on his face, "I was going to wait until you'd finished before introducing myself."

This time it was me who kissed him, and quite a bit more passionately than the first one. We kissed fully on the lips two or three times and then he opened his mouth just a little and cautiously caressed my lips with his tongue. I groaned with pleasure and did the same thing in reply, then I felt his tongue exploring my mouth and shortly after he felt mine. We were embraced together so tightly and closely, deeply succumbed to the most passionate and romantic kiss I had ever imagined, let alone experienced. We stayed like that for what must have been fifteen or twenty minutes, however long it was too short, I never wanted it to stop. He kissed my chin several times, working down to my neck which he covered in soft kisses. After a few minutes his soft kisses turned into lustful caressing with lips and tongue, and even gently with teeth. I was in ecstasy, having my next caressed like that is the single most sensual thing for me, and it turns me on incredibly. I was absolutely rock hard, and so turned on that my penis was throbbing against him. He felt this and gently moved his hand down and started very gently stroking it, mimicking the exact method I began with earlier. As he continued he worked his lips down from my neck to my chest, he peppered it with soft kisses and lingered when he reached my nipples, nibbling on them gently. Slowly, very slowly he worked his way down to my stomach. He stopped playing with my cock at that point and moved his hand away. He spent some time covering my firm stomach in kisses, every so often letting his tongue trace one of my abs. Then he moved down further, kissing my hips and still further, licking and kissing my thighs, and then my inner thighs. Finally, when I was so tightly wound that I could explode right then and there, when I was so aroused and in pleasure that I didn't care or acknowledge anything else but my solid, throbbing penis, he took it in his mouth.

He didn't move his head at all, he just held the mushroom of my head in his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. Slowly at first, but quickly increasing speed until his sucking and licking was almost frantic. He wanted me, he wanted what I was going to give him, and I wanted to give it to him so much. I held out for as long as I could, but very soon I took and a held huge deep breath, and exhaled it heavily as my hot love juice exploded forth from my cock into his mouth. He began to swallow immediately, knowing that there was a lot to come - and there was, I fired six or seven massive shots into him as the incredibly powerful orgasm took control of me. My hot spurts slowed after that, but there were still another half dozen or more before I was completely empty. I had ejaculated more hot semen into Orlando's mouth than I think I had ever ejaculated anywhere before or since. When he knew I was finished he spent a few moments making sure he had taken it all, and licked my head a few more times to make sure, then he rose to his feet and kissed me immediately, an intense, passionate open-mouthed kiss. I could taste the salty remnants of what he had just swallowed and I loved it, I was so happy I could have cried. Exhausted, but very, very happy.

*   End of Part 1   *

This is my first attempt at any writing of this kind. For comments/questions please e-mail me.

Please note that this story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the person mentioned, or any personal knowledge about his private life. ;)