Fic: Fixation


Author: Aphrodite

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jason Castro is fixated on everything that is Adam Lambert.

Author's Notes: Part of the Your Life is a Stage and the World is Your Audience series, unedited version can be found here. Oh, by the way, my lovely muse, Jason Castro, finally has a release date of April 13th for his debut album so good times ahead and hopefully more writing, too. Now if only he would return to his one true love, David Cook...



Jason Castro had no intentions to run into Kris Allen. He had no intentions to stalk him either. Yet, here he was lounging in the dark corner of a nightclub with a hooded sweatshirt to cover his signature dreadlocks- intense blue eyes fixated on the handsome musician as he waited for his date to arrive. A man sidled up next to him at the corner table. The man stripped off the hood, leaving Jason's dreadlocked hair to tumble down his shoulders like a waterfall within the depths of a tropical forest. The man unzipped his hooded sweatshirt and ran his fingertips across his torso. The man grunted as he moved in closer, shoving his hand down his jeans while sucking diligently on the nape his neck. Jason stifled a whimper as the man fisted his cock and squeezed his balls all the while his eyes remained fixated on Kris Allen. He watched as Kris Allen chatted up with strangers-their smiles dancing off each other. He wondered why Kris Allen drew so many nice and friendly men while he seemed to bare the burden of their sadistic cohorts-like the man who had just squeezed his balls so painfully hard that Jason couldn't help but yelp out loud.

"Moan for me, pretty angel." The man hissed into his ear.

Jason ignored the nuisance biting his neck and groping him. He focused on the vibrant musician sitting perched on the barstool as men skipped up to him to vie for his attention. At the end of the courtship, Kris Allen only had eyes for one- his date for the night. Adam Lambert arrived conveniently late in his goth like attire-black leather pants and jacket with a floral printed shirt underneath and matching black fingernail polish. They exchanged hellos and smiles that seemed to stretch for miles before Adam leaned down to whisper something in Kris's ear. Kris giggled, hopped off the stool, and followed Adam upstairs to the second level of the club. Jason perked up with great interest and turned to his companion.

"Um...I need to go the restroom." Jason told him, extracting the man's hand from within the depths of his jeans.

"Okay. I'll see you later, gorgeous."

Jason feigned a smile and got up. He followed Adam and Kris up the stairs to the second floor. They had entered a dark and mysterious room. It was a large room with canopy beds lining the walls of the wall. Each bed was covered with opaque black curtains to shield the identity of the lovers, but still gave enough exposure to those voyeuristic eyes. Jason leaned against the wall and watched Adam lead Kris to one of those canopy beds. He pulled the curtains away and Kris climbed in. Adam dropped his jacket to the floor and stripped his shirt away. He shimmied out of his tight leather pants and climbed in. Kris leapt off the bed and attacked Adam's body, placing kisses all over his stomach. When he reached the waistband of his briefs, Kris looked up and smiled warmly at Adam before pulling down the briefs. He took Adam's cock in his mouth and sucked it, making Adam moaned uncontrollably. Adam, with his extra long limbs, pushed onto the bed posts for support as Kris worked his fellatio magic on the glam rocker's cock. It didn't take long for Adam to shudder violently and ejaculated his loveseeds into Kris's mouth. After he gathered his breath, he pounced on top of Kris, kissing him on the mouth while working feverishly to remove his jeans. Once Kris was stripped of his jeans and boxers, Adam glided his lips across the naked flesh, riding up Kris's shirt and then completely removing the shirt. Now both nude, their passionate kissing continued as they frolicked around in the bed, giggling and laughing, moaning and panting.

Adam hovered over Kris and leaned in for another kiss before moving his lips across Kris's abdomen to capture his cock in his mouth. Adam licked the underbelly of Kris's cock with his wet tongue and wrapped the phallus with his tongue, sucking like the expert cocksucker that he was. Just when Kris was about to shoot his load, Adam tapped on his hip and pulled him up. He turned Kris around until Kris was on his hands and knees with his ass in the air. Adam smiled appreciatively at the creamy white globes of asscheeks and then snaked out his tongue. He pried Kris's asscheeks apart and pressed his tongue inside, penetrating him with his tongue. He licked around the inner edging of Kris's anus and once Kris was slicked enough, he slowly inserted his cock inside Kris's ass. Kris stifled a cry and held his breath as Adam continued to slide his erection in until he hit the hilt, which caused Kris to moan loudly. Adam smiled and whispered something into Kris's ear before grabbing his hips and thrusting in and out. Kris was moaning so loud as Adam kept pistoning at his prostate. He fisted the sheets beneath him and stayed in position for as long as he could before collapsing onto the bed. Adam crashed on top of Kris. After a brief break to adjust himself, Adam began fucking Kris into the mattress with long, deep strokes-each time successfully tapping Kris's prostate until Kris couldn't sustain any more of Adam's assault on his prostate. Kris cried out loud, screaming, `Oh, God! Oh, God, Adam!', before shooting his cum into the mattress. Adam followed shortly thereafter, rising tall above as he shrieked into the night while unloading his seeds into Kris's ass.

Jason was so enraptured by the theatrical display of fornication before him that he failed to notice a couple approached him.

"No singles allowed." One of the men told him before dragging him to their bed- his eyes still fixated on the love scene in the bed in front of him.


As Kris and Adam screamed in pleasure, Jason's pain laced screams continued to rock the night away. Despite the tears blurring his vision, Jason kept staring at the scene before him as Adam laid Kris back on the bed and pleasured his cock, once, again, with the perfect ministrations of his lips and tongue. Jason continued to sob out loud when the curtain to his bed was ripped open. For the first time during the night, Jason pried his eyes away from Kris Allen and Adam Lambert to look into the smoky brown eyes of Michael Johns.

"What the fuck are you doing here? You know David will be livid." Michael Johns chuckled at Jason's predicament. Jason ignored him and turned his face away to stare up ahead. Michael followed Jason's gaze to the writhing bodies in the bed next to them. When he determined the identities of the lovers, Michael turned his attention back to Jason and grabbed his face, pulling him to look him in the eyes. "What the fuck is your obsession with him?" When Jason continued to ignore him, Michael lowered his free hand to Jason's hanging balls and crushed them in his fist, repeating his question, "What the fuck is your obsession with him?" Jason's lips trembled as tears threatened to fall. He turned his gaze away from Michael's deathly glare and cried in frustration as Adam slowly and gently penetrated Kris while kissing him on the lips. "Shut up! Shut up." Michael yelled, squeezing his cheeks together until Jason silenced his cries. When Michael released his face, Jason returned his focus on the love making session before his eyes.

"Why can't that be me?" Jason whispered.

Michael shook his head sympathetically.

"You really want to be Kris considering how he fucked you up last time?"

"No." Jason whimpered as Michael thrust roughly into him, causing him to finally pass out as Kris and Adam collapsed into each other's embrace.

Closing Notes: If you're feeling nostalgic like me, come visit me at Aphrodite's Labyrinth for stories inspired by the sparkly boys of 'Nsync like the classic, "A Tale of Two of Boybands" first archived here a decade ago, otherwise for more recent works, vist my author's page at Castrofics inspired by my current muse, Jason Castro.