***This story is a complete work of fiction, with several minor details from my own personal life experiences, but mostly my imagination and own fantasies. It is common knowledge that Lukas Podolski is a happily married man and father of a young son and this story is in no way attempts to question his perceived sexuality or preferences. The character "Erikvarsson" is entirely made up and any naming or actions that reflect a real person are strictly coincidental. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

Author's Note: Chapter 3 is completely devoid of sex, however Chapter 4 more than makes up for that if that's what you're looking for. Don't skip Chapter 3, though, as it gives us our first look at some other minor characters who will be playing important roles throughout the story as well as reveals a little more subtle info about the enigmatic Lukas and Erikvarsson's strong feelings for him. *Please consider a donation to Nifty!*



Chapter 3

Erikvarsson opened the door to his apartment and was eagerly greeted by his loyal companion, Ingemar. After taking the dog out for a quick stroll to relieve himself and get fresh air, Erikvarsson ran some hot water and soaked in his bath tub, reflecting on the previous night's events. His feelings for this man, Lukas, were intense. He gave his body to Lukas, who likewise, gave himself to Erikvarsson. And just before leaving, Lukas did, after all, tell him he loved him. Erikvarsson was really confused. He took a nap to try to clear his mind.

The nap turned into an actual deep sleep. He woke up some five hours later, and checked his phone: a simple smiley face icon from Lukas; no message. Erikvarsson sent one back, then made himself a late afternoon lunch. As usual on the weekends, he didn't do anything. He was really lazy on such off days, but considering how hard he worked during the week, he felt he was entitled to it. He surfed the Internet a little bit, watched some TV, and read a few chapters of a book he had started a few days earlier. He couldn't fully concentrate on anything. He wanted to talk to Lukas.


Lukas texted (not called) him that night and bluntly asked Erikvarsson if he would go on a date with him, "A full date. Restaurant and club afterwards." Erikvarsson hated clubs, but didn't hesitate to say yes since he would at least be with the man who had seemingly changed his life for the time being.

As was usual, it took forever deciding what he wanted to wear. He decided on a white long sleeved button up Armani shirt, some blue jeans, and black Louis Vuitton dress shoes. He got yet another text from Lukas telling him he would pick him up from his place and to send him directions. About 45 minutes later, Lukas was there, wearing a dark blue cardigan with a white (small) V-neck T-shirt underneath, some blue jeans, and white sneakers. "You look really nice," he told his "Swedish prince." Erikvarsson blushed, half because of Lukas' comment and half because he felt overdressed compared to what Lukas had on.

Lukas took him to a local pizza hangout spot; not the dreamy, romantic date spot Erikvarsson had in mind, and he was beginning to realize that Lukas was quite a simple man. He could tell by the way he dressed, the way his apartment was furnished (although it was really nice), the way he talked. This was a major difference from Erikvarsson, who despite being very young, was quite a regal, "very imperialistic royal gentleman," as some of his cousins liked to say. They didn't talk much over their dinner; just about what they had done that day after Erikvarsson left Lukas' place, and their plans for Sunday and the upcoming week. Erikvarsson told Lukas he planned on going to church tomorrow to which Lukas said, "That's a good idea, I haven't been in some years. Can I come with you?" Erikvarsson was delighted and nodded an affirmative. Neither of them mentioned their sexual escapade from the previous night.

"Come on, let's go have a few drinks," Lukas said. Erikvarsson didn't want to go to the club and actually planned to come up with an excuse to get out of going, but he agreed in the end and it turned out that they went to a nice, moderately upscale local place with a young and hip crowd. As soon as they walked in, it seemed like everyone was yelling out Lukas' name, giving him high-fives, pats on the backs, and kisses on the cheek. "I thought he said he didn't know anyone in Chicago," Erikvarsson thought to himself. He ignored it. Lukas introduced him, and many of the guys, mostly of German and Polish origins, complimented him on his style and his handsome looks.

Erikvarsson was actually having a good time. He met some cool guys, among them Holger, Bastian, and Jerome. They kept him entertained. He hadn't spent much time with Lukas at all, who it seemed, owned the damn club itself; or at least that was the way he carried himself. While in the middle of his third Jack & Coke and a lively conversation with his newfound friends, Lukas came and whisked Erikvarsson away. "Come with me. I have to go to the bathroom." Erikvarsson was tipsy, near drunk; Lukas was completely wasted, although not in a sloppy fashion.

Lukas pushed Erikvarsson into a stall, locked it, and kissed him hard on the lips. It wasn't passionate like the night before. This was pure rough masculinity. Lukas was licking his face and neck, which made him quite uncomfortable. He pushed his hands up against the older man's chest as a sign for him to ease up. Lukas complied. He smiled his usual big smile as if his being rejected were no big deal, unbuttoned his pants, turned towards the toilet, and started peeing. This was Erikvarsson's secret fetish. There was something about the sight of urine coming out of a penis in a public toilet that turned him on. Lukas was no exception. He liked seeing Lukas' big manhood...the same manhood that was in him less than 24 hours earlier, shooting out a very thick, heavy, powerful stream of piss. Since his pants were unbuttoned, the young Swede could see Lukas' dark pubic patch that he loved so much, as well as his scrotum. And he noticed yet another slight difference between himself and the older man: Lukas didn't retract his foreskin while peeing; Erikvarsson always did.

Lukas finished with a long, over exaggerated violent shake of his penis to get the rest of the urine out, put it back in his pants, and kicked the handle with his foot to flush the toilet. He opened the stall and went to wash his hands, as Erikvarsson followed him out. The duo went back out and picked up back where they left off. Erikvarsson didn't spend any more time with Lukas at the club that night. He was happy to have made new friends. They exchanged phone numbers and Facebook account names, and Erikvarsson promised he would join Holger tomorrow afternoon for some ice cream downtown.

Eventually, time began to wear them all out, and after what seemed like all night (it actually was), they all dispersed, and Erikvarsson met back up with Lukas who was busy entertaining two young, attractive guys roughly his age. The two guys, Mario and Sven, were greatly fascinated with whatever Lukas was saying. It was in German, so he couldn't understand. He was annoyed; it seemed like he was being ignored, and neither Mario nor Sven made any attempts to talk to him or try to tell Lukas to speak in English. He wished his new group of friends were still around. He walked outside to get some fresh air. Lukas and the two younger guys came out about 15 minutes later. They all bade each other farewell, and Lukas gave the valet his ticket number to pull his car around while stumbling and talking incoherently. He was way too drunk to drive, so Erikvarsson said he would (his tipsy state had worn off), but he drove back to his own place because he would have no way of getting home, except by taxi, which he refused to take, since Lukas had picked him up. Lukas slept in the car the entire way back. He had to literally help carry the man past the residential concierge, who was sharing a slight laugh of sympathy with Erikvarsson, on to the elevators. They rode the quick ride up to the 37th floor and Erikvarsson helped his companion to his bed.

Lukas was somewhat awake now, but still not in his right mind. Erikvarsson was helping him take his shoes, socks, and jeans off. Lukas managed to take his cardigan and T-shirt off himself. "Ahh, I want to fuck you so bad," he grumbled. Erikvarsson ignored him. He shooed Ingemar away, who was busy sniffing out his new visitor, and helped Lukas lay down. Erikvarsson took a shower, and, for some strange reason, slept in one of his guest bedrooms rather than beside Lukas in his bed. He had various reasons as to why he did it, although the way he reasoned some of his reasons would not have made much sense to anyone else. For one, he was too tired to even potentially have sex; he was just de-virginized the night before and considering Lukas' current state, Erikvarsson figured there was no way in hell Lukas would be as gentle and slow as he had been 24 hours earlier. Two, he was annoyed at how drunk Lukas was; "A true gentleman knows how to carry himself in both public and private," Erikvarsson had been taught and lived as if it were law. Thirdly, he didn't feel it was appropriate to cuddle with Lukas while he was so drunk; he considered that to be manipulating the mind of someone who wasn't actually in their normal, sober, state of mind. And lastly, and perhaps most immature and irrelevant, he was utterly repulsed at the behavior of Lukas' two friends who made no attempts to talk to him, and by Lukas himself, who left him excluded out of their conversation. He laid down, Ingemar by his side, in his guest bedroom and slept a nice, hard sleep. "I always sleep best when there is alcohol in my system," Erikvarsson used to tell his friends back in college. And it was true.


He woke up around 1 PM, much later than he wanted to because he wanted to go to Mass at noon, but he was always content with the fact that it was still Sunday and therefore his sleep did not have to be interrupted by an alarm. It took him just a few minutes to gather himself together before remembering that his visitor was sleeping in his bed. He jumped out of his bed, the always faithful Ingemar treading right behind him excitedly, and went to his room. Lukas was still there, sleeping angelically with his lips slightly parted emanating the soft hum of his breathing rhythm.

Lukas was apparently a wild sleeper, as he somehow ended up on top of all the sheets and bed comforter, and was lying diagonally across the bed with his head in the northeast corner and his feet in the southwest corner. He was lying on his stomach, and Erikvarsson had his eyes fixated on the Polish-German man's glutes. "That ass," he thought to himself. "Wow!" Lukas had a nice body altogether. He was definitely in shape and well sculpted.
He left Lukas in peace and went into the kitchen, cut up some pieces of cheese and various meats, and sat down and ate them along with a few slices of whole wheat bread. He turned on the TV and watched, as was his usual routine, the news as nothing came on at this time of day on a Sunday; actually nothing came on at all during the weekends that he enjoyed watching. He decided to send Holger, his new friend, a text message to inform him that he was still up for getting ice cream, but if they could have it later in the afternoon, probably around 5 PM, when he expected Lukas to be gone. Holger agreed affirmatively and told his new Swedish friend to just call or text him whenever he was ready to meet up as he, too, had no plans for the day.

Lukas came strolling in the living room about an hour later with the same confidence as if he owned the place as he did at the club the night before. Erikvarsson liked this trait of Lukas, which he associated with his strong machismo and masculinity. "Morgen (morning)," Lukas said, greeting his host in German. "It's after 2 pm, so you mean `guten tag' (good day)," Erikvarsson said. The older man smiled. Lukas was still wearing just his tighty whitey briefs, and although he wasn't erect, his manhood filled the front of the briefs. Without asking, he started eating some of the leftover cheese, meat, and bread Erikvarsson hadn't finished eating. He sat down right next to and spread his legs wide so that his right leg was unapologetically rubbing against Erikvarsson's left leg. The younger Swede's beautifully tanned, sparsely blond haired legs were a nice contrast against Lukas' hairier, muscular white legs. He stared at Erikvarsson.

"What?" Erikvarsson asked. "You're so beautiful," Lukas responded. For him, Lukas, he liked Erikvarsson but didn't love him even though he said he did before Erikvarsson left his place the morning after they had had sex. He enjoyed his innocence, his physical beauty, his aura; he liked it all. But deep inside, there he possessed a lustful passionate desire for the young Swede that was more lust rather than love. He wanted to fuck the boy's brains out; not the passionate, beginner's style sex they had had on Friday night. No, he wanted to pin Erikvarsson down and have his way with him. He wondered how the timid and reserved Erikvarsson would act by being physically and sexually violated by him. He wanted to break his shyness.

The duo sat and watched TV silently. Erikvarsson was taking quick glimpses out the side of his eye at Lukas' package. His entire body was a sight to behold, let alone his manhood. Lukas finished eating and said, "What are your plans for today?" Erikvarsson told him about his plans to meet up with Holger and have ice cream later on in the afternoon. "What about you?" Erikvarsson asked the man. "Nothing, really. Do you want to come over my place for dinner tonight? We can order something," Lukas asked. Erikvarsson thought about it quickly; he wanted to spend time with Lukas, but at the same time, didn't want to get caught up being too emotional and "sprung" over him. Besides, on a personal note, he had to work tomorrow. But hey, why blow off the man he had just given his long treasured (and sought after) virginity to? "That sounds good. I will come over after I see Holger."

Lukas got up from the couch, went to Erikvarsson's bedroom, and put on the clothes he had worn to the night before. He gave Erikvarsson a high five (as opposed to a hug), thanked him for letting him stay over, and walked out the front door and to the elevator. Erikvarsson watched dreamily after the man who he was so deeply attracted to before coming to his senses and prepping his own self for his afternoon outing with Holger. Lukas was such a mysterious man; he had a lot of questions to ask Holger about this guy.



Chapter 4


Erikvarsson and Holger finished their ice cream and were sitting and chatting about the trivial things people talk about when they first meet. They built upon where they had left off the night before. Holger was a nice guy. He was a handsome 6 foot 2, very skinny, with a masculine face supporting the strongest, most chiseled jaw line Erikvarsson had ever seen in person. He had dirty blond, near brown hair and blue eyes, and was soft spoken. He told Erikvarsson how he and everyone at the club the night before had all met back in Germany several years ago, and almost one by one, were relocating to Chicago as a result of the recession back in their native land. He likewise informed the young Swede how he had an on again, off again relationship with Bastian, another one of the guys Erikvarsson had befriended the night before.

It was all interesting to Erikvarsson, but he had questions that needed to be answered. "Can you tell me more about Lukas," he asked. "Sure," Holger replied. "What would you like to know?" Erikvarsson wanted to know everything. What was Lukas really like? What did he do? How was he seen by those who had known him longer than Erikvarsson? Holger divulged.

"Lukas is a cool guy, very popular back in Germany. I'm sure you know he's very charismatic, quite a big jokester, but also caring. When it comes to his personal life, he's actually a very private person. He is very flirtatious, which you might have noticed, but he doesn't go farther than that. He doesn't let the head in his pants control the head on his shoulders, if you know what I mean. I've known plenty of guys that have had near-obsessive crushes with the man, but Lukas doesn't act on any of it. To be honest, most of the guys...I mean his friends...think he's still a virgin!" All of this intrigued Erikvarsson. He knew for a fact that Lukas wasn't a virgin, but maybe he was before the two of them had had sex. Wouldn't that be something, Erikvarsson quickly thought to himself, if both me and Lukas had been each other's first! Lukas certainly seemed like he knew what he was doing, so it didn't seem likely that the two of them lost their virginity with one another. But nevertheless, Erikvarsson was pleased to know that Lukas wasn't a heartbreaker or someone who goes around having one night stands. After nearly two and a half hours, the two new friends parted ways. Erikvarsson headed over to Lukas' place. He wanted to hear more about the man from the man himself.


Lukas opened the door. He greeted Erikvarsson with a "Hey, what's up?" Erikvarsson just smiled. He waited for Lukas to invite him inside. "Uh, are you gonna come in," Lukas asked. The Swede walked inside while Lukas closed the door behind them, kind of confused and finding it strange that Erikvarsson didn't walk in as though he owned the place (as he had done when he was at the boy's house the night before), especially considering the fact that they had been sexually intimate once before. In Lukas' mind, the simple fact that they had sex together, considering his high standards for giving someone else his body, entitled his partner access to virtually everything he owned except his money and family.

"How was your afternoon," Erikvarsson asked. "

It was okay," Lukas responded. "Didn't do much, obviously. Still recovering from last night."

Erikvarsson was mesmerized with Lukas. He looked so handsome with a partially scruffy face, black track pants, and an FC Koeln football polo that unintentionally had one side of the collar sticking up that Lukas was too lazy to fix.

"Do you want something to drink," Lukas asked his guest.

"Can I have some water" came the reply.

The host poured some water in glass, handed it to Erikvarsson, and sat down next to him, nonchalantly relaxing his right arm behind the boy's head and spreading his legs until his right leg rubbed against the young Swede's left. Somewhere deep inside him, Erikvarsson worked up the courage to break the silence. "Can we talk, Lukas?" The older man nodded his head.

"What do you want to talk about," Lukas asked.

"I just want to know more about you," Erikvarsson said.

"Like what, exactly?

Erikvarsson didn't have a reply. He wanted to ask Lukas a lot of questions but didn't know what, or have the courage, to ask. In other words, he basically wanted Lukas to volunteer information.

"Um, why do you like me," the young Swede shyly asked.

Lukas giggled slightly. "Why? Really, is that a question you have? Why do you think I like you, Mr. Sweden?"

Erikvarsson honestly didn't know. He always feared being just a booty call for Lukas, but those fears subsided greatly after talking with Holger earlier that afternoon. Erikvarsson just stared back at Lukas. The two sat looking at each other for what seemed like hours to both of them, yet neither of them broke the stare. Finally, Lukas said "You're really handsome, you have a nice personality, and I like talking to you. Why do you like me?"

The Swede felt the exact same thing about Lukas, except he was 100% certain that he was in love with the older man. "I have fun with you," Erikvarsson said. "I'm happy that I met you, because these past few days have been the most fun I've had since I've been in the US." Lukas was pleased with that answer, and he gave Erikvarsson a kiss on the lips. Erikvarsson wanted more, so he grabbed the back of Lukas' head with both his hands and ran his tongue across Lukas' lips. Lukas got the message, parted his lips, and let the younger man take control.

Erikvarsson was slow and sensual, as was his nature. He still held Lukas' head firmly in place with his hands, something Lukas didn't mind. He broke the kiss, and instead sucked on the right side of Lukas' neck. The older man moaned softly. Erikvarsson lifted Lukas' shirt over his head and sucked on his right nipple. In fact, he wasn't just sucking on the nipple; he was making love to it. He moved over to Lukas' right armpit. Lukas shaved his armpits, something Erikvarsson liked. He stuck his nose in and inhaled. The older man wasn't wearing deodorant, but likewise didn't stink, as he hadn't moved around much since he got out of the shower earlier in the day.

Lukas stared with fascination at Erikvarsson. The younger man was worshipping his body passionately, something he had never experienced before. Erikvarsson got on his knees and spread Lukas' legs. He rubbed the man's thighs through his track pants. He stuck the tips of his fingers in the top of the pants, but before going any further, he looked up at Lukas for his sign of approval to continue. No words were exchanged; Lukas just smiled and nodded his head. Erikvarsson pulled the pants down and took them completely off the manly legs, taking with them, one of Lukas' socks. Lukas was wearing a pair of royal blue boxer briefs, which Erikvarsson stuck his nose up against and inhaled. Without even looking up to see the older man's reaction, Erikvarsson pulled the underwear down and inspected Lukas' penis. He tugged on the thick foreskin, pulled it back, sniffed his pubic patch; Erikvarsson was in love with Lukas' penis. Some strange, albeit intense, thoughts ran through his mind: this thing can make a baby; Lukas' entire body is controlled by this thing; this is Lukas' center of power.

Lukas remained flaccid throughout this penile inspection Erikvarsson was conducting. He spread his legs to give the younger man better access, waiting to get the blowjob he was looking forward to receiving. But Erikvarsson had other plans; Lukas was going to have to wait. He got up and straddled Lukas' lap and the duo made out for about 10 minutes. Erikvarsson gently rocked his hips back and forth, teasing Lukas' "center of power" which had now become completely erect. He climbed off the man, grabbed him by the hand, and led him to his own bedroom, just as Lukas had done two nights before with him. He had Lukas sit down on the bed with his legs spread, and finally started pleasing the man with his mouth.

"Ah, that feels so good. Ooo," Lukas moaned in a whispering tone. Erikvarsson had taken Lukas' scrotum in his mouth and sucked on the huge testicles inside them. But still, Erikvarsson wanted more. He lifted Lukas' legs, making the older man fall on his back. Erikvarsson held up Lukas' sac with his left hand and stared lustfully at the sight before him. This is what he wanted. He looked at Lukas' hairy perineum and the crack that concealed the most private part of his body.

Lukas was skeptical and quite nervous. No one had explored this part of his body since he lost his own virginity almost a decade ago when he was a teenager. He was self-conscience about his body smell, whether or not he was objectively clean, and what someone as attractive and special as Erikvarsson would say. He needn't worry, however.

Erikvarsson looked up and the two men's eyes met. For the first time in nearly an hour, the silence was broken. "Do you mind if I lick you," Erikvarsson asked in the most innocent, yet serious way. It almost made Lukas want to laugh out lout. What kind of question is that? Who talks like that? But at least he was polite enough to ask. And it was important that he asked, considering what this part of his body was for; Erikvarsson would like to know if it was safe for him to go exploring with his fingers and tongue and not encounter any unpleasant surprises. "I'm clean," Lukas said.

With that, Erikvarsson spread the older man's legs wider apart and pushed his knees up into his chest, revealing for the very first time, Lukas' anus. "Wow, Erikvarsson thought. "Just wow." Lukas didn't groom this part of his body. He had an average amount of dark brown hair surrounding his light pink opening. Erikvarsson was beaming internally as he reflected on what Holger had told him over their ice cream: "I've known plenty of guys that have had near-obsessive crushes with the man..." That meant "plenty" of other guys who wanted to experience this part of Lukas never got the chance; and that made Erikvarsson feel special.

The young Swede moved closer to Lukas' anal opening and sniffed around. He liked the smell. It was Lukas' natural body smell. Erikvarsson licked the hole. Lukas curled his toes. Erikvarsson licked again. Lukas let out a slight moan. Finally, Erikvarsson dove in and began licking away. He spread Lukas' butt cheeks apart to get as much access as possible to the most private region of his body. Erikvarsson had a raging hard on. He wanted to fuck Lukas; just stick his little Swedish dick in the older man and pound away. Lukas definitely seemed a top, but some of his mannerisms suggested to Erikvarsson that he could, or probably had been at some point, a bottom and on the receiving end of a nice pounding. But it was too early for that. Erikvarsson wanted to talk that over with Lukas before just jumping into it.

He sucked his middle finger and lined it up with Lukas' anus. Lukas grabbed his hand and stopped him. "Be gentle. I haven't done this in a really long time." Erikvarsson thought that was sweet, and replied ever so softly, "I promise I will be. You were gentle with me, so I don't want to hurt you." He gave Lukas a kiss on the lips and gently stuck the finger inside the older man.

Lukas was tight. Very tight. So tight, in fact, that he was probably tighter than Erikvarsson, who had on several occasions, fingered himself during the infrequent times he masturbated. Erikvarsson could only get a little past his fingernail in before Lukas' sphincter clasped down. He gently rubbed the older mans stomach until he relaxed. He added a bit more of his saliva around Lukas' opening. After about a minute of intense contracting, Lukas relaxed and Erikvarsson continued his penetration with his finger. He eventually reached Lukas' prostate and began to move his finger around it. Lukas was leaking precum by now. Erikvarsson began to retract his finger, very slowly, but Lukas' sphincter would not let it go. Once again, he was contracting hard. Erikvarsson pulled it out in one swift motion. "Ah, ouch, fuck," Lukas grimaced with an equal mix of both pain and pleasure.

Erikvarsson felt bad, but wanted to move on. He put his middle finger up to his nose and inhaled deeply. He enjoyed the scent of Lukas' insides. His finger was pristine clean, which was most important to him (and was also a huge sigh of relief to Lukas who was not expecting for this to happen and hadn't actually taken any extra steps to clean this part of his body before Erikvarsson came over). The younger man climbed on top and straddled Lukas again. He leaned his head down next to the man's ear and whispered, "I want to have sex with you again."

Nothing more needed to be said. In one swift motion, he picked Erikvarsson up and put him on his back. He took off all the boy's clothes (while Lukas was completely naked throughout the previous ordeal, Erikvarsson had kept all his clothes on), and brought Erikvarsson's pink Swedish opening up to his nose. Like Erikvarsson, he too inhaled deeply at the natural smell of the boy's body. Lukas was definitely an ass man and enjoyed sniffing a cute guy's anus to see how they smelled. Of all the guys Lukas had been with, Erikvarsson definitely smelled the best. He began flicking his tongue over the barely fucked pink hole. Once an adequate amount of saliva had lathered it, he lined his masculine penis up with the opening, pulled back his foreskin, and stuck it in. He pushed himself further and further into the boy as he took his face in his hands and passionately kissed his lips. Although the pain was still there, the kiss slightly took Erikvarsson's mind off of it. Lukas was a great kisser, and the young Swede loved the smell of his breath for some whatever reason.

Before long, Lukas was, for the second time, fully inside the snug fit hole, his foreskin retracted all the way back due to the Erikvarsson's tightness. In similar fashion as their first (last and only) sexual encounter, Erikvarsson was rapidly contracting his sphincter attempting to get used to the feeling, and Lukas was getting massive amounts of pleasure by not even having to do anything. Erikvarsson looked up into the face of the man then down between his legs and saw the top half of Lukas' dark pubes. "I love you, Lukas. I love you," he said, audibly loud. Lukas smiled his big pearly white smile, and kissed the younger man. Then he got serious. He thoroughly enjoyed having sex with Erikvarsson. He liked the attention the young Swede paid to his body. He too, loved Erikvarsson but didn't want to say it (and mean it this time!) just yet. He needed more time.

Lukas began to pump slowly and gently. Rather than pump hard and fast, he took long, slow strokes, pulling his entire manhood out of Erikvarsson with the sole exception of the very tip of his glans, and then buried it back in. The sensation was overwhelming for both of them. Once again, the duo only stayed in the missionary position. Lukas would have liked to have tried something different, but he figured that time would eventually come and not to rush it. Erikvarsson liked this position because he liked being able to look up and see the face of the man he was so passionately in love with. Lukas closed his eyes deep in concentration as Erikvarsson stared back into his face in amazement. Lukas then lowered his body and placed his entire weight upon Erikvarsson. "I want to make a baby with you," Lukas affectionately whispered with conviction in the Swede's ear. The comment sent an uncontrollable series of shivers down Erikvarsson's entire body. Lukas stopped pumping and stared into Erikvarsson's face to see his reaction. The Swedish boy smiled, and Lukas kissed him. No more time was needed. "I love you, baby. I really, really love you. I want you," Lukas said. Through all of this, Erikvarsson could feel the pulse of Lukas' heartbeat emanating off of his throbbing dick inside his hole. This was the supreme apex of lovemaking.

The couple kissed continuously throughout their intercourse. This was passionate love making, not fucking. Erikvarsson didn't want that, at least not right now. He wanted to feel love, and honestly, so did Lukas, and that's exactly what they were doing for each other. "Can I swallow your cum" Erikvarsson bravely asked. As was usual with him, Lukas just smiled. After a few more minutes of pumping, Lukas pulled himself out of the warm, moist, tight hole and stuck his manhood up to Erikvarsson's mouth. The boy opened his mouth as Lukas stood directly over him and pumped jet after jet of warm Polish cum into the boy's mouth. Without hesitating or waiting for it to turn cold, Erikvarsson swallowed the thick, tangy baby-making fluid. Lukas shook off the rest of the cum from the tip of his penis, and Erikvarsson gave it one last gentle suck before it became too sensitive for Lukas to handle.

Lukas sat down next to Erikvarsson on the bed and the two continued to kiss for a while longer after their erections had subsided. They laid down in an embrace and fell asleep from exhaustion. It was 8:30 PM and the perfect way to complete a memorable weekend for both of them.

-End of Part 2-


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