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Chapter 5

Erikvarsson opened his eyes at 9:50 PM with Lukas' still sleeping face right in front of him. "He's so beautiful," Erikvarsson thought to himself. He crawled out of the bed, went to use the bathroom, and put his clothes back on. Tomorrow was Monday and he needed to get home to get a full night's sleep as he had two clients to see the following the morning. He hated leaving Lukas without telling him, but he didn't want to disturb the sleeping angel. He gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked out the front door.

As soon as he got home, Erikvarsson sent Lukas a text message wishing him a nice evening and good week. "If you have time during the week, I would like to have you over for dinner," the text concluded. With that, he went to sleep and had wonderful dreams about this intriguing man that had much such a profound impact on his life, and hopefully not just for the time being.

The next morning started as usual for Erikvarsson. His clients were nothing out of the ordinary: rich middle aged men buying vacation homes for their wives (or mistresses?) in the Chicago region. It was very monotonous work, but since his brother owned the company and managed it from Europe, Erikvarsson was technically his own boss. Just five months into the year, he had already sold three properties valued at about $13 million; not an easy feat considering the economic downturn. His commission from his closed deals equaled $750,000, a ridiculous sum of money for a single 21 year old whose family were already multi-millionaires.

He arrived back at his condo around three in the afternoon and found a message from Lukas on his phone. "I have exciting news! Call me whenever you have time." Erikvarsson picked up the phone and dialed.

"Mr. Sweden! Wie gehts (What's up?)," Lukas said.

"Mr. Germany! I'm doing well, how are you? I just saw your message."

"Ja, I want to ask you something but I would rather ask you in person."

"Okay," Erikvarsson said, somewhat confused. "Do I have to wait long to hear it, then?"

"No, sir! Meet me for dinner this evening. At the Greek restaurant not far from your place. At 7:30."

Erikvarsson loved (sarcastically) how Lukas automatically assumed he had no other plans and how he had no option but to agree to meeting him later that evening. But in fact, he actually didn't have any other plans for the evening and he was excited to be able to see Lukas again.

"Okay, I will see you then," Erikvarsson said.

Lukas hung up the phone. Just before Erikvarsson set his phone down to consult his closet on what to wear for the evening, the phone began to ring again.

"Holger! How are you," Erikvarsson said enthusiastically.

"Ah, not so good, Erik. I was wondering if you were available to talk. In person."

Ignoring the fact that Holger just called him "Erik," the young Swede was wondering why everyone wanted to talk to him in person today.

"Um, yes, we can talk in person, but I have to be somewhere later on this evening," Erikvarsson said, not wanting to tell his new friend that he had dinner plans with Lukas in a few hours.

"Can we meet tomorrow? Do you mind if I come to your place? I need to get out a bit."

"Sure," Erikvarsson said. "If you want, you can come over for dinner." He gave Holger his address and some quick directions before ending the call.

He needed to get back to getting ready for his dinner date with Lukas in a few hours. The restaurant they were going to was an upscale place with a 3 course meal starting at $135. Erikvarsson knew he wouldn't be overdressed like how he was last time when Lukas took him to the pizza place; he wondered what Lukas would be wearing.

Before he knew it, it was time for him to leave, so Erikvarsson set off. The restaurant was just six blocks from his condo, so he figured he'd walk, especially considering it was a nice evening. He sported an Armani 2 piece suit with a white button up shirt that he left partially unbuttoned since he wasn't wearing a tie.

Erikvarsson arrived at the restaurant but waited outside before going in. He wanted to see if Lukas was there yet; he didn't want to sit at a table all by himself while waiting. Just as he was about to dial Lukas, the handsome Polish-German man pulled up in his Audi R8 wearing a pair of pilot sunglasses. As Erikvarsson was beginning to see what was normal for him, Lukas got out of the car and handed his keys to the valet as though he owned the restaurant. He walked over to Erikvarsson and put his arm around his shoulder (more in a friendly-pal sort of way rather than affectionately) and pulled him into the restaurant. And interestingly (and ironically), he was wearing the exact same outfit as Erikvarsson, except his suit was by Hugo Boss.

The duo were seated, and each ordered a glass of wine and opted for the 5-course meal (neither of them had eaten since breakfast earlier that morning). Lukas raised his glass and said, "Cheers to you." Erikvarsson blushed a little and said, "And to you, too. So tell me, what good news do you have to share."

"Well, Mr. Erikvarsson," Lukas started, "I have to go on business to Asia for two weeks and wanted to see if you would join me."

Erikvarsson was ecstatic! "Oh my goodness, vacation with Lukas for two weeks! Getting to see him every single day, sleeping next to him every night," he thought to himself. He was fantasizing dreamily before he caught himself and responded to Lukas' inquiry.

"Where are you going to go," he asked?

"All over. Tokyo for a few days, then Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Erikvarsson had flown to and from Tokyo before, but just to the airport. He had been in Malaysia before and liked it a lot, but never to any of the other places. If there was anything he loved more than shopping, it was traveling. He wanted to go. But he couldn't be gone from work for two weeks, even though he was, in effect, his own boss and he had made more in a few months than most people would make in a decade.

"I would like to go, but I can't be away from work that long."

"I guessed that," Lukas said sorrowfully.

The duo sat in silence for a few moments that seemed like a few hours. Lukas genuinely seemed disappointed that his "Swedish prince" wouldn't be able to join him. But Erikvarsson had a solution.

"I can take a week off from work. Maybe I could join you for a week?"

Lukas beamed. That was better than nothing at all. "Ja, that sounds good," he exclaimed gleefully. He talked over the details with Erikvarsson, and the two agreed that he would join Lukas on the second half of his trip in Malaysia and Vietnam. They ate over their meal, which was delicious by the way, chatting over more trivial things.

"How about we take a stroll on the river walk," Lukas suggested. Erikvarsson agreed.

The two walked out of the restaurant, just as they had entered, with Lukas' arm draped around the young Swede. "He smells good," Erikvarsson thought to himself. They continued to walk, neither of them saying much of anything. Finally, Lukas broke the silence and stopped next to a bench along the river walk.

"Sit with me," he said to Erikvarsson. The two sat down and gazed out at Lake Michigan which was beautifully illuminated by a full moon. Lukas stared at Erikvarsson. He pulled a small box out of his suit jacket. "I got this for you today," he said, handing Erikvarsson the rectangular box with the neatly tied bow on it.

"Oh my gosh! Lukas! This is so nice. I have always wanted one of these!" It was a Bulgari necklace, about the same length as a rosary, black in color with a circular pendant that was also black but lined with gold on its outer perimeter reading "BVLGARI." Erikvarsson hugged the older man and the embrace lasted for what seemed like hours. "Thank you so much," the Swede continued. "It looks really nice."

"Listen, Erik...um, I hope I can call you Erik by now," Lukas said.

"Yes, that's fine," Erikvarsson said laughing. Lukas could call him whatever he wanted.

"Erik, I want to have a relationship with you. I like you. A lot."

This was too much for Erikvarsson. He wanted to straddle Lukas right then and there and express his love for the older man. But he had to contain himself. He was in public, after all. Instead, the young Swede just smiled an innocent smile.

Lukas was nearly sweating waiting for an answer, but since he didn't really ask a question, any kind of response would do. In a way, Lukas was getting the same treatment he gave Erikvarsson when the Swede told him he loved him during their first lovemaking session. But this was unintentional on Erikvarsson's part. He wouldn't retaliate on the man he loved by doing something like that. Finally, he spoke up.

"I like you a lot, too, and I would like to try a relationship as well," he said. Lukas just smiled his big, pearly white smile, and then leaned in for a kiss. Once they had finished kissing on the river walk bench, Lukas asked, "So it's official then," as if he needed further clarification that the two were in a relationship.

"Yes, I think it is," Erikvarsson said.

"Gut (good). Come with me to my place," Lukas said assertively as if there were no alternative.

Erikvarsson knew what was going to happen if he went back to Lukas' apartment. And he wanted it to happen. Really bad, actually.


Lukas opened the door to his apartment and led his partner inside, flipping the light switch and closing the door behind them. He was horny and wanted only one thing.

"I want to make love to you," he told Erikvarsson in his usual assertive style that suggested a response of "no" would not be an option.

Erikvarsson stepped in and kissed him. He began to rub the Polish man's masculine buttocks through his suit pants. "Gosh, these things are so meaty and muscular," he thought to himself.

Before he knew it, he was on his back, naked, with Lukas inside him. Lukas was busy grumbling about how much he loved the boy, how he was still so tight, and how, if somehow possible, he would get him pregnant with his child. Erikvarsson was completely unaware about all of this however, as Lukas was saying it all in Polish. Instead, the young Swede just laid there and took the passionate strokes of the man he was madly in love with.

Lukas pulled out of the warm hole. "Suck me," he said. Erikvarsson took the uncut Polish sausage in his left hand and stroked it gently, ensuring that the thick foreskin slid all the way over the glans and then fully retracted. He looked up at Lukas nervously, not wanting to suck on the penis because of where it had just come from.

"Don't make me wait, baby," Lukas said in a hushed tone.

"I don't want to," Erikvarsson responded nervously, half scared of what Lukas might think or say.

"What? Why," the Pole asked.

"That's nasty," was all the younger man could muster up.

"Um, okay," Lukas said, clearly annoyed. "Well come here then."

Lukas sat down on the bed against the headboard and had Erikvarsson straddle him with his back to him. It was the first time they had not had sex in the missionary position. Lukas sucked on his back as Erikvarsson bobbed up and down on the meaty pole. Before long, Lukas was spilling his baby-making fluid inside the pink Swedish hole.

Erikvarsson waited for his grunting and breathless panting to cease before lifting himself off the older man. He went into the bathroom with Lukas following behind. He wiped his opening while Lukas sat down on the toilet, watching him intently. Erikvarsson was embarrassed about the whole "That's nasty" comment he made to Lukas earlier and wanted to bring it up, but didn't exactly know how.

"Let me wipe you," Lukas said.

"What," Erikvarsson asked incredulously.

"Let me wipe your ass," Lukas said unnecessarily loud and with more attitude. He wanted to break all of these self-conscious barriers Erikvarsson had. "How...why is he so shy around me," the older man thought to himself.

Erikvarsson backed up to Lukas who had a piece of toilet paper in his hand. He wiped the boy's anus dry before spreading the tan cheeks and sticking his tongue against the hole. It tickled Erikvarsson, who wasn't expecting it, and it sent shivers down his spine. He stopped him.

"I should probably leave now," Erikvarsson said shyly and in a tense manner. "I have to work tomorrow and it's late."

"Why are you so shy...so uncomfortable around me," Lukas asked.

Erikvarsson hesitated before saying, "I just don't want to embarrass myself or make you think lowly of me."

"What are you saying," Lukas asked confused. "I told you tonight that I want a relationship with you. I want us to do everything together and I want you to be comfortable around me."

The young Swede didn't know what to say. He loved the fact that Lukas was so passionate and caring, yet this also scared him. Everyone, including himself, knew that he was extremely careful to make sure he presented himself in a certain manner; there was no room to show anyone any flaws he had. Even if he was with Lukas. But for the very first time, Erikvarsson was ready to open himself up to Lukas.

"Lukas, you're the very first person that I have liked. You deserve the best, and I want to make sure that you don't feel like you're wasting your time with me."

"Oh my gosh, are you kidding me," Lukas asked, shocked at the nonsense he was hearing. "No one is perfect. But you are just perfect for me. If you weren't, I would not have asked you for a relationship. And I would not want to spend as much time with you as I do, which I think is not enough by the way," he said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

The last comment put a smile on Erikvarsson's face. He kissed Lukas on the forehead, who held him gently but firmly around the waist. Erikvarsson needed to get home, but he could wait another hour or so. He wanted to talk to Lukas.

"Can we talk a little," he asked the older man shyly.

"Of course, we can. But maybe it would be better if we didn't do it here in the bathroom," Lukas said with a laugh.


The duo got up, put on their respective pairs of underwear, and went to the living room. Lukas invited Erikvarsson to sit on his lap, which the young Swede did unhesitatingly, and he caressed the boy's back with his left hand and gently massaged Erikvarsson's right leg with his right hand.

"If you don't mind me asking," Erikvarsson started, "can you tell me when and how you lost your virginity?"

"Oh," Lukas said, not expecting that type of question. "Well, I, uh...um...I was 17. I used to play football and one of the volunteer coaches had a big liking for me. He was German and Brazilian, really fit, 25 years old. He took me on trips to Luxembourg and Paris, my first two trips outside of Germany. He made me feel really comfortable at first and asked me if he could have my virginity. I was really nervous, but I gave it to him."

"So...you were the bottom," Erikvarsson asked.

"Ha ha, yes I was. It was really painful, that's why I wanted to be gentle with you. I know how it feels."

"What happened to him? Do you still talk to him," the young Swede asked curiously?

"Well no, not anymore. He became a bit too aggressive and possessive. He didn't want me to hang out with guys he didn't know, so I would only spend time with the guys from my football team just for him. He hit me many times and used to make fun of my German accent and my family because we were poor Polish immigrants in Germany. He just stopped talking to me one day, and I was thankful for that. I do know that he is now married and has three kids. He actually used to ask me if I would mess around with him when his wife was pregnant with their first child, but I don't do those kinds of things. I am not a...as they say here in America...a home wrecker!"

Erikvarsson laughed out loud. Lukas was too sweet. He gave him a kiss. He felt terrible that Lukas had been abused when he was younger but was happy to see how upbeat he was in the present and didn't let that bleak period of his life hold him back. He stared down at the older man's crotch, finally realizing that the meat hiding behind the fabric of that underwear belonged entirely to him.

"What else do you want to ask me," Lukas said.

"Um...have you had any serious boyfriends?"

"Uh, well, just one. And you actually know him."

"Wait, what," Erikvarsson asked, shocked and confused. "I know him," he thought to himself. Surely it wasn't Holger, right? He was the only one of Lukas' friends that he knew well. He asked Lukas if it was him.

"Ha ha, oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Holger?!" Lukas said in disbelief. Definitely not! Not my type at all! But he is a nice guy. And he actually has a thing going on with this guy I am talking about...the one that was my only real relationship."

"Can you please tell me," Erikvarsson begged. "I hate guessing games!"

"Okay, okay. It's Bastian. One of the guys you were talking to at the club when we went."

Erikvarsson had to think back to that night. Bastian. Right. The really pale white guy with teeth that were obviously fixed with veneers. Definitely stylish and trendy. Somewhat down-to-earth. Bastian. He was decently handsome...not really Erikvarsson's type..."but he must have something going on if Lukas and Holger have both been with him," Erikvarsson thought to himself.

"He's a very charismatic guy. He has a lot of charm. He never really asked me for a relationship, it kind of just happened. And it lasted for about three years."

"Really," Erikvarsson asked amazed. "How did it last so long? And what happened?"

"Well, I was really loyal to him. Like I said, we never agreed to be in a relationship, but I always treated him as my boyfriend. I met him right out of high school, and he was one of my first real German friends since I grew up mostly in a small town of immigrants to Germany. I was his first non-German friend. He always talked about how exotic I was and how he wanted to have sex with a `foreigner.' I guess you could say I got caught up in his charming talk and gave myself to him. He was very sexual; always wanted to have sex."

All of this was making Erikvarsson's penis twitch and get hard. He was certain Lukas noticed it, but he didn't say anything. He wanted Lukas to continue his story.

"Basically, Bastian was the guy who introduced me to sex. I had sex with my soccer coach about four times, but with Bastian it was literally almost everyday. But it wasn't so bad, because we are about the same age and same size."

"Were you the bottom in that relationship, too?"

"Ja. I don't think Bastian would ever let a guy fuck him."

"Soooo, how did you guys drift apart," Erikvarsson asked.

"Well, Bastian was very flirtatious and spent a lot of time with other guys. I know he was having sex with them. Maybe I was a bit jealous, but like I said, I considered him to be my boyfriend, so I didn't want him to be out with other guys. I would stay at home and wait for him to come over my place. He would spend the night and then leave the next morning before I woke up. I got tired of that. I started to hang out with other guys and Bastian got really jealous. I didn't really care. We slowly grew apart from there. Our personalities are very different. We actually stopped talking for about two years, but started our friendship again when he came here to Chicago last year."

"Hmm.." Erikvarsson said aloud.

"Well, what about you," Lukas asked. "Who did you lose your virginity to?"

"This one very handsome and charming Polish guy named Lukas. Nicest man I have ever met and someone I will never forget," Erikvarsson said with a smile. Lukas beamed too, and kissed the young Swede on the lips.

"Well, I really should go now, Lukas. Thanks for having me over."

"No problem. I hope you will spend more time over here. We will make good memories."

Erikvarsson liked that. He climbed off the older man's lap, dressed himself, and headed out the front door.

-End of Part 3-


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