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Chapter 6

Holger came over to Erikvarsson's apartment after the latter had finished his work day. He was clearly distressed, possibly irritated.

"What's wrong," Erikvarsson politely asked.

"Oh, it's just everything! I don't know what to do with myself. I'm not sure if Lukas told you or not, but Bastian and I are in a relationship. And I think he's cheating."

"Hmm, I didn't know that. And that's terrible!" Erikvarsson lied to his new friend. Lukas actually did mention there was something going on between Holger and Bastian, although he hadn't gone into much detail.

"He never calls me anymore," Holger began. "He tells me he will come over to my place and he always shows up hours later, and that's if he comes at all! He just wants to have sex and then leaves. I love him so much, but I don't want to be treated like this."

This was too dramatic for Erikvarsson. Under normal circumstances...as in before he met and fell in love with Lukas...he would have just suggested Holger stop seeing Bastian. Any excuses as to how or why this was not possible would not make any logical sense to the young Swede. But now that he was in a relationship himself, Erikvarsson was a bit more understanding. He couldn't...didn't...want to even begin to imagine if Lukas were to do these things to him. He too was madly in love with his man. He knew he didn't want to be treated like leftovers, but he also wouldn't want to give up and let Lukas go so easily. The only thing he could really do was offer his new friend help in any way possible.

"What can I do to help you? If anything?"

"I'm not sure. You're the first and only person that I've told. You're the only person I trust. I think I just needed to get it off my chest and get your opinion of whether you think I'm an idiot or not for staying with him."

"I definitely don't think you're an idiot for that," Erikvarsson said. "I think it's understandable. But I also think you deserve to be treated properly because you're a nice person."

Holger smiled. "Maybe you should suggest to him that you guys go out of town for a weekend," Erikvarsson continued. "Get him away from his friends and the city. Take him somewhere where you will be alone and can work on your relationship."

"Oh my, that's a great idea," Holger said enthusiastically. "See, I knew you were the right person to come to!"

"Ha ha, no problem. I hope that helps you guys. Maybe you should take him out into the countryside for a few days. If you guys like camping, that would be good to get him away from all his electronics: TV, cell phone, computer. It will just be you two and nature. You will have plenty of time to talk uninterrupted."

Holger was happy with this suggestion. He thanked Erikvarsson and told him he would let him know once he chose the perfect spot to take Bastian. Erikvarsson in turn was happy and genuinely satisfied that he was able to help Holger. He really did like him. He saw a lot of similarities between the two of them. The young German gave his Swedish host a hug and walked out the door.


Erikvarsson's week went by as normal. He wasn't able to meet up with Lukas at all who was preoccupied with planning for his upcoming trip to Asia. However, after his conversation with Holger, he was at least happy that Lukas still called him, even if it was only for three minutes.

Before he knew it, the weekend was here and Lukas was literally halfway around the world. Lukas gave Erikvarsson the keys to his place and told him to make himself at home while he was gone. Erikvarsson never took him up on his offer, although he did think long and hard about going to sleep in the Polish man's bed, just to bring back some of the good memories and feel-good moments that had occurred there. Lukas was a manly man and wasn't hesitant or shy to ask what he wanted Erikvarsson to give him before he left: "A pair of your underwear. A used pair." Unfortunately he never got the chance to pick them up before he left.


The following week, Erikvarsson found himself on a plane heading to Malaysia. He had one brief layover in Tokyo before continuing onward to his final destination: his man, Lukas; not the Kuala Lumpur airport.

He arrived after midnight and Lukas was there to pick him up, accompanied by his local chauffeur. His Louis Vuitton suitcases were loaded into the trunk of the black Mercedes S500, and they were headed off down the remarkably well-paved, clean, and well-kept highway into the city. Erikvarsson was physically exhausted after the flight and Lukas himself had been up all day, so neither of them spoke much; quite surprising since they hadn't seen each other in exactly a week, the longest amount of time they had been separated since they first met.

The duo arrived at their accommodations, a luxury penthouse-style hotel room in the heart of the city with commanding views of both the KL Tower and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Lukas gave the young Swede a tour of the room before walking over to the bed and falling face down on it. He was done for the night. Erikvarsson freshened up and took a shower before helping Lukas undress and crawl beneath the covers of the bed. The two slept facing each other with Erikvarsson staying awake for a few minutes and admiring the face of his angelic king.


It was 11 am when Erikvarsson woke up, not on his own will, but by the urge to use the bathroom. He could've easily slept five more hours but he had to relieve himself. And it was a good thing he woke up, too, because Lukas had left a note for Erikvarsson on the nightstand next to his side of the bed:

"My Swedish prince, be ready at 12:15. I will take you to lunch and then we will make a tour of the city."



The young Swede lazily pulled himself together and got dressed. He put on a white Burberry polo and some khaki Ralph Lauren pants accompanied by a bright red pair of loafers from Tod's. He already knew it was extremely hot and humid outside, and this was the best he could do while trying to remain fashionable (and conservative) and avoid wearing shorts, an unspoken no-no in this Islamic country.

Lukas came barging in at exactly 12:15. He went over to Erikvarsson, held out his hand for the younger man to grab, and helped the Swede to his feet. "You look so beautiful. I have missed you," he said before giving him a long passionate kiss. He was kind of sweaty; Erikvarsson could feel that through his shirt and the extra salt on his lips. But he didn't mind. "Come on, I'm starving," Lukas said.

They hopped back into the Mercedes and were chauffeured to an Indian restaurant literally right around the corner. They were ridiculously overdressed (Lukas was still in his business suit), and Erikvarsson was embarrassed that they pulled up to this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a Mercedes. Despite the fact that he was filthy rich and wore the clothes and accessories that couldn't dispute it, Erikvarsson hated coming off as being pretentious and flamboyant. "Only `new money people' do that," he always said.

The food turned out to delicious. Lukas had come here twice already since he first came to Malaysia three days ago. The staff knew him by name and his order as he always ordered the same thing. The two talked about a wide variety of things but nothing of any importance or relevance to anything. Lukas was in a daze staring intently at Erikvarsson when he wasn't looking, admiring the youth's immaculate and innocent beauty.

Rather than taking a tour of the city as they had planned they returned to the hotel. The food had run straight through Lukas, and he found himself sitting on the toilet. (Erikvarsson had already been to Kuala Lumpur before, so all the sites were second nature to him, anyway. He was not disappointed.)

"Gosh, Lukas, please close the door," Erikvarsson exclaimed as he walked by, shocked that Lukas was pooping with the bathroom door open!

"Ha ha," he joked. "What, I want to talk to you!"

"I'm sure it's not that important where it can't wait," Erikvarsson yelled back.

"Come keep me company," Lukas said.

"Screw that, man!"

"Ha ha ha, it's natural! You do it, too," Lukas said, still joking.

He knew he was annoying Erikvarsson, but he was still trying to get the younger guy to let his guard down and stop being so uptight about everything. Erikvarsson didn't respond. To Lukas' surprise, he actually did come into the bathroom pinching his nose together in order to block out the smell, and sat on the edge of the bathtub. He didn't say anything; he just sat looking at Lukas. The whole scene was quite awkward, even for the Polish man.

Lukas got up and wiped himself, and Erikvarsson caught a brief glimpse of that big uncut Polish sausage that he loved so much hiding underneath the bottom half of Lukas' dress shirt.

"Lift your shirt! What did you do," the Swede exclaimed, pointing disapprovingly.

"What," Lukas asked, confused but complying with the younger man's request.

"Why did you shave?!"

Erikvarsson was shocked that Lukas was now completely bald in his crotch area. He absolutely loved Lukas' thick pubic bush, and now it was gone.

"I've been sweating a lot lately. It's hot here. And I think the hair made my underwear smell even worse," Lukas said defensively in the same manner a child would respond to their parent when they're on the verge of getting in trouble.

Lukas flushed the toilet, pulled his pants up, washed his hands, and walked out of the bathroom behind Erikvarsson. Ironically, now that he had finished what should have been his private business, Lukas shut the bathroom door so as not to further stink up the room.

The two men sat on the couch and watched TV. Lukas put his arm around Erikvarsson who relaxed his head on it and snuggled up to his chest. He started gently biting Lukas' ear while simultaneously rubbing his hand up and down the man's leg. He wanted to have sex, but not right now. It was too soon; Lukas just relieved himself after all.

Lukas kissed him and placed him on his back on the couch.

"I'm ready to have sex. I haven't masturbated at all since I left Chicago. I'm ready to make a baby."

By now, Erikvarsson understood that "make a baby" was Lukas-lingo for ejaculating inside him. He loved the analogy. It was unique.

"Can we take a shower first," Erikvarsson asked.

"That will take too much time," Lukas said affirmatively. He wanted to have sex, and he wanted to do it now.

The older man walked Erikvarsson over to bed and took all the young Swede's clothes off. He pushed the tanned legs up into the younger man's chest and gently licked his hole. Erikvarsson moaned. He hadn't ejaculated since he last had sex with Lukas, nearly two weeks ago! Lukas rolled his tongue around the pink opening, on his scrotum, and to Erikvarsson's surprise, finally on to his dick. In one swift motion, Lukas deep throated all of Erikvarsson, sending the boy into a loud ecstatic moan.

"Shhhhh," Lukas hissed aggressively.

"Please stop. Go slower. Please, Lukas, please," Erikvarsson begged. He actually didn't want him to stop or go slower. He just wasn't in his right mind. He was in a euphoric state of sexual bliss.

It was the first time Erikvarsson had received a blowjob, and it was so powerful (Lukas knew what he was doing) that his entire body was uncontrollably shaking and convulsing. His back was arched. He grabbed a pillow and suffocated his face in it due to the intense pleasure he was getting...and of course to muffle any orgasmic outbursts.

While keeping his mouth on the Swedish cock, Lukas was still busy intently fucking Erikvarsson with two of his fingers. He was surprised that, although they had had sex several times by now, Erikvarsson still seemed to be as tight as he was the night he lost his virginity.

Because he had a lot of semen stored up inside his testicles, it didn't take Erikvarsson long before he had the best orgasm (and most powerful ejaculation) he had ever had in his life. He screamed into the pillow. Lukas could feel the tight sphincter involuntarily contracting rapidly around his fingers and he kept working his mouth over Erikvarsson's pole. The young Swede had ejaculated so much that even Lukas couldn't keep up and it spilled back on his own body.

Erikvarsson's cock slipped out of Lukas' mouth with an audible "plop" noise. His anus was still contracting and quivering, and only now did he notice the post-orgasmic pain associated with Lukas' thick fingers still inside him.

"Please take your fingers out. Slowly," Erikvarsson breathlessly requested.

Lukas did as he was asked and let Erikvarsson recover himself. The young Swede balled up into a fetal position, overwhelmed with the feelings he had just experienced. The Polish man gargled his mouth with water and washed his hands, ridding himself of the bodily fluids Erikvarsson's anus produced while he was fingering him, but not of the smell that Lukas loved so much.

Lukas was, surprisingly, still completely dressed with only a few buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. He laid down on the bed next to Erikvarsson who was still balled up and panting heavily. He took the naked boy into a firm embrace and held him. Even minutes later, Erikvarsson's body was still shaking.

"How did that feel," Lukas whispered.

No answer.

"Erik," Lukas said affirmatively and aggressively. "I'm asking you a question."

"I love you. I just love you," was also Erikvarsson could muster up.

The Polish man had a raging hard-on that needed to be taken care of. He took his pants and underwear off. When he pulled his foreskin over his glans, a huge amount of precum came leaking and running out of his opening. "Fuck," he whispered in Polish.

In all honesty, Lukas was not a big masturbator. He did it maybe ten times a month. Now that he was in a relationship, he refused to do it unless absolutely necessary. He wanted to masturbate himself with Erikvarsson's ass.

He took his shirt off and rolled Erikvarsson, who still had his eyes closed but had finally stopped shaking, onto his back. Lukas lifted the young Swede up by his ankles and brought his ass to his face, licking it again until it glistened. He spat directly onto his own cock, lined it up with the young hole, and stuck it in.

"Oh, goodness, please don't Lukas," Erikvarsson moaned in a hushed tone, almost incomprehensibly. He didn't think he could take anymore. Lukas stopped with only his glans inside the boy. He leaned down and stared Erikvarsson in his face.

"Hey, open your eyes," he said in an intimidating tone. Erikvarsson did as he was told.

"If you don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to fuck that Indian food right out of your little ass," Lukas continued. He was wearing a poker face. Erikvarsson was half scared.

Still staring the boy in the face and pinning his hands down against his chest, Lukas continued pushing himself into Erikvarsson.

"Gah, fuck, you're tight," Lukas yelled. He pumped in and out. He began swearing in Polish. He pulled out. "Sit your cute ass on my face," Lukas demanded. Erikvarsson obeyed his man and squatted over his face. Without being told, and for the first time, he took Lukas' dick into his mouth. That act which he previously described as being "nasty," was okay for him now. "That's a good boy," Lukas said in Polish. "I'm in love with your asshole," he continued in English.

Before he knew it, Lukas was fucking him doggy-style on the bed. Erikvarsson didn't like it; he liked being able to see Lukas' face when they had sex. But he didn't have to wait long. Lukas picked him up and took him into the kitchen where he set him on the edge of the counter. He continued pumping in and out of Erikvarsson when he opened the cabinet, pulled out a glass, turned on the sink faucet, placed the glass under the sink until it was full, then drank the water, all without losing his in-out rhythm. Erikvarsson was shocked at his boldness but also impressed. He smiled at Lukas and said, "I want some." Lukas held the glass up to his lips and Erikvarsson drank.

It wasn't too much longer that Erikvarsson was once again on his back on the bed. He could feel Lukas's dick becoming harder and harder with each thrust. Finally, Lukas pulled out and straddled Erikvarsson's face, pumping load after load of thick, milky, Polish cream into the young man's eager waiting mouth. "Swallow it," Lukas forcefully said once the cum stopped erupting from his thick cock. Erikvarsson did so. They were finally fully united. What was once inside Lukas (his cum) was now inside Erikvarsson. They couldn't possibly get any closer.

Lukas plopped down on the bed next to Erikvarsson, completely out of breath and very sweaty. Erikvarsson affectionately climbed on top on him and rested his head on his chest. No words were necessary. Neither of them needed to say anything. They already knew what the other was thinking.


Later that evening, they ordered room service and sat on the balcony in their bathrobes looking out over the old yet impressively modern city.

"I'm happy that you came to visit me," Lukas said. "This trip was boring until you got here. It's going to be fun; our very first vacation together."

Erikvarsson smiled. He was happy he came as well. The way Lukas made him feel was simply indescribable. And he loved how Lukas had become a completely different person when they had sex earlier that afternoon; he was aggressive, dominating...just how Erikvarsson secretly wanted to be treated.

"Our very first vacation together," Erikvarsson repeated. "Cheers," he said, raising his glass to Lukas. "Hopefully many more to come," he thought to himself.

-End of Part 4-


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