For One Night Only - Again

By Intelevore
with Micah

Warning: This is a fictional story, describing erotic relations between consenting adult men. If this makes you uncomfortable, or if it is illegal for you to read something like this, then go find something else to do.

The following story is entirely a work of fiction, and is not intended to imply anything about any real people. All of the characters in the story are fictional, and must not be confused with any real people. The characters in this story may have the same names as some real people, but the characters are in no way supposed to actually represent any real people.

A word from the Mac: Wow! I never expected to get that kind of response. If I'd known people wanted me to continue, I would never have called the story 'For One Night Only.'
I'm going to be getting a bit of help starting in a few chapters. A very good friend of mine is helping me with the plot and we have a few twists planned for you, if you decide to keep reading. If not then hey, it was a great ride while it lasted don't ya think?
Oh, and Micah... I love you man.

- Jonny Mac
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Off To Never Never Land

If there is any way possible I am never doing that again. I'm not a big fan of flying and going from Toronto to LA nonstop is just too damned long for me. But I'm here now and that's what really matters. Now if only I knew how I was supposed to meet my driver.

I guess I should recap the last month for you. You remember the night Devon and I spent together right? Of course you do, how could you forget that? Well about a week later I decided to give him a call. He was all I could think about. I'd almost wanked myself sore fantasizing about the two of us being together again.

I called his parent's place first, hoping he was in Canada. I'm very patriotic and I was hoping one of Canada's greatest young actors was still in Canada. That and it's cheaper than calling Los Angeles.

Anyway, his parents told me he was in LA. I guess I won't be getting off cheap on this one. So with shaking fingers I dialed his number. One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings, answering machine. I hung up. I tried again the next night and got the answering machine again. I decided to give up.

The following Wednesday I got a call. I never got phone calls except my mother and she only calls me on Sundays. I honestly don't know why I have a phone, it's just one more expense I don't need.

Driving back from that little tangent, I answered the phone. To my surprise, and excitement, it was Devon. Apparently his parents told him someone had called and their Caller ID told them it was an unknown long distance number from somewhere in Canada. He took a gamble and called me: thank god!

It was so wonderful to hear his voice. I could just sit and listen to him for hours. Actually, come to think of it, that's what I did. He pretty much talked for an hour and a half. I barely managed to get a word in edgewise. And he kept talking about his movies and interviews, basketball, and other stuff like that which I really didn't care about. But I was talking to Devon, so it didn't really matter.

I did manage to tell him that I had two weeks holidays coming up in two weeks. Devon suggested I come to LA to visit him. As if he needed to ask twice! Over the next couple of days we made our arrangements. I got my tickets and passport (it's great to have family in high places) and he made arrangements to have me picked up at the airport and brought to his place. A week and a half and several phone conversations later and, well, here I am.

OK, now you're caught up, let's keep going forward.

The airport was jammed. There were people running in every direction with suitcases in tow. How am I supposed to find some guy I don't even know in this confusion? It would be so much easier if Devon had met me here. But then if he was seen at the airport there would be a massive mob of girls trying to get a piece of him and probably some questions as to why he was picking up a guy at the airport. Sure it's an innocent enough activity, but the media are just looking for some kind of crap to start about celebrities, especially good looking male celebrities.

I kept walking towards the main exit. At least I think it was the main exit. The signs pointed to it so that's all I could go by. Suddenly it dawned on me: I forgot my luggage! How could I forget my luggage? Am I that excited to see Devon? I ran back through the masses to the luggage carousel. I spot my suitcase and nearly trample somebody's chauffeur trying to get to them.

After I claimed my suitcase I decided it best to go apologize to the guy I ran into. I can't help it, I'm Canadian!

"Excuse me sir, I just want to apologize for running into you like that. I hope I didn't hurt you."

"No I'm not hurt. It's quite alright really . I'm used to it in my line of work. But thank you for asking just the same, not that many people do "

I noticed he was holding a sign and I glanced down at it. Written on it was 'Mr. M. B. Hamilton.' It wasn't a name I recognized so after making double sure the chauffeur wasn't hurt I resumed my course for the exit.

Just as I cleared the large automatic glass doors I saw another chauffeur stood in front of a black limo holding a sign with my name on it. It was a stretch limo and the chauffeur looked very classy. I felt as if I needed to change into a suit just to look at it. I walked towards him with my suitcase in hand.

"Hi there, I'm Scott Williams," I told him.

"Very good sir. Mr. Sawa instructed me to bring you directly to his residence. If you'll please get in the car, I'll place your luggage in the trunk."

"No, that's OK, I can handle it." I picked up my suitcase and put it in the trunk, much to the shock of the chauffeur. I'm not all that fond of having someone tend on me. I prefer to do things for myself whenever possible.

After putting my suitcase in the trunk I climb into the car. The chauffeur closed the door and got behind the wheel. We were soon pulling away from the airport and onto the freeway. I sat back and tried to get comfortable, but no matter how much I tried, I just didn't feel right sitting in a limo. It didn't feel right at all. Maybe it was having someone drive me around or sitting in this car that had held so many celebrities. Either way it just wasn't me.

I looked around at the interior and the first thing I laid my eyes on was the radio controls. How could I pass that up? I turned on the radio and hit the scan button for a good station. The first station that it stopped on was what I wanted.

     "The flowers that I gave you dying slowly on the wall. The broken fragments of 
      opinion as the dirty start to fall. I'm not as carefree as I should have been
      I might not disagree but for the ignorance of everyone opinion gone to waste"

"Cool, I haven't heard this song in a while." I sat back and finished listening to Tangerine.

       "And have you been this far? And have you been this far? 

       "Tangerine the bullet made you justifies the one who saves you laid him here 
        and love to see him waste away. Tangerinin like a rocket cracked the cock
        into the socket only if you'd love to see him waste away.
       "The purposeful delusions of this weakness will dissolve the broken promise
        revidescent as the anger starts to crawl. I'm just as frightened as I've
        always been I might not disagree but for the ignorance of everyone opinion
        starts to fall apart. And have you been this far? And have you been this far?

       "Tangerine the bullet made you justifies the one who saves you laid him here
        and love to see her waste away. Tangerinin like a rocket cracked the cock
        into the socket only if you'd love to see him waste away.

       "Cause your a child and that's alright to let my deep blue sickness smother you
        with lies and if I'm low it gets me high and we will shrivel up and waste away
        beneath the evening tide. Have you been this far?

       "Tangerine the bullet made you justifies the one who saves you laid him here
        and love to see him waste away. Tangerinin like a rocket cracked the cock into
        the socket only if you'd love to see him waste away. 
       "Tingling the bullet made you justifies the one who saves you laid him here and
        love to see him waste away. Tangerinin like a rocket cracked the cock into the 
        socket only if you'd love to see him waste away."

When the song ended I turned off the radio and looked out through the tinted window. We were stopped at an intersection and there were people trying to figure out who was in the car as they crossed the street or stood on the sidewalk staring. Some of them had their cameras at the ready, hoping to get a glimpse of some big star. Again I felt uncomfortable. All the attention, even though it wasn't directed at me, was just not my thing. I prefer the more quiet life.

I realized that if it did work out between Devon and me I would probably have to deal with some spotlight, even if it was only because the two of us decided to go out for a burger. People would always be wondering if we are friends or if there was more to it than that. I found myself wondering if it was something that I could actually deal with.

The car stopped again. I had been so lost in my own thought I didn't even notice that we had pulled away from that last intersection. I heard the motor stop and the front door open. A few seconds later my door opened.

"Mr. Williams, here we are. Mr. Sawa is on the third floor, the doorman will show you the way."

I stepped out of the car. "Thank you. How much do I owe you?" Exactly how much do you tip a limo driver?

"Nothing at all sir, Mr. Sawa has more than taken care of any charges."

"OK, fair enough. Would you mind opening up the trunk so that I can get my suitcase?" He looked at me as if to protest, but decided against it. He closed the door and walked back to open the trunk. I took my suitcase and walked to the front door of the apartment complex. The doorman opened the door and offered to take my suitcase for me. I declined and asked for Devon's apartment number and directions to the elevator.

I stepped off the elevator and headed for Devon's apartment. I stopped in front of his door and placed my suitcase on the floor. After a few deep breaths I knocked firmly on the door. I didn't have to wait very long before it was opened. Devon was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face. He was wearing black dress pants with a light blue silk shirt. He was just too good to be true.

"Well don't just stand there, come in!"

I didn't have to be told twice. I picked up my suitcase, which by this time was getting rather heavy, and pulled it inside the apartment. When I had cleared the door I heard it shut quickly and was just as quickly tackled from behind. I went down, making sure to let go of my suitcase so that I didn't snap my wrist.

When I hit the floor I was immediately turned over onto my back. Before I could ask what had gotten into Devon his lips were planted firmly against mine. He ran his fingers through my hair and started to grin his rapidly hardening member against my own. I moaned deep into his mouth getting an instant erection.

But this was too fast for me now... before it was just a one night stand. If we're going to work on a relationship we need to slow down. The sex is great, no doubt, but I want - no, I need - more than that.

"Mmhumph. Devon... whoa, Devon... slow down a bit. Ughhh!" I managed to get a partial sentence out around his tongue.

"Huh? Wha?" Devon stopped grinding against me and pulled back a bit to look me in the face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. I just wasn't expecting to walk in through the door and be having sex in a few minutes. We haven't seen each other in about a month. It would be nice to talk to you and actually look at you."

"Yeah, but wouldn't you rather look at me... naked? It's a much better view." He had a big mischievous grin on his face.

"Trust me, I know it would be a great view. But... are we going to try and start a relationship?"

Devon's grin disappeared and he seemed to withdraw slightly. "Uh, I never really thought about it. I just assumed that you would come down here for two weeks and we, um, well we could - "

"Just fuck the entire time." I sounded angry when I said that, but I was starting to get the impression he didn't really care for starting anything other than a series of orgasms.

Devon turned red and tried to look hurt, but I could see through it. That was what he had in mind. Two weeks of sex. Sure, I I love sex as much as the next guy, but I want more than that. I could have stayed home and saved myself a lot of money if all I wanted was sex.

"No. Scott no. I mean... yes I thought we would be having a lot of sex. But I was hoping for more too. I do want to start a relationship with you. But so far all our conversation has been very shallow and the only time we were together we spent most of it in bed making each other feel great."

He had a point. And he did sound like he was being honest to me. We had spent most of our time together in bed. As for our conversation being shallow, I think that was mostly his fault. All I did was listen and all he talked about was his movies and all that acting stuff. How can I start a deep conversation on that?

"Yeah, we did spend most of our time together in bed."

"There ya go, see? So I figured 'why not start where we left off?'. Keep things going in a nice, smooth, enjoyable fashion."

Devon recommenced his crotch grinding and, despite feelings to the contrary, I let him keep going. I wrapped my arms around his firm body and ran them down over his muscular back. I soon felt Devon's lips against mine again and I opened my mouth to accept his probing tongue. I really started to get into it as my erection came back to full force. I grabbed Devon's firm ass and squeezed, pulling him tighter to me. His obviously hard member was now tight to my own, separated only by a few thin layers of fabric.

Devon moaned and reached for the end of my shirt, trying to get me out of it. I released his ass and lifted my arms to make his job easier. Devon lifted himself up slightly and pulled my shirt over my head, throwing it across the room. I quickly pulled Devon's head down to my own and pushed my tongue against his soft red lips. His hands were now at the buckle of my belt, working furiously to remove me from their confines.

It struck me that this was not how I wanted us to start our relationship. But something inside of me couldn't stop and I lifted my hips so that he could get my pants down. He quickly separated my from my pants as well as my blue boxers and they were soon joining my shirt across the room. Devon looked up at me from his position at my feet and started crawling up towards my free flying flag pole. Suddenly he stopped and winked at me. Then he backed up and removed my socks, giving my toes a quick lick before savagely attacking my hard cock.

"OOOohhhhhh!" The sensation of his mouth engulfing me was almost too much. I had to fight to maintain enough self control not to blow my load. Suddenly, something happened that took 10 years off my life.

"Ha ha ha ha, that's a good one Cliff. I'm going to go on in and surprise Devon. I'll talk to you later man."

Go in and surprise Devon??? Oh shit!!! Devon must have heard it too because he immediately jumped up and reached to help me off the floor. I felt my heart in my throat as my adrenaline kicked in and I ran for my clothes across the living room. Devon quickly locked the door just as whoever it was turned the handle. He looked back at me and mouthed the words 'hurry up'.

I pulled on my boxers and then my pants. I staggered and nearly fell as I tried too fast to get them on and got tangled up in the legs. If it wasn't me I would have found the sight of someone hopping around on one foot in the middle of a room trying to put on his pants before he got caught having sex very hilarious. But it was me, so it was damned scary.

I finally, after what felt like an eternity (but was in reality only about 15 seconds), managed to get my pants buttoned up. By this time the person on the other side of the door was knocking and calling for Devon to let him (by the sound of the fairly husky voice) in. Devon looked at me and nodded to say I was sufficiently dressed then unlocked the door and pulled it open.

"About time! What the hell were you doing having - " The young man looked at me and then back at Devon and blushed. "Oops, I guess you were. Sorry for interrupting."

Devon looked at me then at our new arrival and picked him up in a big bear hug. "God it is so good to see you again Ben! But what are you doing here so soon? I thought you weren't supposed to get here till tomorrow."

The teenager, who's name I had gathered was Ben, wrapped his arms around Devon's shoulders to return the hug. Looking at his face though, it seemed to me that he was enjoying this much more than you would a hug with a friend.

Ben giggled. "I can leave again if you want. I'm sure you would appreciate the privacy, hee hee." I couldn't help but blush. With the door open I got a slight chill so I finished getting dressed.

"Hell no you aren't going. Not so soon. I haven't seen you in 4 months l'il bro, we have some catching up to do." Devon released Ben from the hug and Ben did the same, albeit reluctantly from what I could see.

"Yeah we do. But first I need to call my parents and let them know that I'm here. Can I use the phone in your bedroom?"

"Wait a minute... you haven't been home yet?"

Ben stopped walking towards the bedroom and looked sheepishly back at Devon. "Ummm, no."

"And why not? Do they know you were coming home today?"


"So instead of letting them know you had made it home, you came here. That's very irresponsible Ben."

Ben looked down at the floor. He had a very sad puppy dog look on his face. He was so damned cute at that moment that I wanted to go over there and hug him forever.... and I don't even know him.

Devon walked over to where Ben was standing and got on his knees in front of him so that they were face to face. He reached up and put his hands on Ben's shoulders. "Thanks l'il bro."

Ben looked at Devon with a questioning look on his face. Devon smiled widely, which got a big smile from Ben in return. He had a great smile. They both did.

"I appreciate the fact that you came to see me first, even though you should have at least talked to your parents first."

"Well I love you Dev. And 4 months is a long time to go without talking to you or seeing you. I missed staying at your apartment too."

"I love you too l'il bro." Devon wrapped Ben in another big hug that was immediately returned. I could easily see what Devon apparently didn't. Devon loved Ben as a little brother, but Ben obviously had greater feelings for Devon. When Ben said he loved Devon, he meant he was in love with him. That gorgeous blonde was after my gorgeous blonde. I had competition, at least on one side. I knew Devon was mine, but did Ben know that?

"Now go call your parents." I was drawn from my deep thought as Devon ruffled Ben's hair making him giggle. Ben walked back into the bedroom and closed the door.

"Man it is so nice to see him again," said Devon. "He's pretty cute don't ya think?"

"Yeah he is. Who's Cliff?"

"Cliff's the doorman."

Ahh, OK. Oh and thanks for introducing us by the way."

"Oh sorry. I guess I just got a bit preoccupied."

"So I noticed." Devon blushed. I had to wonder if he didn't have more feelings for Ben than I originally thought. It was time I found out some more information on this guy.

"Are you going to tell me anything about Ben, or is a first name all I'm going to get?"

"His name's Micah Benjamin Hamilton. He's 16, a great guy, and basically my best friend. His parents are fairly well off, but he has never been spoiled. I've made sure of that myself."

"How long have you known him?"

"Hmmm, it's been a while. We lived fairly close to each other up in BC. His father moved down here for his business, something to do with computers. That was about the same time that I came down here for acting. Even though I'm a few years older, we've been best friends since I can't remember when. I've come to think of him as my little brother."

Time to test the water."You think a lot of him then?"

"Yeah I do. I love the guy."

"And obviously he knows you're gay."

"Yup, he kinda walked in on me one day while I was watching a gay video. He was cool with it from the start. He even asks me questions about what this feels like and what that feels like. It's cute sometimes." Devon smiled widely and blushed a little. I was starting to think that his love for Ben did run a bit deeper than what he says.

"What questions, specifically?"

"Well there was one time we wre wrestling around back in the bedroom and out of nowhere he asks me if it hurt when someone, and I quote, 'had their rod up my hole.' He he he, I didn't know what to say but he wouldn't let it go till I answered him. It's really nice that he is so comfortable with me being gay. He even tells me about the girls he likes."

"How long ago did he find out?"

"Not that long really. I say about three years ago."

"Ahhh. So Ben, he's..."

"He's straight if that's what you're asking. Like I said, he tells me about the girls he likes."

"How can you be so sure? I like girls too, just not that way. Girls can be great friends."

I know that! :I don't know, I'm just sure. I've never really thought about it before." Just then the bedroom door opened and Ben walked out.

"Not interrupting anything this time am I?"

"Devon and I laughed. "No Ben, not this time," replied Devon.

"Damn." Hey looked at Devon and smiled. I swear I could see lust in Ben's eyes.

"Ben, I'd like you to meet Scott Williams. Scott, meet Ben Hamilton, my l'il bro." We shook hands and exchanged hellos. He had a very nice hand shake; great grip.

"So, is he your boyfriend Dev?"

Devon looked at me then back at Ben and blushed. "Well, um.... we're working on it." Now it was my turn to blush.

"Ahhh, ok, that's... cool." There was a short yet uncomfortable silence among us. Something didn't seem right all of a sudden. "Well, I guess I should get going. Need to get my suitcase home and unpacked. God only knows what kind of suff my aunt crammed into it when I wasn't looking. I caught her trying to put some condoms in there once, I don't know who was more embarrassed." All the while he was speaking, Ben had his back to me.

"OK, that's cool. Give me a call later on, maybe the three of us can go out on the town or something."

"Ummm, yeah, sure. Later Dev." Ben walked over to the door and opened it. He stepped outside then peeked back in and looked at me. "Bye Scott." Before I could say anything, he was gone.

OK, my nipples are hard, and I am not horny. Ben just gave me such a chill, and not in a good way either. He does not like me. Now I'm certain he's in love with Devon. He must think that I'm moving in on his territory. But he saw us having sex and that didn't bother him at all. Did he think I was just one of Devon's 'sex toys' or something? Has Devon had 'sex toys'? No, I'm not letting Ben get to me like this. His psychological warfare just won't work. Psychological warfare??? What am I saying, Ben hasn't started anything with me. Why am I being so paranoid? As Devon said, we're working on it, we have nothing definite... yet.

"Damn it's nice to see him again. I really missed him these last four months. He's great to have around. Always there to make me feel good. I think you two will get along pretty good."

"I guess. You really do love him don't you?"

Devon had a far away look in his eyes as he thought about what I said. "Yeah, I guess I do. Ben means a lot to me."

I was starting to think that I was getting in the middle of something. But if Devon thinks Ben is straight (and trust me, he isn't), then it isn't really anything at all. Now I'm getting confused. All one of them needs to do is come clean with the other and I can see them getting together. I'm in the middle of something alright... and the walls are starting to close in on me.

Well that's the second chapter. I hope you like it and like where we are going with it. Drop The Mac or Micah a line and let us know what you think.

- Jonny Mac