Fuck Who?


“You have a nerve coming here to my home you old fuck!” Nathan said.

“What is your problem with me, man? Why the years of letters telling Santa fuck you,” Santa said.

“You didn’t bring me what I wanted for Christmas, you bastard!”

“And what was it you wanted, naughty boy?” Santa said.

“Oh now you gonna tell me you never got that letter huh,” Nathan said as he got up from the couch.

“I didn’t, and Santa doesn’t lie,” Santa said.

“I wanted my daddy, home from the hospital, It was in my letter to you,” Nathan said. “But no. I kept that letter close to me when my mom took me to the hospital to say a final goodbye to my father that Christmas Eve. We got back home after midnight and I was so sure I would see my daddy waiting under the tree with all my presents. But he wasn’t there, just a dumb letter by a dumb kid. Now you say you never even got that one letter but you got all the others.”

“The others,” Santa said, “were sent before Christmas day. The first one.”

“Oh, shit.” Nathan said as he sat back on the couch in a daze. “I had it with me the whole time. When we got back it was already Christmas day, I was too late, it was my fault. Fuck me ....”

“Maybe , if you’re lucky,” Santa said.

“What?” Nathan said. “Oh, I didn’t mean it that way, old man.”

“Santa’s here now. Tell me what do you want for Christmas, lil boy.”

Nathan felt himself growing hot and slightly horny.

“Well I don’t need a daddy any more and I’m not a lil boy either.”

“Maybe you don’t need that kind of daddy ,” Santa said, “and I know you’re a grown man but I’m thinking of making you my boy.”

“Let’s see what you got, old man.” Nathan said.



Santa and his naughty boy get busy


“Well there’s still the fact that you, Nathan Daniels, have been a very naughty boy,” Santa said as he started to undo his thick black leather belt. “You’ve sent Santa some very naughty letters. Now what do you say to Santa.”

“Sorry, Santa,” Nathan said quietly.

“I can’t hear you,” Santa said sounding like a drill sergeant.

“Sorry, Santa!” Nathan said.

“Sorry, Santa what?” Santa said. 

“Sorry Santa Claus!”

“It’s sorry Santa sir,” Santa said. “Now let me hear you say it like you mean it.”

Santa folded his belt in half and with his hands on both ends snapped it loudly in the air.

“Sorry Santa, sir!” Nathan said.

“Not good enough. All those years of nasty letters from a nasty boy like you,” Santa said “Now take off that robe and bend over the arm of that couch.”

“Yes, sir! Santa, sir!” Nathan said.

Nathan’s heart was beating fast in his chest as he took off his robe and bent over the arm of the couch.

Santa walked over and in one quick move pulled Nathan’s pajama bottoms down so his ass was naked in the air.

“Santa’s naughty boy has a nice white ass but it ain’t gonna stay that way,” Santa said

The snap of Santa’s leather belt on Nathan’s firm but nice round ass filled the air. It stung Nathan only sightly but then came another spank with the belt and another. Each slap of the belt stung his ass more and more. Nathan’s ass was beginning to feel hot from Santa’s belt. That and the stinging sensation made his cock start throbbing. He reached for it but Santa pulled his arm back firmly.

“It’s not play time for naughty boys yet,” Santa said.

He held both of Nathan’s arms back and tied them with the belt from the robe Nathan had removed.

Santa started spanking him some more and Nathan started breathing heavily into the sofa cushion. Santa stopped and looked down at his handiwork.

“And people say my cheeks are red,” Santa said.

Santa looked down at Nathan’s ass which had gone from white to bright pink and red. He bent down and kissed Nathan’s ass sucking slightly as he did so. Nathan groaned loudly in pleasure.

“I think you’re having too much fun, naughty boy,” Santa said.

Santa put his left foot up by Nathan’s face on the seat of the couch.

“My boots look dirty, boy. Why don’t you clean them with your tongue?” Santa said.

“I don’t hear anything, boy.”

Santa grabbed Nathan by the back of his hair firmly.

“Yes Sir! Santa, Sir!” Nathan said.

The smell of wet leather permeated Nathan’s nostrils making his dick grow harder as he began licking Santa’s boots. Santa threw his belt on the floor followed by his gloves then gave Nathan’s ass a hard slap with his bare hand. Nathan jumped but quickly went back to his assigned task.

“You haven’t treated people very well in life, Nate,” Santa said spanking him again. “You’ve always put yourself first. Tonight that’s gonna change. Tonight you put me and my needs first.”

“Yes, sir....”

“Did I say you could speak?” Santa said. “Get your tongue back on my boot, boy.”

Santa spanked him again then he went to sit on the couch. As he did so he moved Nathan so that his ass was in his lap. Then he spanked him some more.

“I’m doing too much of the work here,” Santa said, then got up and stood in front of the fireplace that was burning again. “Get over here, boy. I want a good look at my naughty boy.”

As Nathan got up and walked towards Santa he started pulling his pajama bottoms back up.

“Did I say you could pull those pants up?” Santa said. “Now get over here.”

Nathan did as he was told and Santa reached over and ripped his pajama top of him and pulled his pants to the ground.

“Step out of your pants and slippers and give em to me,” Santa said.

Nathan did so and handed his clothes and slippers to Santa who threw them in the fireplace.

Santa looked the naked man up and down, then reached up with both his large hands and pinched Nathan’s nipples hard. Nathan groaned in pleasure. Santa reached down and forcefully cupped Nathan’s cock and balls. Santa used his thumb and finger to pick up some pre-cum off Nathan’s cock which he fed to him.

“Naughty boy doesn’t cum before Santa does,” Santa said.

Nathan watched as Santa yanked open his jacket with both hands revealing a meaty upper body and round belly covered with straight white hair. His large round half dollar-size and very erect nipples were as pink as his jolly cheeks. Nathan felt drool coming from his mouth at the thought of sucking on Santa’s nipples. But that was nothing.

Santa yanked his pants down to reveal a nice big twelve-inch cock white as snow except for the engorged red head which contrasted with his white bushy pubic hair. He was leaking pre-cum.

“On your knees, naughty boy,” Santa said, pushing Nathan down.

Nathan looked at the large cock head in front of him and licked at the pre cum but Santa wasn’t letting him off that easily.

Santa grabbed Nathan’s hair and thrust his hard cock into his mouth almost choking him. He then began thrusting fast and hard into Nathan’s mouth making him gag a couple of times. Finally he slowed down.

“Take it all, boy. Take Santa’s hard cock in that nasty mouth of yours. I don’t have any soap on me so I’m gonna wash your mouth out with my hot cum. What do you think of that?”

Santa pulled his cock out of Nathan’s mouth.

“Yes, Sir! I like it, Sir!” Nathan said. “Please Sir can I have some more?”

Santa let out a hearty laugh then slapped Nathan’s face a few times with his cock before thrusting it back in the naughty boy’s mouth.

“I’ll make a good boy out of you yet,” Santa said looking down at Nathan with a twinkle in his blue eyes. “Back off a minute, boy.”

Nathan backed off and Santa sat on the couch.

“Get my boots off me,” Santa said.

Nathan did as he was told. Santa then stood and pulled off his jacket revealing muscled, strong, arms then he stepped out of his pants so he was completely naked except for his cap which he flung on the floor to reveal a head full of shoulder length white hair.

Nathan just stood looking at him. Santa was magnificent even with the belly. Nathan was momentarily shocked when Santa grabbed him by the waist and easily lifted his six foot frame then turned him upside down so his face was even with Santa’s cock.

“Suck,” Santa said.

Nathan obeyed. To his surprise he suddenly felt Santa’s hot mouth on his throbbing cock. Nathan breathed heavily through his nose without letting Santas cock out of his mouth. After a few minutes Santa moved them both to the floor where they were in the sixty-nine position in front of the fireplace. Santa then got on all fours over Nathan with his surprisingly smooth, large pink ass over Nathan’s face.

“Eat my ass,” Santa said.

“Yes, Sir! Santa, Sir!” Nathan said.

Nathan started kissing the outside of Santa’s smooth large ass then he slowly spread Santa’s ass cheeks. His hole was pink and tight. Nathan’s tongue licked up and down then he began sucking gently. Santa lowered his ass and Nathan licked some more.

“Go in deep with that tongue, boy,” Santa said.

Nathan shoved his tongue deep into Santa’s hole. To his shock it tasted like peppermint. Nathan began hungrily eating Santa’s hole like a starving man. Santa lowered his ass all the way down on Nathan’s face then he began sucking Nathan’s nice seven and a half inch uncut cock. He bit the foreskin with his teeth and grabbed Nathan’s balls tightly careful not to cause him pain.

“It’s time,” Santa said.

He picked up Nathan and carried him to the sofa where he sat him down. He forcefully opened Nathan’s mouth and shoved two of his large fingers inside letting him suck on them. Then Santa stood in front of him and began thrusting his dick into his mouth. Once Nathan started going with the rhythm of the thrusting Santa quickened his pace. Grabbing hold of his hair Santa started fucking Nathan’s mouth with his cock faster and faster until he started groaning louder and louder. Then Santa’s cock exploded sending stream after stream of hot cum down Nathan’s hungry and willing throat.

To be continued.

* * * *

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