Santa fucks Nathan


Santa reached over and took Nathan’s head in his large hands then he bent down and kissed him hard and passionately on the lips. Santa’s tongue entered Nathan’s mouth and sought his tongue. The two men’s tongues found each other and explored each other with fervor. A few times Santa would grab onto Nathan’s tongue with his mouth and suck hard on it. Santa reached down with his hands and played with and tweaked Nathan’s erect nipples.

Santa then made Nathan get up and he laid down on the couch.

“Sit on the other end and rub my feet, boy,” Santa said.

“Yes, sir! Santa, sir!” Nathan said as he did what he was told.

Nathan sat and Santa lay back with his back against the couch’s thickly cushioned arm rest then he put his pale feet in Nathan’s lap and Nathan massaged them. Nathan looked up and saw Santa playing with his long, limp but rising cock. Then Santa started playing with his large balls which were covered in wiry white hair.

“Lie back against the arm rest of the couch so you can face me, boy,” Santa said.

Nathan did so and Santa traced along Nathan’s tight six pack stomach with his foot before putting his big toe in Nathan’s mouth. Nathan sucked on it as he watched Santa working his erect pink nipples. Santa put another toe then another into Nathan’s mouth. Nathan sucked each one as if he was sucking on Santa’s cock.

Santa’s other foot was going along Nathan’s cock and balls slowly making its way under Nathan’s ass and teasing his hot hole.

Santa sat up and grabbed Nathan by the waist bringing his face up to him. Then he began kissing Nathan and he played with his nipples.

“Suck my cock some more, boy,” Santa said.

Nathan bent over and took Santa’s growing cock in his mouth then began licking its full length and around the large head.

“Suck on my balls, boy” Santa said.

Nathan gently did so. He took first one then the other hairy ball in his mouth rolling it around with his tongue.

“Nice. Maybe you really are a good boy. Time will tell,” Santa said.

            Nathan felt Santa rubbing his rough beard on his ass then he felt Santa kissing it. Santa licked around the outside of the ass in front of him. The naughty boy dropped Santa’s balls from his mouth and started licking under them down towards Santa’s ass.

Santa took his large hands and spread Nathan’s ass open. He traced around Nathan’s asshole with his finger.

“A virgin ass. Maybe you are a good boy. It’s more likely you were always a top like most naughty boys.”

Santa blew along Nathan’s quivering asshole sending shivers down the man’s spine. Then Santa slowly started tracing around the virgin hole licking it and sucking on it gently. His tongue pushed against Nathan’s hole and made it’s way inside where it was tight and hot. Nathan trembled as Santa licked inside his hole. Then the tongue came out and Santa spit inside Nathan’s hole and gently pushed his saliva in with his finger. He did it again and again each time going deeper and deeper with his finger. Eventually his finger was in and massaging Nathan’s insides.

Santa got up from the couch and said, “Don’t move, boy.”

Santa walked over to his pants and pulled out a peppermint striped jar. When he came back he laid Nathan on his back on the couch, with his knees up. Santa sat behind him and began lubricating Nathan’s hole with a thick minty smelling lotion. The lotion made Nathan’s hole hot and tingly. The effect was making Nathan incredibly horny. Santa worked Nathan’s hole until he got two then three fingers inside him. Then Santa put a generous amount of the lotion on his fully erect cock.

“I want you looking me right in the eye when I take your ass, boy,” Santa said.

Santa sat on his knees behind Nathan’s ass then he grabbed Nathan’s legs and flung them over his big shoulders. He leaned over and kissed one of Nathan’s feet then the other. Santa leaned over his naught boy so they were face to face.

“Look me in the eyes, Nate,” Santa said then he slowly entered Nathan’s tight hole.

Nathan looked straight up to the ceiling but Santa grabbed his head downwards. Nathan gasped as Santa thrust inside him. Santa caught his open mouth and covered it with his own. The two kissed passionately as Santa thrust harder and harder into Nathan. Santa then started thrusting more and more, in rhythm. Nathan squeezed Santa hard then dug his fingers into Santa’s back. The intensity was too much to bear.

“I’m sorry Santa! I’m sorry!” Nathan said, then “Fuck me, Santa! Fuck me! Harder Santa, harder. Fuck your naughty boy.”

Santa sucked then bit hard on Nathan’s nipples as he thrust faster and faster into him. Nathan looked up and saw Santa’s large erect nipples and reached up with his mouth sucking on them.

“Oh yeah, boy, suck on Santa’s nipples. Suck on them hard,” Santa said.

Nathan obeyed. He sucked and chewed and bit Santa’s hard pink nipples. Santa started jacking off Nathan’s erect and red cock. Santa sat up then he picked Nathan up and positioned him on his cock so that the two of them were face to face.

“Ride Santa’s cock, boy, ride,” Santa said.

Nathan bounced up and down on Santa’s lap while Santa played with his nipples. Nathan returned the favor by pinching Santa’s nipples. Santa stood up again and leaned Nathan’s back against the arm rest of the couch. Then standing, Santa began thrusting hard in and out of Nathan’s ass. Nathan groaned louder and louder then he reached for his cock but Santa pushed his hand away. Santa reached up and worked on Nathan’s nipples with his fingers.

Santa started groaning even louder than before then he started shaking.

“I’m gonna cum!” Santa shouted.

Santa erupted filling Nathan’s hole with what felt like buckets of hot sticky cum. Santa scooped some up with his fingers and fed it to Nathan.

“I’m hungry,” Santa said.

He bent down and started sucking Nathan’s cock hard and fast. Nathan could no longer control himself and started groaning loudly almost screaming then he shot load after load into Santa’s waiting mouth.

           * * * *



Happy Endings


Santa put on his pants then Nathan walked over, and kissed Santa’s feet before helping him into his boots. Santa picked up his belt and wrapped it around Nathan’s neck like a leash and pulled him close using it. He let it go, and it loosened up around Nathan’s neck. 

Nathan still naked, looked up at Santa with a “What now” look in his eyes.

“I still think you’ve got a bit of the naughty boy in you that needs to be tamed,” Santa said. “But I see some good boy in you too.”

“What now?” Nathan said.

“Well you asked for a daddy all those years ago.” Santa said. “I don’t think this is what you meant. But consider me your daddy and your gift. You don’t want to return this gift do you?” Santa grabbed his crotch.

“No, sir! Santa, sir!” Nathan said.

“Well,” Santa said picking up his big red coat and putting it around Nathan’s body, “Let’s go. I don’t take gifts back. I’m the gift that gives and gives, year after year.”

“But Santa,” Nathan said.

“You’re Santa’s gift to himself Nathan Daniels,” Santa said. “And I have no intention of ever returning this gift.”

“Good,” Nathan said. “I’m happy, finally.”

Santa grabbed Nathan and flung him over his shoulder, then the fire went out in the fireplace and the two flew up the chimney.

Nathan sat happily snuggling by Santa in his sleigh all the way to his new home at the North Pole. He was sometimes a naughty boy and sometimes nice, but he was always Santa’s favorite gift.

Nathan Daniels was never seen or heard from again by the people who’d known him. Beside the table across from his Christmas tree next to a plate of cookies was a letter to Santa and on the bottom was a reply saying.

Santa came once, then he came twice, and early the next day he came once again.

A Merry Christmas to all.

                                                The End


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