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Just another little story to get your blood pumping...to your cock that is! Footballers playing in the English Premier League are to die for, and especially these two what my story is based on, is not the ones that would make you sit up and get a boner in particulary, but they still make me horny as fuck and I have had many waking sessions thinking about these two.

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What a week is has been! Playing in Europe and their commitments in the Premier League had really taken it out of Fulham Football Club's players as they were not used to such a hectic playing schedule. Trips to Rome, Bulgaria and the upcoming one against Basle in Switzerland has made many of them just go home and flop on the couch or the bed after a game. But Fulham are a club on a mission, over the last few years they had gone from almost relegated to top 7 last season and they were currently in 8th position in the league. Things were going great especially if you take in concideration that they had defeated Manchester United and Arsenal last season, drew with Chelsea, and defeated Liverpool at Craven Cottage this season. Roy Hodgson was very much proud of his bunch of players.

But what was happening at this very moment in the house of star player Zoltan Gera would have given him a sure fire heart attack. He and striker Erik Nevland were seated on the couch and involved in one of the most passionate kisses you could ever wish to see between two men. The sheer emotions when it comes to a guy kissing another, the level of exitement deepens and testoterone takes over while all the while it satisfies you having another bloke, and two sexy ones at that, kissing and caressing your body. Erik buried his hands in Zoltan's dark brown hair before he released him from the kiss, looking deep into his fellow striker's eyes.

"I'm so glad we ended up together, Zoltan. I've never been so fucking happy in my entire life, man. You're so hot; I can't keep my eyes off you."

Zoltan just smiled back and rubbed his hands gently against Erik's chest. He knew that Erik was a little, even small guy, infact Erik made him think of one of them midgets when they had first met, but he soon discovered that under that little exterior layed a heart of gold. Erik was real sexy once you got to know him, and outside of the game, he was one of the nicest people you could ever meet and hang out with. They just happened to fall in love.

"What am I gonna do with you?" Zoltan asked playfully as he nuzzled Erik's neck. He found the soft, tender flesh there rather enjoying so say the least.

"You can do with me anything you want. At least I get to do what thousands only dream of."

"Come on, man! I'm no Beckham or Giggs!" Zoltan laughed.

"If only you knew. Hey, have I got a secret for you!" Erik chatted away, with a sly, devious glint in his eyes, a sign that madfe Zoltan's 7 inch cock stand up straight in his Calvin Klein boxers.


"I saw Clint checking you out in the showers today, you know after the game? Yeah man, he was really hot looking for your sexy body."

Zoltan sat back for a moment, all silly games forgotten for a sec. Clint? Clint Dempsey having the hots for him? That just was NOT possible. There was no doubt that Clint Dempsey was the sexiest player that Fulham FC had at the present time and to be honest, Zoltan had fancied him, among other players of the Premier League ofcourse, for a long time, even before he moved to Fulham himself. When he saw Clint in the showers, naked, wet, water dripping off his amazing 6 pack, his perfectly shaped cock and balls hanging there so peacefully, just waiting to be sucked off and drained of its delicious cummy juice...wait what? Zoltan shook his head and closed his eyes. He felt Erik's hand gently touching his face and looked at the beautiful Norwegian who came into his life so unexpectantly and turned his world around. And to that first night when both of them admitted: "I think you're fucking georgeous."

It was right after the opening game of the season, after the 1-0 win over Portsmouth at Fratton Park. If you keep in mind that although Fulham's home form was to be envied by even the top teams, in full contrast, their away from the previous season was something that they'd rather forget. To win away on the first day of the season was incredible. The whole team was invited out of drinks by the manager after the game. Andy Johnson, Zoltan and Erik sat with eachother and talked about the issues revolving the game. Zoltan, who by this time was so fucking horny as he never tossed off before a game, as he concidered it to be bad luck, couldn't quite keep his mind on the convo. Being crammed in a shower area with a naked Andy Johnson, Clint Dempsey, Mark Schwartzer and ofcourse Erik Nevland was enough to make any girl and gay footballer `rise to the occation'. Zoltan couldn't stand it any longer. It was made worse when Clint took off his tracksuit top as it was getting hotter in the bar with all the male energy and the alcohol wasn't exactly helping either. To see this sext American sitting there, showing off his georgeous muscles and tanned features made Zoltan almost cream himself right there and then. He made an excuse and walked over to the toilet. He burst into one of the stalls, slammed it shut and locked it. This was it, something he had always wanted to do, but never had the guts for. He tore off his shirt, showing his equally sexy ripped body off to the four walls of the stall. Off with them trousers aswell, until he came to his boxers, then he got a little nervous tingle down his spine. Was it due to the fact that he had just realised what he was about to do, or was it due to the sheer exitement of tossing his cock in a strange place he had never been? And naked at that. Zoltan started to slowly smile. He had always lived safely, in making choices and just in general...a bit of danger was maybe just what he needed. Zoltan sat down on the toilet, taking his 7 incher in his hand. He felt the texture of his Hungarian cock, smooth, hard and full of blood. He slowly closed his eyes and saw Clint in his mind, standing infront of him, and taking his clothes off bit by bit, until he was just wearing his boxers. Starting to gently wank his cock in and out of his foreskin, the sexy Zoltan Gera began to imagine Clint standing infront of him, wearing nothing but his briefs. Slowly, still sighing softly at the magic feelings that came from his cock, he saw himself, walking uo to Clint, and placing his hand on Clint's chest, feeling that utter ripped muscles and fine 6 pack. Wanking his cock slightly faster, Zoltan saw himself reaching for Clint's shoulder, gripping it hard while looking into the American's eyes. His hand came up and Zoltan caressed Clint's cheek while placing the other hand on the big bulge that was by this time straining from Clint's briefs.

Zoltan couldn't control his thoughts while wanking his cock non stop, feeling become more and more hard as he went on. The pre juices slipped from his cock head and he used it to further fuel up his by now glimmering rock hard dick. He was getting a bit close. In his mind's eye, he saw himself leaning over and kissing Clint's neck, licking the flesh he found there, moving down to his shoulders, kissing the right side passionately, bringing up his right hand to rub and caress Clint's muscular back. Zoltan moved his mouth down to Clint's nipple, licking and biting the object and his cock leaked another drop of pre cum as he heard Clint sigh and groan as his body was worshipped by Zoltan Gera. Zoltan could take it no longer and moved both his hands down to the waistband of the briefs that he imagined Clint would be wearing. Ever so slightly he started to pull it off. In the real life, Zoltan's red hot hard cock gave a shudder of pre orgasm, as he saw Clint's pubes in his mind. Further and further, little by little the precious jewel was discovered, and Clint's 9 incher jumped out, rock hard and ready for action at 45 degrees. Zoltan took that hard dripping organ in his hands, getting the feel of another bloke, a real sexy bloke's cock in his hands. He gave it a few tender wanks, just to stimulate them both, making Clint's cock as hard as steel, peeling back the foreskin, feeling the cock come alive.

Ever so slowly, Zoltan opened his mouth and placed the head of Clint's shiny cock inside his mouth. Oh the taste! Clint Dempsey gave a loud moan as Zoltan Gera sucked his cock to perfection. He reached out and stimulated Clint's balls. He released Clint's rock hard shiny cock and kissed his pubic area, around his `v' shape parts and licked his way up towards Clint's chest where he kissed each and every one of the pecks on the American's strong chest. He leaned in to look at Clint's sexy face and kissed his lips once more, and in doing so he took hold of the American's quivering cock and started to toss him off at a furious pace. In Zoltan's horny mind, Clint looked into his eyes as he broke the kiss and whispered into his ear: "Make me cum."

With that, Zoltan Gera's strong, sexy, muscled upper body arched back, wiped his hands all over his sexy chest and gave his cock one final toss, just in time to catch and flying white, slimy, thick Hungarian footballer cum. There was so much, Zoltan couldn't breathe. He quickly came to his sences though and took the toiletpaper and wiped his cum off his body. He unlocked the stall and walked straight to the mirrors, but not before he saw Erik Nevland standing there, with nothing but admiration on his face, and with his thick cock in his hand.

From there on, Zoltan and Erik started to experiment and along the way they discovered that they felt for eachother like they had never for anyone before. And as Erik placed his head on Zoltan's chest and softly kissed it, they knew that it didn't get much better than this.

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