This following story has no relation to Michael Carrick or Gary Neville whatsoever. Any names, comments or storylines involving them is made up, fiction and never true in a million years.

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(Setting is about two years ago, in 2006)

It was a bright sunny day morning as Manchester got up and ready for the day. Gary Neville, punctual as ever, got up and ready for training. Sir Alex told the players the day before that the transfer deadline was closing rapidly and that he had a possible new signing that he wanted to tell them about. Gary sighed. Never mind what they do or who they sign, Manchester United just can’t seem to get the better of Chelsea, the current champions (back then). But with good pre-season spirit and furious training, 2006-2007 might just be the Mighty Man Utd’s season. Gary finished up and rode to the magnificant Old Trafford.

“What’s up, Gaz?” Young Kieron Richardson called out. “Fine, just a bit on edge, after this fucking domination of Chelsea. This new signing better be good.” “You think it could be Michael Owen?” Kieron asked. Gary was just about to answer that when Sir Alex walked in. Gary chuckled. Even though, if you believe the rumours, that Sir Alex was responcible for the likes of David Beckham aswell as Ruud van Nistelrooy leaving, you won’t get a better boss than the gaffer.

“Look, lads, I know that this is not an ideal situation that we are in, but we are not going to give up. Lets show that Blue London lads just what and who they are dealing with!”

“Yeah!” it echoed around the changing room. All the players wanted to know if Sir Alex has signed a new player.

“Don’t worry, in due time,” was all that they could get out of him.

All the players just knocked the ball around, the England game against Greece clearly in mind. Gary just passed the ball to Rio Ferdinand, when he saw his fellow England team mate Michael Carrick coming onto the pitch. Probably wants to train for the England game, the thought. Afterall, the game will be played at Old Trafford.

“Hi, Gaz!” Carrick called out to him. “Yeah, mate. What are you doing at the enemy camp?” Michael Carrick looked closely at the Man U captain. He had the greatest respect for Gary Neville, but he had a big secret that only he knew. Michael Carrick was so inlove with Gary. Other people might laugh in your face if you say this to them, but Gary Neville was one of the sexiest men he had ever seen. Oh, that body, that hair that bounces up and down as he runs and that fucking sexy smile as he poses for the camera. As he looked at Gary, he saw the muscles on his arms and that chest breathing up and down, shit he had to think of something else before he got a huge hardon.

“No, this isn’t quite the enemy camp for me, you know...” he said with a sly smile. Gary frowned to this, but then Sir Alex came up to them. “Yeah, that’s right! Meet your new number sixteen!”

The team, but especially all the English lads were glad to see Michael Carrick as Man United’s new signing. Gary was given the job to show Carrick around Old Trafford. Carrick, was both happy and upset abput this ruling. He found Gary fucking sexy, and now he was going to be in his presence almost twenty-four/seven!

Gary decided that they go to a pub in Manchester to celebrate. Before the night, Michael dressed in a blue shirt and jeans. He took extra care of his hair and aftershave. He so wanted to impress Gary and when he got there, ordered a beer in the meantime. When Gary arrived, Michael couldn’t take his eyes off him. Gary Neville was truly sexy. They talked about pre-season matches aswell as the England game. They were also surprised to know that they had the same taste in music and Gary invited Michael over to his place to check out some CD’s. At this point Michael had such a hardon that he knew he couldn’t stand up. Gary looked so sexy! There were quite a few people in the bar and as they squeezed past them, Michael’s hand quickly brushed Gary’s. Michael felt a flush and warmth on and over his body. Oh shit, I want to kiss this guy, he thought.

As they reached Gary’s home, they each got a beer and sat down. Gary put on a CD and they were silent for a moment. Gary switched the TV on and they watched a little of their own performances of last season. Michael was very uncomfortible. Here he was, with the guy that he had fancied for two years now, and they were alone. How he wanted to see Gary naked! It was the last days of summer and it was still fairly hot, even for late evening.

“Hey mate, how about a swim?” Gary asked. Michael’s fear turned into sudden excitement. “Yeah, that sounds great.” Gary went into his room to change when Michael realised that he had no swimming trunks, and decided to ask Gary if he could borrow some. As he was about to enter Gary’s room, Gary was just about to take his shirt off. He watched in awe as Gary unbuttoned his shirt and finally bearing that fabulous body that Michael had dreamt about. Gary spotted him in the mirror.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Michael had to think fast.

“I just...wanted to...”

Gary came up to Michael, took his arm and squeezed it. “You fancy me, don’t you?” he said slyly. Michael nodded weakly. Gary felt sorry for him. He wasn’t gay, but how would he know if he didn’t just at least try something once? He put his hand at the back of Carrick’s head and ran his fingers through Michael’s hair. Michael couldn’t believe what was happening. He put his hands on Gary’s waist, feeling the warmth on his body.

And then it happened.

Gary kissed him softly, his tongue finding Michael’s. They kissed for a little while and then the passion was beginning to take over. Gary took off Michael’s shirt and breathed in heavily. This lad was fucking fine! Gary kissed Carrick’s neck and moved down to his nipples, kissing each one with great feeling of warmth. Michael sighed with relief. Gary kissed his way down Michael’s fantastic six-pack and finally reaching his naval. Michael ruffled Gary’s hair and shoulders as the United captain took Carrick’s trousers and and boxers off. Carrick was huge. Seven inches of meat staring at Gary. Gary didn’t quite know what to do, but when he put his lips around Michael’s cock, it came naturally. Carrick groaned as Gary sucked his cock, moving his lips up and down as fast and as careful as he could. Carrick put his hand on Gary’s head, letting Gary swallow his entire seven inches of English meat. While sucking him off, Gary moved his hands up and down Carrick’s body, feeling his nipples and rubbing Michael’s torso.

“Mate, im gonna cum!” Michael said with great effort. Gary took Michael’s cock out of his mouth and started wanking it up and down at a furious pace. Michael Carrick was in heaven!

“OHHHHHH, YEAH!” he shouted as he came on Gary’s face and hand, spurting loads and loads of white, silky cum all on the England international. Gary stood up and kissed Michael. Michael then started rubbing his hands all over Gary’s rock had six-pack abs. He kneeled down and took Gary’s boxers off, took out Gary’s eight inch cock and immediately swallowed it to the balls. His dream had finally come true!

When Gary erupted into Michael’s mouth, he swallowed half of it, while running the leftovers all over Gary’s stomach. They kissed once more and Michael knew that this moment, at least for him, would last forever.