Disclaimer: This is a story about the now popular ABC show George Lopez. My story itself does not represent the sexual preference of the characters or the actors and all characters belong to ABC.  This plot is purely fantasy and came solely out of the mind of the author. This story contains sexual situations between teen boys.                              

                                               George Lopez
                                               Max and Ricky
Character Note: Ricky is an actual character from George Lopez. He appears in epsiode 42 which is titled:Trouble With Ricky.

15 year old Max Lopez walked up to the locker of his best friend Ricky.

Ricky: Hey Max are your parents going to be home after school?

Max: No my Dad is working late and my mom is visiting her sister

Ricky: Good can we meet after school at your house there is something new I want to try.

Ricky looked at Max with his big beautiful eyes and then grabbed Maxes Crotch.
Max jumped back.

Ricky: What  you didn't seem to mind last week when I touched you down there.

Max: Just don't do it in school. I don't want anyone finding out about us. Anyway Ill meet you at your locker after school. I got to go.

Max started walking to his next class and started thinking to himself. It was just like Ricky to grab his crotch in school. Rickey has always been the reckless one and tended to act on impulse and that was not always a bad thing. It was Rickey who had introduced Max to masturbation 4 years ago. And since then Rickey and Max masturbated together about once a week. Max wondered what Rickey meant by new moves. According to what he knew there was only one way to masturbate. Well I guess I'll find out this afternoon Max thought as he walked into class.  
The bell rang and Max scurried out of his last class. He met Ricky at his locker.

Rickey: Hey hot stuff you ready? Ricky whispered into his ear.

Max: Yea let's get home and get it on. Max whispered back.

Max walked in the back door and put his backpack on the table Ricky was close behind him.

Ricky: Now you're sure no one's home?

Max: Yea I'm sure.

With that they hurried up the stairs to Maxes room.  Max shut and locked the door just in case his sister should come home early. Then they both sat down on the bed.

Ricky: I fell like just taking off our bottoms today. I want to keep my shirt on.

Max: Sound fine to me.

Ricky: You ready?

Max: Yea.

With that Max grabbed Ricky's shorts and Ricky grabbed Maxes shorts. Since they started masturbating with each other over 4 years ago they always took each other's clothes off.

Ricky: 1, 2, 3, go

Both Max and Ricky ripped each other's shorts off at the same time.

Ricky: You're still wearing those tighty whities?

Max: Yea I like em so what.

Ricky: Nothing it's just they don't leave much to imagination.

Ricky was right the tight fabric did little to hide the fact that Maxes penis was erect. Ricky could make out the entire outline of Maxes privates.

Max: Are you going to sit there and argue about my underwear or are we going to masturbate?

Ricky: Alright let's get on with it.

They grabbed each other's underwear and on the count of 3 yanked it off. At the beginning of each session both boys always examined each other's penises to see if anything had changed. They did it more for the sake of tradition these days however and nothing had changed on either boy in about 6 months. As they slipped deep into thought both of them could still remember what each other's penises looked the faithful day they started masturbating together almost 4 years ago.

Ricky had discovered masturbation early in his 11th year of life. It was a way for him to escape the feelings of abandonment from his deadbeat father and his drunken mother. Not to mention it felt pretty good. After about a month of doing it on his own Ricky wanted to share it with someone. However he knew he only wanted to share it with one person and this person had to be someone special someone he cared about. He could think of only one person his best friend Max Lopez.

As it would turn out Max would invite Ricky over for a sleepover that weekend. Ricky knew he had to make his move.

Maxes parents put both boys to bed around 9 then went back downstairs. However neither Max nor Ricky had any intention of sleeping.  They both jumped out of bed and put the light back on.

Max: So what do you want to do? We could tell ghost stories. Or we could play with my new super ball.

Ricky: No I was thinking of doing something else. Say Max do you ever pull on your penis until it feels really good and white stuff comes out?

Max: Un no. Dude the only thing I use my penis for is peeing why?

Ricky: Well about a month ago I discovered if you pull on your penis long enoph white stuff comes out and it gives you a feeling like you've never had before.

Max: Are you being serious?

Ricky: 100 percent. Dude I want to show you how to do it believe me you will thank me later.

Max: I don't know I've never been naked in front of anybody accept my parents and my doctor.

Ricky: Common I'm your best friend besides what I am going to show you will be totally worth it.

Max: I'll do it if you get naked to. And if we take each other's clothes off.

Ricky: Sure alright let's do it.

The 2 11 year olds slowly took off each other's clothes and when they were finally naked the examined each other like hawks.

Ricky examined Max closely. Maxes penis looked exactly like Ricky's looked a few months ago before puberty started its rampage. Maxes hairless penis was 2 inches at best and it was thinner than a role of dimes. His balls where still scrunched up against his body and his uncut foreskin almost came all the way around stopping just before Maxes pee hole.

(I am switching to Maxes flashback now)

Max was astounded Ricky's penis was almost 3 inches long and it was 2 times as thick. His balls where hanging loose dangling below his penis and atop all this just above his shaft was a small patch of brown hairs. The only thing that looked the same was Ricky's foreskin that also stopped just before his pee hole.

Max blushed a little bit embarrassed of his apparent shortcomings.

Ricky: Don't worry my penis looked like yours a few months ago. I'm sure yours will change to. Now let me show you what I know.

Ricky scooted next to Max and took his smaller penis in his hand. He started moving it up and down the best he could on Maxes small penis.

Ricky: Just like that up and down. You want me to stop?

Max: No you where right this does feel pretty good.

Ricky: See I told you.

Max: Ricky stop I have to pee all of assuden.

Ricky: Your suppose to feel like that believe me you won't pee.

A moment later Max shouted out then collapsed in pleasure.

Ricky: So how did it feel?

Max: That was the most awesome feeling ever.

Ricky: See I told you so. Interesting though white stuff didn't come out of your penis. I wonder why?

(Switching back to Ricky's Point of view)

Ricky came out of that memory staring at Maxes now 15 year old penis. Boy had it changed from that day. It now stood proudly at 5 inches with the thickness of a bratwurst and a big bush of black public hair around and on top of it. The ball sack was still scrunched up against Maxes body however that was due to the cold temperature not Maxes maturity and Ricky's actions would soon warm up those balls allowing them to hang down.

(Switching to Maxes point of view)

Max looked at Ricky's 15 year old penis and once again marveled at the changes it had gone thorough since that faithful day 4 years ago. Although it had grown it was actually pretty equal to his own now. Ricky's penis also stood at about 5 inches with the thickness of a bratwurst and a big patch of brown hair around it. Because of the cold Ricky's ball sack was also scrunched up but Max knew it wouldn't stay that way for long.

Ricky got of the bed and reached into his school bag.

Max: Ricky what are you doing?

Ricky: I told you I wanted to try something different I am getting something.

Rickey pulled a tube of KY jelly out of his bag and jumped back on the bed.

Ricky: Max I need you to pull your legs up in the air and face you butt towards me.

Max: What why I've never heard of that before.

Ricky: Just trust me okay.

Max pulled his legs in the air and stuck his but towards Rickey. He felt Ricky tickle the underside of his nut sack and he heard him say "you are going to love this". Max felt Ricky spread his cheeks then felt something cold on his ass hole. He was confused. He had never heard anything about playing with his asshole.  He swore he felt Ricky's penis splitting his cheeks but what did Ricky want with him back their? And at that moment he felt what he was sure was Ricky's penis enter his asshole.

As Ricky thrust into him he screamed. The pain was unbearable why would he do this to me. Just as he was about to push Ricky off him Ricky thrust in more. Suddenly the pain went away and was replaced by pleasure. As Ricky thrust in and out the pleasure kept coming and going it was like Ricky was pressing a pleasure button deep inside his ass. As Ricky thrust in one more time Max felt something explode in his ass. The vibration pushed him over the edge and Max cummed all over his bed. He collapsed in pleasure after the most intense orgasm he had ever had.  Ricky collapsed behind him and the 2 15 year old boys lay in bed together naked and happy.                

(2 hours later)

Max and Ricky where sitting on the couch watching TV when Angie got home.  

Angie: Hi honey how was your day.

Max: It was great me and Ricky uuuaaaa hung out and did stuff.

Angie: Well that's great honey.

As Angie was walking out of the room she swore she saw Max and Ricky Kissing.

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