by: 70s Child

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The Robinsons were blessed with a beautiful son. The boy was named Bryan and everyone seemed to love him. Black hair and shining green eyes made this boy a star to everyone who knew him.

As Bryan grew, there seemed something different about him. If he passed a sprinkler and he did not want to get wet, he would just look at it and it seemed to obey him. If he played in his sandbox, he could move the grains around without touching it. As he grew, his abilities grew. Bryan seemed to control the four elements of earth, including fire and air. Only his parents knew of his abilities and they were afraid what would happen if the public knew of it.

One day a mysterious manila envelope arrived at the Robinson house when Bryan was 14. The postmark was Westchester, New York. In the envelope was a brochure and a letter from the Xavier School for Exceptional Children. The letter was an offer for Bryan to be educated at the school, tuition-free. Bryan's mother read the letter and the brochure several times. It seems that the school was set up by a Professor Charles Xavier to help students with exceptional skills.

As Bryan's father came home, his parents sat down and discussed the school. They wondered how they got the information and who know about Bryan's abilities. As they were talking the front door seemed to explode. They ran to the living room and they saw three people walking through the doorway. One man was about 6'0" and somewhat elderly. He wore a scarlet and black outfit and a helmet. He seemed to float in the room. An extremely large man with long flowing blond hair and sideburns, elongated canines, and claw-like fingernails. The final person was short with green-tint skinned hair.

"Good evening." the helmeted man said. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Erik Lensherr, but you may call me Magneto. My associates are Toad and Sabretooth."

"What do you want?" Mr. Robinson demanded. "And what makes you think you can break into my house."

"Well your son is coming with me." Magneto said in a matter-of-fact style.

Mr. Robinson tried to grab a gun out of the table by the couch, but Sabretooth was too quick. He grabbed Bryan's father and threw the man the entire length of the room. A slight groan emitted from Mr. Robinson. The man-beast grabbed Bryan's dad again and snapped his neck, killing him. Mrs. Robinson let out an ear-piercing scream and Toad spewed a clear epoxy over he mouth and nose. After a few minutes, Bryan's mother suffocated to death.

Bryan, who was in his bedroom, was under his bed hiding. He did not know who the people were that killed his parents, but he was frightened. He also planned his revenge on the men who killed his parents. Sabretooth and Toad began ravaging the house looking for the mutant boy. As they entered his room, Toad went to the closet and started pulling everything out. Sabretooth threw the bed against the wall and found the boy. The huge man grabbed the teen by the waist and carried him into the living room. Bryan saw his parents dead and began to cry.

"So you are the young man that caused this." Magneto said to him.

The teen stared in the man's eyes and wanted to kill him. What happened next none of the people in the room expected. A huge wind came from no where and lifted the three men into the air. Bryan was on the ground controlling the air mass around him. He then stopped the wind and the mutant men dropped suddenly to the ground. Before they could recover, the earth moved up through the floor, throwing the men in different directions. Magneto recovered and set up a magnetic field that pinned Bryan against a wall. As Sabretooth and Toad finally recovered, they approached the boy, but Bryan still had one more surprise. He concentrated his power to the gas line under the house. An enormous fireball shot through the house. Toad and Sabretooth caught fire, but Magneto's field of energy prevented his being hurt.

As he approached, a storm broke into the room, which prevented his advance. A blinding fog engulfed the house and Bryan felt a hand grab him, pulling him out of the house. Before he could utter a sound, he felt a needle enter his arm and his body went limp quickly.

Two males and two females exited the burning house, get into a jet, and took off. The group had just pulled off when the house exploded, but the three mutant men escaped. The five flew to Westchester, New York and the Xavier School for Exceptional Children. As they arrived the jet lowered beneath the school and Cyclops, aka Scott Summers, carried the teen to the hospital wing so he could be examined by Dr. Jean Gray as she followed him from the jet. Ororo Monroe, known as Storm, and Logan (Wolverine) reported to Professor Xavier.

"How did it go?" the bald man asked. "Where is the boy?"

"The three we suspected were there." Storm relayed. "The boy's in the hospital. Jean is examining him."

A sudden earthquake shook the building. The three went to the hospital as the quake continued. They found the hospital being torn apart. Professor Xavier approached the teen and began to east the boy's thoughts. Bryan began to fall into a semi-conscious state. He could hear voices talking, but could not move.

"Charles, he has unlimited power." Jean stated. "He needs to control it before he destroys the world. He has the potential."

"I know." the Professor replied. "But first thing we must do is to allow him to get over his parents' deaths. He will want revenge and it could be disastrous."

After a few hours of unconsciousness, Bryan woke up and looked into a series of bright lights. He saw a figure appear in his line of vision. It was a blond-haired boy that he saw. Bryan turned his head and the blond smiled at him. The boy seemed to be about 14 or 15 and had a nice build. He was wearing a pair of white briefs. Bryan began to sprout a hard-on seeing this vision.

"Hi. I'm Bobby Drake." the blond said to Bryan. "Welcome to the school."

Bryan shook Bobby's hand and felt a slight chill to the hand. His body seemed to shiver and he withdrew his hand.

"Sorry about that." Bobby said. "I should have warned you. I have the ability to chill things. They call me Iceman."

"Sorry." Bryan said. "My name is Bryan Robinson. I seem to control the elements. I know I don't have a nickname."

"I know." Bobby told him. "You're arrival was known before you got here. I'm sorry about your parents."

When Bryan heard that he began to cry uncontrollably. Bobby held him to his chest and stroked his hair and back. The blond kissed the head of the dark-haired boy. The teen that had control over cold had a special feeling to the new mutant. Bobby had feelings to guys, but he would never act on it. But with Bryan, he felt he needed to express the love he had been suppressing. Bobby leaned in and kissed Bryan on the lips. The dark-haired teen could feel the coolness of the lips, but a burning love flow through Bobby. He was taken aback which caused Bobby to regret his decision. He began to rise as Bryan grabbed his arm.

"I'm sorry." Bobby said, with a forlorn look. "I-I-I didn't mean, um, please don't be mad."

"I'm not mad." Bryan said to him. "I felt a love for you when I saw you. You're so hot."

Bryan pulled Bobby to him. The blond teen had just a couple of inches on him. He tentatively kissed Bobby on the lips. Their mouths opened and their tongues danced in each other, tasting the other's passion. Bryan slowly put his hand on Bobby's hard teen cock. He could feel the 5.5" pulse through the briefs needing release. He reached in and felt the uncut cock in his hand. He then felt Bobby stroke his own 5" cut dick. The two boys began stroking each other slowly, deriving the delight from each other. Their hands manipulated their cocks and balls to the point of no return. Bryan felt the dick in his hand expand and erupt over his arm, hand, and leg. This seemed to push him over the edge as his seed shot out of the piss slit and hit Bobby on his chest. The subsequent volleys released onto Bobby's hand and arm. The passion caused a slight tremble from the bed as Bobby's emotion is tied to his power. After they finally finished Bobby turned to Bryan.

"We better get a shower." the blond said.

"We need it." Bryan told him. "We smell like we had too much fun."

The boys headed to the shower and cleaned themselves. The boys smiled at each other while the others were there. As they finished, they went back to their room and got ready for bed. They both wore nothing and climbed into bed.

"Night Bobby." the dark-haired teen said. "Thanks for being here."

"Hey, that's why I'm here." the blond said.

As they began to sleep, the day's events ran through Bryan's dreams. He awoke screaming and Bobby ran to his bed. He climbed in with Bryan and held his friend to his chest. Bryan could feel the silky hair surrounding Bobby's dick and felt comfort.

"I'm here baby." Bobby said. "I'm here."

Other students and some faculty came to the room, but saw Bobby comforting Bryan and left. The boys fell asleep again. Bryan woke up a few times, but knowing where he was and who was there alleviated his fear.

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