by: 70s Child

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As we saw in the last chapter: "Night Bobby." the dark-haired teen said. "Thanks for being here."

"Hey, that's why I'm here." the blond said.

As they began to sleep, the day's events ran through Bryan's dreams. He awoke screaming and Bobby ran to his bed. He climbed in with Bryan and held his friend to his chest. Bryan could feel the silky hair surrounding Bobby's dick and felt comfort.

"I'm here baby." Bobby said. "I'm here."

Other students and some faculty came to the room, but saw Bobby comforting Bryan and left. The boys fell asleep again. Bryan woke up a few times, but knowing where he was and who was there alleviated his fear.


As Bobby awoke, he felt a gentle hand on his hard dick, slowly stroking him. He looked down and saw Bryan looking at him with a slight smile.

"Thanks for being here for me." the teen said to the blond. "You're so nice to comfort me."

"Hey, what are friends for?" Bobby said to the dark-haired boy. "Besides, I think you're so cute."

Bryan was surprised at this revelation. He knew that he was attracted to Bobby, but he did not realize the feelings would be reciprocated. He wanted Bobby for a friend, but did not want to scare him off or even hate him.

"Bobby, I have to tell you something." Bryan said. "I'm gay. I hope that doesn't make you mad."

Bobby smiled at him. Knowing his love would be returned made the Ice boy overjoyed. But how would he tell Bryan he never had been with anyone.

"Bry, I'm gay too." Bobby told him. "But I haven't been with anyone."

"Neither have I." Bryan replied. "We could learn together. I'm so glad. Now that my parents have been killed, I need someone to love and to love me."

"That I will baby." Bobby said.

He leaned in and kissed Bryan with more passion than the night before. The two teens caressed each other, feeling every millimeter of skin and hair, getting to know each other. Bobby leaned Bryan on his back and slowly ran his tongue over the teen. The feeling of cool sent shivers through Bryan. As Bobby licked the sparse hair on his pits, Bryan threw his head back and moaned with great pleasure. Bobby worked down to the nips and the chill caused Bryan's mammary glands to get rock hard and peak. This also caused his dick to strain against his stomach. Bobby continued to play down to the stomach of his new found love and he felt Bryan shiver at each oral manipulation. Bobby then worked his way back up and kissed Bryan incessantly.

Bobby pulled Bryan on him and the raven-hair teen reciprocated the same treatment. As he approached the wonderful cock with the wisps of blond hair, Bryan tasted dick for the first time. His tongue flicked the piss slit and the tip found the clear nectar. As he was about to swallow his first male meat, he did not want Bobby to be left out. Bryan moved so his dick was at Bobby's mouth and the teens laid on their sides to truly enjoy each other. As each began to engulf the other's dick, they swallowed too fast and started to gag. They both pulled off and began to cough severely. After a couple of minutes, they looked at each other and laughed very hard.

"I guess we're very eager." Bryan said. "We better take it slow."

"Yeah." Bobby said. "It would be a sight if we choked to death with our dicks lodged in each others' mouths."

As they tried again, they started with only a couple of inches and slowly began working their way further down on each other. They were awkward and unsure. Occasionally one or the other would scrape his teeth on the shaft and startled the other. But they progressed and became fairly good at oral copulation.

But all things must come to an end and the staying power of an early teen is not of great length. Both boys were approaching their moment of release. As their scrotums tightened against their bodies, the first volleys from the boys shot into the mouths. As Bryan and Bobby tasted male juices for the first time, they were surprised by the taste - salty, but sweet. Bryan noticed that Bobby's cum was cool as it entered his mouth, but was warm and satisfying as it proceeded down his throat. The boys felt as if they would never stop unloading their seed, but they finally did. Bobby felt as if he and Bryan were lifted in the air by a gentle wind cradling them as they filled each other with passion.

Bryan turned and kissed Bobby, mingling the seed each had stored in their mouths. The taste was intoxicating to both boys. They savored the flavor of their first passionate time. As they held each other for a while more, a knock came at their door. Scott Summers entered the room and he noticed the position the boys were in and their state of undress. He cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Ahem." he started. "You two need to get up and start preparing for the day. Bobby show Bryan the cafeteria and then to Professor Xavier's office. The Professor wants to talk with him."

"Okay Scott." Bobby said. "We're getting up."

With that, the two teens bound out of bed and their teen cocks swung between their legs. Scott left with a smirk on his face. The two boys entered the boys bathroom and took a shower. They enjoyed each other's company and bodies. They were soaping each other, with special emphasis on the cock, balls, and rectal areas. As they finished rinsing off, they toweled each other and went back to their room.

"Oh damn!" Bryan said. "I have no clothes, except what I was wearing yesterday."

"No problem." Bobby told him, handing him some briefs. "Why don't you wear some of my stuff until they take you to get some clothes."

Bryan put on the briefs and as he bent over, Bobby stroked the smooth, hairless ass. They both proceeded to finish dressing and went to breakfast. Bobby introduced Bryan to the other kids, who did their best to make Bryan feel welcome. The entire student body knew of the events of the previous day and the extraordinary abilities of Bryan. They were in awe and somewhat afraid of the boy. He had powers that surpassed many of them. They told him about the school and how cool it was to be there.

As they finished breakfast, Bobby and Bryan went to Professor Xavier's office and Bobby was going to knock on the door, but it opened.

"Come in boys." Professor Xavier said.

As they entered, Bryan noticed a bald man in his late 50s sitting in a wheelchair that moved without assistance. The man approached the boys and stopped just a foot away.

"Thank you Bobby." the man said. "I'm glad you found someone who will love you."

Bobby and Bryan stared at each other in total disbelief. How could the man know, Bryan thought and how would this affect what was about to happen?

"Well nothing will happen while you are here." the Professor said. "And now you have guessed how I can know what you boys did last night and this morning."

Bryan realized Professor Xavier has the ability to read thoughts. And with the way the chair moved, he had telekinetic powers. The teen realized that he needed to be careful what he thought.

"Bobby, you better get to class." Charles said to the teen. "Bryan and I will be talking for a while."

"Thanks Professor." Bobby said. "I'll see you at lunch Bry."

Bobby gave Bryan a kiss on the lips and then departed for his morning classes. The Professor motioned to a chair and moved himself behind his desk.

"Bryan, we do need to talk." Charles Xavier said to the boy. "First, my deepest regrets about your parents. I know you are extremely upset and you want revenge against the man who did it."

"You're damn right." Bryan said with venom in his tone. "Those fuckin' bastards killed my family and I want them dead."

"Bryan, I know how you feel, but killing them is not the answer." Professor Xavier told him. "If you tried, you have the ability to destroy the Earth."

Bryan began to cry severely. Charles moved over and put his arm around him. Bryan hugged the Professor and stayed that way for a long time. All Bryan could think is it was his fault. If he did not have the powers, his parents would be alive. He hated himself until he felt the thoughts of Charles Xavier reaching in his mind. The man told the boy he was not to blame and that the only people responsible are the three who committed the murders. But to stop them would require restraint on Bryan's part. Bryan raised up and gave the man a smile.

"Bryan, we are going to train you." the Professor explained. "You will learn to utilize you powers to help all peoples."

"How is that Professor?" Bryan asked.

"Well you met Scott Summers this morning." Charles told him. "He and others will teach you and guide you. You will also go through the Training Room. You will also be required to attend classes and maintain acceptable grades."

"Professor, I don't have any clothes." Bryan stated. "How will I go about getting some?"

"Don't worry." Professor Xavier said. "You and Cyclops will go to town this afternoon to get you some clothes."

"Cyclops?" Bryan asked. "Who is he?"

"That's Scott nickname." Charles said. "You might remember Dr. Jean Gray, but she was the one who examined you. Wolverine and Storm were part of the rescue mission from yesterday."

"Wolverine? Storm?" the teen queried further.

"The are part of the faculty." the Professor explained. "Logan, who is Wolverine has remarkable healing abilities. Ororo Monroe, who is Storm, controls the weather."

"Professor, I noticed everyone has cool names." Bryan said. "Will I get one?"

"Bryan, I think you had already picked one, haven't you?" Xavier said.

Bryan nodded and just blurted out the name Geostrobe. The teen figured it fit since he controlled the elements of the Earth. It seemed fitting and it sounded cool.

"Can you explain why I was drugged?" Bryan wanted to know. "It seemed like you were the bad guys too."

"Well we had to prevent you from yelling out." Charles explained. "If you had, none of you would be here today. It was easier to put you to sleep and sneak you out."

"Professor, please explain one thing." Bryan said solemnly. "Why were those assholes coming after me? Why were my parents sacrificed?"

"Before we start Bryan." Charles explained. "You need to refrain from profanity."

The Professor then explained how Erik Lensherr was raised during the Nazi regime in Poland and how the mutant hated all of humanity. He explained that there was a way brewing between the mutants and humans. Charles figured that if Magneto had controlled Bryan, then he could prevail over humanity and destroy those he hated the most. Charles explained that with the powers Bryan had, Magneto would be able to accomplish this feat. Bryan listened intently and understood why the events of yesterday occurred, but it still did not put his mind at ease.

"Bryan, what I want you to understand." the man said to him. "While you are here, we will protect you. Just remember not to do anything foolish."

Bryan nodded and told Professor Xavier he would do his best at the school. He rose and the two left to go to lunch. Along the way he met Rogue and Jubilee, two girls who took a shine to Bryan. He smiled and proceeded to the cafeteria. He met up with Bobby and they got their lunch. They found an empty table and talked about what had been happening. Scott Summers approached the two teens and sat down.

"Hi Scott." Bobby said to him. "'Sup?"

"Well I came over to tell Bryan we're going to leave for town right after lunch." Cyclops said to them.

"Can Bobby come too?" Bryan asked.

"Let me clear it with the Professor." the visored mutant said, rising to leave. "He does have classes this afternoon."

"Why would you want me to come along?" Bobby asked his friend.

"Because I want you with me." Bryan said, squeezing Bobby's leg under the table.

The blond smiled at Bryan and they continued their lunch. A boy with curly brown hair approached their table and sat down.

"Hey, I'm John Allerdyce." he said. "But you can call my Pyro."

The boys shook hand and Bryan felt heat coming from the boy.

"So why do they call you Pyro?" Bryan asked.

The teen pulled out a lighter and created a controlled fireball. The three began laughing at what Pyro was doing, until they saw Scott coming to them. Bryan concentrated on the glass of water and it leapt out and doused the fire. Scott saw the steam rise and he looked at the three faces trying to act innocently.

"Bobby, you can come with us." Scott said. "Be ready to go in 15 minutes."

"Where are you going?" John asked.

"Shopping." Bobby told him. "We gotta get Bry some clothes. He would create a stir walking around nude."

The three got up and departed company. Bobby and Bryan met up with Scott and the three got into a silver Jaguar. Scott put on a pair of sunglasses that had red reflecting lenses. As they drove to town Scott instructed the boys as what they were to do.

"We're going to get Bryan clothes." Scott said to them. "Don't wander off and beware of any strangers. Professor Xavier has sensed that Mystique will be after Bryan."

"Who is Mystique?" the two asked simultaneously.

"She had the ability to change form." Scott explained. "She can be anyone or anything. Her limitation is she doesn't know the past of the person she assumes the identity of."

The two boys looked at each other and told Scott they would be careful. As they got to the mall, they headed to the Gap. Bryan tried on shirts, shorts, pants, and other sundries. As he went to the dressing room, a huge crash was heard and people screaming. As he put on some pants and a shirt, he left the dressing room. He saw Toad again leaping at Scott. The smaller man had exposed his tongue and pulled Scott's legs from under him. Bryan was trying to locate Bobby but could not locate his friend. Suddenly a hand grabbed him and pulled him back to the dressing room. As Bryan turned he saw the face of his new love, but something did not seem right to him.

"Let's get out of here and back to the car." Bobby said.

"Scott said to stay here." Bryan said. "We need to help him."

"How?" Bobby asked. "We're a couple of kids."

"Okay, but let's hide in here." Bryan said.

The two hid in the dressing room. Bryan peeked out of the door and saw Scott taking on Toad. He felt that he should be out there helping and he tried to understand why Bobby wanted to hide.

"IF we get out of this you can slip that wonderful dick into me like I did last night." Bryan said.

Bobby smiled and nodded. Bryan knew it was Mystique. All of a sudden the blue mutant was blown out of the dressing room and across the store. Bryan ran out and forced Mystique to the ceiling of the store. He then noticed Bobby staggering out of the back. As Bryan rushed to his friend, Mystique crashed to the floor.

"Are you okay?" Bryan asked. "What happened?"

Before the blond could answer, Mystique got up and tried to rush the teens. Bryan forced a water pipe to burst under the morphing being, soaking her. Bobby then ran and placed his hands on her. Mystique's entire body froze over.

The teens then turned their attention to Toad. The two men had taken their battle to the mall court. All the people ran and the teens were trying to go against the flow of people. The boys reached Cyclops as Toad made a huge leap. As the green tinted mutant was coming down, Bryan created a vortex, which kept the reptilian-like mutant in midair. Toad spit the same substance that killed Bryan's mother at Bryan, but Bobby froze the sticky stuff, which shattered as it hit the ground. Cyclops then raised his glasses and an intense laser blast shot Toad the length of the mall, killing him. Scott grabbed the boys and ran for the car. As they got in and drove off, they were being pursued by the local constabulary. The frigid teen placed a sheet of ice on the road. The police cruisers began sliding all over the road, allowing the three to escape.

"How did you know that wasn't me?" Bobby asked Bryan.

"Remember what Scott said." Bryan said. "She doesn't know your life, so I mentioned to her about last night about something we didn't do and she fell for it."

"Smart move Bryan." Scott said. "You used your head."

"Hey, people from Mississippi aren't total idiots." Bryan said. "Besides we needed to help you."

"You need to be careful in the future." Scott told the two.

As the three got back to the school, the students at the school knew what happened as the news coverage was on the television and radio. The Professor called them in and asked what happened. Each proceeded to explain the situation to the point of escape. Charles told the three the school needs to keep a low profile. He pointed out that they could endanger what they were providing for mutants. He kept Scott in his office as he dismissed the boys. The two teens left and went to the cafeteria to eat.

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