by: 70s Child

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As we saw in the last chapter: The teens then turned their attention to Toad. The two men had taken their battle to the mall court. All the people ran and the teens were trying to go against the flow of people. The boys reached Cyclops as Toad made a huge leap. As the green tinted mutant was coming down, Bryan created a vortex, which kept the reptilian-like mutant in midair. Toad spit the same substance that killed Bryan's mother at Bryan, but Bobby froze the sticky stuff, which shattered as it hit the ground. Cyclops then raised his glasses and an intense laser blast shot Toad the length of the mall, killing him. Scott grabbed the boys and ran for the car. As they got in and drove off, they were being pursued by the local constabulary. The frigid teen placed a sheet of ice on the road. The police cruisers began sliding all over the road, allowing the three to escape.

"How did you know that wasn't me?" Bobby asked Bryan.

"Remember what Scott said." Bryan said. "She doesn't know your life, so I mentioned to her about last night about something we didn't do and she fell for it."

"Smart move Bryan." Scott said. "You used your head."

"Hey, people from Mississippi aren't total idiots." Bryan said. "Besides we needed to help you."

"You need to be careful in the future." Scott told the two.

As the three got back to the school, the students at the school knew what happened as the news coverage was on the television and radio. The Professor called them in and asked what happened. Each proceeded to explain the situation to the point of escape. Charles told the three the school needs to keep a low profile. He pointed out that they could endanger what they were providing for mutants. He kept Scott in his office as he dismissed the boys. The two teens left and went to the cafeteria to eat.


Jean was sent to New York City to get clothes for Bryan. She had gotten his sizes and brought back the staples that he would need to survive.

Bobby, Bryan, and John became inseparable at the school. The teens were seen together at all times and enjoyed playing jokes on everyone.

As the weeks wore on, the geo-controlling teen became homesick. He wanted to go visit his parents gravesite and put some flowers there. Bryan approached Professor Xavier and asked if he could.

"Professor." the teen started. "I missed my parents funeral. Would it be okay if I could go home to Mississippi and put flowers on their graves?"

The wheelchair bound man knew that this could be a problem, but he could feel the sadness in the boy. He knew from experience that to say good-bye to a loved allows healing of the heart.

"I will allow it. Professor Xavier said with trepidation. "But Storm will accompany you. You may leave after school Friday and I expect you both back no later than midnight."

"Thanks Prof." the teen answered eagerly.

Bryan ran from the office and met up with Bobby and John. He told them he was going to visit his parents gravesites. He knew that this could allow some closure to what happened weeks ago. Bryan was happy to see his hometown and say hi to his old friends.

Later that day, the three were playing around with some video games in Bobby and Bryan's room. Bryan had become involved in an intense level of the X-Box Spiderman game when he noticed John and Bobby were whispering and laughing.

"Okay guys, what's going on?" Bryan said looking at them intently.

"Oh nothing." Bobby said with a smirk on his face.

Bryan noticed the same look on John's face and he began to wonder what the two were plotting. As they continued joking, Bryan caused a gust of wind to blow under the bed, which caused the two to be pitched to the floor. Bobby and John looked stunned and then leapt at the teen at the video game. The two tackled him and had him pinned. Bobby began to tickle his friend around the rib cage and to the side of the stomach. John had gotten Bryan's shoes off and tickled his feet unmercifully while sitting on his legs. Bryan tried to fend them off, but to no avail. He was soon streaming tears from the laughter and begging for mercy. His two friends looked at each other and nodded. The got off Bryan, who was trying to regain his composure.

"Had enough?" John asked. "Or you want some more?"

"Don't worry." Bryan said. "I'll get my payback."

Soon it was dinner and the three went to eat. They grabbed their food and settled down. The three were joined by Rogue and Jubilee.

"Hi guys." Rogue said with her southern drawl.

"Hi Rogue, Jubilee." Bobby said. "What are you guys up to?"

"Nothing much." Jubilee chimed in. "Just going to study, then watch some TV."

"They're gonna show Die Hard on TV tonight." John said. "Awesome movie."

"We're going to watch the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." Rogue started.

"Chick flick." the three teen boys said in unison.

The five continued their discussion about which movie is better. Those around the five teens listened and would chime in their own opinions until Storm arrived.

"Okay everyone." she said. "If you are finished eating, go and finish your homework. Bryan see me in my office after you finish eating."

"Yes ma'am." the teen replied.

As the five parted, they agreed to meet at breakfast to discuss further which was a better film. Bryan went to Storm's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." the weather mutant said with her accent. "Bryan come in."

Bryan entered and sat in a chair just to the right of Storm.

"Professor Xavier told me about our trip this Friday." Ororo Monroe said.

"I want to visit my parents graves. Bryan said. "And see some friends."

"Bryan, you cannot visit anyone." Storm told him. "If you do, then people will not know what to think."

"I want to tell everyone I'm alright." Bryan said.

Storm pulled out a newspaper from her desk and put it before the teen. As he read the headlines, a confused look came over his face. The headline read Robinsons Die In Blaze At Home. As he continued to read he saw that he was mentioned as perishing in the fire. Bryan looked at Ororo, not knowing what to say or do.

"Professor Xavier thought it wise to say you died." the blond said. "It would cause less confusion as to how and why the fire happened."

"So everyone thinks I'm dead?" he asked.

"Yes." she replied. "As far as everyone knows, you no longer exist. That is why we are going after dark."

Bryan looked at her not knowing how to feel. He thought that he could see his friends, but now the plan became mute. Ororo told him to meet her at the office at 5:30 pm on Friday so they could leave. Bryan nodded and left her office. He went back to his room, where Bobby and John were waiting to tackle their friend and torture him with tickles. As he entered, they were ready to spring on him, but noticed the sad and forlorn look on his face.

"What's wrong Bry?" Bobby asked. "You seem to be upset."

"I was told I fuckin' died." he responded. "How would you feel?"

The two opposites sat on either side and put their arms around Bryan. The black-haired teen began to cry, not noticing his friends holding him. He thought that he was cursed and all around him were just the same. He wished he had never had the powers, then maybe life would be better. He then noticed a brush against his cheek and felt Bobby giving him a peck. Bryan tried to smile, but nothing seemed to help. John followed suit and Bryan felt a little better.

"We're here if you need us." Bobby told him.

John nodded in agreement and Bryan felt at least he had two great friends.

"Thanks guys." Bryan said. "I just need some time to work this out."

The two teens rose from the bed and went down the hall. They were talking as they passed Jubilee. She noticed they were in deep discussion, but finally got their attention.

"Where are you guys going?" she asked them.

"We're going to my room." John told her.

"So where's the third stooge?" she queried.

"Bryan's in our room." Bobby said. "He has some things to sort out."

The two told her what Bryan was told, that he was upset, and wanted some time to himself. Jubilee nodded and went to see Rogue to talk with her.

Bryan sat in his room trying to sort out his feelings. He knew that he was with people who cared for him. But he also knew that now his life was over as he knew it. Bryan laid down on his bed and slowly fell asleep. He heard Bobby come in and stand by his bed. The Ice teen was making sure that Bryan was fine. Bobby then fell into his own bed and the two finally fell asleep.

Bryan began to have a dream. He was home and there was a huge explosion. The teen was trapped in the house and could not find his way out. Bryan tried to use his powers, but nothing could save him. The flames engulfed his body and there was darkness. He felt like he was falling and the next thing he was able to see was a wall of flames. It approached him and soon knelt before him. Bryan tried to run, but his body did not obey. Suddenly became extremely stiff. The flame had caressed his cock into an erection. All of a sudden the flame engulfed his hard 5.5". All Bryan could do was enjoy the feeling of oral exploitation on his member. The teen moaned loudly in his dream and knew he could not last much longer. The feeling of climax had waken the teen and Bryan still felt the sensation of hotness on his cock. He looked down and saw John swallowing his pole with no problems. Bryan was so close to shooting his load, he nudged John. The fire-control teen swallowed the dick in his mouth to the balls. He was met by a huge volcanic explosion that John nearly choked on the result. Bryan's dick shot very heavy loads into John's mouth, who swallowed as much as he could.

After Bryan's load subsided, John climbed next to him and gave Bryan a kiss. The raven-haired teen could taste his load on John's tongue.

"Why did you do this?" Bryan asked, with a puzzled expression.

"Bobby and I were talking about this." Pyro said. "He told me how good you taste and I wanted to sample it. Besides, you needed a pick-me up."

Bryan smiled at John and gave him a passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined and Bryan could feel the heat surging through his body from the tongue. He also felt John's rising rod through his briefs and knew he wanted to return the favor as the black-haired teen roamed down, teasing the nips of John, he neared his goal. He lowered the brief, exposing the brown bush, then the shaft, truly engorged. The further he explored, he revealed a 6" uncut shaft that was oozing precum. Bryan removed the briefs totally and licked the clear liquid from the tip, tasting the warmer than normal sweetness. Bryan then swallowed the cock down to the base, slowly trailing his tongue back up. This caused John to moan loudly and squirm. Bryan continued to work his mouth on the wonderful cock, always pulling his tongue on the underside. John knew he could not last long and Bryan felt the teen dick begin to harden even further and swelled. At that moment John's balls released the pent-up liquid and it blasted into Bryan's mouth. The thick cream felt hot in Bryan's mouth. It seemed as a lave flow spewing from a long dormant volcano. Bryan swallowed all the cum that John produced. The heat driven teen began to subside, they both felt a coolness hit them. As they turned their heads, they saw Bobby releasing his load all over them. The three teens began laughing and Bryan felt at home with the two friends he made. He hugged and kissed both boys. John went to his room and Bobby and Bryan went to bed.

Friday arrived and the last class finished. They went to dinner and ate with a fervor as teen boys usually have. Bryan went to Storm's office. She waved him in as she was on the phone.

"That will be fine." Ororo said into the receiver. "We will be leaving soon."

She hung up the phone and rose from her desk. As she walked to Bryan, she nodded to the door. They left her office and strode down the hall to a door that was marked Authorized Personnel Only. She entered a code into the keypad and turned the handle. They entered and Bryan noticed it was an elevator. Ororo pressed a button with no designation and they descended for what seemed to be several feet. As the door opened, they proceeded into another door, and Bryan saw several uniforms of various colors. He approached one that caught his eye since it had a nameplate over it - Geostrobe. The pants were blue, the torso was white, and the arms were red.

"Who thought up this uniform?" he asked Storm.

"Actually you did." she replied. "When Professor Xavier read your mind about your name, he also saw your image of an outfit."

"Man, this is awesome." Geostrobe said. "Can I wear it?"

"You have to put it on." Storm told him.

They took their outfits and entered separate locker rooms and changed. Bryan noticed how snug it fit, showing his form through the material. The two met in the hall and Storm led the teen to a jet that Bryan had never seen the likes before. It was jet black and streamlined, looking like a bird of prey. They climbed in and Bryan took the seat next to Storm, who climbed in the pilot's seat. As she threw some switches, the jet began to him to life. Bryan felt the aircraft lift, but in a vertical foundation. He noticed the roof opening above him and he saw daylight.

"Are you buckled up?" Storm asked the teen.

Bryan nodded his head and felt the jet actually lift from a vertical base. He had seen Harrier jump-jets do this and he was excited as the blond mutant began to push a few buttons and flip some switches. All of a sudden, he felt as if he were becoming one with the seat as the jet moved forward. After a few seconds he was able to get his bearings and noticed they were flying at a tremendous speed.

"So Bryan, how do you like the school so far?" Ororo asked.

"It's a nice place." he responded. "I have made two good friends."

"Bobby and John." Stone said. "Two opposites, but work well together. And more than good friends."

Bryan began to blush. How could she know about Iceman, Pyro, and him? He guessed with some mutants who can read thoughts. It is hard to keep anything a secret. But would he be kicked out?

"Being a mutant is like being gay." Storm told me. "People will not like you for what you are, but you cannot change you are. People at the school will like you for who you are, mutant or not, gay or straight."

Bryan felt at ease and relaxed in the seat. He noticed Ororo flip a switch and the interior took on a green tinge. Storm explained they were in stealth mode so that radars could not detect them. The sky began to show signs of nighttime, as the stars began to appear in the sky. Bryan looked at the dazzling balls of bright lights in the sky, thinking that his mother and father were looking down on him, making sure he was safe.

The flight was a short one, only two hours, when they landed in an open field and departed the plane. Bryan noticed that Storm had retrieved something from the plane - two bouquet of flowers.

"We know you would like to put them on their grave." Ororo told him.

He took the flowers and gave the Egyptian beauty a kiss on the cheek. They walked a short distance to the cemetery. Storm had gotten the plot site from Professor Xavier, so they were able to find the graves of the Robinsons. Bryan noticed there were no headstones or markers, which upset him greatly. His tears flowed freely as he placed the flowers on his parents plots. Bryan said a silent prayer to his parents, hoping they were in God's arm. Ororo stood beside him, resting her hand on his shoulder.

She was suddenly yanked by her long blond hair and thrown several feet. Bryan turned and saw the man with long flowing blond hair who killed his father. Not thinking, the teen charged the large man, who backhanded the boy, sailing him several yards, upon which Bryan's head hit a tree. Blackness enveloped him and his limp body lay on the ground. Sabretooth approached the boy to take him back to Magneto, but before he could reach him, Storm's eyes turned pure white, and caused lightning to hit around Sabretooth. The man-beast backed away and went after Storm. The large man picked up a headstone and threw it at her with great velocity. The female mutant created a small tornado, which spun the stone figure back to Sabretooth, who ducked. He continued to approach Storm and she defended herself with all the power she could muster. The battle continued for almost half-an-hour until Storm could not put up much of a resistance. The man-beast grabbed her by the neck and lifted her body straight off the ground.

"I told you once, you owe me a scream." Sabretooth growled at her, tightening his grip around her neck. "I want to hear you scream loud and long."

The blood flow to Ororo's brain was quickly being cut off. She knew that she would soon be dead, until the two felt the earth tremble. Sabretooth loosened his grip and looked around. He saw the teen he was sent for standing and his eyes glowing a bright red. The eyes of Geostrobe became an intense red as the earth beneath Sabretooth shook violently. The around the two rose up, throwing Sabretooth on his back and, with his grip released, Storm went the other way. The man-beast landed with a resounding thud, knocking the air out of his lungs. Bryan knew he was not dead, but ran to Ororo to see how she was. Storm rose up and looked at the boy, who extended his hand to help her up.

"We need to get out of here." Storm said.

"We need to get rid of this one." Geostrobe replied. "There's a small pond at the edge of the cemetery. I will get him in there, you hit him with lightning."

"That's murder." she told him. "Can you kill someone that readily?"

"He killed my parents." the teen replied. "And they will keep coming unless we do something."

Storm agreed with the last part of Bryan's statement. Bryan approached the man-beast and created a vortex, that rose the large man into the air. Sabretooth tried to fight the wind, but to no avail. Geostrobe followed the wind to make sure where he was to deposit the man. As they approached the pond, Bryan used a burst of energy to put the man in the middle of the pond. As Sabretooth rose up, he looked like a drowned cat, hair matted all over. He began to wade to the edge of the pond, but failed to notice the storm clouds approaching. Storm unleashed three bolts of lightning directly into the pond. When the jolt of electricity hit the man, he was frozen in his tracks. His entire body began twitching as the energy surged through his being. His back arched to the point of breaking, his head snapped back, and Bryan could see the smoke rising off the body. Sabretooth felt his internal organs begin to burst one at a time, until his brain ceased to function. He fell backward with a loud splash and the body floated on the water in the dark.

The two mutants ran from the cemetery quickly as soon as they heard police sirens. They got to the plane, boarded it, strapped themselves down, and Storm got them airborne quickly. She went into the stealth mode rapidly and headed back to Westchester.

"We cannot tell anyone about this." she told Bryan.

"Professor Xavier will know." Bryan replied. "He know everything."

"We will explain it to him." Ororo said. "But do not tell anyone else. This could cause problems for the school."

"Deal." he said to her. "And thanks for letting me say good-bye to my parents. But can we order headstones or markers for them? It's not right to be in a unmarked grave."

"Professor Xavier already has." she told him. "They will be in place within the week."

Bryan relaxed and rubbed the back of his head. He had a knot there, but was proud of it. It meant his parents were avenged for the most part. He began to fall asleep and was ready to get back to school. He was waken with a start as an alarm began to go off...TBC

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