by: 70s Child

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As we saw in the last chapter: Bryan relaxed and rubbed the back of his head. He had a knot there, but was proud of it. It meant his parents were avenged for the most part. He began to fall asleep and was ready to get back to school. He was waken with a start as an alarm began to go off.


The alarm was coming from the cockpit panel. Bryan saw Storm trying to maintain control of the jet, but noticed they were being pulled off course.

"What's happening?" Bryan said with a tremor in his voice.

"I don't know." Ororo replied. "It's as if the jet is being pulled by a huge force."

All of a sudden, the jet lurched with a great velocity towards the African continent. Both mutants tried to correct their course but to no avail. As they approached Kenya, the plane descended rapidly, but stopped just a few feet from a clearing floor. The two looked around, but did not move from their seats.

All of a sudden a blinding light filled the plane, with Storm and Geostrobe covering their eyes and screaming in pain. After what seemed several minutes, the light was gone and the pair opened their eyes. They were in the jungle with the sounds of wild animals all around them. A sudden sound came from behind them and they spun around. Before them were two people, one which they recognized - Mystique. The other was a boy around Bryan's age, but very cocky. He stood 5'8" and looked to weigh 145 pounds. He had a strange mix of colors in his hair, which Bryan took as a teen rebellion look. To the right was a weird glow that began to speak.

"I am Vorton." the being started. "I am from the planet Aurion and I was sent to see what force was stronger - good or evil."

"Why us?" Ororo asked. "And what do you want?"

"Simple." it said. "You will fight to the death. The winners will get more powers, the losers just die."

"And if we don't play?" Bryan questioned.

With that a light flew from the being and knocked Geostrobe several feet away. He felt like he had been hit by Cyclops' laser eye and took time to get to his feet.

"Man that really hurts." he said with a slight pain.

"What are the rules?" Mystique asked.

"You may use your powers, but may not cross a specified boundary." Vorton said. "Cross it and you will automatically be exterminated."

"What are the freaking boundaries?" the boy asked.

"There is a field 200 miles around this spot." the being said. "Cross it and you will surely die."

Geostrobe approached the two mutants and looked at them. He glared at the teen boy and wondered what he was able to do. Mystique tried to rush him, but Storm created a gust of wind, which carried the blue-skinned changeling several feet.

"So who the fuck are you?" Bryan asked with contempt.

"Andrew Morton." the teen said. "What's it to you?"

"What's so special about you?" Geostrobe retorted.

With that, the teen seemed to vanish before their eyes. Both Storm and Geostrobe gazed in amazement until Bryan felt a punch to his stomach and Storm felt a slap to her face. They heard the boy laughing at them, then the crunching of dried grass and leaves.

Bryan thought he was cocky, but cute when he first saw Andrew. But now he wanted to knock the boy silly. Ororo came over to Bryan and checked to see if he was alright.

"How did he do that?" he asked.

"It seems he is able to become invisible." she responded. "But we do have a way to see him."

Storm rose over the tree line and peered to the ground., but saw nothing, not even Mystique. Geostrobe rose suddenly and moved in an arcing motion towards Storm. The two saw Mystique running, but no sign of the teen. Ororo created a storm, which set a large amount of rain down to the earth. Bryan noticed movement several yards to the right and behind Mystique and dove down. He crashed onto the moving figure and pinned him down. Bryan felt fists flailing at him, which he deflected with some difficulty. He felt that he was on the pelvic girdle of the teen and a hard dick was pressing against his ass. With a huge swing, Bryan connected with the jay of Andrew, who materialized in an unconscious state. Storm came down and helped Bryan move the teen to the clearing where they were originally. The cloud cover still remained as they approached where they started this adventure. They saw Vorton there, but the being was glowing a bit less when they got to the clearing. As the clouds began to dissipate, the being began to shine more brightly. Bryan noticed the change and pulled the teen further away from the being.

"Ororo, did you notice that thing?" he asked.

She nodded ever so slightly and motioned to the tree line. They tied the disappearing teen with some vines from the jungle. They noticed Andrew began to stir and Bryan stood over him. He noticed that Andrew was very cute up close and began to get hard. He wanted to push his hard rod deep into the teen's mouth to pay him back for the punch. Andrew looked up and stared into the fearsome eyes of the boy hovering over him. Andrew disappeared but Bryan could see the grass move, so he grabbed Andrew's hair and felt until he could sit on him. The transparent adolescent began to struggle until Bryan held his shoulders down.

"Stop it or I'll knock the shit outta you." he said.

Andrew materialized and looked at the hot teen sitting on him. His dick began to swell in his pants as he saw the tight uniform on Bryan. Geostrobe noticed Andrew's eyes glancing at his crotch and smiled.

"So how long have you been able to become invisible?" he asked Andrew.

"I blend." he responded. "I'm able to blend to the colors around me. Only color-blind people can see me. They call me Chamelo."

"So why are you with Mystique and Magneto?" Storm asked.

"Because he looks out for me." Andrew said. "He's right about humans. They are so scared of us they would rather see us dead."

"But why not seek out Professor Xavier?" she asked.

"Because we plan to rule." he told her. "And if you want to get in our way, you will die. And this thing will give us the power for that."

"Not if we can help it." Bryan said.

Storm rose in the sky looking for Mystique. Bryan stayed behind to watch Chamelo. The being was close and noticed the boys and their bulges.


"So you like dicks huh?" Bryan asked, stroking his hard dick through his uniform.

Andrew licked his lips and Bryan opened his uniform producing his hard cock. He rubbed it across the mouth of the subdued boy. Andrew opened his mouth and swallowed all 5.5" down, tasting the precum oozing from the slit. As the cock slid in and out, Bryan reached behind and undid the pants of the boy under him. As he freed the rigid piece of meat, he felt a thick hunk of hot cock. He turned his head and saw a nice uncut prick he wanted to taste. They were moved to such hot passion, Vorton interrupted them.

"This is a contest of good versus evil." it said. "What are you doing?"

The teens looked slyly at each other, then Bryan rose up, dick sticking straight ahead. He helped Andrew up and they moved to the light. Andrew whispered in Geostrobe's ear and exposed his hot, pink hole. Bryan fingered the hole, loosening Chamelo for his solid cock. He applied some spit and planted his dick at the hole, then shoved. Both teens moaned in unison pleasure as Chamelo felt his hole being turned into Bryan's personal love chute. He felt the hard, veiny cock slide in and out of him. Bryan head his hips, forcing his being further into the hole. Vorton observed what was going on and he glowed brighter.

"Stop that." he ordered. "You must battle now or you both shall die."

Bryan leaned in and whispered to Andrew, who nodded. Both teens were ready to shoot their loads. Bryan untied Andrew's hands and removed his cock from the ass. They both approached Vorton stroking their teen lovesticks. Almost simultaneously, they let loose with guttural moans and released their loads onto the being before he could react. Both released copious loads onto the light and they noticed he began to lose his glow. With that, Geostrobe unleashed a huge mound of earth onto the being. At that moment Mystique appeared from the trees disguised as Storm. But suddenly Storm appeared overhead and landed next to Mystique. They saw both teens with their cocks still hanging out and the dirt where the being was.

"What the hell?" both females cried out.

The teens just smiled when Vorton began shaking the dirt off itself. Beams began to shoot out at random. Storm soared skyward and created clouds over the area. As Vorton kept getting the dirt off, the beams seemed to weaken. When the final amount of dirt that did not stick because of the teen juice came off, the four saw that the being was in a weakened condition. The cloud cover continued to pull the power from Vorton until the light was gone. The four saw a ball there and Geostrobe came up with an idea. He forced a huge mound of dirt and had Storm drop water on the pile. Mystique was able to create a crate-like cube with Chamelo. Bryan then baked the cube into a brick texture. The three lifted the orb and placed it in the crate. Bryan filled the crate with the mud that was left and baked it until it was totally solid. Storm and he created a strong wind that lifted the object into the jungle. As they finished, the four looked at each other trying to figure how they would get home.

Just as quickly as it they got there, Storm and Geostrobe found themselves back on the jet and heading back to Westchester, NY. They thought they were hallucinating, but noticed they had missed almost a day.

"Ororo, was that real?" the teen asked.

"I'm not sure Bryan." she responded. "I just hope it was, but it's too strange."

They began their flight home, not knowing what was real. What they did not know was there was a stowaway - Chamelo.

NOTE: I am sorry that this took so long to get to Nifty. Since the accident, I can only type a couple of pages at a time, which does take more time than I would like. I hope that you like the story. Please any comments to I appreciate any comments good or bad. BTW if you recognize the plot, it is loosely based on a Star Trek episode "The Arena."