by: 70s Child

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As we saw in the last chapter: Just as quickly as it they got there, Storm and Geostrobe found themselves back on the jet and heading back to Westchester, NY. They thought they were hallucinating, but noticed they had missed almost a day.

"Ororo, was that real?" the teen asked.

"I'm not sure Bryan." she responded. "I just hope it was, but it's too strange."

They began their flight home, not knowing what was real. What they did not know was there was a stowaway - Chamelo.


As they got back to the school, Ororo and Bryan went to see Professor Xavier to report their adventure.

"We are not sure if it was real or not." Storm told him. "All we know is that it seemed real."

"From what I sense it was real." Charles told them. "Be careful because I am aware of a presence at the school."

Storm and Geostrobe began to look around and Bryan felt something brush his crotch. He knew what was going on. He motioned for Ororo and he whispered something in her ear. She nodded and created a snowstorm in the office. Chamelo form shown and before he could react, Bryan grabbed him.

"Okay Andrew." Ororo said. "Show yourself."

The teen appeared and Charles Xavier saw the chameleon-like boy. As the professor approached, Bryan released Chamelo, who was ready to run. As he turned, he body froze and he knew that he could not move any further. He felt another presence in his mind and he knew it was Charles Xavier.

"You have issues being a mutant." the voice said to him. "And of being gay. They are linked and we will help you sort them out."

The teen's body relaxed as he felt a calm come over him. He saw other mutant children playing and being at ease with themselves with images in his mind. He also saw three teens in bed together as they made love. Andrew recognized Bryan and glanced in his direction.

"Professor!" Geostrobe cried out.

"Remember, there is nothing that goes on here that I do not know." Charles Xavier said.

The Professor released the boy from the mind-link. Andrew turned to Bryan and smiled at the teen. He turned to Ororo and hugged her.

"Thanks." he said.

"Bryan." Charles said. "Show Andrew around and then take him to Peter's room. He needs a roommate. Storm please stay behind."

"Yes Professor." Geostrobe said. "Let's go."

The teens left and Professor Xavier turned to Ororo. He had a grave look on his face as he spoke.

"Storm, I fear that the war Eric predicted is about to start." he said. "Have you heard of William Stryker?"

"Isn't he the head of some government agency?" she asked. "And wasn't his son a student of yours?"

"His son was." Charles said. "His father wanted him cured as a mutant. He blames all mutants for his wife's death. I fear he will try and take his retribution on us, probably soon."

"What can we do?" Ororo asked.

"I know where Eric is." Charles said. "Scott, Jean, and Logan will accompany me. I need for you to be in charge while we are gone."

"I will Professor." she replied. "How long will you be gone?"

"Just for the day." he said. "There should not be any trouble, but in case there is, follow this plan."

The Professor handed Storm an envelope where she read the contents. She nodded grimly and looked at the Professor. He read her thoughts and gravely looked at her.

"It is possible he could attack." Charles said. "But I know you will protect the children. Besides, I will have a back-up to help."

Storm heard a whoosh and there was a bluish-skinned creature that appeared from nowhere. His ears were pointed and a tail appeared. He had cloven hooves and three digits on each hand. As he smiled, she noticed his pointed teeth. He spoke with a thick German accent.

"Mine name is Kurt Warner." he said. "They call me Nightcrawler."

Ororo tentatively shook his hand and the blue-skinned person smiled at her. She felt at ease with the man and she smiled back.

"If the school is attacked." Charles said. "I want you to take the students I mentioned in away. Kurt will handle the rest of the children."

The three finalized the contingency plan that would protect the students.

Bryan showed Andrew around the school and introduced him to other students. John and Bobby met the two in the hall.

"Andrew." Bryan said. "This is Bobby - known as Iceman. This is John - better known as Pyro. Guys this is Andrew. He's known as Chamelo."

They shook hands and began to talk.

"So where are you from?" Bobby asked.

"Ottawa." Andrew said. "My parents kicked me out when they realized I was a mutant, and gay."

"Hmmmm." the two said simultaneously. "So what is your gift?"

Bryan had his hand on Andrew's shoulder when Chamelo blended. The two blinked in astonishment. Bryan held his grip on Andrew's shoulder so he would not get into any mischief. He reappeared after a minute and smiled at their stunned faces.

"How long can you do that?" Bobby asked.

"As long as I want." Andrew replied. "I was able to blend for two days."

"So who does he get to room with?" John asked.

"Peter." Geostrobe said. "We were heading there right now."

"Colossus." Iceman said. "Man, wait `til you meet him."

The four teens went to Andrew's new room. As they opened the door, they were greeted by a hulking teen almost seven feet tall. The muscles abound on his frame. He had black hair and piercing gray eyes. He looked at the door and saw the four teens standing at the door. Though he had a menacing build, he smiled at the boys and waved them in the room. Peter, whose name was Piotr Rasputin, was a Russian orphan who was brought to the Xavier School. Though his English was broken, he did his best to communicate.

"Hello!" he said in a booming voice. "Hello Bob-bie! Hello Bri'n! Hello Ivan! Who is friend?"

"Peter, this is Andrew." Bryan said. "He's new to the school and he will be your roommate."

The behemoth extended his hand and it engulfed Andrew's. Chamelo also noticed another reason why they called him Colossus. The massive bulge in his shorts would please anyone and make them see stars. He offered the boys seats in the room and Bryan closed the door.

"So Andrew." Peter said. "What is special?"

The teen looked confused so Peter had to make himself clear.

"Bob-bie make cold." he said. "Ivan make fire. Bri'n do many thing."

Andrew understood what he meant so he blended to his surroundings before anyone could move. Peter then felt something brush his cock and a moan escaped the gigantic boy and he froze in fear. Chamelo reappeared and he smiled at the teens in the room. The Russian teen was visibly upset and was ready to run, but the four others held him. They sat him on his bed and Bryan sat next to Peter.

"What's the matter Peter?" Geostrobe asked.

"My English not goot." Colossus said. "I cannot say. You be mad at me."

"Peter, we won't be mad." Bryan said. "Will we guys?"

The other three nodded in agreement. Peter hung his head and was trying to find the right words. He raised his head and tears streamed his face.

"I am boy who like other boy." he said crying. "I have friend, Sasha, who like me and we do things together."

The four teens smiled and Bryan, being the closest, kissed the lips of the huge boy. His tongue met with some resistance, but Peter finally relented and met the tongue. The three other teens saw the huge rod begin to stiffen. John and Bobby removed his shorts, and though Peter was not hard, his dick was already at 12". Andrew moved to the thick rod and began to swallow the sword. It stiffened more until Peter was fully erect. Andrew removed his mouth and the four teens gawked at the 16.5" pole. It easily had to be 9" thick. There was thick black bush and his balls were so huge they were only dwarfed by his dick.

"Holy Shit!" John exclaimed. "Now that is a ride of a life time."

The large teen smiled and realized these were guys who would not judge him. Bryan felt that and turned the head of the boy.

"Peter, you see we're all gay here." Geostrobe said. "And we won't stop being your friend. We're all mutants in this room and we all love dick."

"Peter, I'm sorry I upset you." Andrew said. "But roomie, we'll be having fun."

The four smaller teens stripped and they attacked Colossus. There was not one inch of the huge teen that did not have lips or hand on him. John kissed the teen's mouth, while Bryan worked on his massive chest. Andrew went back to the Russian missile and Bobby worked on the huge nut sac. Bobby noticed that he could feel the sperm move in the flesh. Peter moaned loudly and the foursome made sure their new friend was given great pleasure. It was agreed since Andrew was to be Colossus' roommate, he was to be given the first chance to be fucked. Andrew moved up to Peter's head and exposed his pink hole to the Russian teen. John moved down to the huge rod and swallowed as much as he could. Peter snaked an amazingly long tongue deep into Andrew's boycunt. He tasted the tang of the boy hovering over him. Bobby moved down to the hard, muscular cheeks of the teen and ran his tongue to the sweet honey pot. Bobby felt the tightness around his tongue and he loved the taste of the virginal hole. Everyone worked on different parts of different bodies. After Andrew was ready to be fucked, Peter rose, upon which the other teens got up and stroked their cocks. Andrew got on all fours and his plump ass stuck in the air. Peter spread the cheeks before him and his thick 16.5" pressed at his hole. Andrew felt the large cock at his hole and was scared it would rip him in half. Peter gently pushed forward and his dick slid in with ease. Andrew's eyes sprung wide open, hot in pain, but in surprise. His hole seemed to open gently to the invasion. Peter moved his dick slowly until Andrew felt the thick bush against his cheeks and the heavy balls against his. Peter stayed in the same position and Andrew felt so full. The head of the gargantuan cock pressed his prostate and Andrew's pole was leaking precum as if Andrew was a broken dam. Peter pointed at Bryan, pointed to his ass, and smiled.

"You fock." he said. "I need you in me."

Bryan was ready to oblige and positioned himself to penetrate Peter's hole. His 5.5" slid in and it seemed that Peter's ass tightened more than it originally felt. Peter did all the work. As he moved in and out of Andrew, Bryan's cock worked the opposite effect on Peter's teencunt. Peter had amazing stamina. He fucked and was fucked for over an hour until he shoved deep in Andrew's hole. He bellowed like a bull and a flood of cum flew into Chamelo's ass. The first blast hit Andrew's prostate and the bottom teen spewed jizz on the bed and his face. It seemed that his white juice was being moved out with great force, but he also felt rejuvenated. The tip of Bryan's dick was in Peter's hole when he came. This caused Bryan to shoot hard and the ass seemed to milk his rod. After the three finished discharging their loads, Peter pulled out, still fully erect.

Bryan's cock came out and he replaced Andrew. Peter snaked his tongue in Bryan's hole and the teen squirmed and moaned. His ass was quickly soaked with spittle and Peter places his cock at the hole. Bryan had the same fear of the intense pain and was surprised by the ease which Peter's cock moved into his ass. Though he was drained after fucking Peter, or Peter fucking his dick, he felt alive with the massive missile in him. Bobby took Bryan's place in Peter's hole. Again for over an hour, Peter worked the hole in front of him and the cock behind. And again Peter's rod and ass milked both boys. Bryan was stunned because he thought he was totally empty of sperm, but the massage of his prostate raised his dick and he shot a massive load. Bobby blew his load deep into Peter. Bryan felt the rejuvenation and Bobby felt drained until he replaced Bryan. Peter's tongue went to work on Bobby's hole and his dick sprung hard. And after Peter slid his rod into Bobby, John inserted his dick into Peter. And as before, they fucked for over an hour when the cum blew all over. The final joining was John getting fucked and Andrew slipped his cock into Peter. After four hours of dick-in-ass, the four teens were sated, but Peter was still hard. So he fed his massive rod into each of the teen's mouth to the bush. Each was amazed that they did not choke and were able to breath with no problems. All Peter did was pump his dick ten times and released a considerable load into each boy's stomach. Each teen felt strange as if their bodies were changing. After each received a load, Peter sucked each of his teen friends and received their loads. He laid beside them and pulled them to his massive body.

"Thank you." he said. "You good friend. Now I give you gift."

The teens looked at him quizzically, but all five were tired. They fell asleep and each of the four had the same dream. They were taken to a lab and restrained to a table. They were injected with a serum. They could not see the scientist's face, but they heard him speak with an accent.

"You four will become stronger." he said. "You will be bigger all over."

Their bodies seemed to grow in height, weight, and muscle density. They also felt their cocks grow also. Bryan then saw an invasion and he tried to get out of the restraints but could not.

He woke up in a cold sweat and his head began to swim. He got up with a morning wood and he scratched his groin, then froze. He looked down and his dick was longer, thicker, and his balls seemed to have grown. He touched his body and his muscles. They seemed to have enlarged. He stood in front of a mirror and he saw his entire had grown. He was taller, heavier, and more muscular.

"SHIT!" he cried out.

The other four woke with a start and everyone looked at him. The only one who smiled was Peter. The four teens looked at each other and wondered what happened. Each grew 4 to 6 inches and gained 40 pounds all muscle, and their cocks were 9". Their balls were larger too.

"This my gift for friends." Peter said. "My sperm affects man to make grow."

The four teens smiled at their new found stature. They were hugging and kissing each other when Bryan jerked his head up. Panic filled his face and he began to sweat.

"FUCK!" he yelled. "Trouble. Someone is coming."

He was ready to run when Peter stopped him. He handed Bryan a pair of shorts and t-shirt which was just a little large on him. Bryan ran from the room to Ororo's door. He pounded and opened it. He looked in and saw the dark-skinned blond Egyptian in bed with the blue-skinned teleporter.

"STORM!" he cried out.

Both adults were startled awake and saw the teen at the door.

"Bryan." Ororo said rather abruptly. "What is it?"

"Someone's coming." he said. "They're about five miles out."

"Kurt, prevention plan A." Storm said.

They got out of bed and Bryan saw Ororo sweet body and became jealous that Kurt was able to lie with his friend. Kurt got out and Bryan saw a large dick between his legs, but now was not time for sex. The two adults dressed and an explosion hit the main gate.

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