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As we saw in the last chapter: "STORM!" he cried out.

Both adults were startled awake and saw the teen at the door.

"Bryan." Ororo said rather abruptly. "What is it?"

"Someone's coming." he said. "They're about five miles out."

"Kurt, prevention plan A." Storm said.

They got out of bed and Bryan saw Ororo sweet body and became jealous that Kurt was able to lie with his friend. Kurt got out and Bryan saw a large dick between his legs, but now was not time for sex. The two adults dressed and an explosion hit the main gate.


"Bryan, who is it?" Ororo asked.

"Soldiers." the teen replied.

"Bryan, get John, Bobby, and Rogue." she said. "Kurt get the other kids to the shelters."

As they ran from the room, Bobby ran to Peter's room. The four teens stood in t-shirts and shorts.

"Evacuation." Bryan said. "John. Bobby. Come with me. Peter and Andrew, find Kurt and help him. Move!"

The five teens scattered and they ran into Rogue and Jubilee. All the kids were running and Peter stood above the rest. He yelled out.

"Stop!" he uttered.

The kids froze and looked at the gargantuan teen. Peter looked at them and stared at Bryan.

"Rogue, come with Bobby, John, and me." the earthmover said. "Everyone else follow Peter and Andrew to find Kurt."

The front door broke open and dozens of soldiers poured into the building. Others crashed through windows in search of the mutants. One of the men was in his late 50s named William Stryker. The CIA Black Ops chief held a grudge against mutants ever since the death of his wife. He felt she committed suicide because of their son Jason. He especially loathed Charles Xavier.

"Find them!" he ordered.

The soldiers spread through out the school and the kids were running from their rooms. Peter and Andrew were directing them to secret panels. Ororo found the foursome she requested and they headed to the jet. They dressed in their uniforms and got in the plane. The jet vertically took off and they went to Massachusetts to find the Professor and the other adults.

"What the hell was that?" Rogue asked.

"William Stryker." Storm said. "He wants to wipe out mutants. We're going to find Professor Xavier and the others."

"They're not in Massachusetts." Bryan said. "They've been kidnapped."

"How do you know?" Bobby asked.

"Mystique." Geostrobe replied. "She's with Magneto on an island. Head south to the Caribbean.

Just then an alarm went off in the jet. Two fighters followed the jet. Storm tried to maneuver from them, but she was not a fighter pilot so they kept on the jet's tail. Bryan decided to act as he created air turbulence behind the jet. The fighters flew into it and one actually broke apart from the severe force of the wind. The second plane was ready to tear apart, but the pilot locked onto the jet and fired a sidewinder. The fighter was destroyed and the pilot ejected, but the wind force twisted the chute around his body. He plummeted to Earth until a huge gust of wind lowered him gently to the ground. Ororo noticed the missile was launched and tried to avoid it, but could not.

"Strap in!" she shouted.

The four teens did so as the missile hit the tail of the plane. The hole that was created sucked Rogue from the jet. As she fell to the ground there seemed no hope. Bryan's mind wished he could fly and the next thing he knew he was floating out of the hole. He moved towards Rogue and caught her. He then moved up to the jet, but it was hurdling to an island, so he headed to the island with Rogue in his arms. Then he created a wall of water and arched it to the ground. Storm saw the water and she moved the jet to it. With a slight bump, the jet landed on the beach. Rogue and Geostrobe landed nearby. Bobby, John, and Ororo got out and looked around.

"Where are we?" Rogue asked.

"We're somewhere in the Atlantic." Storm replied. "The fighters chased over the ocean. We were lucky."

"I'm lucky due to Bryan." the teen girl said.

"Bryan, how did you do that?" Ororo asked.

"I don't know." he responded, but thought of something. "Bobby produce a wall of ice."

Bobby was confused, but he created a wall of ice 10' high, 12' wide, and 3' thick. As they looked at that, Bryan turned to John.

"Destroy it." he said.

John ignited his lighter and threw an 8' fireball that destroyed the wall with no problem. They turned to Bryan with a quizzical expressions.

"Peter enhanced our powers somehow." he said. "We can do anything with them."

"I wondered why you looked different." Storm said. "You seemed different. Now we have to get off this island."

"But we can't fix the hole." Bobby said.

"We can if we had the material." John said. "But we're on a deserted island."

The five found some rocks to sit on and contemplated their fate. Bryan seemed to be in a sullen mood, so Ororo took him for a walk. They were out of hearing range of the other three.

"Bryan, what is the matter?" she asked.

"Nothing." he replied.

"Bryan, I know you better." Ororo said. "Tell me what it is."

"You and Kurt, okay." Bryan replied. "Why?"

"Because he's cute and I like him." Storm said. "Why are you upset?" You're gay, right?"

"I love guys." Geostrobe said. "But I wondered what it would be to make love to a woman."

"We can't Bryan." Ororo said. "You're a child."

"So." the teen replied. "Ever since I met you I thought you were beautiful."

Bryan began to cry. Ororo held him tight and let the teen release his emotions, Bryan looked at her through his tears with a pleading look on his face. Ororo, who knew better, kissed the boy lightly on the lips. A magic connected between them and they kissed more passionately. Before they knew it their uniforms were discarded. Bryan feasted on the bronze-skin of the woman before him. Storm looked at the newer, buff body of Bryan. She saw his larger cock and heavier balls. The teen took her in his arms and began kissing her, feeling the warn skin against his body. His thick cock grew to its full 9" and pressed against her skin. When Storm felt the love muscle touch her nether region, she became instantly moist. She was not sure why this happened, but the opening between her thighs released fluid. All common sense left the normally calm mutant. She laid on the beach and pulled Bryan on her. She spread her legs and Geostrobe entered her twat. As his teen cock rubbed her clit, an orgasm overcame her. Bryan was fully embedded in her and he slowly fucked her. His dick seemed to grown in her and orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. Each one brought a light rain for a few seconds, but the cool drops did not stop the heated passion on the beach.

"Oh My God!" she cried out with each orgasmic pleasure.

After an hour, Bryan felt his ball sack pull tight. He felt the sperm move up his dick until it reached the climatic end. He threw hi head back and a gust of wind lifted the two off the beach as the first volley entered her body. The teen's dick expanded and released ten heavy loads which caused Ororo to have successive orgasms. As Bryan finally came down from his orgasm, the two gently lowered to the beach. Storm felt the sperm swimming in her body. As they lain on the beach, Ororo kissed the teen gently.

"Was it everything you expected?" she asked. "You were fantastic and any girl would be happy to have you."

"Storm, thank you." Bryan said. "I really enjoyed it, but I am gay. You were so wonderful in showing me a different side. But thank you so very much."

Bryan pulled her on top of his muscular body. He kissed her gently as she played with his cock. It sprung to life quickly and she straddled his hips. She lowered herself and gave herself multiple orgasms. She fully embedded his rod deep in her. She raised and lowered herself on the big teen cock and it stretched her over and over again. Her orgasms came more frequently as sweat poured over the two of them. For over another hour they let the passion flow until Bryan exploded again into her womb. He was surprised he was able to shoot another ten loads deep into her and really amazed none of it dripped out. Ororo felt as each sperm flowed deep into her body. She collapsed on Bryan's chest. They fell asleep until the water from the ocean lapped on them.

As they woke up, they gathered themselves and dressed. They went to where the others were supposed to be. Bryan and Ororo found the jet, but the other three teens were missing. Footprints led away from the beach and the duo followed them. They led to the trees and a rocky path. Bryan led the way up the path with Storm holding his hand. As they climbed, a scream pierced the calm. The two mutants climbed as fast as they could to the scream. A second cry echoed, but it was different. It was male and the two followed the sound. Other cries of help and pain resounded in the hills and Storm zeroed on a cave entrance to the left. The duo quietly approached the cave and saw the three teen mutants stripped nude. They were against the wall, suspended as if my magic. They saw Magneto standing there laughing. Wolverine approached Rogue and flicked her left breast with his claws. The cut was not deep, but enough to draw a trickle of blood.

"Logan, please stop." she cried.

Jean used her telekinetic power to have Bobby feel his ball sac to be yanked hard. The howl of pain echoed all through the cavernous hole. Cyclops aimed his laser between John's legs and the rocks shot all over and cut his legs.

"Where is Bryan Robinson?" Magneto demanded.

The three teens could not or would not say anything. Geostrobe turned from the entrance and motioned for Storm to follow him. They moved away from the cave and huddled down.

"Storm, we have to save them." he said. "We can't let them die."

"What do you propose?" she asked.

He explained his plan with some modification by Storm. They put it into action. Storm flew overhead, just above the cave entrance. Bryan went to the beach and raised some water to the front of the cave. He turned to the cave and prepaid for battle.

"Magneto!" he yelled. "Get your fuckin' ass out here!"

The crimson-helmeted mutant came to the entrance. He was followed by the four mutants to Bryan thought were friends. They placed themselves in front of Magneto, just as Bryan expected. He rose in the air and faced the group, but then looked skyward. Before anyone could react, Storm created a lightning storm and three bolts of lightning hit the water they were standing in. The four adult mutants were jolted from the ground and landed several hundred feet away. Storm noticed discs attached to their left temples, so she flew down and removed them. Magneto looked at Bryan with great distain.

"You have stopped me for the last time boy." the older mutant said.

"Well come and get some old man." Geostrobe replied with hate.

Storm was ready to help, but Bryan shook his head negatively.

"This motherfucker is mine." he said. "He killed my parents and tortured my friends. Now he dies."

The teen impulsively rushed Erik. The older man created a magnetic field around his body which caused Bryan to be repelled. The boy flew back a few feet before he could recover. As Bryan recuperated, Magneto flew at him to give the teen an electrical blast. As Erik was ready to deliver the blow, Geostrobe created a wall of sand between them. Though the older mutant destroyed the wall, Bryan was not harmed. The teen retreated to the ocean. Bryan knew electricity and water does not mix well and hoped to kill the man. Erik was no fool and he kept a safe distance from Bryan, though the teen created a tidal wave that missed Magneto by inches. As the man recovered, he searched the horizon but saw not a thing.

"Hey shithead." Bryan called out. "Looking for me?"

Erik saw the teen high in the sky and near the sun. Bryan then caused the sun's light to beam more brightly that it caused the man to be temporarily blinded. With this, Bryan flew at the man and drove his shoulder into the man's solar plexus. Both bodies began fighting in mid-air and Bryan looked like he was winning. The teen also knew Magneto's protection was his helmet. Bryan pulled on it until he was able to remove it. As he held it high like a trophy, Magneto hit his body with a force that Geostrobe was sent flying into a tree branch that pierced his body.

On the ground, the five adults saw the fight. They saw the teen skewered before their eyes. When Magneto went to retrieve his helmet, Charles Xavier used his mind-control ability to force Erik to the ground. Though the men were friends, the Professor's anger grew, so he did not prevent Logan to slice Magneto to death. The man who killed the teen was brutalized quickly. When Erik Lessher died, the three teens in the cave fell to the floor. They rose and went to see what happened. They saw the adults, Magneto dead, then saw Bryan hanging in a tree. Rogue wept in Bobby's arms and all eight mutants were crying. Jean used her telekinetic power to remove the teen from the tree and gently laid him on the ground. His breathing was shallow, but a weak smile crossed his face. Bobby held his hand.

"We got him." Bryan said, as he tried to raise the helmet.

"Don't talk." Charles said. "Rest."

"MMMMFFF!" the teen said. "Come on Professor. I'm dying. Bobby I love and always will. John you're so special. You two stay together. Rogue please be happy with your life. Jean and Scott, be happy together. Ororo, thank you so much. Professor, thank you for everything."

Bryan let out a last gasp and his head turned slightly to the left and he died. Bobby felt his hand go limp and turned cold in his own hand.

"NO!" Ororo cried out.

Logan bellowed like a wounded animal. Rogue and Ororo cried bitterly. John and Bobby lifted their friend and lover. They were assisted by Scott and Logan. They returned to the jet with a void they could not fill.

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