by: 70s Child

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As we saw in the last chapter: Erik saw the teen high in the sky and near the sun. Bryan then caused the sun's light to beam more brightly that it caused the man to be temporarily blinded. With this, Bryan flew at the man and drove his shoulder into the man's solar plexus. Both bodies began fighting in mid-air and Bryan looked like he was winning. The teen also knew Magneto's protection was his helmet. Bryan pulled on it until he was able to remove it. As he held it high like a trophy, Magneto hit his body with a force that Geostrobe was sent flying into a tree branch that pierced his body.

On the ground, the five adults saw the fight. They saw the teen skewered before their eyes. When Magneto went to retrieve his helmet, Charles Xavier used his mind-control ability to force Erik to the ground. Though the men were friends, the Professor's anger grew, so he did not prevent Logan to slice Magneto to death. The man who killed the teen was brutalized quickly. When Erik Lessher died, the three teens in the cave fell to the floor. They rose and went to see what happened. They saw the adults, Magneto dead, then saw Bryan hanging in a tree. Rogue wept in Bobby's arms and all eight mutants were crying. Jean used her telekinetic power to remove the teen from the tree and gently laid him on the ground. His breathing was shallow, but a weak smile crossed his face. Bobby held his hand.

"We got him." Bryan said, as he tried to raise the helmet.

"Don't talk." Charles said. "Rest."

"MMMMFFF!" the teen said. "Come on Professor. I'm dying. Bobby I love and always will. John you're so special. You two stay together. Rogue please be happy with your life. Jean and Scott, be happy together. Ororo, thank you so much. Professor, thank you for everything."

Bryan let out a last gasp and his head turned slightly to the left and he died. Bobby felt his hand go limp and turned cold in his own hand.

"NO!" Ororo cried out.

Logan bellowed like a wounded animal. Rogue and Ororo cried bitterly. John and Bobby lifted their friend and lover. They were assisted by Scott and Logan. They returned to the jet with a void they could not fill.


Charles and Jean used their power to repair the hole in the jet. The eight entered the jet and were flying back to the school when Ororo told them the reason they left.

"Stryker attacked." she said. "We were coming to get you when we were shot down."

"Storm, land at point 6437." Charles said. "They are planning to blow up the school."

Ororo turned on the afterburners and they got to the school in 15 minutes. Charles explained his plan to the mutants on the plane. They plan to attack from the blind side of the school. As the jet landed at the coordinates Xavier provided, they deplaned and approached the school. Scott took our the soldiers with several short laser blasts. Bobby froze some in their tracks. One soldier took aim at John, but Rogue grabbed his hand which caused the soldier to loose his strength. Professor Xavier showed the back passage into the school. Logan was able to sense where the charges were and the team disarmed the explosives. They followed the halls and Jean sensed the man in charge was in Professor Xavier's office. Andrew was being interrogated. Charles and Jean could hear the conversation.

"Where are the others?" Stryker asked in a demanding tone. "Where are the rest of the mutants?"

"I don't know." the teen said wearily. "Go fuck yourself."

The group heard the last sentence and Logan smiled. The team sprung into action. Scott blasted the door and before the soldiers could react, Wolverine attacked and dispatched them quickly. Stryker tried to pull a gun, but John sent a fireball at his right hand and Stryker dropped the gun quickly.

"I see you escaped Magneto." Stryker said.

Professor Xavier realized it was Stryker who instigated the situation. The anger rose in his being where Charles began to squeeze Stryker's brain with his mind. The portly man collapsed to his knees as he grabbed his head. He screamed in severe pain.

"It's because of you two mutants are dead." Charles said. "A young man who had a promising future. The other I called friend. Why were you after Bryan?"

"B-B-Because he could destroy us." Stryker said. "His abilities to manipulate the elements could kill everyone."

"Well sir." the bald mutant said. "You got your wish."

Professor Xavier wheeled back and found the other mutants in the shelters. They followed the headmaster to this office. He whispered to Bobby and the teen went to the jet with John, Peter, and Andrew. They brought Bryan's body to the office and many of the girls screamed and all cried. Peter was the most visibly upset and he was ready to kill the man. Nightcrawler knelt over the body and said a little prayer.

"William Stryker." Charles said. "You were willing to execute every mutant without a trial. You had an innocent teen killed by another mutant. But you will be given a trial."

They took the man to a small auditorium and Stryker decided to defend himself. Scott prosecuted the case and twelve mutants were the jurors. Jean presided as the judge. The trial began and several witnesses were called, including, Storm, Iceman, Pyro, and the soldiers still alive. Stryker tried to defend his actions, but the jury found the man guilty.

"William Stryker." Jean said. "Having been found guilty of murder and attempted murder, this court here-by sentences you to death. May God have mercy on your soul, because we won't."

The man was escorted from the building and taken to a clearing. Bobby encased the man in ice to his neck for an hour. John then exploded the ice block, which sent Stryker sailing over a hundred feet in the air. Storm hit the ground around him with lightning. Each mutant took their turn at the man whose hatred for mutants angered them but one. Kurt prayed for the man's soul. After being severely hurt, Colossus ended it all by snapping the back of the man and crushed his body. Blood trickled out of Stryker's mouth to the ground and the huge teen, whose compassion was well known, threw the man to the ground like trash. Pyro incinerated the body and left a pile of ashes.

The mutants returned to the school and a casket was specially made for Bryan from crystal. After it was finished, the teen was placed in it carefully. A funeral service was performed by Kurt and each mutant wept openly. They were given a chance to speak. Peter, with his broken English, talked of friendship. John spoke of Bryan's courage. Storm talked of Bryan's love his friends and family. Bobby was the last and spoke of his love for Bryan. They buried the teen in a special place among the trees. The mutants went back to the school to clean up.

As the weeks passed, things tried to return to normal. School went on, but people noticed that Ororo seemed tired and irritable. Jean told Storm to see her in the infirmary. Ororo arrived later that day and Jean gave her a full examination. An hour later Jean sat next to Storm.

"Well we have the reason for your condition." the telepath said with a smile. "You're expecting."

Ororo sat with a stunned look on her face. She could not believe it. When it finally sunk in she looked at Jean.

"Can you tell who the father is?" she asked.

"Why?" Jean asked in reply. "Isn't Kurt the father?"

"It could be someone else." Storm said.

"Well I have DNA from everyone." Jean told her. "I can check if you want."

"I do." Ororo replied.

Jean took some amnio fluid from Ororo and ran the tests with Storm sitting there. After a couple of hours, which seemed like a couple of years to Storm, Jean looked at her in disbelief.

"Why?" she asked.

"Is it?" Storm queried in return.

"Yes." Jean responded. "But why?"

"Pity at first." she said. "Lust after that. He's amazing."

"Well I have more surprising news." the doctor said. "You're going to have sextuplets."

"What?" Storm cried out. "How?"

"Let me do a sonogram." Jean said.

Storm reclined on the table and Jean performed the procedure. The picture on the screen revealed six distinct entities. Jean also went to the ovaries and found another surprise. All of Ororo's eggs were fertilized. She was trying to wonder how she would her friend.

"Ororo, you are going to have six babies." she said. "And you are going to be pregnant for quite a while. Somehow all of your eggs are fertilized and are dormant until released."

"Oh My God!" the bronze-skinned mutant said.

"We better talk with Charles." Jean said.

They walked to the Professor's office slowly. They knocked on the door and Charles Xavier called them in. They sat down and the headmaster saw the concerned looks on the two females' faces. He called for Nightcrawler to the office and he appeared almost instantaneously. He stood by Storm and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Professor, we have some news." Jean said. "Ororo is expecting."

"Congratulations my dear." Charles said. "But I feel there is more to this."

"Yes, she is going to have sextuplets." Jean said. "And Kurt, you are not the father."

The blue-skinned mutant looked in shock. He almost collapsed, but he held himself up and looked at Ororo quizzically. He knew she would tell him when the time was right. He did love her, but he wondered who the father was.

"Zat iz vine." he said. "I love you."

"There is more." Jean said. "All her eggs are fertilized and I suspect by the same person."

"How?" Charles said..

"I know this is impossible." Jean said. "But it happened."

"Who iz ze fater?" Kurt asked.

"Ororo, should I tell them?" Jean said.

Storm nodded affirmatively.

"Bryan." Jean said.

The two men looked stunned and tried to comprehend how all this happened. Storm explained what occurred on the island. She wondered why it happened, but now she could not turn back from her destiny.

"Well, we must raise these children." the Professor said. "They must be nurtured and raised with love."

"Herr Professor." Kurt said. "Should ve tell ze children who zere fater iz?

"When they are old enough." he said. "But not until then."

All agreed to keep secret about the pregnancy. Kurt, whose love for Ororo overcame his jealousy for the teen, married her. For the next seven months the pregnancy went without a hitch. Ororo suffered the normal mood swings, which caused several storms on the area. When the babies arrived, Jean prepared for a Cesarean section, but each was delivered in the normal way. The strangest part was they all were large healthy boys, 21" long and weighed 10 pounds exactly. An amazing thing was they all were endowed with 2.5" penises. As if each knew what the other was thinking, they fell asleep. The new arrivals became an event at the school. They were given gifts and they were named in order of delivery: Bryan, Kurt, Jr., Robert, John, Peter, and Charles. They had their mother's skin tone, so there would be no questions about the father.

The six boys were raised with love, not only by Kurt and Ororo, but by everyone. When the boys had their second birthday, six more children were born to Kurt and Storm, this time girls. Each were beautiful and they were raised in the same secrecy. They were named Ororo, Jean, Rogue, Carol, Theresa, and Marie. As the twelve kids grew, they were able to control the elements like their father, but two were able to control the weather also. Kurt loved these children and cared for them as they were his. The boys grew tall, handsome, and strong. The girls were beautiful, just like their mother.

Professor Xavier called the family together when the boys were 12-years-old. They sat in the office and Charles looked at them.

"Now is time for them to know the truth." he said to the parents.

"You mean Father is not our natural father." Kurt, Jr. said.

The adults were amazed at the statement. The parents were careful not to mention anything to the children. The only other people never said anything to anybody. The twelve kids smiled and all tapped their right temples with their right forefingers simultaneously. It was as if they worked as one.

"Mother. Father." Bryan said. "We knew all along. We love you both and Father you are our father and your love has no bounds. We are happy with you as parents, but we need to know about our real father."

Charles explained to them about Bryan. He told them he cared about people, he was loved by people, and that he sacrificed himself for his friends. He did not tell them he was gay, but he acknowledged to himself he would if they asked.

"Professor." Ororo said. "We know our father was loved and we know he was gay. I guess we all are too. Is that bad?"

"No my child." he responded. "Be who you are and love as your heart feels it should."

They hugged and cried, then left to go back to their house. Kurt and Ororo gathered the kids in the living room. They put in a tape in the VCR and the children saw their father for the first time: Bryan in school, with his friends, and demonstrated his powers. He was talking with Ororo and Kurt. But they continually saw Bobby and John. They wanted to talk with their father's best friends.

Bobby, John, Andrew, and Peter met at the house for dinner. They were wondering why they were there. They sat down and looked at the twelve kids who were the spitting images of each other. These boys were now men, tall, handsome, and very much in love. Bobby and John, total opposites, were a perfect match. Andrew and Peter were lovers from the first day they met. Bryan, being the eldest child spoke first.

"Please tell us about our father." he said.

The quartet were confused about the request. How would they know about Kurt? Ororo sat next to Bobby and explained the entire situation. They four men looked shocked and Bobby cried about his lost love. Bryan's namesake came over and kissed his cheek as if to say I'm here in spirit. The four were amazed at the resemblance.

"Bobby, just so you know." Ororo said. "Bryan loved you so much. Remember that."

The four explained to the children of how much Bryan meant to them and how he was a great friend to all he knew.

"Were you lovers?" Bryan asked.

"Yes." Bobby said. "And a part of me still loves him."

"And me." John said.

"He make me feel happy about be me." Peter said.

"And he made me understand there is good in all." Andrew said.

Kurt said it was time for dinner and they sat at the table. Kurt said the prayer and they ate with great joy. The four saw their friend in these kids, the love and the mischievousness. They knew their friend lived on they were happy.


NOTE: This does end the story as far as I am concerned. I know there was no sex, but I wanted the story to end with love and happiness for all. But there is a friend out there who wants to use the characters in other X-Men adventures. So my dear friend Kandi, I pass the torch to you. I know that the characters will flourish further in her hands. If you do have any comments, please feel free to email me at Please let me know what you think. And remember one thing, it is fiction - science fiction that is.