It may have been the heat of the jungle, even in during the peaceful night it was, or it was more likely that it was the heat of his body pressed against that of Kate's that made him sweaty. He was smiling weakly; the brunette under him nuzzled herself into his neck as he knelt, on all fours, over top of her. Kate adjusted her gaze from his throat to his face, where she moved her head up enough so their lips met for one final time. After a moment of their kiss, Jack maneuvered himself off of her, and lay down on his back.


"I love you," she said in a solemn tone. They -- them and the other survivors -- had been on the island for almost a year. Their times had been plagued with murder, suicide, kidnappings, and the lot. It was difficult for him to imagine that he had now found love on the island.


"I love you, too," he whispered, not able to look at her. Who was he kidding, saying he loved her? He made a vow to never trust a woman again, after he found out his ex-wife, Sarah, had cheated on him... possibly even had a child in her affair with another man. He faint smile turned into more of a grimace, when he felt Kate shifted her body to an upright position, probably getting dressed, he didn't bother to look.


"I'm gonna go..." she told him, as she stood up. Particles of sand fell on to Jack's bare leg and she walked over him, she was still topless, but she had put on a pair of pants. Kate managed to smile again before bending down and grabbing a bra from next to where Jack was lying, and then a shirt.


He sat up, not looking at the brunette in front of him, but grabbed for his own shirt, tossing it over his shoulders, but leaving the front unbuttoned, leaving his chest -- which was covered in hair at this point, more so than usual -- showing. He looked around the clearing they were in; patches of grass lined the sandy and dirty field. He saw his undergarments a few steps away, but he really didn't have the energy to go get them. He resorted to getting up on all fours, like a dog, and crawling over, before managing to slip them on.


"Did you hear me?" Kate questioned, catching Jack off guard. He had been paying attention to anything she had been saying, which probably was a bad idea.


"Uhh... Yeah," he lied and nodding as convincingly as possible. He stood up, his once-white briefs were now a sandy brown colour because of exposure to all of the dirt on the island. "I'll see you later."


"Tomorrow," she told him, plainly. "Same time, same place?" Jack only nodded in agreement. He didn't know how much longer he could pull this off. Sure, he liked Kate -- he loved Kate, but he couldn't love her. He couldn't make a commitment to her. Claire and Charlie, they had found love on the island, with each other, they even had a wedding ceremony... official and everything. But he, he still didn't entirely trust women.


It took Jack a few minutes before fully realizing that Kate was gone, his eyes weren't overly adjusted to the darkness, but when he heard complete silence, he made the assumption he was alone. When he was sure of it, he lay back down on the ground, the sides of his shirt falling off of his chest and towards his back. He let out a quiet groan and closed his eyes. "What am I gonna do?" he asked himself, rolling his head around slightly, to find a more comfortable placement for it. "Why the fuck did I lead her on?"


He knew it was his fault that Kate liked him, but more that he liked her back, against his own will. The first day, the day of the crash, he asked for her help. Of all people, he asked her. He could have asked any other person, any survivor, from the fallen plane, but he asked her. That started their friendship.


Even when he found out she was a criminal, on the plane because she was being escorted back to the United States because she killed somebody, he still liked her. He had all the opportunity in the world to break it off, outcast her from his life, but he didn't; he stuck with her.


It wasn't something he regretted, in the beginning, as he only saw it as an innocent crush, maybe just a fuck-buddy. But things got serious, as the realization that they would be on Craphole Island for a long, long time, Kate seemed ready to `settle down.'


"Why the fuck did you lead her on, doc?"


Jack's eyes struck open when he heard those words. The person who spoke the words had a rough, southern accent, but it seemed to work with the ladies. It was Sawyer, the `local' con man. "What do you want, Sawyer?" Jack asked angrily, his eyes darting around the night sky and his landscape to see where the man was.


"All I asked was a simple question," he retorted, sounding closer this time, than he did the last time he spoke. "'n all I ask in return, is a simple answer."


Jack dug the cup of his head deeper into the patch of sand he was lying on. He had neither the patience nor the mind frame to speak with Sawyer, who could become a very rowdy, irritable man, and it was definitely too late for Jack to want to start a fight. Maybe in the morning. "Just go away," he ordered him, a slight whininess to his voice. He tried to be nice.


"And if I don't?" Sawyer asked, this time sounding from right behind Jack. The doctor's eyes darted to the highest point possible to catch a glimpse of Sawyer. Slowly, he pushed himself to a seated position and managed to turn himself around to face the southerner.


"How about we don't get into that?" Jack asked snidely, his eyes narrowing with each passing second. He just wanted to sleep and Sawyer was getting in his way.


"Oh, but I want to," Sawyer responded, sounding cool and collected. His voice had an obvious hint of playfulness to it, which Jack just shrugged off as cockiness. "Come on, doc; tell me what you'll do."


Jack didn't know exactly how to respond to that, since it wasn't the easiest thing to tell somebody, even if that person happened to be one of the most annoying gits on the planet, err, the island. Jack stood his ground, remaining silent, but not letting his gaze fall off of Sawyer.


"Exactly," Sawyer said with a grin. Even in the darkness, Jack could see some teeth, and it was beyond him how he kept them that white, even with the toothpaste they had. "All talk and no play."


"Seriously," Jack said. It wasn't like him, to talk like this, practically begging. But with the load on his mind, sleep seeming miles away, and the fact that day was probably going to break soon, he didn't feel like himself at all. "Just fuck off and leave me alone, Sawyer."


Clearly, the striking southerner didn't take this too well. He walked closer to the seated doctor, who used his hands to back up a bit, away from the feet of Sawyer. He bent down to eye level with Jack, his eyes cold and narrow. "Don't tell me what to do."


Jack, once again, stood his ground. Before responding, he moved back a bit further, and managed to raise himself to a squatting position. He didn't blink, nor did his eyes move at all, keeping them locked on Sawyer permanently. "Fuck," he said, pausing for the dramatic effect, "off."


The struck a cord with Sawyer, whose cold eyes began to grow a fire inside, a snarl on his lips. He lunged forward, his hand in a fist, and threw a punch at Jack, hitting him on the right side of his face, on his lower jaw. The doctor lost his balance and fell back, his legs in a v-shape as he lay on the ground, one hand gripping on to his pulsing cheek. "What's your problem?!" he asked, still staring at Sawyer, but now, only through narrower eyes, as he winced in the pain.


"I said don't tell me what to do, jackass," Sawyer responded, seemingly cooled down. He took a deep breath and stood up to his entirety, towering over Jack, his legs on either side of the lying body. His lips curled up slightly, as he turned away, kicking Jack in the side of the stomach, near his kidney, as he did, causing Jack to lurch towards it.


Trying to suck up the pain, Jack tried to move to a stand, He could get to his knees, but by then his cheek was hurting too much, he had to pause momentarily. After a few deep breaths, he managed to stand up straight still holding on to his cheek. "Bastard," he murmured, seeing Sawyer, only a few meters away. He lowered his hand and lunged forward into a run.


It only took a few second to catch up to Sawyer; Jack hoped to catch him off-guard, by grabbing on to his shoulders and pushing him to the ground. He managed to do just that, but it wasn't as subtle as planned, as Sawyer managed to do a quarter-turn before being pounced on.


Both men were hit to the ground, Jack still tightly holding on to Sawyer's shoulders, Sawyer wrapping around the doctor's biceps, each one trying to win their testosterone-filled battle, as if selecting the alpha male.


At one point, they were on their sides, Sawyer attempting to roll over on top of Jack, for the power position, giving him a better chance of striking, but Jack put up enough of a struggle to claim back the top.


A cricket chirped, loudly, causing both men to cease fighting, if only for a moment, but it quickly resumed. Sawyer, once again, managed to roll Jack onto his side, and for the first time, he got himself on top of Jack.


He hesitated momentarily, trying to hold down Jack's arms, looking down at him, his angry eyes softening up. He moved his head closer to Jack's, narrowing in onto him. His eyes closed, slowly, before finally, he placed his lips on top of Jack's, and gave the man a kiss.


Jack's arms stopped flailing around, allowing Sawyer to pin them down onto the ground. Their faces remained intact, but Saw moved his body from a lying position to straddling on all fours on either side of Jack.


The doctor could feel himself sweating up again, even though his shirt was torn open by the wind, revealing his chest again, but the heat being released from both bodies was too much. He pushed his arms forward and gripped his hands around Sawyer's lower arm, thrusting them back, allowing him to move himself into a seated position.


Sawyer only pulled his mouth away once, to breath, but he also murmured the word, "Jack..." under his breath.

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