***This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter between footballers Lukas Podolski (Germany) and Olivier Giroud (France) of the London based club, Arsenal. It is common knowledge that Lukas Podolski is a happily married man and father of a young son and this story in no way attempts to question his or Olivier Giroud's sexuality or preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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The locker room had finally settled down from all the commotion and excitement of their recent win. Arsenal had just defeated Montpellier 2-1, and new signing Lukas Podolski played an important role in that win by scoring a goal. His teammates had all congratulated him, and he was quickly reminded of how happy he was to be apart of this new team, where everyone was easygoing yet hardworking, and strived for the absolute best.

Lukas was one of the last few guys lingering around in the locker room along with Theo Walcott, one of his favorite teammates and a new close friend, and Olivier Giroud, another of the new summer signings to Arsenal and also a new close friend.

"Congrats again, man! We love you!" fellow teammate Theo Walcott said, giving "Prince Poldi" a hug and high five on his way out. "Be sure to stop by our room tonight for a celebration drink!"

"Yes of course, thanks man! I will see you guys after I take my shower," Poldi replied in his heavy funny-sounding German accent that somehow, all the guys liked.

Lukas had just wrapped a towel around his body and was on his way to the shower room when he noticed Giroud looking downcast. He sat down next to his teammate.

"Olivier, are you okay? What's wrong?" Poldi asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

"I suck, Lukas!" Olivier screamed, clearly on the verge of tears. "I haven't scored a goal yet! The team hates me! The coaches hate me! The fans hate me!"

"What? Are you crazy man? We love you, you're a great footballer. We need you on this team! You're going to help us win titles!" Lukas said, simultaneously speaking from his heart and trying to boost his teammate's confidence.

"But...but...you've already netted three goals in five games!" Oliver broke down in tears and dropped his head on to Lukas' shoulder. Naturally, Lukas took his teammates head into his arms and gently rubbed his back. Olivier was clearly depressed, perhaps even unstable. He didn't know what to say to the taller Frenchman; he just let him cry on his shoulder.

About five long minutes passed before Olivier was finally able to pull himself together. He pulled himself off Lukas who stared back at his teammate with concern. He didn't want to go celebrate if he had teammates, even only one teammate, who was feeling down.

Without warning, and almost naturally, Olivier leaned down and kissed Lukas on the lips. Lukas was shocked and his entire body went numb. He didn't know what to do. Olivier went in for another kiss, and this time, he forced his strong tongue in between Lukas' soft salty Polish lips. Olivier brushed his tongue over that of his colleague.

Lukas finally came out of state of shock and gently pushed the shoulders of his teammate off of him. "Olivier, I cannot do this," he said slightly panting and trying to catch his breath. "I am married. And I have a son."

"I know that," Olivier responded. "But I don't care. We are teammates. We are supposed to support each other. And right now, I need your support. I want you to help me feel good."

Lukas was clearly confused. Olivier's English was much better than his, and he was somewhat confused by what his teammate was saying. But then again, he didn't need a translator to decipher the kiss they had just shared.

Olivier leaned over and whispered in Lukas' ear: "Je t'aime, Luc (I love you, Lukas). I want to fuck you."

Lukas' face immediately flushed and his heart started beating loudly; so loudly that you could easily hear it in the quiet of the locker room.

"What do you mean, Olivier? I do not understand." Lukas said, hoping he was hearing incorrectly and that something had simply been lost in translation.

"Here, let me show you," Oliver said, swiftly picking Lukas up by the waist and undoing the towel covering his modesty. Lukas was now in the arms of his teammate, completely naked and staring down into his face.

"Olivier, I have a son!" Lukas screamed in a loud whisper. "I cannot do this! What about our teammates?!" Now it was Lukas who was almost on the verge of tears. He was scared, and it showed in his face.

"Luc, I promise no one will ever find out if you do not say anything. It will be just between us. I want you. I really want you!"

Tears began to roll down Lukas' face. He was confused.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why not?" Olivier was becoming irritated. Why was Lukas acting like this? Who was he fooling? Olivier had heard plenty of rumors in France that Lukas had sex with a lot of his German teammates, both at the club and national levels. It was time to ask.

"Didn't you have sex with (Bastian) Schweinsteiger?"

"Oh mein Gott!" Lukas nearly yelled in German. "No! Nein! Why does everybody think that? We were just friends! I've only had sex with one person in my whole life, and that is my wife! I was a virgin before I met her. I have never experimented or done anything with anyone else!"

Olivier kissed him to reassure the young Pole, and set him down on the bench in front of his locker. He got down on his knees in front of Lukas, and looking up into his face said, "Well let me take your virginity again," and picked Lukas' legs up by his ankles, sending his knees up into his chest. The move almost made Lukas fall backwards, but he put his arms down and held onto the edge of the bench to balance himself just in time.

Now, Olivier was staring face to face with what he wanted most from Lukas. It was the most private part of Lukas'...of any man's...body: his anus. Olivier leaned his face forward and inhaled. The smell was intoxicating; an eclectic mix of musk, sweat, and Lukas' own natural body scent.

"Putain," Olivier whispered. "Damn!" He stuck his tongue out and licked the small pink opening. Lukas gasped and moaned audibly.

"Shhh," Olivier hissed. "I'm going to fuck you tonight." Lukas nodded in agreement, his tears finally drying up. It was clear to him that Olivier was going to do whatever he pleased with him, with or without his consent, and whether he wanted to or not. "I'm going to be your second love. I'm going to make you feel good and show you what love is like with a man. You need to experience this."

Olivier had had a crush on Lukas since he first met him. Lukas was extremely handsome and his personality made him that much more desirable. He had a perfect white smile, beautiful blue eyes, an amazingly toned body, and the biggest ass Olivier had ever seen on a man. He remembered clearly the first time he saw Lukas naked in the locker room after their first practice. Lukas had a long foreskin and a small patch of pubic hair that he kept neatly trimmed. He had dropped the soap in the shower, much to everyone's amusement, but his butt was so big that it kept hidden the treasure Olivier desperately wanted to see...and fuck. He immediately made up his mind that he was going to fuck Lukas one way or another, regardless of the fact that he was a married father.

He continued his oral assault on Lukas' anus, which had a small tuft of hair either side of his opening that was lay flat as a result of Olivier's saliva. He stuck his tongue inside the hole, which sent Lukas into complete ecstasy. Lukas was swearing in German. He had never experienced anything like this before.

Before long, Olivier inserted a finger inside Lukas. Lukas gasped, and his body responded by clasping his sphincter around the object forcing its way in.

"Relax, baby," Olivier said, rubbing Lukas' stomach.

Olivier worked his finger in and out in his attempt to open Lukas wide enough to be able to insert his French meat into his teammate. Lukas continued to moan and clenched his toes together. This was an amazing feeling. Olivier was gentle, but at the same time, very assertive. He held Lukas' body with a firm grasp.

After about five minutes (which seemed like an eternity to Lukas), Olivier managed to work three fingers into Lukas and felt he was ready. Lukas was leaking precum like crazy, but the pleasure he was getting from being fingered distracted him from realizing that Olivier had not once touched his cock. And Olivier didn't want to!

Olivier got off his knees and leaned up and kissed Lukas, who surprisingly kissed him back passionately. He took his clothes off and straddled the bench, lining his cock up with Lukas' hole.

He pushed in. Lukas cursed and clenched his sphincter.

"Relax, Lukas. I'm not going to hurt you."

He continued to slide in, inch by inch, until all eight inches of uncircumcised French cock was snug inside the warm Polish hole. "Fuck, you're tight!" Olivier thought to himself. Lukas wasn't lying. He most definitely was a virgin in this aspect.

Lukas whimpered from the feeling which was, to him, a strange mix of both pain and pleasure. Olivier rubbed his hands all over the smaller man's body. He couldn't believe he was finally fucking Lukas Podolski, one of the greatest football players of all time, a married man, and father of a young son. He grinned when he thought about that last fact. Here was Lukas lying on his back with another man inside of him, and this time tomorrow, he would be at home probably putting his son to sleep.

Olivier got back to the issue at hand and started pumping inside Lukas. The Polish man's body had finally relaxed and got over the initial pain of being penetrated. Olivier, complying with the stereotypical model of French men, didn't simply fuck Lukas; he made love to him. He kissed him passionately, whispered in and playfully bit his ears, sucked on his neck and nipples...this was pure lovemaking, and again, something Lukas had never experienced.

"You're so beautiful, baby. So so beautiful," Olivier whispered in Lukas' ear.

"Umph, ahhh," Lukas grunted.

"Will you have my baby?" Olivier whispered affectionately in his partner's ear.

"I don't want to get pregnant!" Lukas managed to make a joke and lighten the mood. Olivier laughed and shoved his tongue down his mouth.

Just a few more minutes passed, and Lukas could feel Olivier's cock get even harder (if that was possible), and his thrusting slowed down. He knew what was coming. Olivier collapsed on top of Lukas and moaned loudly in his ear. His cock was pumping out load after load of thick creamy baby making cum. Lukas could feel the liquid shoot out of his teammate and deep into his body. If he were a woman, he would most certainly have gotten pregnant from this.

Olivier was dripping sweat onto the Polish man and panting like crazy. Lukas had his arms around his teammates back and just stared up at the ceiling, feeling good and satisfied, but also confused, and even somewhat embarrassed about what he had just done. He felt Olivier go limp, and the French sausage slid out of his hole, bringing some of the now watery cum out with it. He clenched his anus, now feeling empty inside. He almost wanted Olivier to stick his cock back inside him.

The Frenchman climbed off his teammate and wiped the sweat from his body with Lukas' towel. Lukas sat up on the bench and admired the man who had just taken his anal virginity and awaken him to an entirely new sexual experience. Olivier stared back at Lukas before kissing him again.

"How do you feel?"

"Ja, I'm okay. How about you? Do you feel better?" Lukas asked.

"Oui, monsieur. You're a good man."


"So, um, will you be coming over to Theo's room for a drink with us?" Lukas asked.

"Peut-etre. Maybe. Can I come back to your room afterwards?"

"Oh, Olivier, I don't..."

"Shhh." Olivier cut Lukas off with a final passionate kiss.

"Let's see what happens," he whispered in Lukas' ear.

-The End-

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