This is a (hopefully) erotic story written based on the television show Glee by Fox. No copyright infringements intended. Do not read if you are not of the proper age where you live. It should be noted that this has never happened on the show, nor is it likely that it happened in real life.

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Glee is Opening Yourself Up To Joy

How It Began

After a long, tiring football practice, the team was ready to hit the showers. Quarterback stud Finn, however, always avoided showering with the team. "I'll catch up with you guys later," he'd often find himself saying. The reason was, lately he'd been noticing guys more and more. He wasn't gay though, he'd reassure himself- he knew how smoking hot Quinn was, and even his new flame Rachel was... in her own way. Still, noticing the hot, tight wet bodies of his teammates was starting to get to him. At first he thought maybe it was just a phase- comparing his body to those of his teammates. But it just kept happening.

"Finn...? Is that you?" a light voice shouted from down the school hallway. "Crap," thought Finn. It was Mr. Schu, his Spanish teacher and showchoir director. "Yeah, it's me," Finn said, approaching the teacher. "Why aren't you out on the field practicing?"

"We just finished up. The teams showering, but I uh... well, I'm self conscious about my body, so I usually wait around the school for them to finish up so I can shower." Mr. Schu laughed silently to himself. Mr. Schu used to love showering with the other guys when he was in high school- showing off his perfect body always felt amazing. This flashback made Mr. Schu's penis start to twitch in his pants. "Hey Finn...," Mr. Schu said, an idea coming over him, "how about you step into my office? There are some songs I've picked out for us, and I'd like your opinion."

"Uhh, yeah sure" Finn said, oblivious to Mr. Schus idea.

The two of them walked silently into Mr. Schu's office. Mr. Schu's heart was pounding in his chest. What was he doing?! Making moves on a student? He couldn't stop now though. He was far too horny, and Finn, though not too bright, was so handsome...

Mr. Schu sat down, picked up a pencil and circled a group of song names written down on a piece of paper.

"What do you think of these, Finn?"

"Uhh... yeah they're good, Mr. Schu," Finn replied nervously.

Alone in a somewhat dark room with his teacher... this was starting to get Finn a bit horny too. He hoped he wouldn't get too horny though, but it was too late. Finn's penis began to get hard. Mr. Shu smirked to himself as he saw Finn's junk through his tight jeans.

"Uhh... Finn?"

"Oh shit... uh... sorry Mr. Schu, I..."

Will hesitated, then took the pencil he was holding and traced the eraser end around the outline of Finn's erection through his jeans. Finn gasped, half in shock and half in pleasure.

"Mr. Schu! What..?"

Will Schuester just held a finger to his own lips as if to say "Shh!," and reached two fingers down and unzipped Finn's jeans slowly. Now Finn's heart was pounding. "I shouldn't do this... but I can't help myself! This is so hot!," Finn thought to himself. Finn was about to have his first sexual experience, and it was with a male teacher. He couldn't be more excited.

Mr. Schu then slid two fingers into Finn's jeans, found the opening in his boxers, slid his two fingers there, and brought Finn's warm, tightening penis out into the opening. Finn moaned quietly. "Is this ok, Finn? Do you like this?"

"Oh, yeah Mr. Schu, please don't stop now..."

Mr. Schu grinned. He himself hadn't messed around with another guy since high school.

Finn's penis was a good 7.5 inches and uncircumcised. Mr. Schu took a minute to just look at it from top to bottom, then picked up his pencil again. He rubbed the eraser end down Finn's now throbbing shaft, and then twirled it around the foreskin. Finn moaned again, and started to sweat lightly. Mr. Schu let the pencil get under Finn's foreskin, and rubbed it around. Finn was in heaven. Mr. Schu then stood up and looked through the blinds to make sure that nobody was coming. Closing the blinds behind him, he then unbuttoned Finn's jeans and let them fall to his ankles. He put his hands tightly on Finn's hips and took Finn's first male kiss. Mr. Schu pulled back slowly to see Finn smiling like a goof. Finn looked down to see the tent in his own exposed boxers, then grinned at Mr. Schu, who smiled back. It was about to be an interesting afternoon.

Suddenly, there was a violent knock on the door.