The Goode Family

Ubuntu's Football Trip
Chapter 1: A quarterbacks Best Friend

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Its 3 pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Greenville when Ubuntu comes running through the door of the Goode house.

Helen: Ubuntu did you run all the way here you look exhausted.

Ubuntu: tell you guys...the good news. (Ubuntu Sais while struggling for breath)

Helen: Well?

Ubuntu: We won! The football game. We get to go to the state championship!

Gerald: That's great Ubuntu.

Ubuntu: Yea. Its next week in Bryerville.

Gerald:  Byerville isn't that about 4 hours away.

Ubuntu: Oh yea I almost forgot the best part, the entire team is going to be staying overnight in Bryerville! I can't wait! I think ill got pack now!

Ubuntu goes running off.

                          The scene skips to late that night. Gerald and Helen are talking in their bedroom.

Helen: What wrong you look worried? Is this about the football trip?

Gerald: It's just Ubuntu's so gentle spirited, I'm worried the other kids might take advantage of him. Those football types can be very rough.

Helen: Gerald you have nothing to worry about. Football players treat each other with respect it's all the other kids not on the team that they treat badly.

Gerald: Well you are the expert. If Ubuntu thinks he can handle it then I guess its ok.

                              The scene skips to Friday morning as Ubuntu is leaving for the game about to get on the bus.

Ubuntu: I'm gonna miss you dad.

Gerald: It's only for a few days Ubuntu. Now go out there and win for me.

Ubuntu: I won't let you down!

                             Ubuntu gets on the bus sitting next to his quarterback Tom Ryan and spends the next 4 hours laughing and joking around with the guys. They occasionally make fun of his dopy nature but he takes it in stride knowing they are just horsing around. Finally the bus pulls up to the hotel in Bryerville. All the students wait on the curb while the coach goes inside the hotel to get the keys.

Coach: Okay line up in groups of 2 and come up for you room assignments.

Ubuntu feels someone tapping on his shoulder and turns around to see Tom his quarterback.

Tom: Hey how bout we share a room.

Ubuntu: Really you want to share a room with me! (Ubuntu Sais excitedly)
Tom: Yea why not. Out of all the people here you are the most important to my game my wingman. We really ought to get to know each other better.

The both of them walked up to the coach to get their room assignment (room 49) and are told to meet at 7:30 PM in the lobby for dinner.  Being 4:30 the 2 boys went upstairs horsing around with the rest of the football team for the next 3 hours playing truth or dare and wrestling with each other.

At 7:30 they all met in the lobby and where taken to a huge dinner buffet in one of the hotels banquet rooms. To Ubuntu's surprise there was a large vegan section in the buffet and he enjoyed himself very much. About an hour later the coach crowded everyone together again and told them to go straight to bed as they had to be up early tomorrow for the game.

The boys headed upstairs and to their rooms. Ubuntu went into his suitcase taking out a bunch of different articles before entering the bathroom to shower. Tom just stripped down to his boxers and watched TV.

30 minutes later Ubuntu exited the bathroom wearing his footy pajamas with the red trucks on them and Tom couldn't help but laugh.

Ubuntu: What's so funny?

Tom: I don't think I've ever seen anyone over 4 wear those things.

Ubuntu: Well there warm and cozy. They feel great! Why don't you try it? (Ubuntu says starting to unbutton the pajamas.)

Tom: No way man!

Ubuntu: Common I can tell you want to. I won't tell anyone if that's what you're worried about.

Tom: How can I be so sure?

Ubuntu: You said it yourself I'm your wingman and I would never betray your trust. So what you say?

Tom: Well okay.

Ubuntu: Your goanna love em (ubuntu says with a big smile).

Tom: You have another pair?

Ubuntu: No why?

Tom: I can't take them from you. What you goanna wear.

Ubuntu throws him the sleeper and said "that's ok I'm fine wearing  this" pointing to the white briefs and trademark black shirt with the Africa shaped flag on it.

Tom puts on the sleeper and to his surprise it's actually pretty comfortable. He falls into a little trance as he stares at the huge bulge in Ubuntu's briefs trying to imagine the penis underneath.

Ubuntu: Comfortable Hugh?

Tom: Uugh yea there great! Thanks so much.

Ubuntu: Id new you'd like them! Now we better get to sleep before coach gets mad.

Since there is only one bed in the room Ubuntu begins to make up a space on the floor.

Tom: What are you doing?

Ubuntu: Making a space for me to sleep.

Tom: You don't have to sleep on the floor! Come and sleep with me.

Ubuntu: Really! Thanks so much your awesome!

Ubuntu climbs up into the bed with Tom. As Tom's body rubs agents his and his boner starts to grow he makes a decision to show Ubuntu a few new things.

Tom: Hey Ubuntu?

Ubuntu: Yea?

Tom: I want to try some things with you. Things that will make you feel real good but I'm not sure if I should.

Ubuntu: They feel real good Hugh?

Tom: Yea.

Ubuntu: Let's do them!

Tom: Really.

Ubuntu: Yea.

Tom: Great. Ok Ubuntu. Things might seem a little weird at first but you just have to trust me ok?

Ubuntu: Ok.

Tom reaches for Ubuntu's underwear but when he starts to pull them down Ubuntu objects.

Tom: What's wrong?

Ubuntu: It's just my dad used to tell me what's under my underwear is my business and I should keep it that way.

Tom: Listen you just gotta trust me that I have your best interest in mind. I trusted you now it's time for you to trust me.

Ubuntu: Well I guess that makes sense.

Tom pulls off Ubuntu's briefs and is surprised at how big Ubuntu is down there. His balls are huge and his uncut penis is a strait 6 inches soft! And it's all coated nicely with a think layer of peach fuzz.

Tom: Dam. They weren't kidding when they said you had the biggest jock in the locker room. Now just try to relax Ubuntu. Your really goanna like this part.

Tom pulls back Ubuntu's foreskin and just as Ubuntu is about to protest Tom opens up his mouth and swallows Ubuntu's penis in one motion.

Ubuntu is overcome with feelings of pleasure as tom swallows his penis. Any feelings of doubt or apprehension are gone as Ubuntu falls deeper and deeper into orgasmic pleasure.

Ubuntu begins to feel pressure build up at the base of his penis and gets the sudden urge of having to pee real bad. He tries to warm Tom but before he knows it the pressure travels up his penis shooting out the head. Ubuntu spasms and for a few seconds is in a fantastic place of happy and joy before coming back down to earth remembering what he did.

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