Disclaimer: This fictional story. I do not know the sexual orientations of Haley Joel Osment, young actor, or Billy Gilman, young country star. This story details sexual acts and encounters, so if homosexual acts offend you, do not read any further. Again, if it is illegal in your city or state to read stories of this nature: DO NOT CONTINUE. You have been warned.

Haley Joel Osment's birthday was coming up, while he sat at home, his mother came to him and asked whether he was going to have a party. He replied, "No." When asked why, he stated he wanted a peaceful birthday at home. While changing radio stations on his stereo, he came upon, the young country star, Billy Gilman singing "There's a Hero". He had always been attracted to Billy, but in the acting business, no one could know that you were gay, or you life would be destroyed. He called back to his mother and said that he would have one person over. He picked up the phone and called his agent, who gave him Billy's number.


"Is this Billy?"


"It's Haley Osment."

"Wow, hey, long time. How's everything?"

"It's good. I was wondering if you would care to come over this weekend?"

"Yeah that would be great. I'll fly, can you pick me up at the airport?"


"Great. I'll fly out Friday morning."

"Ok. See ya there."

Billy Gilman hung up the phone. He could not believe that his favorite actor had invited him to a birthday party. Billy had just turned 16, and not even thought about inviting another celebrity, just some family and friends. Billy's hard cock pulsated through his jeans. He told his parents and started to pack his suitcase.

The Next Day, Haley and Billy arrive home at 5:30pm

Haley and Billy had talked about music and movies all day long. Billy was unpacking as Haley looked over Billy's hot body. The young country star turned around.

"You were looking at my butt, weren't you," Billy smiled.

"No, I'm not a fag."

"They why were you staring at my ass?"

"I was looking at my alarm clock. Do you want to go in the pool?"


"But first, watch this."

"What is it," Billy asked?

"You'll see", and a mischievous grin was the only answer he

could get.

Haley switched on TV on the stand at the foot of his bed, and popped and unmarked videotape into the VCR. Billy plopped down on the bed as Haley started up the tape, which hadn't been rewound and was somewhere in the middle. Almost instantly the room was filled with deep groaning and Billy's mouth dropped open as he saw some guy with what looked like about an 8" dick ramming it into a woman doggie style. The guy pulled out and the camera focused in as the cum went flying all over her back.. Haley smiled at Billy's astonishment.

"Where did you get this from??" he wanted to know.

"Oh, from a friend, just don't tell anyone, ok? I'll get in so much trouble if my parents find out."

Billy shifted uncomfortably as his underwear all of a sudden seemed to get a little tighter. They watched the rest of the video for about 10 minutes.. Billy felt his temperature (among other things) rising quickly.

"Is it hot in here?" he asked.

"Well, why don't we go swimming in the pool in the backyard?"

said Haley, giving a quick glance at the expanded area at the front of Billy's jeans.

"Oh yah, you told me to bring my swimsuit.. Shit, I forgot."

"I might have something you can wear here," Haley told him, as he rifled through his unorganized clothes drawer. "How about this?" He tossed Billy a pair of bikini briefs that he had started outgrowing.

"These??" Billy said. "They look too small even for you!" he said as he held them up.

"Sorry, all I got" Haley told him with a grin. "What's-a-matter, afraid it'll cut off circulation to important areas?" Haley took his swimwear to the bathroom and came back wearing a pair of colorful bermudas.

Billy had tried to change as quick as possible, so as not to look foolish struggling to pull on the oh-so-tight trunks. He was laying on his stomach on the bed waiting for Haley, wearing only the swimsuit, and trying to control his boner, left over from watching the video and which was stubbornly refusing to go down.

"C'mon, let's go" Haley told him.

"Ok... pass me a towel first"

"Why, is there something wrong?" Haley asked, wearing an expression that made it obvious he knew exactly what was wrong.

"You shit head!" Billy said with a smirk. "You did this to me on


Haley told him, "You know you want to get off, just like the guy in that video", and sat down on the bed next to him

"No way fag!" Billy said, and gave him a friendly push. To do so, he had to lean over on his side, showing the big bulge in his suit, his dick almost poking out the top.

"Yeah, right", Haley said. "And what's this then?" He put his hand on Billy's bulge and gave it a squeeze, making Billy gasp with pleasure. Haley listened to Billy's response.. all of a sudden he dropped his playful attitude and looked at Haley seriously, his bright blue eyes filled with lust and need.

"Oh Haley, I want you to.." He didn't finish, but instead, Haley pulled Billy's suit down to his thighs, and his big 5" dick popped up, begging to be paid attention to. Billy was in another world as Haley wrapped his hand around his throbbing dick and moved

it up and down a few times. Billy moved to a sitting position, and looked down to watch Haley's hand pumping away at his hard shaft. It didn't take very long before he was ready to explode, and he began writhing uncontrollably and groaning; he reached out

and grabbed Haley's leg just as he shot a big glob of cum, almost hitting Haley's TV set. His eyes were closed as he moaned and shot out load after load, the last few squirts landing on Haley's bare legs and covering the hand he'd been jacking Billy with.

Billy opened his eyes, amazed at what the two of them had just done. Haley looked at him, a little surprised at how much cum there was.

"Alright!" he said. "We better get cleaned up.. and the best way is to go to the pool. Here, see if this suit will fit now", he said with a grin.

Billy slipped into it more easily this time, not saying very much. They went down to the backyard, wondering whether they should talk about what had just happened.

"How warm is the water?" Billy asked.

"Not sure, why don't you test it out?"

Billy leaned down at the edge, and stuck his fingers in.

"What a dumb fuck!," Haley thought to himself happily. "I can't believe he fell for that one", and with that, did the obvious and gave Billy a little shove.

Billy came up spluttering. "You're gonna pay!", he yelled, pulling himself up out of the pool and grabbing Haley playfully. Haley was no match, and quickly found himself submerged as well.

"Ha ha ha, you deserved it for turning your back on me, you should know better than that!", he giggled. The two began wresting in the waist-deep water, their wet bodies sliding against each other. All of a sudden they realized they were both getting very hard again.. Billy looked down, and saw that Haley Bermudas were tented out where his crotch was.

"Ha, I know what you want!" His hands traveled down Haley's tan body from his shoulders to his hips, then suddenly flipped Haley around and pushed him up against the side of the pool.

"Hey! What are you doing??," Haley shouted as Billy grabbed at the waistband of his bermudas and slipped them down.

"Hold still, you'll like it", Billy told him.

Haley suddenly felt a point of warmth on his butt, just under the water, where Billy was pressing his rock-hard boner. Haley braced himself against the poolside, as Billy slowly moved his hardon between the cheeks of Haley's soft, rounded butt. Billy

guided his dick to Haley's hole, then grabbed onto his hips and gave a soft push. Haley sucked in his breath as he felt Billy slide up inside him. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but then he pushed his butt back to try and help Billy get in deeper.

Very soon Billy was almost totally out of control.. he held onto Haley's hips and pumped himself in and out of the young actor boy faster, splashing up the water between their bodies. He reached around to Haley's front, where he felt what was a very hard

almost-6" dick sticking out and up. Haley gasped at the feel of Billy's handling his dick. Billy jacked him hard few times, feeling all around and reaching underneath to play with his balls. He continued sliding his hard penis in and out, getting faster again, as he kept his hand wrapped around Haley's boner. Soon it was just too much for him; Billy let out an

"OOOooooohhhhhh", and almost passed out as he began to pump his sperm deep into Haley. Billy was seized up, and emptying his balls into Haley's butt, when at almost the same time Haley had his orgasm too, and let loose a large white cloud of cum in the

water in front of him. The two boys were locked together for a moment, unable to move, as they groaned with their release. As their spasming started dying down, they gasped for breath.. they stood there for a minute, as Billy's cut dick finally slipped from Haley's butt.

"Wow" They looked at each other, and swished away the sticky globs of cum floating in the water. A devilish grin was Haley's only warning, as Billy shoved his head down into the water again, right into one of the globs. Billy duty bound to retaliate, of course, so they were soon splashing the water all over each other, ignoring the fact they were both still naked.

They played around in the pool for another hour, their dicks flopping around as they took turns diving into the water. Eventually they got bored, and decided to dry off in the sauna, their swimsuits lying forgotten at the bottom of the pool. They sat down on their towels, under the warm yellow light in the sauna. There was silence for a moment as they lay there, letting the heat evaporate the water off their skin.

"Haley... when you.. um, well, did that stuff to me after we watched the video.. what were you going to say you wanted me to do?"

Haley looked away, a little embarrassed; despite what the boys had already done, he felt uncomfortable revealing the serious side of himself. It was sometimes easier to be a smart ass and act like you were just fooling around.

"Well... I really like you, Billy.. I can't talk about this stuff to other people. I liked what we did before.."

"Me too", Billy said, equally seriously. He leaned over the edge of the wooden bench he was lying on, and looked at Haley lying on the one below. "But what was it you wanted me to do?"

"I just sort of thought it might be cool if we could... Come down here and I'll show you." He grabbed Billy's arm and pulled him down on top of himself.

Billy grinned at the impatience, his dick between Haley's legs. Haley grinned back, the tension gone. He flipped around, skewing the towel, so he could be on top; he pinned Billy down as if he were some sort of enemy he had just conquered. They looked

into each other's face, their heads quite close, and found the urge to bring them closer together impossible to resist. Before either one of them realized what was happening, they were kissing passionately, enjoying the feel of each other's lips. Their

semi hard dicks got even bigger, as they continued exploring each other's mouth. Haley slid down a little bit, so he could kiss Billy's smooth, somewhat muscular chest. As he did so, his hard dick slipped into the space between Billy's inner thighs. Haley groaned as he felt the friction on his penis, and moved up and down a few times as he gave Billy's chest a few licks. He couldn't stop himself, and he just lay there thrusting his dick

between Billy's thighs. Billy shuddered as he felt Haley's stiff pole occasionally rub up against the underside of his balls and his sparse pubic hair tickling them; he bent his

head down and kissed Billy again.

There was no sound in the sauna except for the heavy breathing, and the sound of hips slapping against thighs at an increasing pace. Both boys were covered in a glistening layer of sweat, and Haley felt the pressure in his crotch rising, as Billy's tongue slipped into his mouth. Just as he thought he was about to go out of his mind, he started trembling violently, went rigid, and began spewing his hot white seed all over between

Billy's legs. Billy held Haley and kissed him as he was cumming; Haley gasped at the force of his ejaculation.

Then they relaxed a little, and listened as the cum dripped from Billy's legs, to the bench, between the wooden slats, and made *plop* sounds on the floor. After a moment, Billy felt Haley's hands on the top of his head, gently pushing him down farther. Billy inched down, until he passed Haley chest, and his face was just above where

Haley's rock-hard boner was laying on a small patch of dark hair, and pointing up toward his belly. Billy felt it, then held it as though measuring it for length, his hand

wrapped around the base. He gave it a little lick along the shaft, as he had to Haley's chest; then touched the head to his lips, and slid the tip past them. He worked about half the length into his mouth. Then he looked up and grinned at Haley's look of ecstasy, his mouth rounded out by the dick in it, and showing little dimples at the corners. Billy bobbed his head up and down, trying to get more of Haley into his throat. He used

one hand to play with the balls underneath his chin, and held Haley's dick at the base with the other. Haley was turning a little red in the face; he placed his hands on Billy's head again, and watched as his boner slid in and out between Billy's lips.

After a few moments, Billy could tell that Haley was close; he wanted to bring Haley off very badly, and moved up and down as far as he could. Just then Haley let out a loud moan. Billy, in anticipation, moved up a little too far, and Haley's dick popped out of his mouth. The cream geyser erupted, hitting Billy squarely in his face. He was stunned for a second, as the warm liquid coated his nose and cheeks. Then he went back down on Haley in time to catch the last few spurts in his mouth.

"Ha Ha Ha!," Haley laughed as he looked down at his cum dripping from Billy's mouth and cheeks in long strands. Billy swallowed what was in his mouth.

"Hey, you almost took my eye out with that!", he smiled, Haley's juices running out between his lips as he spoke.

Haley got up and put Billy's legs over his head. He slowly inserted his boy actor's dick into the country star's tight hole. Billy moaned.

"Fuck me!"

Haley started to ram Bill's ass. The sweat poured off of both of them. The sauna room as filled with words like, "fuck" and "tight hole".

Haley continued to fuck Billy's ass.

"God your ass is so tight. MMmmmmm. I love it."

Haley who had been working out, picked up Billy and switched spots. Haley was now on his back while Billy impaled himself on Haley's hot teenage dick. Haley thrusted his cock upward.

"I'm gonna cummmmmm," and with that he grabbed Billy by the hips, and slammed him down on his cock as he shot four loads of boy cum in Billy. Haley reached over and grabbed Billy's cock as he jerked it, without stopping.

"FUCCCCKKKKKK," Billy blew three long wads that covered Haley's body and face.

Billy collapsed on Haley.

"Happy Birthday, sexy," Billy said shoving his tongue deep into Haley's mouth. They lay still for several minutes, exhausted after a having had a combined total of five orgasms in less than 2 hours. They cleaned each other up with the towels, and wiped all the cum off the bench and the floor. The swimsuits were retrieved from the bottom of the pool, and they smiled as they headed inside, knowing they would be spending a lot of time with each other this weekend.

-The End

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