Disclaimer: This fictional story. I do not know the sexual orientations of Haley Joel Osment and Joseph Mazello, young actors, or Billy Gilman, young country star. This story details sexual acts and encounters, so if homosexual acts offend you, do not read any further. Again, if it is illegal in your city or state to read stories of this nature: DO NOT CONTINUE. You have been warned.

While Billy has asleep next to Haley, thoughts ran through Haley's head as he wanted more cock and more ass. He picked up his phone directory and thumbed through them in the dim lamp light. Aaron Carter? Stevie Brock? Jesse McCartney? Blake Foster, Devon Workhieser? Joseph Mazello, yes. He remembered Joey from Jurassic Park as Tim, and from The River Wild. Billy felt the bed move, he woke up as Haley was on the phone.

"Who are you calling," Billy said groggily?

"Hold on."

"Joey, it's Haley."

"Uh huh. Yeah. Thank you, just another day older, want to come over for my birthday party tomorrow, parents are gone for the weekend. I have my limo driver. Billy Gilman. Yeah. He's hot. Of course, ok. See ya tomorrow morning.

"Who was that," Billy asked Haley.

"We're going to have another person over, Joey Mazello."

"Are you sure you want other person over?"

"Don't worry Billy, I have a plan. Just trust me, OK?"

Haley turned of the lamp, as the both snuggled together, and drifted off to sleep. The next morning, Billy and Haley jumped into the shower with their boxer briefs on. In unspoken agreement, Billy turned the water on while Haley removed both his and Billy's swim trunks. Both boys were sporting erections. Billy went on his knees and started to fondle Haley's balls while taking the cute cock into his mouth. He knew this would be a quickie. Billy sucked hard while Haley let the water run the dried cum and chlorine from his skin. It didn't take long for either to work its magic. In a less than a minute Billy felt the cock in his mouth pulsate and spurt six times releasing the sweet, creamy liquid on his taste buds. He savored the taste for a few seconds before swallowing it all. He slowly removed his lips from Haley's boyhood and stood up. The two switched positions in the shower so Billy could clean himself up. Now Haley went down to his knees and started sucking on Billy's 5 1/2 incher. Billy was so hot that it only took seconds before his cock was squirting its juice down Haley's mouth. A quickie, indeed. In less than five minutes both boys were cleared of chlorine and had a mutual blowjob.

Without bothering to dry themselves, the two grabbed the clothes they

had thrown on the bed earlier and hastily dressed themselves. They sprinted down stairs to the living room, just as a limo pulled into the driveway.

"Well, it looks like you two have been busy," Joseph Mazello, was a blonde hair boy, about 5'11", with brown eyes. He had a small frame, but was built.

They agreed that they would go play basketball in the basement of Osment Manison. Haley vs. Billy vs. Joey, a triple threat, first one to 14 wins. The final score after 2 hrs, ended up with Billy 8, Haley 12, and Joey 14.

"Man, I'm sore all over. That was brutal game, but it was sweet," Billy commented.

"Yeah. You know, that hot tub outside is looking really good now." Haley said as he stripped off to put on his still wet swim trunks.

"I'm with Haley, you coming, Joey?" Billy chimed in. He was already in

his trunks.

"Yeah, wait up." Joey pulled out a pair of dark green speedos from the

drawer and proceeded to take off his clothes. His soft three inch uncut dick hung between a set of walnut sized balls. Haley thought again about how much he'd like to have all of that in his mouth.

"OK, let's go. Should we see if the girls want to join us," Haley joked?

"Nah," they all joked.

Even though it was only 3pm and there was still light out, they started to talk about upcoming events, movie auditions, and concerts.

"It's cool that you get the entire place to yourselves," Billy said as he slid into the hot water. "Ahhh, that feels about as good as jacking off."

Haley gave Billy a warning glance. Joey just laughed. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Hey, want to go skinny dipping? No one else is out here and we can put our suits back on if anyone comes walking in, which I doubt."

Haley gave Billy his best "trust me" look. "OK. Sounds cool, Joey?"

"Yeah. I guess so," Haley said as he too took off his trunks.

"Hey, Billy, mind giving me a message? I'm sore all over. I'll return the favor."

"Uh, sure."

Billy moved over so that his back was facing Joey. Haley caught on to

what Billy was doing. "Hey, I want a message too. You want to get into

a circle so I can do Joey and Haley you can do me?"

"Good idea. Scoot over, Joey."

Haley moved behind Joey and Billy moved so that the three formed a small circle. Haley was finding it hard to control is dick as he touched the well tanned back of beautiful actor. Joey was all knotted up. Haley gently kneaded the muscles trying to get the knots out of them. Joey moaned softly as Haley felt some of the knots go away under his tender touch. It was getting hard to concentrate on Joey as Billy was sending down waves of pleasures on his back. All three boys were moaning softly now. Haley noticed that Joey and Billy had hardons as well. There was little massaging going on now. Billy let his hands drop from Haley's back onto Haley's almost six inch cock and started jumping. Haley took the hint and went for Joey's uncut cock which was about the same size as his. The young Jurassic Park actor made no

sounds of protest as he reached for Billy's.

The heat from the hot water served only to intensify the feeling. Up and down the hands went and the boys' breathing got faster and faster. Haley felt he was close and gently removed Billy's hand from his cock. He wanted to save it for a little later. Haley could Joey was just about ready to shoot as the boy's hairless chest was heaving up and down rapidly. He took a deep breath and dove under the water. Haley put his mouth around Joey's cock just as it started shooting. Burst after burst of sweet cum flooded into his mouth. It went on for about thirty seconds as Haley held both his breath and the cum in his mouth. The shooting stopped and Haley surfaced being careful only to breath in through his nose. He wanted to savor the taste of the cum he'd waited several years since seeing the young actor in many movies.

Joey had never felt anything so good before. He'd secretly wanted Haley

even when Haley was in the sixth sense. Now to have this incredibly hot boy jack him off and then consummate it with a blow was simply incredible. He wanted to return the favor and noticed that Billy had stopped jacking Haley. Joey reached out with his hand and grabbed hold of Haley's still raging hardon. It took two seconds for Haley to feel the rush from his testicles. Joey could tell that Haley was ready

right after he touched Haley's cock. He decided to return the favor and

dove under the water as well. He'd noticed that after surfacing Haley

only breathed through his nose which indicated that Haley still had cum

in his mouth. Joey duplicated the deed. Then, with a smile on his face,

he pulled Haley into a bear hug. Simultaneously both boys opened their

mouths into a French kiss and exchanged tongues and cum. The kiss lasted for a minute after which both boys swallowed the mixed love juice.

It was then that Joey remembered Billy was in the tub with them. He

turned, half-expecting Billy get out of the hot tub, but Billy was watching with a huge grin on his face. The country star still hadn't shot his load yet and was enjoying two of his best friends share each other. Haley looked at Joey and dove under the water. He locked his lips around Billy's dick and started sucking. After his air ran out, he surfaced. Joey then took over. Billy started shooting the second Mazello engulfed his cock for the third time. Joey swallowed it all. It took a minute for Billy to shoot his entire load.

Guy surfaced out of breath. "Man, that was so hot."

"Yeah, I could use another." Haley said pointing to his dick, which had

recovered already.

"Guys, let's get under control and head back to the house where it's

more private," Billy suggested.

Haley and Joseph agreed. The boys put on their suits and headed up to the house.

Billy opened the door followed closely behind by Haley with Joey

bringing up the rear. Joey shut the door carefully. Billy turned on the

water in the tub. Haley shucked off his trunks. Joey followed suit and

Billy wasn't far behind. All three were hard as the swimwear came off.

It took a few minutes for the shower to warm up. Haley pushed a button on the shower as two electronic seats slide out of a hiding slot. Haley set the timer and joined his birthday lovers.

The warm, water was just a soothing as the hot tub outside. "Who's

first?" Billy asked.

"I think Joey should be first. We've had a whole day together yesterday," Haley smiled.

"Good point. All right Joey, you ready?"

The wide grin on Joey's face was answer enough. Billy pulled Joey

forward so that only his face was above the water. Haley started working on the chest and nipples while Billy started on the feet. Adam rubbed Joey's shoulders and chest while occasionally stopping to pinch the nickel sized nipples. Billy massaged Joey's calves and quads moving his hand up to stroke Joey's cock. The slow, gentle treatment put Joe in heaven. His muscles were relaxing and he felt his entire body sink into bliss. Soft moans started escaping out of Joseph's lips. They turned Joey over. Billy started on the back as Haley moved down to the legs. This time, Haley only used one hand on Joey's legs as he alternated from left to right. He extended the index finger on his other hand and stuck it into Joey's asshole.

Joey felt the pressure of Haley's finger on his sphincter and a second

later felt it slide into him. Then he felt the finger leave his butt.

Haley extended his middle finger as well and pushed the two into Joey's


"Ugggh. That feels so good. Don't stop." Joseph Mazello managed to moan.

Billy had worked a miracle on Joey's back as all the knots seemed to

disappear. Haley's fingers were sending waves of pleasure into his body. He could feel the pressure building in his cock. Haley and Billy seemed to sense it as well and stopped working on Joey's backside. Again they turned him around. This time instead of changing places, Haley sat on Joey's hardon.

"Happy Birthday Haley," Joey managed to say.

At the same time Billy started sucking on a nipple with his left hand going to the other nipple and his right going down to Joey's balls. Haley was riding Joey's cock up and down, Joey couldn't stand it any more, that was all it took for him to release his load into Haley's butt.

Joey held Haley in him for another minute as his cock deflated.

"Wow! That was truly the best I've ever felt. I guess I need to return the favor. You're next, Billy. Where do you want to start?"

"Well, I could use a massage, but go slowly. Right now, all I'd have to

do is touch it and I'd shoot. I really want this to last for a while."

"OK Haley, let's get to it." Billy closed his eyes as he felt the hands

of the hot teenage boy actor start to work on the muscles of his body.

"You guys set me up for this didn't you?"

"Well, it was mostly Haley's idea. I just sorta went along when he

suggested you stay with us. He's known I've wanted you for quite a while now, and we've been doing stuff ever since I first joined the ducks. I wasn't sure how you'd take it, being so close to straight and all."

"It's pathetic. Every time I have to go home and jack off I almost get caught, and then I won't do anything. But to tell you the truth, I've been wanting you ever since."

"Yeah." Haley replied continuing to work his way slowly up Billy's


"It's great isn't it?" Joey figured that Billy had his rest and started

on the nipples. "How's that Billy?"

"Mmmmmm. Great." Was all Billy could mutter.

"Think we should turn him over?"

"I guess." All of a sudden, the shower stopped. Joey turned

Billy over while Haley went to reset the timer. "Let me work on his

back and you work on the other parts. You haven't had a chance to go

exploring his body yet. I've had lots." Haley grinned at Joey.

"Sure." Joey parted Billy's cheeks and started rubbing his asshole.

Billy was starting to moan louder.

"I'm close again. Slow down, Joey." Billy mumbled.

Joey stopped. Haley continued his ministrations on Billy's back for a

few more minutes. "I think it's time to make this country singer shoot. Let me suck him since you got his first load." The two rolled Billy over on his back again. The tip of Billy's cock was jumping as the water droplets doused his mushroom head. Haley started licking the head while Joey started on the cute dime sized nipples again. It took a minute of this before Billy thrust upwards deep into Haley's mouth. Haley engulfed the pulsating organ. Six spurts later, Billy was done. Haley took a moment to savor the taste before swallowing most of it. In an impulsive move, he pulled Joey into a French kiss sharing the little bit of cum that remained in his mouth.

Billy opened his eyes. "I feel so much better now. My muscles aren't

as sore anymore." The water had also cooled a lot since they first got

into the tub. "I think we should give our birthday boy his reward in


It took one look into the soft blue eyes and matted brown hair for Haley to give in. He reset the timer to zero. The boys dried themselves off quickly and Billy pulled back the covers and took a butler like stance welcoming Haley into the full sized bed.

"You know, Joey, I don't think we'll be needing a sleeping bag tonight."

Joey laughed. "I think you may be right."

Haley took advantage of Billy's welcoming gesture to move onto the soft bed. Billy rolled Haley onto his stomach. Billy resumed the message that began what seemed like ages ago in the hot tub. Joey worked on the calves while tentatively bowing his head down to lick Haley's asshole. Message first, fun later, really was the motto for the three since they all knew firsthand how knotted muscles could get after practice. And since Haley was the birthday boy, it only seemed fair he'd get more attention.

"A little lower Billy." Billy moved down to what felt like a

particularly nasty knot.

"That's it." Five minutes later, Joey had found and loosened all the knots on Haley's lower body so he stopped. This gave him a chance to stare at the beautiful boy that was lying naked before him. All the lines were perfect with very little fat anywhere. Haley's asshole was a perfect brown circle. Joey couldn't wait to stick his cock back there again. But that had to wait until Billy was through on his end. After ten more minutes, but an eternity to Joey, Billy rolled Haley over.

Billy moved into a 69 position on Haley. Billy started licking Haley's

balls, taking the precious jewels into his mouth and expelling them

again. Billy simply vacuumed his mouth around Haley's cute five 1/2

incher. After the night's activities, it was all Haley needed to expel

his juices. Billy drank the cum hungrily. It was better than last night. 30 seconds later, it was done with.

Billy climbed off Haley, as Joseph Mazello, raised Haley's legs over his head, and slide his uncut cock deep into the birthday hunk. He started slowly at first and then picked up the pace. Billy climbed behind Joseph, and started to worship is neck and his ass.

"Gooddd yesss..fuck mee Joeyyyyyy. Make me feeelll that cum inside me," Haley shouted. Billy slide started to chew on Joey's ear.

"I'mmmm cummminngggggg," Joey screamed as he shot five loads into the birthday boy.

It was nearly 9pm. All three boys were exhausted. "Let's get to

sleep. I'm tired and we have a full day tomorrow," Billy suggested. Joey padded over to the light switch and turned the lights off. Now the only light came from the diffuse glow of the bathroom light through the crack. Joey still had a hardon and pushed against Billy. Billy offered no resistance. Billy's cock slid easily into Joey's hole. At the

same time, Joey wrapped his arms around Billy's chest and started playing with the nipples. Billy climbed into bed on the other side of Haley and started a passionate French kiss while wrapping his arms around both Haley and Joey. It was in this compact package that the three boys fell asleep that first night in LA. Until Haley made one more phone call.

-The End of Part II

I had no intention of making this a three-part story, but I guess after the 50 emails, I'm going to. One more part, with one more actor.

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