It's Hard To Be An X-Men

X-Men and it's respected characters are copyrighted to Marvel Comics, & 20th Century Fox. This is my first story I have written, so any comments or suggestions can be sent to Also for visual purposes, I used the characters from the actors from the X-Men movies. So just in case you need someone to base the face with the character.

Now The Story.

     My name is Seth and for sometime now, I have known I was different. I knew I was different then any other boys or girls my age. I was a mutant. Call it a gift or a curse, there were times that it felt like both. Basically, I could move things with my mind. I'm sure it's a very common mutant power, but I also could start fires. Unlike those who needed a lighter or a matchbook to get a fire started. I could simply think of fire and there it was. But not only was I a mutant, I was also gay. I have known for sometime of the two. My family knew, and my mom was sorta okay with it. So life wasn't so bad Then again, when you live in a small town in Virginia. Neither of the secrets were easy to keep, and life started to become unbearable.

     My mom could see all the pain I was going through being gay and a mutant. So she asked if I wanted to go to a place where mutants learned how to use and control their powers. I was kinda scared at first. I mean hell, I live in a small ass town and I don't know ONE mutant. But having the chance to live with them and learn with them. Well to be honest, it scared the shit outta me. Well it was too late now, because the next morning I was leaving. My Mom was all sad but happy for me and that made leaving even harder.

     The next morning I was awaken at 7:00a.m. I got dressed, brought down my bags, ate some breakfast and waiting for my ride. A week earlier I had got some letters from this Xaiver School of Gifted Youngsters. To be honest, I felt anything but a "gifted youngster." A few moments later a black SUV pulled into my driveway. After saying goodbye to my Mom, I put my bags in the back and kinda went frantic over if I should sit in the front or backseat. My mind started weighing the factors of sitting up front, I would get to know the person better and per chance make a friend, but then again sitting in the backseat would mean I wouldn't have to make too much contact and I could avoid making an ass outta myself.

     As my mind was running thousands of miles, I heard the driver speak. (Listen, sit up front with me, I would really like to get to know you better.) Ah, so my real first encounter with mind speaking. Or whatever it was called. I could hear other people's thoughts, but I never knew anyone who could speak in their thoughts with knowledge of doing it. I finally took the passenger's side of the SUV, and noticed that my driver was very pretty. She had shoulder length red hair and lovely green eyes. We started talking the entire trip. Her name was Jean, and she was a teacher at the school. She also was one of the first students at the school when it opened. After we arrived at the airport, Jean bought our tickets and we were off to New York. Where Jean told me the main school was. An hour or so later I was awaken by Jean. We had arrived in New York. Since I had never been anywhere out of Virginia, I was so excited. As Jean drove us to the school, I was amazed at the sights and sounds of the city. As we drew closer to the school, I started getting that nervous feeling again. I guess Jean could tell my change of mood. She then asked what was wrong?

     Jean I have to be honest. I'm worried how the other kids will react around me. What do you mean? She asked. Jean, I'm gay. Before I had time to stop myself the words had already flowed from my lips. So? she said. Your ok with it? I was worried she would freak or something. Yes, I am fine with it. I don't have anything against gay people, or any people for that matter. After she had said that, I felt like a stack of bricks had been lifted off of me. But what about the other kids and teachers? I asked. Well, she answered. I cannot speak for the entire staff and students. But I believe that everyone will be find with it. These kids have gone through so much. Surely your sexuality won't stun them. I hope your right. About 30 minutes later, we arrived at this huge mansion. There were kids around my age playing in the lawns, and they all seemed to be having fun.

     For the rest of the day Jean showed me around the mansion, took me to where my classes were, etc. It was amazing how so much went on inside the school. Classes, swimming, martial arts, work out rooms. There was so much to do, and it all seemed very fun. Later Jean asked if I wanted to ride with her into town. She wanted to pick up some things and if I wanted to go shopping. I jumped at the idea. I went up to my room and grabbed some new clothes to wear. As soon as I Found my wallet, I rushed out the door. I was just down the staircase when I knocked into something and fell over. I then realized I had ran into somebody, as I looked up I saw this tall, built man. Watch where your going bub, said the man. I tried to say something, anything. But I was at a loss for words, my mind drew a blank. All I could think about was the guy I bumped into. He was so sexy, and the way he carried himself had NOT GAY dripping all over him. But still I could dream damn it. Jean and I got to the mall and I soon discovered that Jean loved to shop. She could outshop any gay or staight man alive. And that was saying something. After about 3 hours of nothing but shopping, we decided to get a bite to eat. We found a Macdonalds and started to chow down.

     When we were done, we got all of our bags and headed to the car. As we walked to the parking lot, we noticed we were being followed. (Jean, We got problems) I said in my head. (I know, be alert. I think there bashers.) We walked at a more faster pace now, trying to get to the car. When then it happened. Someone had thrown a brick at Jean. As soon as I turned around, I saw instantly another brick heading towards me. I had to react, and fast. I thought of fire and how good it would be to see them all burn. Just then a huge ring of fire emitted from me, and went straight towards the attackers. The guys started screaming and cursing about us "damn muntants." As soon as they had ran away, I looked at Jean, she looked really bad. I picked her up and put her in the backseat of the SUV, and I drove off. Being that we weren't too far from the school.

     When we got there, I pulled Jean from the car and rushed into the mansion. Help! I yelled. I need some help here. Just then a black women with long white hair and the another guy, I think Jean Called Cyclops came running down the stairs. What happened? They both asked. Bashers, they threw a brick at her and she's hurt really bad. Cyclops took Jean from me and ran towards the elevator. The woman who stayed behind told me everything was going to be alright. She said her name was Storm, and after that we began to talk and she made me feel alot better. But in a way, I felt to blame. If I had of done something sooner, something to have helped her. Something to have stopped them, I really liked Jean. She had made me feel welcomed, and had helped me along. But now she was hurt really bad, after an hour or so. Scott, or Cyclops, came down and told us that Jean would be ok. I was so happy, but I still felt really guilty.

As I started towards my room, I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep just yet. So I decided to go on a walk. I looked around the mansion, I saw all the rooms and paintings. You could tell alot of money and time went into keeping this place looking pretty damn good. Just as I was getting ready to head towards my room, I heard these loud grunting noises. Being the nosy fuck that I am, I decided to go and see what was going on. Then I found out what was going on. The guy that I bumped into was working out in the gym. He was amazing, I mean he was running and jumping. I mean doing all those excerises, and he had no shirt on. I just stood there and gawked. So there I am and there he is, totally shirtless sweat running down his chest, when he saw me looking. I freaked, I mean this guy was built and he was tough. He could tear me to peices without even trying at all. Need something? He asked. Um I started stuttering. W W Well I was just wondering around and I was um. Um sorry to bother you, and I rushed off. As I started down the hall, I felt something grab me. It was him, I couldn't look into his face. I really didn't want to face anybody after tonight. Something wrong there kid? he said in a voice to die for. Um, no nothing was wrong. My eyes started to sting. I was worried about Jean, and I was so pissed off at those bashers. I just couldn't take it. I started crying, tears were running down my face. God I felt so mortified standing there crying in front of a stranger. Hey, hey, hey he said. What's wrong? you can tell me. I'm just upset, I said.

Listen kid, you did a great job tonight. You saved Jean's life. He wiped away the tears off my cheek. I guess the news has spread by now. Listen he said again in a rough voice. There are assholes are over the world. You just stood up to them, and saved someone's life. If anything you should be proud of yourself. Yea I know, choking through the tears. But I should of acted sooner of something. Listen bub, just head on to bed. I'm sure your be alot better in the morning. Yea right, I said trying to laugh. Trust me kid. I hope your right, and I turned around and started going towards my room. But I had to know one thing. I turned and asked. What's your name? Logan he said. Well Logan, I'm Seth and thanks. Sure no thing kid.