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     It had been at least a week since Seth was given the cure to control his powers. The formula had worked. Seth could now fully use his powers without the affects of being sent to the medical bay afterwords. It seemed that as soon as Seth was at top performance, the Professor had everyone going out on missions. Warren and Storm were in Alaska bringing other young mutants back to the school. Scott, Rougue and Bobby were even working. They had just got back from the countryside looking to destroy Sentinal bases. In fact, Jean and Seth were to go on a mission later that night. A young girl was having a very hard time with her powers. Seth was to meet Jean in about 45 minutes in the garage. Seth got out of the shower, water beading on his olive skin. Seth wrapped a towel around his waist and went through his closet looking for something to wear. After a few minutes, a pair of cargo shorts and a tee with vest would work. Seth walked back into the bathroom and ran some gel through his hair creating a spikey effect. A little while later Seth was dressed and ready to go. Seth took the elevator down to the parking garage. Once he arrived, he found Jean loading some bags into a car. Scott and Logan were working on a motorcycle that had been stripped of mostly all parts. Seth made an odd face when he saw Scott shirtless hunched down trying to fix the back tire. Seth thought nothing of this and walked towards Logan who was on his back trying to reattach the fuel line.

      "Well, I'm off to bring back this kid" replied Seth.

      "So soon?" Logan asked as he crawled out from underneath the bike.

      "Yea, we got a long drive to make. Professor Xavier doesn't want me to shimmer because it may scare her even more. So we drive" Seth replied.

      "Well, I guess I'll survive. How long you be gone?" Logan asked as he pulled Seth close and wrapped his arms around Seth's waist.

      "A couple of days. Today's Friday, so I'm thinking Sunday or Monday by the latest" Seth said as he laid his head on Logan's chest.

      "Well I think we can rustle a few minutes alone. What ya think?" asked Logan as his hands took a light but firm grip on Seth's ass.

      "Hmm, I love the idea. Jean wouldn't mind if we were a few minutes late" replied Seth with a grin.

     Scott kept hard eyes on Seth and Logan as they spoke. Scott's grip on his tools was getting tighter and tighter on the wrench as he worked on the back wheel. Seth and Logan were in the middle of a hot kiss when the wheel flew off the bike, causing the entire motorcycle to crash down on Scott's arm causing him to yell out in pain. Seth broke away from the kiss and looked at Scott with impending alarm.

      "Scott are you okay?!" Seth asked as his mind threw the bike backwards off of Scott's arm.

     By now Jean had heard and was running down the long garage towards Scott. Logan had pulled off his shirt and wrapped it around Scott's arm that was now gushing blood. Jean tightened the shirt and looped it around Scott's arm to ensure it would stay. After a few seconds of examining Scott's arm. Jean had made a judgment.

      "His arm is crushed" said Jean in a worried voice.

     Hot tears were running down Scott's face. Jean had a look of complete dismay on her face. She never liked to see anyone in pain, and she loved Scott. She didn't want him to be in this pain. Logan's grip on Seth's shoulder and was getting tighter to the brink of pain.

      "I'll call Hank to bring a wheelchair and something for the pain" replied Jean as she reached into her pocket retrieving a cell phone.

     Seth looked into Logan's eyes. They were cold and empty. Seth was surprised to see this. He had never seen that on Logan's face before. Seth pulled away from Logan's grip and kneeled down placing his hand on Scott's forehead as cries of pain escaped Scott's mouth.

      "Shhhhh" Seth said.

     Seth didn't know what he was doing, but it felt right. Seth focused into the deepest depths of his mind and he felt warm all over. Flames escaped his body, but Seth took no notice. Scott jerked back but the flames were not harmful to him or Seth. Just then a white light traveled down Seth's arm right into Scott's forehead. Immediately, Scott fell back upon the floor. The flames went away and Seth opened his eyes. Jean knelt down beside Scott's body checking for a pulse as tears streamed down her face.

      "He's out cold. It's like he's in a deep sleep" said Jean trying to fight back the tears.

      "What did ya do bub?" asked Logan with the same cold look on his face.

      "I'm not sure. All I remember thinking was I didn't want him to be in any pain and my body took it from there" replied Seth with a look of complete confusion of his face.

      "Whatever you did, it worked. It's sleeping with no pain" Jean said wipeing the remaining tears from her face.

      "Grab hold of me guys, I'll shimmer us to the medical bay" replied Seth as everyone took hold to his body.

     Seth focused his energy and everyone shimmered away right on the cold floor of the medical bay. Hank immediately picked Scott up placing him upon a nearby table. Hank and Jean started working on Scott's crushed arm, while Logan and Seth took a seat outside. Logan's expression was still as cold as ice. Seth tried to make conversation but it wasn't of any use. Logan would simply shrug it off. An hour later Jean came out from the medical bay looking very tired.

      "Well, his arm is completely useless. It's been crushed, bones and all. I don't know what to do. The weight of the cycle and impact was too much" said Jean on the brink of tears.

      "What about his arm? Will he keep it?" asked Seth.

      "We're not sure. Hank thinks we should, but I just cannot make that choice for Scott. If it wasn't for your gift Seth, Scott would of went into shock. He had some major bleeding going on and just wouldn't of made it. But you calmed him down" Jean replied.

      "Well, I'm not looking for a hero role. Let's just go and pick up that girl. That is, if your still up to it?" asked Seth.

      "Yes. I need to get away from here anyway" replied Jean walking towards the elevator.

     Seth turned around and placed his head on Logan's shoulder. Logan let out a deep sigh that sounded like he had been holding for hours. Seth grabbed Logan's hand but Logan pulled away.

      "Hey. Are you ok?" Seth asked with a hint of annoyance on his tone.

      "Me? Yea. I'm fine. Listen you take care of Jean while you all are away" replied Logan as he gave a quick hug to Seth and walked off.

     Seth was confused. Why was Logan acting so strange. Jean had a reason to be upset, she loved Scott dearly and he was badly hurt. Who knows, if he would keep his arm or not. But this was new for Logan. Everyone knew Logan has a mysterious past. Even though Logan hardly ever spoke of it, Seth could feel it and knew of it highly when his mind would slip into Logan's on nights of deep sleep. Seth never would invade someone's thoughts on purpose, but somehow his mind would as soon as Seth was fast asleep. Jean and Seth took out upon the road as the night grew darker. It was fall now and the night was simply amazing. The bright full moon, the trees with many shades of colors. If the two hadn't of left on such a bad note, this ride would of been truly enjoyable.

      "You ok?" Seth asked trying to break the silence.

      "I'll be alright. I'm just worried about Scott" replied Jean on the brink of tears again.

      "Hey everything it gonna be fine. Trust me, We'll find something for Scott. He won't loose his arm" said Seth trying to comfort Jean.

     Jean pulled the car over and placed it in park. She was quiet for a few minutes. Then she began to quietly sob. Seth could see the tears falling off of her face. Quickly, Seth moved closer beside Jean and wrapped his arms around Jean.

      "Shhhh. It's gonna be alright Jean. Please stop crying, I hate to see you all tore up like this" Seth said trying to quite Jean down.

      "I could feel his pain, it was so strong. I just can't stand to see the man I love hurt like that. It's horrible Seth, I don't even wanna think about it but it keeps coming back into my mind. I just don't want to see that image of him hurt again. It plays over and over again in my head. I can't stand to see it" said Jean crying and sobbing really hard now.

     Seth placed his fingers on Jean's brow and closed his eyes. Immediately, the same white light that had put Scott to sleep appeared. It traveled down Seth's arm and right into Jean. A small sigh escaped Jean's lips as she fell into a deep slumber.

      "Then you won't have to" replied Seth as he pulled Jean over to his seat and exited out the passenger door of the suv.

     Seth pulled off his jacket and placed it over a sleeping Jean. Seth walked around to the drivers side and got in. After studying the map some, Seth figured out where to go and started driving. From the map, Seth and Jean were at least an hour away from their destination. Jean stayed asleep the entire trip. Seth was thankful for this new gift. Wherever it came from, he didn't care. Something inside told him that this was the gift to use. It only put people into a deep sleep, but at least it was helping Scott and Jean. A little while later Seth drove past a large sign that read: ROSEWOOD ESTATES. Seth kept an eye on the road as he looked for a pad that Jean placed the directions on. The girl was at this place. House 117 by what Jean has written. Seth kept reading over the pad looking for a name or anything to go by. Seth took another glance at the road and slammed onto the brakes causing him to jerk back into the seat. There on the road, only feet away from the gates that led into Rosewood Estates was a giant tree. Just laying there in the road. Seth got out and walked up to the tree. This was a clear night, no storm or anything. How could a huge tree just fall into the road? Seth looked around and came to the end of the tree. It looked as if it has been chopped down and placed right in front of the gates. But this was a stupid idea, Seth thought. Who would want to stop anyone from getting in here. Seth backed away from the tree and slung the tree back into the woods. It's good to have full use of my head again, Seth thought as a smile came to his face. The gates were closed so Seth went to open them. This time there were huge chains and locks tied together all over the fence. Seth didn't like this, Seth didn't like chains and locks either. He had been hurt by them years earlier. Seth's eyes grew yellow as flames sprung from his hand attacking the assortment of chains and locks. When Seth was done a huge hole was left were once placed was all the chains. Seth kicked the gates open and retreated back to the suv.

     Seth drove past the gates and was soon greeted to a long block of homes. Each house looked the same, large and expensive. It wasn't that late, but there was nobody outside. This place was like a ghost town. Seth looked for house 117. Once he found it, he pulled in the driveway. The thought of waking Jean occurred to him, but he decided to let her sleep. If he needed her he would get her. Seth got out from the suv and put on his denim jacket and walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened but no one had opened it. Seth walked inside and looked around. It looked like a normal house, except no one was there. Seth decided to be nosy and look for somebody. After a few minutes of searching Seth returned back to the living room. He was about to leave when he heard a small gasp. Seth jerked his head back and walked into the kitchen. He remained quiet. This time he heard a small sob. Seth walked up to a small door and threw it open to find a woman curled up in the floor crying.

      "Hey, what's wrong? Don't be scared, I'm a good guy. I'm from the school" Seth said hoping this would bring the woman out into the open.

     The woman gave Seth a hard look, trying to decide weather to trust him or try to risk it and make it out the front door. After a minute or so, the woman came out from inside the small room and wiped her eyes.

      "Where's Xavier? He said he was going to protect her! Where is he!?" said the woman with great alarm on her face.

      "The Professor is very busy, he sent us to come here and pick up the girl. Where is she?" Seth asked.

      "They took her. I tried to stop them but I couldn't. You have got to get her back. She needs to go to Xavier's. These people will kill her!" said the woman.

      "Kill who?" replied Jean who had just walked inside.

      "The girl we are here to pick up. Some people have taken her and we need to get her back" stated Seth.

      "She has a name. It's Norah, and those people are gonna hurt her. You have got to get Norah and take her away from here" said Norah's mother.

      "What about you? Where will you go?" Jean asked.

      "My sister is coming to get me, but Norah needs more help then I do. Please find her and get her outta this death trap!" said Norah's Mother in a high tone.

     Jean and Seth left the house and went searching for Norah. Jean used her gift to sense anyone who was scared or in high amounts of fear. If these people were treating her bad, then Norah would surely be very scared. Seth and Jean got into the suv and Jean directed Seth towards the high emotions of fear. Two blocks later on an old back alley, Jean told Seth to pull over. She had found the place where she was sensing all of the emotions. Seth and Jean crept up to the building entrance and looked through the glass. A huge crowd of people were scattered all around inside the building. In the middle of the room from a long chain hanging from the ceiling was a young girl. The chain was wrapped around the girls small waist. Norah was crying and trying to get free. But to no luck. Seth started shaking with rage. It was like the same thing done to Seth only so few years ago. Seth focused on the scene inside, his eyes turning bright yellow and his body still shaking with deep rage.

      "Seth, can you shimmer of inside and I'll cause a distraction while you get her out of there?" Jean asked and turned to look at Seth.

     But Seth was already gone. While Jean was working on a plan, Seth had already shimmered inside. Seth reappeared inches above Norah's head holding tightly onto the chains that held her in place.

      "Oh my god Seth, what are you doing!?" Jean said with panic in her voice.

     Back inside, the entire room had now discovered Seth was here. Norah looked up alarmed to see Seth holding the chain. She screamed out some words, but she was gagged and Seth wasn't really paying attention. Seth let go of the chains and dropped to the ground. Seth looked at everyone in the room. His eyes were so yellow now that they were glowing. A man standing nearby smashed a bottle and hurled it at Seth, but he was prepared. Seth held up his hand and immediately the bottle froze in mid-air causing everyone in the room to gasp.

      "How dare you people. This is no way to treat a person. You all are gonna pay" Seth replied, his voice as cold as ice.

     Seth looked at the bottle, and flames danced around his fingers and leaped out towards the bottle instantly melting it back to it's raw form. Seth looked at the large sliding doors that led to the outside. He clapped both of his hands together and focused all of his energy to his hands. They bursted with fire and Seth shot huge waves of fire towards the doors. Everyone started running out of the way screaming and yelling inhumane things about mutants. The doors exploded as the fire traveled out from within the building. Jean jumped back nearly escaping the flames. Seth wasn't finished yet. With his mind, Seth motioned with his hands and people started flying out of the warehouse. Some people were trying to fight and Seth was sending flames everywhere. The building was catching on fire, but Seth didn't care. He wanted everyone out of there. No harm was to come to Norah. No one would go through the same hell he had. Once everyone was out of the room Seth dropped to the floor, tears rolling down his face. There was so much pain and rage inside Seth. He thought that if he could of stopped the people today, he could of settled the pain so deep inside. But it hadn't worked. By now the fire had spread all over the walls and up to the ceiling. Norah started screaming through muffled cries. Jean ran inside towards the building and lifted herself up high in the air and broke the chains that held Norah off the ground. Jean held onto Norah and floated down to the ground. Seth got up and wiped the tears off his face.

      "Seth, this place is gonna burn down. We need to get out of here" said Jean as she grabbed Seth's arm and pulled Norah and him from within the building.

     Jean placed Norah in the backseat and Seth performed his sleep gift again. Jean stopped at Norah's house and gathered all her luggage. Norah's mother's sister was there prepareing to leave. After some odd moments, Jean and Seth drove back to the Mansion.

      "We've been through too much. Let's just get back home" replied Jean with a weary smile.

     Seth nodded. He wanted nothing better to curl up in bed next to Logan. The drive back home seemed to go faster then it did coming down. It was nearly 4:00a.m. when they returned. Seth decided to save everyone alot of trouble and just shimmer to the medical bay were Norah was admitted. Seth left Jean and the Professor talking as he walked to Logan's room. He got to the door and heard grunting noises. Logan must be working out, Seth thought. Seth opened the door and the sight he saw shocked him to no end.

     Scott and Logan were completely nude on the bed. Scott's legs was wrapped around Logan's waist. Both men covered in sweat. Their positions froze as they both saw Seth standing at the door. Logan had a firm grip on the covers as he laid on top of Scott's body obviously fucking him hard and rough. Scott's arm was held at the top of his head in full cast and plenty of bandages. Logan and Scott both had a look of complete horror on their face.

      "Holy shit" Seth said as he felt hot tears on the back of his eyelids.

      "Seth, it's not what you think" Logan started as he pulled out of Scott and started putting on a pair of blue jeans.

      "The hell it isn't" Seth replied wipeing his eyes so no one would see the tears.

     Seth turned away and started walking at a fast pace down the hall. Seth was just at the stairs when Logan grabbed his shoulder.

      "Get off of me Logan" Seth said in a cold voice.

     Seth jerked away and started to go down the steps when Logan grabbed him again. This time without knowing what he was doing. Logan was thrown back all the way down the hallway as he slid across the floor. Seth gave a final look and ran down the stairs.