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     Seth walked down the long staircases and out into the back courtyard and took a seat. Why was Logan sleeping with Scott? Seth asked himself. Maybe Seth had thought the relationship him and Logan had was more then what it really was. Whatever the reason Seth felt like he could just die. Seth laid down on the stone bench looking up at the night sky. It was getting cold out, but Seth would rather freeze to death then go back inside. Seth's eyes were red and puffy from his attempts to stop crying. A few minutes into Seth's state of depression, Scott came outside in a pair of jeans and a wifebeater.

      "Seth, we need to um talk" Scott asked.

      "Just leave me alone Scott" replied Seth as he turned over on the cement bench.

      "Seth please, this is hard enough man. Please listen" said Scott.

      "Fine, say what you have to say" replied Seth in a constant tone.

     Seth took a seat on the grass and crossed his legs. A few minutes went by as Scott tried to figure out what to say. Finally, he began to speak.

      "Listen, well. I have always liked Logan and we had our differences but in some off the wall way I thought he felt the same way. When he was there watching me, staying with me when I got out of the medical bay. We just connected or something" Scott said before he was cut off from Seth.

      "So you have always liked Logan? Out of all the time you've had to make a move or something, when I finally come along you decide then to take a chance!" Seth replied almost screaming.

      "Seth, please don't be upset. I didn't want anyone to get hurt" Scott replied.

      "Hurt! How dare you talk about people being hurt. Jean was in tears tonight hoping that your arm would be alright. Did you even thing about her tonight?" Seth asked getting up from the bench.

      "God, your right. I just wanted to be with Logan so bad, that I didn't even think about her. God, I'm horrible" Scott replied burying his face in his hands.

      "Ya know it's one thing to have hurt me, but Jean is a very good friend of mine and your going to hurt her a hell of alot more then you've hurt me. Besides, it's not like Logan's not at fault here as well" as Seth started walking and shimmered off.

      "God, he's right. I never thought about Jean. I got to tell her" said Scott outloud.

     Seth shimmered on the rooftop and sat on the ledge allowing his feet to dangle off the side. He was confused. Did Logan only care about Seth as a sex object? Maybe this was Seth's fault. Logan and Seth had never came to terms on what their relationship truly was. Perhaps, Seth thought it was something more then it was. Seth gazed out amongst the stars and the bright sky. Seth looked harder into the sky and made out something with wings. It flew closer and Seth knew who it was. Warren. He flew around some, then landed on the rooftop. Warren was a work of art. His bright ivory wings stretched all the way out, spanning high into the sky. His blonde locks flowing in the wind. Warren was wearing a leather suit that was almost like a second skin. You could see all of his muscles and his amazing body with this outfit.

      "Enjoying the night Seth?" Warren asked as he took a seat on the ledge beside Seth.

      "Something like that" Seth replied coldly looking into the stars.

      "What's wrong? Warren asked again, this time showing persistence.

      "I don't wanna talk about it and I won't" replied Seth getting up and walking away.

     Seth started for the rooftop stairs. He didn't want to speak about how hurt he was that night. He didn't want to go over the details of how he may have only set himself up for this pain. Maybe he did want to talk with someone. But Seth was too embarrassed. Seth got to the steps and was about to go when he felt a hand grabbed him. Seth turned around to speak.

      "Wings, let me go please" Seth said trying to fight back anymore tears that evening.

     Seth held his head down as he wiped away the small teardrops from his face. Seth looked up at Warren and was about to break free from Warren's grip. But Seth forgot about breaking away as Warren pulled him close and kissed him deeply. This shocked Seth. He held his eyes open looking at Warren who had his closed, obviously enjoying the kiss. Seth closed his eyes and gave into Warren's soft lips. When the kiss was over Warren looked into Seth's brown eyes.

      "Wow. That was incredible" Seth said at a total loss of words.

      "I've wanted to do that ever since I saw you in Xavier's office, but your with Logan now so I don't know how this is gonna work" Warren said in a sad tone.

      "I'm not with Logan anymore Warren" replied Seth coldly.

      "What do you mean? Everyone has seen you two around. It's looks like you really love him" Warren replied.

      "At one point I did. But in one night he and Scott managed to kill it all. It hurts, but I've been through worse" said Seth looking into the night sky.

      "Logan and Scott? I had no idea, well I have ideas but I never thought Scott or Logan would pursue them" Warren said as he ran his fingers through Seth's black and red hair.

      "That could explain why Scott has given me such a hard time in combat and shit. He's been jealous" replied Seth.

      "Even when Logan first arrived here, Scott seemed to fall head over heels for him" Warren said.

      "Well he can have him" Seth said bitterly.

      "Come on, let's go to bed" Warren suggested.

     Seth gave Warren a worried look. He didn't want sex. Well he wanted sex, but not right now. He just wanted to sleep and to be loved on. Warren pulled Seth into his arms and kissed his forehead. Warren led Seth off the rooftop to his room. Warren's room was amazing. Located down a long private hallway next to Jean and Storm's room. Warren's room was much larger's then Logan or Seth's. Mostly expensive furniture was placed all around the room. Seth made out a large bathroom in the far corner. As Seth walked around he admired the pictures on the walls, the large screen tv center, and a very expensive laptop on a bedside table. Warren retreated to the bathroom as Seth kicked off his shoes and placed his jacket over a chair. Seth walked over to the large window over looking the grounds. How could so much pain be caused on such a wonderful looking night Seth thought. A tear ran down Seth's face. Logan and Scott had hurt him tonight, and Seth never wanted to be hurt again. Just then, a pair of arms wrapped around Seth's waist. Seth gave in and leaned back feeling the warmth and protection from Warren. Warren kissed Seth's neck causing electric waves to flow throughout Seth's body.

      "I'll never hurt you baby. I'll always protect you" Warren whispered in Seth's ear.

     Seth turned around to see Warren wearing nothing more then his boxers. The sight that stood before him stunned Seth to no end. Warren had amazing pecs, a flat washboard stomach. One of the best six-packs Seth had even seen. Warren had hardly any body hair, except for some slight blonde hair on his legs. Warren's blue skin seemed to glow from the moonlight and his ivory wings were drawed to his sides looking radiant.

      "God, you are an angel" Seth said still admiring the site in front of him.

     Warren grabbed the blankets and pulled Seth into bed. Seth curled up into Warren's arms and with his head on Warren's chest slowly drifted off to sleep. Later that day, Seth awoke feeling refreshed. Was last night a dream? Seth thought to himself. Seth opened his eyes and caught Warren looking at him. Seth blushed, causing a laugh from Warren.

      "So how long have you been up?" Seth asked sinking under the covers from Warren's stare.

      "Not too long, just a few minutes. Your cute when you sleep" Warren replied.

     Seth got closer to Warren and placed his head on Warren's chest. Warren pulled his wings closer around Seth's body. Seth loved this feeling. Warren and Seth had been only together for the night, but Seth felt that Warren was sincere about everything he had said. Warren ran his fingers through Seth's hair as Seth softly breathed on Warren's warm chest.

      "Baby, I'm going to be leaving for San Francisco tomarrow. I don't know where you stand on all of this and us, but I would like for you to come with me. That's if you want of course" Warren said holding his air in.

      "You mean it? I would love to!" Seth said getting excited.

      "Yea I mean it. It's only for a week or so, but I have a company to run so I need to go check on some things" Warren replied getting cut off from a passionate kiss from Seth. Warren placed his tongue inside Seth's mouth exploring. Seth moaned as his hands danced and felt all over Warren's chest.

      "I could grow to like this" Warren said with a grin.

      "Ditto" Seth replied.

     Seth ran his hand down softly grabbing Warren's cock. A deep moan exited from Warren's lips. Seth started stroking Warren's member through his boxers. Warren's wings flutted some as Warren arched his head back enjoying Seth's touch. Just then, Warren placed his hand on Seth's stopping him.

      "As mush as I am enjoying this, I don't want to make you do anything you don't wanna do. You sure you want to go to the next level in such short time?" Warren asked, his eyes filled with the look of sincere.

      "I like you alot Warren, and I want to show you how much I like you" replied Seth looking into Warren's bright blue eyes.

     Seth's hands went to Warren's side and pulled his boxers down to his ankles. Seth took the head and placed it in his mouth, running his tongue over the head and slit. Seth's other hand went and started massaging Warren's large balls. Seth relaxed his throat and slowly took all of Warren's nine inches. Warren placed his hands on Seth's head urging him on. By now, Warren was all wrapped up in the pleasure he was receiving. Seth moved his head up and down at a fast pace tasting more and more of Warren's precum. Warren started thrashing on the bed pumping his hot tool deeper into Seth's eager mouth. Seth's hands were hard at work stroking Warren's shaft and balls. Seth could feel Warren's balls tightening up. Warren was close. Seth kept up the pace, and ran his teeth up and down Warren's shaft.

      "Oh Seth. Baby, I'm gonna cum!" Warren yelled out as hot streams of cum shot down Seth's mouth. Seth greedily swallowed all of Warren's creamy load.

      "Damn, Seth that was incredible" Warren said.

     Seth dropped Warren's softening cock out of his mouth and wiped away a small bit of cum from his lips. Seth placed his head on Warren's chest as Warren wrapped his wings around them both. Seth let out a sigh as the two men fell back to sleep. A few hours later, Warren and Seth were awaken by an alarm clock on Warren's dresser. Warren ran his fingers over Seth's forehead brushing his hair back. A smile was on Warren's face. He could really get used to waking up every morning with Seth by his side.

      "Seth, it's time to get up" Warren said as a yawn escaped his lips.

      "I rather sleep for a few more hours" was Seth's reply.

      "Remember San Francisco?" Warren asked.

      "I'm up" Seth replied as he crawed out of bed.

     Warren laughed as Seth got up pulling on his clothes. Warren went to the bathroom and splashed some water on his deep blue skin. The cold water seemed to wake up every nerve in Warren's body. Seth walked into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around Warren's waist and slowly started kissing a section of his back.

      "I'm going to go back to my room and get some clean clothes and pack some things. Okay?" Seth asked as he continued to kiss Warren's back.
      "Want me to go with you?" Warren asked.

      "I'll be alright, besides I need to pack or I can't go" Seth said with a pouty face.

     Seth gave a final kiss to Warren and went to his room. Once Seth was there he walked into the small bathroom gathering up things to take. Seth walked out of the bathroom with items in his hand focusing on getting everything he needed. That's when Seth realized Logan laying on his bed. Seth threw the products on the small desk never taking his eyes off of Logan.

      "What do you want?" Seth said coldly.

      "I wanted to see you Seth" replied Logan.

      "And what did you want to see me about?"Seth replied in the same cold voice.

     Seth pulled a suitcase from under his bed and started filling it with clothes. Logan played with his jacket pocket for a few minutes watching Seth work. Seth couldn't stand to look at Logan. Whenever he did, his body filled with rage. Seth would not submit himself to be hurt by Logan again.

      "Seth, last night was something I have been wanting to do for a very long time" Logan said.

      "Well yay for you. Ya finally got to do what you have wanted for so long. You got to fuck Scott" Seth replied throwing clothes in the suitcase now.

      "Seth, Scott was more then a fuck!" Logan growled jumping to his feet.

      "Then what was I? Some ass on the side?" Seth screamed out at Logan.

     Logan walked up to Seth and placed his hands on Seth's shoulders. Seth just jerked away, but this time Logan's grip was even more firmer. Seth closed his eyes trying desprately to fight back the impending tears.

      "I love you Seth, but I also love Scott. I have for a long time, we've mainly been assholes to each other because we could admit what we really felt" Logan said in a calm voice.

      "You can't have both of us Logan, and it seems that Scott really does love and want you" Seth replied looking into Logan's eyes.

      "Seth, why do I have to choose? Why can't it be just you and Scott, things can be the same again can't they?" Logan asked but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

     Seth took in a deep breath as if to further argue. Logan looked up at the door as Seth pulled away to answer the door. Warren stood at the door, but this time not in his true form. Warren's wings and blue skin was gone replaced by a normal tanned skintone. Warren wore a black business suit, his gold locks combed into a casual style. Seth stared into his his sparkleing blue eyes taken away by Warren's beauty.

      "Seth, baby are you ready to go?" Warren asked not realizing Logan was there.

      "What the hell?" Logan asked as he jerked his head towards the door.

     Logan shoved Seth out of the way and jerked the door open. Logan's eyes grew wider with rage as he saw Warren. Immediately, Logan's claws leaped from within his hands. Logan jumped towards Warren and pinned him against the wall holding his claws mere inches from his neck. Warren kept a calm face as Seth yelled out for Logan to stop. Logan snorted at Seth's attempts.

      "Logan, don't make me slice and dice your wild ass. You know I can do it" replied Warren with no expression.

     Logan drew back his hand with claws extended. High in the air, Logan started to drop his claws at Warren's chest. Seth cried out as his mind sent out waves of energy throwing Warren and Logan yards apart from each other. Logan got back up and charged at Warren, but Seth ran in front of him to stop the fight. Instead Logan punched Seth hard in the face. The room was slient, as Seth dropped to the floor holding his face. Logan's face filled with horror as his claws leaped back under his skin. Both men ran up to Seth who was holding his face.

      "Damn it Logan, now he's hurt" Warren said filling with rage.

      "I didn't mean to, he just ran out in front of me" Logan replied.

      "I'll be alright, at least you two stopped fighting" Seth replied getting up on his feet still holding his chin.

     Warren ran his fingers slowly over the bruise. Seth cringed at Warren's touch, but was glad the fight was over. Seth had a slight look of daze on his face as Warren kept looking over Seth's face to make sure everything was alright.

      "Amazing, your face seems to have nothing more then one hell of a bruise. Your mutation must of somehow made your body stronger. Logan's body is laced with admentium, he could of broke your jaw" Warren said still looking over Seth's face.

     Logan looked at Seth and Warren. Seth couldn't bring himself to look up at Logan. Warren turned around and looked at Logan, but Logan just took off down the hallway. Warren let out a deep sigh and helped Seth up.

      "I should of known Logan would still have feelings for you" Warren replied looking at Seth.

      "Your wrong. I don't think Logan ever had feelings for me" said Seth.