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     Warren and I walked to the garage to leave for the airport. Once we got to the limo, Warren opened the door when we heard the Professor's voice in our minds.

      (All X-Men members and train-es please report to my office at once) Professor Xavier said.

     Warren shut the door and ran with me to the Professor's office. It was late in the day, and the Professor's tone sounded urgent. When we got to his office, we found it filled with everyone. Some people I had only met once. I saw Jean and Storm, Beast, Nightcrawler, someone who I had only met once. Norah, the girl I had saved with Jean. There was also a man sitting in the corner. He had brown hair and red eyes, and was playing with a deck of cards. There was another man sitting down in a chair close to the professor's desk. He had black hair, and a huge built build. He was dressed quite well, wearing a black leather coat and a red tee and blue jeans. Whoever this man was, he had the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen. Warren and I took a seat on a nearby couch. Warren who was still in his normal form was stunning as ever. The way his navy suit brought out the color of his tanned skin and his blonde lockes shining from the sun from the windows. I couldn't help but get hard, just by looking at him. Just then, Logan and Scott walked into the room. I immediately looked at Jean who brought her head down and turned the other way. Logan gave me a cold stare, as I shuttered I too turned away.

      "I wish to thank you all for coming on such short notice. The reason I call you here is because over the past several days some serious things have been happening" said the Professor in a calm voice.

      "Such as Professor?" Storm asked showing great interest.

      "As most of you know Jubilee, has been studying art at an art academy in England. I have been keeping touch with her until recently. The Headmaster was looking into it for me. We thought perhaps, Jubilee had taken a few days off. But the following day, Sentinels attacked the academy nearly destroying the entire building and killing three mutant teachers." Professor Xavier paused so everyone could retain what he had told so far.

     The room was silent as everyone looked around at each other. Jean rubbed her temples as she felt the energy and the increase of emotions in the room. Seth looked at Jean with a worried look on her face, but Jean returned with a slight smile. Seth couldn't help but look at Scott who had a blank expression on his face.

      "The amount of Sentinal attacks has decreased in the past weeks. This alarmed me at one point, but it seems that the attacks has simply moved to Europe. This of course is where Jubilee is studying. Not only must we rescue Jubilee, we must find and stop the Sentinal attacks once and for all" replied the Professor as he turned and looked out the window.

      "So are we planning an attack Professor?" Scott asked.

      "I have brought you all here for one purpose. Each of you contain a special gift which will help in this mission. You all must put aside any differences and conflicts you may have with one another and work together to save Jubilee and to stop the Sentinels" said the Professor.

      "Professor, for those of us who don't know one another. Could you care to make their introductions?" Storm asked.

      "Ah yes, good point Aroura. First off, meet Colossus. He's been in Russia assisting in gathering new students. His main gift is of converting his body into an organic steel. A quite remarkable gift, and most useful. With such strength and speed, he is an ideal person to be on this mission" replied the Professor.

     I took a look at the solid man sitting across the room. He had a refined yet wild beauty about him. Just like Logan I thought. As soon as the thoughts has entered into my head I immediately shook them away. Warren just looked at me with a wondering stare.

      "It's great honor for you to ask for my help Professor" replied Colossus with his deep accent which I couldn't place.

      "The pleasure is all ours Colossus. Now moving on. We have Norah, the latest addition to our team. Norah has the gift of controlling energy, mainly electric energy. Over the past couple of days she has shown great skill and ability for someone of her age. I also feel she is a valuable member of this mission" said the Professor shining a smile towards Norah as everyone smiled and greeted her.

      "I guess all those classes of yoga really did help me Mr. Xavier" replied Norah as everyone laughed.

      "It sure has my dear. Now we all know the base team of the X-Men. Storm, who can control the weather. Cyclops who has powerful beams of energy just beyond his eyelids, and of course Jean Gray. My right arm and most powerful one with the gift of Telepathy. Then there is Logan. Cunning, powerful, and daring. A unique person in all of his might. Now we come to Gambit. A member who has been traveling all over the world lately. But a powerful mutant never the less. Kinetic energy is Gambit's most powerful gift and he very well knows how to use it" replied the Professor.

       "Aw shucks Professor. Ya make me sound so la de da" replied Gambit with a slight southern draw.

      Finally, we have Warren or ArchAngel as some call him. A member of the team for so very long. The air is his kingdom as he is the king. One of the best agile creatures I have ever met. And of course Seth. One of our most newest and promising subjects. With the powers of telekinesis and slight telepathy, and also transportational powers. Surely he is going to be a most powerful and most valuable member of our team" replied the Professor.

     Everyone looked around trying to remember the new faces and names. Some people in the room were very nervous considering this was such a high-content mission. Warren placed his hand on Seth's and gave a firm squeeze. A smile ran across Seth's face. Seth looked over at Logan who clenched his fists tightly. Jean started rubbing her temples again.

      "Now that everyone is introduced, I wish you all to work with your teammates. Please know that their powers are your powers to. Work together and work as one to ensure we win this fight and bring Jubilee home.

      "When do we leave Professor?" Seth asked.

      "Tomorrow evening Seth. I have to brief Rougue and Bobby. Also Scott, you will be in charge of making two teams of the members. Make sure both teams are equal in powers and skills and leadership" replied the Professor.

     Everyone left the Professor's office. While everyone was out in the foyer, mostly everyone spoke of how good it was to be a team again, or what they would have to do to prepare. Storm and Colossus and Gambit were chatting as Jean stood looking out the window. Gambit and Logan were talking about something Seth couldn't understand. Warren had stepped away to speak with Storm and the others. Every so often I could see Scott and Logan taking glances at me. I simply turned away. I didn't need any more shit to fill my head. I was worried about Jubilee, I really hadn't known her too much. But from what I did with her, she seemed like a really nice person. Warren came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I suddenly became scared. I wasn't the type of guy to display affection, nor the type to receive it. But I didn't care at the moment. Warren smelled fantastic, I couldn't place the scent but it was intoxicating. Warren nipped at my ear and squeezed me in his grip.

      "I'm going to go back to my room and make arrangements to stay. If you need me, I'll be there cutie" Warren said in his deep voice.

     I took Warren's tanned palm and slightly kissed it before he walked away. I turned around and saw Logan and Scott looking at me. But I couldn't say anything as everyone started walking off to tend to their own business. Jean stayed at the window and looked out across the courtyard as the other students played. Slowly, Seth walked up behind her. Jean could feel his presence, his natural aura. She slowly let out all of the air in her lungs and sighed.

      "How are you holding up Jean?" Seth asked as he placed his hand on Jean's shoulder.

      "I knew this day would come Seth. I just didn't know so soon" replied Jean.

      "What do you mean Jean?" Seth asked as Jean turned around to face him.

      "Seth, Scott is bisexual. This fact was made so clear to me when Logan came to stay here. I knew I would be second place. Logan truly cares for Scott and I know that Scott feels the same way. But I loved Scott too, but I won't stop him" Jean said as she slowly breathed in.

      "Don't be sad Jean. Logan was someone I really cared for and I thought he was the one ya know. But he wasn't. You and I were just fillers for what they truly wanted" Seth replied as he took a seat on the floor.

      "I know Seth but it still hurts. Anyway, let's move on to something a little lighter. Wanna go to the gym and help me train with Norah some?" Jean asked as she gave Seth a hand up off the floor.

      "Sure. I would love to see what she's got" replied Seth.

     Jean and I didn't speak about Logan or Scott anymore that afternoon. We headed to the largest gym in the mansion. Norah was already there in jogging outfit. She was shadow-boxing in the corner. Sweat was dripping down her face, Norah had her long black hair tied back in a pony tail. Everytime she made a jab, her hair would fly up. Jean took off her jacket and walked up to Norah to inform her of what practice we would be doing. Just then something caught my eye. Logan, Professor Xavier, Scott and Storm walked into the room. I felt nervous, I didn't want to face Logan nor Scott just yet. The Professor went to Norah and Jean, as Storm started running on a treadmill. Scott and Logan on the other hand came towards me. I felt a brush of heat rush across my entire body. Call it fear or plain nerves. Whatever it was, it just grew as both of them got closer to me. Finally, both of them were right in front of me. Scott brushed back his blonde hair as Logan began to speak.

      "Seth, we need to talk. About everything. would ya listen?" Logan asked placing his hand on my shoulder.

     We all took a seat on the nearby bleachers and the moments went by before anyone said anything. Finally Logan placed his hand on Scott's knee and began to speak. I was so nervous and sick I felt like puking.

      "Seth, I don't want you to have any hard feelings about what went on between us. I now know it was wrong for me to lead you on to something that just wasn't as real as I wished for it to be" Logan said swallowing hard.

      "Logan, please stop. I know you love Scott and I know he does love you. I don't know how, but I guess through all of the constant head butting I guess you two truly do. I do feel some type of pain inside, but I have to move on just like you two have. Logan, you helped me get through alot in a bad part of my life and I will never forget it. Never" replied Seth as he got up from the bleachers.

      "Seth, that wasn't the only reason we wanted to speak to you. We want you to stop seeing Warren. He's got a dark past and he would only hurt you" Scott said as he turned his head.

      "Oh no you just didn't" Seth said as his body filled with rage.

      "Seth, Scott didn't mean it like that. But you know the only reason your with him bub is because of tha rebound thing" replied Logan standing up.

      "You know what. You two can just blow me" Seth replied his voice laced with anger and rage.

     Seth walked off to join Jean and the others in training. Seth couldn't get the words of what Scott and Logan had said. Norah was busy with Jean learning how to control herself in high-pressure environments. Seth was laying back down on the ground holding the two high up in the air with his mind. The Professor was taking note of this and writing notes down on a clipboard. Logan and Scott were busy spotting each other in weight lifting. Finally, Jean asked to be brought down. It was time for Norah to learn proper combat skills. Jean tried to teach Norah to block moves and punches but it wasn't much help. Now Norah could throw a punch but she couldn't block one for the life of her. Finally, the Professor called Logan and Scott over. Somehow Professor Xavier got the idea that Norah should see combat first hand. So Scott and I were asked to battle. Wrong thing to do. There is nothing better that I want to do then kick Scott's bubble ass all over the place. I pulled my small mp3 player from my back pocket and placed the earpeices in and got in a proper fighting stance. Liken Park started to fill my ears, as I moved to the music of "faint."

      "This should be fun" Scott said with a blank face.

     Seth stayed perfectly still and waited for Scott to make the first move. Finally he did. Scott spun around to perform a leg rise kick. Immediately, Seth dropped to one knee and caught Scott's leg. A hard shove from Seth and Scott slid back across the floor. Seth backed up some and then gave a fast run and using his mind flew up into the air and was about to pound Scott but Scott grabbed Seth's ankle and twisted him around causing Seth to fall to the floor right on his chest. Seth got up as well as Scott. Immediately, Scott fired off a powerful laser beam. Seth lunged out of the way bearly missing the shot. Seth shimmered behind Scott and rose up in the air and dropped kicked Scott. Falling fowards flat on the ground laid Scott. Seth thought of fire and instantly flames engulfed his body. Norah let out a yelp as she saw this. By now, more and more people had come into the gym. Colossus, Rougue, Bobby, Gambit and Warren, and even some other students. Seth focused the flames and sent a concentrated wave of fire towards Scott. But Scott was ready, he started shooting the flames with high laserbeams. This was holding the fire back. Seth called back the flames, and wiped the sweat from his brow. By now both men were panting from the extreme battle, but it was far from over. This time, Scott sent out several laser shots at Seth. Using his mind, Seth put up a powerful energy field and blocked all of them. When the beams were gone, Seth charged Scott. This surprising everyone. Seth jumped up right on top of Scott and both men fell to the ground. Seth tried using punches and hits, but Scott was deflecting everyone of them. Scott pulled his legs back and kicked Seth several feet away from him. Seth laid flat on his back awaiting Scott's next move. Moments later, Scott ran towards Seth. But all Seth did was shimmer away. Scott looked around preparing himself for a surprise attack from Seth. Nothing. Everyone looked around for Seth, little did they know he was high above in the bleachers. Finally Seth shimmer again in the middle of the gym floor. Flames swam around Seth's body and a fireball raced right towards Scott. Immediately Scott's jacket was caught on fire. Scott moved quickly trying to get the flames out. Seth called the flames back to his body, and the fire went out. Scott was panting hard now, but he kept his stance. Seth shook his hand hard to the right and Scott flew high into the air crashing into the bleachers. By reflex, two beams shot out towards Seth. The impact of Scott's fall showed. There was a section of the bleachers in total shambles and destruction. Everyone ran to the bleachers checking to see if Scott was okay.

     Logan pulled Scott from the wreckage. Scott had a deep cut on his face and his already crushed hand was bleeding through the bandages. Scott leaned against Logan as they slowly got away from the bleachers. Seth stood there on the gym floor not making a move, his head dropped to his chest. Warren, Jean, Professor Xavier, and Logan with Scott walked slowly up to Seth. Seth held his chest close to his heart. Warren looked at Seth's face, and fear washed over his face. Seth's mp3 player dropped to the floor. Seth lowered his hand and everyone gasped. Two shots made one large hole clean through Seth's chest. The lasers had enter and exited, if it was just a flesh wound Seth wouldn't be bleeding. But as soon as Seth had removed his hand, blood started flowing down Seth's tee. Seth fell on his knees as the blood continued to flow from the wounds. Warren dropped to the floor and bought Seth's head to his leg to rest.

      "Okay. Maybe I deserved that" said Seth as his eyes slowly closed.

     Thousands of miles away in a manor in San Francisco, Paige was washing dishes when she felt a sharp pain enter her heart. Paige dropped the plate and shattered when it hit the floor. Immediately, Piper and Phoebe ran into the kitchen.

      "Hey, you okay?" Phoebe asked.

      "Butterfingers huh?" Piper asked in a joking tone.

      "Oh no. Someone is hurt. A charge is hurt. My charge is hurt" replied Paige holding her chest.

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