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     Seth was immediately rushed to the Medical Bay. Hank, Jean and Professor Xavier started working instantly trying to save Seth. Warren stood close by, his hands in the shape of fists. It was like Warren was in a daze, he just stared at Seth's body. Rogue grabbed a first-aid kit and began worked on Scott who now sitting in a corner with Logan onlooking Seth. Scott held his head low and he began to lightly sobbing. Logan kneeled down beside Scott and squeezed his hand. Scott looked at Logan and nodded. Jean applied bandages to Seth's wound, but he was still loosing blood.

      "Professor, he's loosing too much blood. We cannot stop the bleeding and his blood pressure is dropping fast" said Hank as he attached IV tubes to Seth's arm.

      "I can sense his heartbeat, it's slowly stopping. We must find a solution!" Professor Xavier exclaimed.

      "We can't just let him die! There has to be something we can do!" Jean yelled out.

     Just then Seth flatlined as blood pooled and soaked the bandages. The entire room was filled with gasps as the Professor and Jean with Hank tried to bring Seth back to life. Several minutes passed as more and more attempts were made to try and bring Seth back. Finally, the attempts were stopped and Seth's body was covered. Scott's face was filled with horror as he looked at Seth's body. Rogue sinked into the corner and slowly cried. Hank held Jean as she quietly sobbed on his shoulders. Professor Xavier removed the gloves from his hand and slowly wiped the sweat from his brow. Warren ran from the Medical Bay. Logan simply stood with his back against the wall looking at the sheet covering Seth's body. His nails dug so deep into his palms that slight blood started to run down his hands.

      "Seth was a priceless member of our team. I don't believe I have ever met anyone as unique as himself" replied the Professor in a cold voice.

     Rogue left the room as well did Jean and Hank. The Professor soon followed. The only people left in the room were Scott and Logan. Slowly Logan walked up to Seth's body and removed the sheet. A low grunt exited his lips as he ran his hand on Seth's face. Logan yelled as he drove his claws into the nearby wall. Scott jerked back against the wall and started crying.

      "I killed him Logan. I didn't mean to do it, but I did. I took the life of that kid. He's so young, his entire life ahead of him" Scott said through the sobs.

      "It was an accident. You didn't mean to do it and we all know that" replied Logan as he pulled his claws from inside the wall.

     Meanwhile, thousands of miles away. Paige was sitting down in the foyer as Phoebe held her hand. Piper walked in and handed a glass of water to Paige. Everyone took a seat and stayed quiet as possible. Finally, Phoebe broke the silence.

      "Ok, so what do you think happened?" Phoebe asked looking at her sisters.

      "I don't know. I was washing the dishes, then I felt this sharp pain in my chest and I can still feel it. It's like a dull ache now" Paige replied taking a drink of water.

     Just then, Alex shimmered in. He was wearing a olive business suit covered with a black leather raincoat. Everyone looked up at him as he took off his raincoat and shook the rain from his blonde curls. Piper turned around and raised her hands and the entire room froze. Water froze mid-air as well did Alex.

      "You comfortable with him here Paige?" Piper asked as she eyed Alex.

      "Why is he here?" Phoebe asked.

      "I asked him to come and help figure out what's up with Paige. He used to be a powerful demon and now he's a powerful allie. I cannot deny his skills in this matter" Piper replied moving to sit by Paige.

     Paige gave Piper a nod and she lifted her hands up again and everything returned to normal. Alex placed his raincoat on the coat rack and took a seat as Chris orbbed into the room.

      "Good, Chris is here. Did the elders give you anything?" Piper asked.

      "Who's he?" Chris asked looking at Alex.

      "Chris meet Alex, our friend, and Alex our Whitelighter" Phoebe explained as Alex smiled at Chris who returned with a smirk.

      "Ok, well nice to meet ya. Now, the elders said that the pain that Paige felt was of a charge or perhaps someone who would be her charge was killed" Chris said as Paige got scared.

      "Someone or a charge of mine has been killed. But who?" Paige asked.

      "Leo said it was a kid named Seth. Ever heard of him?" Chris asked.

     Meanwhile back in New York, most of the X-Men team were sitting on the rooftop looking out among the night. No one really spoke. Gambit and Rogue sit quietly on the ledge. Jean, Norah, and Professor Xavier sit at a table saying nothing as well. Jean wiped away the tears, as she sobbed. Logan was in the gym lifting three times his size of weights, as Scott was in the danger room blowing up several targets. Both men were filled with so much rage as they pushed themselves to the limit.

     In England, things were horrible too. Jubilee was bound to a wall with her hands covered and tightly bound behind her back. Mystique walked into the room with Magneto and sabertooth. Magneto walked up to Jubilee and raised made her restraints tighter.

      "I think this is now the best plan. By gathering all of the younger members of the X-Men we have a chance to convert them to our cause and if they do not convert. Then we shall just kill them. We have a cause to fight for" Magneto said in a cold voice.

      "What was the point of helping that Seth boy?" Mystique asked with her fingers on her cheek.

      "I believe that Seth is a powerful mutant. With training and lessons he will be. I believe he is worthy of life and I would love to make him an allie. I should of never tried to kill him. We tried, and he merely slipped away from us" replied Magneto.

      "But what about this one?" Sabertooth asked grunting.

      "She'll be one of many young mutants we collect and convert" replied Magneto with a grin.

     Back in the mansion, things are so tense. Logan and Scott are still working out, as Jean and Rogue sit and lightly talk in the kitchen. Professor Xavier and Hank are making arrangements for Seth's funeral.

      "It's so hard to believe that he's gone. I mean I spoke with him this morning and so fast he's gone." Jean said as she wiped her tear-stained face.

      "I still don't believe it myself. I've never met anyone like Seth, but it's like a dream or something" replied Rogue in a blank voice.

      "How's Warren holding up?" Jean asked trying to change the subject.

      "He's been flying since it happened. He just tore off his suit and his cloakers and flew off" Rogue replied looking out amongst the night.

      "Seth's dead!" Alex yelled outloud.

      "Oh god, how?" Piper asked in an alarmed tone.

      "There was an accident at the school he stays at. He was shot or something and he died because of a loss of blood" Chris said sitting down.

      "We have got to save him. There has to be something we can do" said Alex in a voice laced with anger.

      "Alex, you know as well as I do when someone dies they cannot be brought back" Phoebe said in a sad voice.

      "Bullshit" replied Alex as he jumped up.

     "Alex ran over to Paige and grabbed her and immediately both shimmered away. Chris, Piper and Phoebe all jumped up in an alarmed state.

      "Chris, can you follow Alex's trail?" Piper asked.

      "Sure, hang on" replied Chris as the three orbed out of the house.

     On the roof top, Alex and Paige appeared alarming everyone. Jean immediately jumped up and with her mind threw Paige off the roof. Norah stuck her hand on an outlit and drawed it's eletric current and shot a few zaps off at Alex who only absorbed them. Paige orbed back on the roof top.

      "STOP! We're here to help!" Alex yelled in a pissed tone.

      "Do you people always greet strangers like this?" Paige asked in an annoyed tone.

      "Mainly yes" replied Jean.

      "We're here to help a friend. His name is Seth and we want to save him" replied Paige zipping up her wind breaker.

      "No one can save Seth. He's already dead" Jean said getting quiet.

      "If anyone can save him, we can" replied Alex in a hopeful tone.

     In the Medical Bay where Seth rested. Jean, Norah, Professor Xavier, Alex, Paige, and Logan stood around Seth's body. Everyone followed Alex's orders as he tried his best to remember everything he knew to bring one back from the dead. Paige on the other hand had her doubts. She knew whitelighters could never bring someone back from the dead. Once you were dead, that was it. No second chances, but hopefully Alex knew something she didn't. Alex finished off with lighting a few white candles and joined his place around Seth.

      "For this to work, we have to be positive and focus all of our energy to Seth's body. Let's start with you Paige. Give him the healing touch" Alex commanded.

      "Well okay. Here goes nothing" Paige replied as she placed her hands over Seth's chest.

     A bright, orange light appeared at the tips of Paige's fingers and went straight inside of Seth's chest. Almost instantly color appeared to surface upon Seth's skin. A few minutes later, sweat started to bead up on Paige's brow. Finally the lights returned inside Paige's fingers. The color drained away from Seth's body as soon as Paige pulled away.

      "It's not enough. We need other healing means to help me out here. If not, I am gonna pass out" Paige said wiping the sweat off her face.

      "Logan has healing properties in his blood. Maybe we can provide a transfusion?" Jean asked looking at Logan.

      "Ya, do it" Logan said pulling up his sleeve.

     Jean grabbed an transfusion kit and hooked Logan up to Seth. A few minutes later blood started to flow into Seth's body. Alex placed the Professor's and Jean's hands on Seth's forehead. Then, Alex brought Norah to his side and held up his hand and a energy ball appeared.

      "Ok, let's try it this way. You two focus on Seth's mind. As soon as you get the first bit of response, grab on to it and hold it. Keep it alive. He'll need his brain to jumpstart his body. Logan, just provide the blood. Norah, since you like energy so well. I want you to pull all of the energy from my powerball and transfer it to Seth's heart. The body uses a fine current, and maybe this will supply what Seth needs. Paige, When your ready. Alex stated focusing on his energy ball.

     "The light came from Paige's hands and entered into Seth's body. Norah started flowing all of the energy to Seth's heart. Norah tried really hard to not burn Seth in this process. Jean and the Professor were busy focusing on gaining Seth's mind. Logan pumped his fist every few seconds to insure the blood was fresh. Color returned to Seth's body yet again, and then a pulse, and slight heartbeat that grew stronger with each beat.

      "We have his body alive again, but there's no thoughts inside his head. It's like a hollow shell" replied Jean holding tightly onto Seth's forehead.

      "You two have to work harder. We have to get him back in all forms. If not, he'll just be brain dead" Alex said as his energy ball disappeared.

     Professor Xavier grabbed Jean's wrist and focused on giving Jean all of the energy she needed to make a connection. Seth's fingers started to move slightly across the table. Jean dropped to the floor but with her hands still attached to Seth's head. Everyone moved with alarmed, but then Jean opened her eyes. They were bright yellow, they were so bright that everyone had to shield their eyes. Jean collapsed and fell to the floor as Seth springed up from the table gasping hard. Paige kneeled down beside Jean and placed her hands above her and the same light entered into her body healing her instantly. Jean got back up and thanked Paige for her help.

      "Seth, are you okay?" Logan asked placing his hand on Seth's bare shoulder.

      "Who's Seth?" Seth asked with a confused look on his face.

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