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     Since Seth couldn't remember who he was, the Professor had spent the rest of the evening performing tests trying to figure out why Seth couldn't remember who he is. After several tests and to no avail, the Professor had decided to give time to try and see if he could regain his memories on his own. Things were really difficult for Seth. As slept in bed that night, he dreamed of sentinels, and combat and the several missions that he had been on. Seth dreamed of the day that he was picked up in the black SUV by some woman he had never meet. As Seth continued to dream, his mind wondered deep into the night he and Jean went to pick up Norah. The memories came back in bits and pieces. Seth tried to hold on to each memory but with no luck, they slipped away. Finally, Seth's mind stopped to a time so very long ago. Seth was very much younger then, and some of the stupid rednecks had kidnapped him and beat him up. When it was all over Seth was left tied to a large tree and left for dead. Seth started tossing and turning as the sweat ran down his forehead soaking his black and red hair. Words and mumbles mainly exited Seth's mouth.

     Meanwhile, Logan was in the gym fiercely pounding into a punching bag. Sweat was running down Logan's chest, his hard muscles and abs were exposed due to the fact he was wearing no shirt. Logan had several emotions running through his head. Deep inside him, he cared so much for Seth. Maybe it was when Seth needed someone so badly, that Logan just took the role and had never stopped. Perhaps Logan was falling in love again. Out of all the times, Seth had showed or said how much he loved Logan. Logan just couldn't bring himself to say those three little words. In fact, Logan promised himself he would never love anyone ever again. He could still care and protect people close to him. But he would never fall in love again, never. Scott on the other hand hadn't fallen in love, simply lust. Scott was upset that Seth had been killed by his own power. Yet, Seth had been saved and Scott was so happy for that. But that also ment that Logan would try to save things with Seth. Scott had lusted and maybe in some way loved Logan ever since he met him. Scott could remember the night when Logan had came into the Medical Bay were Scott was sleeping and stayed there watching him. Once Scott woke up, Logan led Scott to him room. Both men wanted one thing. Sex. Scott felt so alive that night as Logan took him. The sweat, the raw lust, the pure animal instinct that took oven both men. It was incredible and Scott wanted more.

      "So when will Seth regain his memory Professor?" Jean asked taking off her lab coat after hours of testing.

      "It's very hard to say Jean. Seth was dead. His very life force had ceased to be. To bring someone back from the depths of death in an incredible feat. But then again, there must surely be altercations. Seth's memory is just one of them" replied the Professor as he removed his glasses.

      "Well, what can we do to help speed up the process?" Jean asked.

      "We have to act as if nothing has happened and try our best to do things and keep a regular structure so hopefully Seth will fall back into and remember" replied the Professor.

     Scott had been in the danger room for hours going over several combat sessions. Scott, like Logan worked out when upset. Back in Seth's room, a fire had started. Whenever Seth was in a highented state, his powers would go out of control. Seth's entire blanket was up in flames as he wildly tossed and turned in his dreams. After a few minutes, Seth sprung up from the bed as the covers fell to the floor. Smoke filled the room as the blanket continued to burn. Seth gasped as he looked at the fire and smoke. Seth backed into the corner of the bed choking on the smoke. Fear took over Seth's body as slowly Seth blacked out. Just then, Seth's door locked as an alarm went off inside the entire building. Logan heard the alarm and ran to the monitor on the wall. The monitor told of a fire on the third floor in room b2. Logan knew instantly who's room it was. Logan ran out of the gym passing Storm who followed. Back in Seth's room, automatic vents had sucked all of the air out of the room, thus killing the fire. But leaving Seth with so air to breath. Scott and Jean had taken the elevator and made it as Logan and Storm came up from the stairs running. Jean ran up to another monitor on the wall trying to turn off the alarms. Logan tried opening the door but it was still locked. Logan then tried to bust the door down but that wasn't working either.

      "Logan, the door is reenforced steel. It would take even you several minutes to get inside. The computers have locked the doors so the fire cannot spread" Jean said as she punched keys on the monitor.

      "Has the air supply returned yet? Storm asked with alarm.

      "Not yet, I'm trying to rewire the computer to do so" replied Jean as she yanked the monitor off the wall.

      "Screw this" Scott said as he backed up against the wall.

     Scott placed his fingers on his visors. A huge blast of lasers ran towards the door. As soon as the beams met, the door flew back slamming into the wall. The air rushed back into the room like a powerful vacuum. Everyone ran into the room to find Seth on the bed. Logan bent down and shook Seth. Slowly, Seth opened his eyes. He took a good look around the room before jumping up. As he did this, everyone took a step back.

      "I was just on fire and there's not a mark on me" Seth said his voice filled with fear.

      "Seth, your main power is the control of fire" Storm said trying to calm Seth down.

      "Power? What the hell am I?" Seth yelled out.

      "Seth, calm down. Everything is going to be okay" Scott said as he walked up to Seth and placed his hand on Seth's shoulder.

      "Don't touch me!" Seth yelled.

     That's when it happened. Seth jerked back and instantly Scott was thrown against the wall at an incredible force. Scott fell to the ground, leaving a crater in the wall. Seth got more scared as he looked at Scott. Storm and Jean gathered at Scott's side, as Logan moved closer to Seth. Quickly Seth made a pass at the door, but Logan stood in front blocking him. Seth froze as instinct took over and Logan's claws sprung from within his fists. Seth backed up, as he looked into Logan's eyes.

      "Please. I don't want to hurt anyone else. Let me go" Seth said almost at tears.

     Logan retracted his claws, and moved back. Seth gave Logan a final look and ran out of the room down the hallway barefoot. Scott was coming around and Jean and Storm helped him up. Logan rubbed his knuckles as he thought of what must be going through Seth's mind. Once Scott was okay, everyone took off to find Seth. Meanwhile, out in the courtyard. Seth was running, he didn't know where. But Seth just had to get away. Seth couldn't remember who he was, not his family, friends, not even this strange power everyone was talking about. Seth was scared shitless. As soon as everyone was outside, Storm and Jean took to the air to search. Scott took off into the courtyard's maze to look as well. Logan sniffed the air and took off. Seth was far away into the forest far off from the school's grounds. Deeper and deeper into the woods Seth ran, his chest and stomach were cramping from the strain. But Seth kept going until he couldn't run anymore. Seth fell to the ground gasping for air, he just laid where he fell. Not moving a muscle, Seth started to cry. Seth couldn't remember anything about himself, and no one could help him as far as he was concerned.

      (Does anyone see Seth?) Jean asked everyone in her head.

     All of the responses were no. Jean touched down to the ground every so often hoping to catch a glimpse of Seth. No one was having any luck looking for Seth. Hours passed as the night grew colder. Seth started to shiver, as he got deeper and deeper into sleep. His face was stained with tears, and his Seth's olive skin was bright red from the cold. Just then, footsteps stopped at Seth's body. It was Logan, his face bore a blank expression as he looked down at Seth. Seth could get really sick, Logan thought. The only thing Seth was wearing was an old tee that was drenched in sweat from earlier, and a pair of sleep pants. Logan took off his denim jacket and wrapped Seth inside. After softly picking Seth up, Logan made his way back to the grounds.

      (Jean, can ya here me?) Logan projected out with his mind.

      (Everything okay Logan?) Jean asked responding with her mind.

      (I have Seth, gather everyone and call the search off) replied Logan ending the mind link with Jean.

     Logan looked down at Seth every now and then as he walked back to the mansion. The moonlight shining brightly against his olive complexion, and softly brought out his black and red streaked hair. Once Logan was inside the house, he walked up to his room. Now, Logan didn't have intentions of taking Seth to his room, but considering the condition of Seth's room. Logan wasn't about to put Seth in there. Once inside Logan's room, Seth was placed under the warm covers. Logan ran his hand through Seth's hair before turning out the lamp. The only source of light was from the full moon. Logan got off from the bed and was about to leave the room when he heard Seth speak.

      "Please don't leave me alone" came the words from Seth in a light whisper.

     So Logan didn't. He simply took off his boots, and crawled into bed behind Seth. Almost instantly, Seth pushed back and into Logan's arms. Logan complied and held tightly against Seth. The two drifted to sleep, as Logan held Seth and never wanting to let him go. Logan just wished that he could be honest and express how much he cared to Seth, but only if he could remember. The next morning, Jean was up early working in the labs going over tests and books trying to find anything that would help jump start Seth's memory. Scott was awake, but he was doing his own kind of research. In his room, Scott laid nude under the sheets with one major hard-on. His well-defined chest was covered lightly with sweat as he stroked his eager member. Scott had his legs pressed up against the bed as he explored his body all over. His nipples, his balls, even his ass. Scott got up on his knees and stroked himself hard and fast as his bandaged hand worked over his chest and nipples. Scott's breathing got deeper and faster as he pumped his seven inches. Scott bit on his lip, as he grew closer to release. His hand moved faster and faster as he grunted and moaned loudly as his cum shot across the bed. Scott collapsed and drifted slowly back to sleep still holding his cock as dreams of Logan taking him over and over again.

     Around ten, Logan woke Seth up and led him to his room to find some clothes. Logan knew that in order to get Seth's memory back, he would have to get Seth back in a normal routine. When all that was done, Seth was left in the kitchen with breakfast as Logan went to search for Jean. Perhaps Jean had found out some new information. Just then Norah, Bobby and Rogue walked in. They all looked at Seth who was eating in the corner. Norah held a smile to her face and gave Bobby and Rogue a look. Norah had spoke with them last night of how they must try their very best to remind Seth of anything that could help him remember. Bobby was holding a box of computer photos that were taken in the Danger Room. Rogue had photos too, mostly from Seth's home and photos that were taken when they were all training and taking regular classes. They all sat down at Seth's table and began what could be a long memory cram session. Logan had found Jean working in the labs, and took a seat apart from her desk.

      "Anything new?" Logan asked in his causal deep voice.

      "Nothing that I don't already know. But I'm still looking" Jean replied removing her glasses.

      "Is the mission still on for Jubilee?" Logan asked sitting back in the chair.

      "Yes, but I don't know if the Professor still wants Seth to go" said Jean as she got up to get a cup of coffee.

      "Don't ya think a mission would jog his memory some?" Logan asked getting slightly annoyed.

      "Logan, Seth has no control of his powers. He doesn't remember anything. If he had any memories, there all bits and pieces. All of his training and skill is buried deep inside his mind. We cannot risk the safety of our team for Seth" Jean said dreading the very words.

     Scott was just waking up as the sun shone brightly into his room. His cum had done dried onto his skin, as Scott got up stripping his bed the sheets and tossing them down the laundry vent. Scott walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Through his ruby shades, he could see the bite mark Logan had made on his neck those many nights ago. Scott started to get hard just thinking of the hot sex. He turned on the shower and got ready to steam up the room.

     As the day moved on, no one was having any luck with Seth. He couldn't remember anything and it was taking it's toll on Seth. Deep inside, Seth felt weak and stupid as he tried so hard to remember. Jean and the Professor and Hank had spent the entire day speaking with professonals, and doctors who had delt with memory loss. Just then, a tall man walked into the Professor's office with a manila folder. Professor Xavier signed and the man left. The Professor read the contents of the folder and set it aside.

      "What was that about Professor?" Jean asked taking a seat.

      "It was the latest report from the guards. There's been some strange activity on the grounds. I'll get some team members to check it out after we are done here" replied Professor Xavier.

     Little did the Professor know, was that there was lots of activity going on. Deep in the woods, a small pack of people emerged. Magneto, Sabertooth, Mystique, Lady Deathstrike and other mutants who were Magneto's henchmen traveled straight to the front doors of the mansion. Students were heading to their dorms after dinner, and no one was prepared for what happened next. The metal frame around the large entrance doors were torn from their hinges and thrown against the wall. Students screamed as Deathstrike and Mystique started shooting sleeper darts from small gun like objects. Students started dropping to the floor as Mystique pressed a small comlink in her ear and started giving orders. Magneto took to the air and flew to the second floor. Scott ran out from the elevator and prepared to fire upon Magneto, but he was not fast enough. Magneto yanked his visor off and threw him against the stair railing. Scott held his eyes closed trying to hold back the powerful lasers behind his eyelids. Mystique walked up the stairs and smirked as she looked down as Scott. Magneto and Mystique both entered the elevator and went to the third floor.

      "Deathstrike, call the others to help carry the teens out of here" Mystique ordered over the comlink.

     Once the two were on the floor. Mystique started shooting any young mutants with the sleeper darts. At the farthest part of the floor, stood Bobby, Rogue, and Seth. Other mutants were running trying to avoid the darts but with no luck. Mystique held out the gun and shot off 3 darts towards them. Bobby held up his hand and the darts froze and dropped to the floor. Magneto took a good look at Bobby and threw his hand into the air. Immediately, the chain necklace around Bobby's neck tightened and Bobby began to choke. Rogue grabbed the necklace and tried to break it off but Magneto's force was too strong. Seth kept his eyes on Magneto as he started breathing hard. Rogue was yelling for help, but Seth couldn't here anything as rage filled him. As Seth looked at Magneto's face, all of these emotions and memories filled his head. Seth let out loud cry as a stream of fire flew from his chest attacking Magneto. Instantly the force around Bobby's neck vanished and he fell to the floor. Seth held his stance as the flames kept speeding towards Magneto. Mystique held her gun to fire at Seth. Rogue held Bobby's hand as his life force was drained into her finger tips. She held her hand up and Mystique's gun froze instantly dropping to the floor. Rogue let go of Bobby's hand as he started coughing. Magneto was trying to flight the flames with a energy field he had created, but Seth was stronger. The flames grew stronger and hotter, but no one could stop Seth. Storm walked slowly up the stairs and tapped Mystique's shoulder. Instantly, Mystique turned around and met Storm's fist. Mystique dropped to the floor, as Bobby and Rogue crawled under the flames to Storm. Mystique was thrown over Storm's shoulder as she and Bobby with Rogue ran down the steps. Scott had regained his visors from Jean and the two were trying to stop the other mutants from taking the students. But it was an ambush, and only Magneto's men were left fighting as the students were gone. Storm dropped Mystique in an corner and using storm winds sent all of Magneto's men out of the front doors.

      "We have to stop Seth. He's created a powerful fire stream and it's getting stronger. He could burn down the entire building!" Storm said to the others.

     The elevator doors opened and Professor Xavier, Logan, and Gambit exited. Gambit and Scott ran out the doors to find any of the missing students.

      "I can feel Magneto's field weakening. Jean create an energy field to protect him" said Professor Xavier.

      "That'll help, but what about Seth. He has to stop with the fire or Jean will burn out just like Mag" replied Logan looking up at all of the flames and smoke.

      "Someone will have to talk Seth down" Storm said pushing back her hair.

      "I'll do it" Logan said running up the steps.

     As Logan got to the top of the stairs, he jerked back his hand from the railing. It was super hot. The walls and tile were charring and turning black from the extreme heat. But Seth couldn't stop, he held too much pain and fear from Magneto. He couldn't place why, but his emotions were controlling him now. Logan ducked under the waves of fire and stood right beside Magneto. Logan had to think of a way to stop Seth. By now, Seth had his eyes closed concentrating on the memories that flooded him. Magneto dropped to his knees trying to control his field.

      "Seth! You got to stop this!" Logan yelled out.

     Seth's eyes jerked open as he looked at Logan. Instantly Seth's eyes turned yellow then back to normal. The fire seemed to die down some but still connected against Magneto's field.

      "Logan get away from him. He'll rip the admentium right out of your bones!" Seth yelled.

     Magneto took advantage of the moment, and threw Logan back and started pushing his forces against Logan's admentium framework. Immediately, his claws shot out of his hands as blood started dripping around his knuckles. Logan grunted from the fierce pain. Seth yelled out and the waves of fire grew stronger and attacked Magneto. The flames grew larger and larger and pushed Magneto against the top rails of the staircase. Magneto tried to push back, but Seth was too strong. Fire was Seth's element and he knew how to use and control it. The metal rails started to bend and melt away and Seth's force got stronger until Magneto was pushed right off the floor. Jean held out her field and caught Magneto who by now had severe burns. The flames grew stronger as Seth closed his eyes. It was like he was in a trance. He had no control of the flames anymore, and he didn't care. Seth had regained his memory and all of the pain and memories came back to him, and it truly hurt. Logan walked down the long hallway to meet Seth. One of the wall monitors blew up in Logan's face, but he kept moving down the hall. The heat from the flames burned Logan's arm dearly, but he held on and kept moving til he was right beside Seth.

      "Seth, you got to stop this before you burn down the place" yelled Logan.

      "I can't stop it Logan. I can't control it." Seth said with his eyes still closed as the flames grew stronger and brighter.

     The walls started to crumble under the extreme heat as teardrops started to run down Seth's face. Tiles on the floor started to explode, as Logan looked hard at Seth trying to convince him to stop. Finally Seth jumped forward grabbing Seth and dropping to the floor. The flames started to wreck against Logan's chest, but he held Seth tighter as he winced in the pain from Seth's flames. Logan started rubbing Seth's head and his grip grew tighter and as if the flames couldn't get any stronger, they died away. All was left was a charred shirt that Logan was wearing. Extensive burns showed from the burn area of the shirt, but Logan's healing powers were already at work healing the cuts and the burns. Logan held Seth tightly against his chest as Seth sobbed softly. The tension in the room was inbareable. Logan swallowed hard and gasped for air as he tried to calm Seth. Then Seth stopped, there was no tears, and no sobs. Just light breathing, as Seth pushed away from Logan and stood up.

      "What happened? What's going on?" Seth asked with a puzzled look on his face as he looked around the burned hallway.

     Logan looked up at Seth. He couldn't believe it. As quickly as Seth's memory had returned, it had went away. Seth had no idea who he was. He had just fought an incredible battle, and won, and he had no thoughts of it. Logan got up off the floor, trying to make sense of the moment. He so badly wanted to tell Seth how much he cared for him, and how over these past several months he had grew to love Seth and to truly care about him. Not just lust over him, he truly loved Seth. But now it was a clean slate, a blank slate at that. Seth couldn't remember anything, and that hurt Logan the most. Seth couldn't remember the way Logan had jumped out and held him til the fire died away, or how Logan would do anything to stop Seth from feeling pain. Seth couldn't remember that.

     Logan was placed into the medical bay and put under heavy sedation. As much as Logan fought with the Professor, he finally agreed it was the best thing to do. Seth had almost killed a man, not to mention burn down the entire school. Until Seth's memory was regained and he had the full skill of controlling his power, much caution would have to be used around him. Magneto on the other hand had severe burns and had been out for hours. But to be safe, Hank gave Magneto forty-five miligrams of morphine. Just to be safe of course. The Professor and the other members of the team had brought Mystique to a interrogation room. Sabertooth, Deathstrike and the henchmen were nowhere to be seen. Logan splashed ice-cold water on Mystique to bring her around. Storm could carry a punch.

      "How dare you!" Mystique hissed loudly spitting out water at Logan.

      "Mystique, you shall answer are questions as you retain information that could shed some light on everything" replied the Professor.

      "And what shall I get if I answer your question Xavier" Mystique said smirking at Logan, who in return shot out his claws.

      "You and the others shall be released" said Xavier.

      "With or without your help, I shall get free" replied Mystique.

      "Maybe, but this time we won't stop fire boy" Logan said with a cold look on his face.

     After a few minutes of thoughts, Mystique agreed. The entire X-Men team entered the room. Jean set up a video camera to record everything. The team was here to ask any questions that could help.

      "What was the purpose of infection Seth with your DNA?" Jean asked as she took notes.

      "Magneto wanted Seth to grow and to have more powers. Seth could be a great allie, and with my help is" Mystique said in a tone that was like she had just given birth.

      "Then why did you kidnap him and try to murder him?' asked Scott.

      "Everyone knows how much Magneto changes his thought process. At first, he wanted Seth to be killed because you can never trust a pyro-kinetic. But now he wants him as an allie" Mystique said as she crossed her legs.

      "Why the stunt on the roof" Jean asked, this time more firmly.

      "Seth needed the cure, and I knew you would all trust me if I added some drama into the mix. There never was a girl, only me doing my job" replied Mystique in a cold tone.

      "Why did you take all the students?" Storm asked.

      "That's none of your concern, if you want to see them alive you better let us go" replied Mystique.

      "Your in no condition to make demands Mystique" said Professor Xavier.

      "Watch me" replied Mystique.

     With that, Mystique jumped up and ran backwards into the wall instantly crushing her chair. Doing a back flip on the table, Mystique smashed the lamp and made a fast getaway. Everyone stumbled out of the room to see one of the guards face down on the floor.

      "Bet no one was expecting that one" replied Logan.

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