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     Only a couple of days had passed since the raid at the Mansion. Seth was still under heavy sedation. Jean and the Professor made daily attempts in Seth's mind to try and find some string of memories that would help him regain his memory, but there was not much progress. Hank and Professor Xavier had discovered that if the mood was right, and if Seth was in a heightened state his memory could return like it did before. Against Jean and Logan's wishes, Seth was to stay sedated until his memory could recover or until Xavier felt Seth could control his powers. Magneto had been awake for days now. A special plastic cell was built to house Magneto, and he wasn't happy about being held prisoner. As the alarming news of all of the students kidnappings, X-Men members were coming in from all over the world. Days as well as nights were spent in training and complete chaos. Mutants were training and constantly being briefed on news and updates for the mission. Logan and Scott seemed to be at the pinnacle of disgust. The two men would be in combat for hours, totally whipping each other's ass. Not the good way either. One night after harsh training with Logan, Scott had stayed behind in the gym and shadow boxed. Tonight was the night that Jean would finally face the music and confront Scott about Logan. Jean walked into the gym wearing a pair sweats and an old tee. She took a seat next to the wall and sighed trying to put her feelings and fears into words.

      "Scott can we talk?" Jean asked as she twisted a strand of her hair. She always did that when she was nervous.

      "About what" asked Scott as he punched his invisible opponent.

      "You know what I'm talking about" Jean said getting slightly frustrated.

      "I know" Scott said sighing as he took a seat on the ground in front of Jean.

      "Where do we stand Scott" Jean asked as tears started to fill her eyes.

      "I don't know Jean. Things have changed alot" replied Scott looking away as he spoke.

      "No shit" Jean said pushing her chair back against the wall.

      "Why did you do it Scott? Didn't I make you happy?" Jean asked getting upset.

      "It just happened Jean. Damn it, you knew I was bisexual ever since you met me. Logan has always been appealing to me, and I had a chance to spend time with him" replied Scott getting pissed.

      "But you slept with him. I find lots of guys attractive but you don't see me sleeping with every one of them!" Jean said practically yelling.

      "Oh please, like you've never slept with a guy while we were dating. Hell, you practically raped Gambit several times in one night" Scott said standing up and pacing the floor.

      "Damn it Scott, that was years ago and I was drunk. I was never proud of it, but I was so wasted I didn't even know what country I was in" Jean said as she threw the chair across the room with her mind.

      "Oh, I better be careful before you pull a Seth on me" said Scott with a smirk on his face.

      "Don't talk about Seth like that. You hurt him as much as you did me"

      "Please, the kid is too young to even know what love is" replied Scott as he shrugged off the thought.

      "You were only seventeen when you met me Scott" said Jean in a calm voice.

      "Fuck Jean, do you really think I meant to hurt you or Seth?" Scott asked.

      "You tell me Scott. It's like you've had it out for Seth ever since he came here" replied Jean as she got heated.

      "More like he's had it out for me" said Scott turning his back on Jean.

      "Oh god, I finally realize what this is all about" replied Jean putting her hands on top of her head.

      "What are you talking about?" Scott asked bewhildered.

      "Someone finally got to Logan before you did, and it fucks with your head everytime you see them together, talking, walking, whatever" Jean said looking straight at Scott.

      "Jean you don't understand" Scott started.

      "Well then help me understand" Jean said her voice rising.

      "I've known Logan for years, and I have wanted him so bad. I have the purest lust for him, and after feeling this way for such a long time and waiting. Then to see some kid walk in here and just pick him up without even trying. It's hell" Scott said as tears of anger filled his eyes.

      "You mean to tell me, you hurt two people over lust?!" Jean asked as her eyes filled also with tears.

     Logan had taken a shower and decided to visit Seth in the Medical Bay. As he got there, he found Hank busy behind his desk going over notes. Seth was sleeping peacefully, he had no dreams to bother him. Logan took a seat beside Seth's bed, he was used to this feeling. As Logan had done this so many times before. Sitting and waiting beside Seth's bedside for him to awake. It seemed like only yesterday, when Seth had no control on his power. The infection Mystique had caused was tearing Seth's life apart. But no Seth couldn't even remember that anymore. Logan reached and held Seth's hand. Seth's hand was so warm and smooth, as Logan held Seth's hand against his cheek. Suddenly, Seth took a sharp breath and opened his eyes. Logan looked at Seth as Seth looked back. Slowly Seth sat up and looked around the room.

      "God, what a headache" Seth said pushing back against the pillows.

      "Feeling better?" Logan asked letting go of Seth's hand.

      "A little. It's Logan right?" Seth asked.

      "Yea," Logan answered with the trace of a light smile.

      "Can I leave?" Seth asked looking down at the bed.

      "I think that can be arranged bub" Logan replied.

     For the rest of the day, Logan and Seth walked all over the courtyards. Seth spoke of all of the thoughts and memories he had inside him. Logan was on edge all evening as Seth got close to certain memories he wished Seth hadn't remembered. After another hour or so of walking, Logan decided to take Seth to the gym. Logan felt that if Seth trained, it would help him better control his gifts until he could remember how to use them. When the two got there, they were greeted with the sight of all of several other mutants training. Storm and Jean were in hand to hand combat. Both of the women were good and it seemed that neither of them were getting tired. Bobby was showing off his new skills by creating certain ice shapes to Rogue. Colossus and Gambit were in a standstill. Everytime Gambit threw one of his cards, Colossus would simply turn into his steel form and block them. The only person who wasn't training was Scott. He sat upon the bleachers reading a book and every so often taking glances at the crowd. Seth took a seat on the floor and started watching Logan as he started training with Gambit and Colossus. Gambit started throwing cards at high-speed at Logan, but before they could hit him, Logan simply tore them to shred's with his claws. Seth watched on as Scott inched down closer and closer to where Seth was sitting.

      "He's an amazing fighter huh?" Scott asked in a whisper into Seth's ear.

      "Yea" Seth answered shuddering from Scott's closeness.

      "It's a shame, he's dating Jean though" replied Scott pointing at Jean.

      "He is?" Seth asked with a puzzled look on his face.

      "Oh course, he's been dating her for years" replied Scott moving right beside Seth.

      "But, well I thought he liked me" Seth said looking down at the floor.

      "Oh Logan is always that way with people" Scott answered placing his hand on Seth's crotch.

     Alarm flooded Seth's face as Scott began feeling him up. Seth gulped hard and stood up, as so did Scott.

      "Why don't you come back to my room?" Scott asked stepping off the bleachers.

      "Okay" Seth said in a dazed tone.

     Scott walked in front of Seth leading to his room. Seth followed like a lost puppy. Not sure if he should follow or not, by now Seth was totally confused. Scott got to his room and clicked on the light. Seth came in and took a seat on the bed. Scott's room was bigger then the students room. The room had it's own private bath, living room, work desk, and a huge bed. Scott pulled off his shirt exposing his smooth chest and tight abs. Seth looked at the sight before him as Scott continued to undress. Off came Scott's shoes and pants. There stood Scott wearing nothing but a black pair of briefs and a white pair of ankle socks. Scott walked up to Seth and pulled of his tee, exposing Seth's chest to the coolness of the room. Seth's nipples instantly hardened. Even though, Seth had some feelings for Logan, he couldn't help but be drawed to Scott's beauty. But, this wasn't right. Thought Seth. Some how, deep inside he felt more connected to Logan. This could not be right, it just can't.

      "Um, I can't do this" Seth said pushing away at Scott.

      "Shhhh, just let me do this. I'll make you feel real good" Scott replied as he grabbed Seth's cock.

      "Hey, I like sex like the next guy. But this doesn't feel right" Seth said again pushing away at Scott.

     This time Scott was more persistent. He grabbed Seth's wrists and shoved Seth onto the bed. Scott straddled Seth and was doing a great job at holding him down. Seth tried to fight back, but being that Scott wore no clothes, he was free from all restraints and could move much quicker then Seth. Scott placed all his weight directly on top of Seth and started to lick Seth's ear.

      "Just relax Seth, and enjoy this. Stop trying to fight it" Scott said as he slowly humped upon Seth's crotch and leaving a small wet trail down Seth's ear lobe.

      "Why are you doing this to me!? I never did anything to you" Seth said out between attempts to get free.

      "You got to him first Seth. I wanted to be Logan's first male lay. As far as I know, no man has ever made Logan open up enough to have a relationship. I was going to be first. Ever since I met him so many years ago, I wanted him" replied Scott as he began to give to suck firmly on Seth's neck.

      "I don't know what your talking about. I don't remember anything" Seth said as tears started to fill behind his eyelids.

      "Just let me do this Seth. I know that tight ass of yours loves a good fuck. Hey, maybe Logan will walk in on us just like you walked in on me and him" Scott said as he nibbled on Seth's ear.

     Seth let out cries of torment as he tried to break free. Scott only laughed at Seth's attempts. Logan walked down the long hallway trying to find Seth. Logan was confused as to why, Seth would just leave the gym without letting anyone know where he was going. As he walked down the hallway, he heard cries. Immediately he stopped, he knew who's they were. Slowly he walked up to Scott's door. Logan could make out the sounds from Seth. His toned hearing was telling him everything. He heard Scott moaning. Scott let go of one of Seth's arms and yanked down Seth's pants and underwear. Seth tried to use his free arm to strike Scott but Scott shot a small burst of energy at the arm. Seering pain filled Seth's arm as he dropped it to the bed. Seth cried out in the pain as Scott yanked down his briefs and started rubbing his dripping rod between Seth's thighs. The sheer pleasure started to overcome Scott as he pushed his cock faster between Seth's thighs. It wasn't like the real thing, but it felt amazing. Scott took his free hand and held Seth's throat. Moans were spilling from Scott's lips as he plunged deeper and deeper.

      "You havn't felt shit yet Seth. I'm gonna fuck you all night long. If I cannot have Logan, I'll just have to settle for the next best thing" Scott said between moans.

      "Please stop, please" Seth said on the brink of tears.

      "I'm not gonna stop Seth. Why would I? I'm fucking Logan's bitch. He never loved you Seth. All Logan cares about is sex, just like a real man. You were nothing more then his little bitch" Scott said on the verge of cumming.

     Scott didn't know what was happening to him. Deep inside him, he knew the things he said were truly hurting Seth. But Seth had stole the only thing that Scott had wanted for so long. Logan. Scott never loved Logan, he just lusted for him too deeply and too darkly. Nothing got Scott off more then thinking of Logan taking his sweet ass. But another part of him knew this had gone too far, but Scott would stop later. He had to do this, he had to go through with this. It was wrong, but it felt too good. Scott kept thrusting harder and harder as he started to kiss up and down Seth's chest.

      "Scott" Seth said outloud.

      "What Seth" Scott said barely listening.

      "As least I'm Logan's bitch and not you" Seth replied as he clenched the bed sheets in fury.

      "How did you know my name? Your not supposed to have any memory" Scott asked still thrusting away.

     But before Scott could fully think it all through. Seth's eyes took a quick yellow glow then returned to normal. Seth smacked both of his hands onto Scott's chest and closed his eyes. Immediately, severe heat surged through his palms. Scott yelled out in pain as Seth kept pushing the heat onto Scott's body. With a final blow, Seth threw Scott against the wall. Seth jumped up and pulled his pants back on. Seth grabbed the doorknob but before he left he spoke to Scott.

      "Seems like you always have your back against the wall" Seth replied walking out of Scott's room and right into Logan.

      "Logan. Thank god it's you!" Seth said pulling his shirt back on.

      "Yea it's me Seth" Logan replied with a cold look on his face.

      Scott has lost it man" Seth started before Logan cut him off.

      "So how long has your memory been back to normal?" Logan asked, still cold and expressionless.

      "Not too long" Seth said pulling his shirt down.

      "Well it's good to know the first thing you do is go bump pelvis' with another guy" Logan replied walking away.

      "What the fuck are you talking about Logan?" Seth asked getting pissed.

      "Damn it Seth, I heard you both. Fucking like animals" Logan said in a fierce tone.

      "We were not fucking Logan. Your slut tried to rape me!" Seth yelled out at Logan.

      "Don't ever say that about Scott" Logan growled as he slammed Seth against the wall. Grabbing one of Seth's arms, Logan pinned Seth down. Seth started to winch in pain as Logan's grip became harder on his wounded arm. Small sighs of pain escaped Seth's mouth.

      "Please Logan stop it. Beat me up when I'm strong enough to fight back" replied Seth still gasping from the white hot pain that flowed through the wound.

      "What happened Seth?" Logan asked releasing Seth's arm.

      "None of your concern" Seth said in a cold voice that was so unlike his very own.

     Seth held his head down looking at his arm. Seth tried very hard to fight back the tears but sure enough they flowed down his face. Logan's defenses dropped as soon as he look at Seth's face. Slowly, Logan pulled Seth close to him. Seth laid his head down on Logan's chest and slowly cried. Why did Seth's life have to be so complicated. Everything was all fucked up, and nothing was ever normal. Seth was tired of everything happening. It truly was hard to be an x-men.

      "Did Scott do this?" Logan asked slowly grasping Seth's burned arm.

      "You know I would never lie to you Logan. I still.." Seth said but was cut off by Logan. Quickly, Logan grabbed Seth and kissed him deeply.

      "I've missed that" Seth replied when the kiss was over.

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