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     The morning was crisp and grey as Storm drove to the airport. Nothing was really said as the two traveled. Seth barely moved as he looked out the window at the passing city. When Seth was told of his acceptance to this school, he felt that this was going to change his life. To make it better, but instead he was faced with so many new challenges and situations. Seth was only eighteen, this was something a thirty year old would face, but not someone of his age. When Seth thought of everything he went through, the one thing he could truly remember that made him want to go on, to fight and not worry about whatever the future would bring, was Logan. But Logan wouldn't let Seth in, Seth couldn't understand Logan's actions or feelings. Maybe Logan did care for Seth, but probably the same way Logan cared for Rogue when she was in some tight spots. Just now, Seth brought sex to the mix.

     Everything was confusing for Seth. Did Logan love him and care for him, or was Seth only for pleasure? Logan was Seth's strength to make it through whatever Seth had to face, but now he felt empty. Storm parked the car in front of the airport and went to retrieve Seth's bags. Seth pulled on his jacket and stepped out of the car. Storm handed a bag to Seth and with one final look, entered the terminal. Meanwhile at the mansion, Logan was furious. Logan threw the doors open to the Professor's office, where he saw Jean and the Professor drinking coffee.

      "Why did ya let him go Chuck?" Logan snarled as he entered the room.

      "I believe your referring to Seth correct?" asked the Professor as he took another sip of his coffee.

      "Damn right" Logan snapped back as he dropped himself in a nearby chair.

      "Logan, calm down" Jean said as she placed her coffee on the table.

      "Not until, I get a decent answer" Logan said in a harsh voice.

      "Logan, you out of anyone should know why I allowed Seth to leave" Professor Xavier said in a calm voice.

      "Explain it to me anyway" Logan said as he got up to pour himself a cup of coffee.

      "Seth has played the main role in several events that have happened since his arrival. This alone puts severe strain on an individual, let alone the events between you and Mr. Summers" said Professor Xavier as he turned around to look out the window behind his desk.

      "So he chickened out, and you let him go home?" Logan asked, this time sounding even more harsh.

      "On the contrary Logan, I believe Seth could of perhaps dealt with the missions and high-pressure situations, but not all of the personal problems that were going on" replied Xavier without turning his back.

      "I'll allow Jean to explain the condition, considering she was the one who brought it to my attention. I am also assigning Mr. Summers to therapy" said Xavier.

     The room grew silent on the Professor's last words. A look of dread overcame Jean's face. After the meeting, Jean and Logan spent the afternoon speaking of everything that had happened. Seth, Scott, Magneto, everything. It was painful for both of them, Jean's pain showing more so then Logan's. Meanwhile, Seth's plane had landed and he was making the journey home. Virginia was so very different from New York. Seth kinda longed to return to the city. When Seth finally made it home, he dragged himself to his room and collapsed on the bed. Seth didn't know where his Mom was, but he knew she would return. After tossing off his coat and shoes, Seth pulled the cover over himself and looked out the window at the darkening sky. Seth had had it made. He was living in the city, in a beautiful mansion with lots of friends. But it wasn't enough, Seth could tell the change happening inside his body. It was coming more and more harder to control his thoughts and emotions. It was as if, something was letting loose, allowing him to act without fear of the risk or outcome. Every so often Seth's mind would wonder back to Logan. The one man who Seth truly cared about, the one he fell for completely, didn't feel the same way. That alone was enough to make Seth wanna die, or just to curl up in a hole and never come out again. Snow started to fall outside as tears rolled off of Seth's cheeks.

      "You think tha kid could loose it?" Logan asked as he noticed the snow outside.

      "He could very well. It takes complete balance to control the gift of pyro-kinitics. If Seth was ever to loose that balance, the result could be deadly" Jean said as she filled out forms.

      "Couldn't his other powers help him?" Logan asked as his nails dug into his palm.

      "I'm starting to believe Seth's other gifts are from high peaks in emotions. For instance, the day Scott hurt his hand, Seth was able to put him asleep" Jean said still eyeing paperwork.

      "Yea, well I still think Seth chickened out" Logan said walking out of the room.

     Logan made his way to his room. As he walked, his mind began to think. Logan was furious, full of rage. Seth was weak, not worth dealing with. Yea that was it, Logan thought to himself. Seth was just full of emotion, and this was one thing Logan had learned to cut from his life. Logan came to his door and fished out a key from his back pocket. He entered the room, tossing the key on a nearby table. Immediately, Logan could sense another presence in the room. He could smell it, his entire room was tainted with this scent.

      "What do ya want one eye?" Logan asked with a grunt.

      "I want to talk with you Logan" Scott said as he crossed his arms.

      "Yea, about what?" Logan asked filling with tension as he took a seat on the couch.

      "How about you throwing me out a window for starters?" Scott replied with a pissed tone.

      "You deserved it" Logan shot back.

      "For what, trying to score with Seth?" Scott asked already knowing the answer.

      "You tried to rape him damn it!" Logan yelled as he jumped up and flipped Scott's chair backwards.

      "Don't get so touchy Logan. It's not becoming of you" Scott said as he rubbed the back of his head.

      "Don't tell me what to do Summers" Logan said as he got up from the floor.

      "You serious, your acting serious. I don't believe this" Scott said as he picked himself up from under the broken chair.

      "I'm always serious" Logan snorted.

      "Sure, that's why you've been so serious about this ass" Scott said as he ran his hand down his chest checking himself in the mirror.

      "It was just sex, you know that" Logan said his deep voice fading out.

      "Sure it was, and I want more of it" Scott said in a seducing tone.

     Scott slowly walked up to Logan, and ran his hands down Logan's firm chest. Slowly, Scott began kissing on Logan's neck. A deep sigh escaped Logan's mouth as he allowed Scott to explore his body. Scott's hands moved down to Logan's crotch and began massaging. Logan made a low grunting noise as Scott's hands massage harder.

      "I'll make you feel good. Real good" Scott whispered into Logan's ear.

      "Uh huh" Logan said enjoying Scott's seduction.

      "Just as good as Warren made Seth feel. I'll make you moan" Scott said as he began to kiss Logan's neck again.

      "What?" Logan snapped back at Scott as he grabbed hold of Scott's wrists.

      "What's the problem? I thought you were over that kid" Scott stated getting slightly pissed.

      "Warren fucked tha kid?" Logan asked getting highly pissed.

      "All night long. Seth moaned like the bitch he was" Scott said as he jerked away from Logan's grip.

      "I don't believe this, and he talks about me" Logan stated as he threw open the door and stormed down the hallway.

     Logan stormed down the hallway madder then ever. He knew Warren had become closer to Seth, but he didn't know sex was involved. How fucked up with this? Logan thought to himself. All this mushy shit Seth was talking about like love and crap, when he was fucking a bird. Logan needed to settle this with Seth. Once and for all. He wasn't going to let Seth leave things as they were. This has to be some game Seth was playing. As Logan continued to think, he grew angrier. Seth was playing games, just trying to have fun. All of Seth's bullshit was fucking with Logan in more ways then one. But Logan knew what to do, he was going to beat Seth at his own game. Jean was in the Professor's office, books and papers scattered all over his desk. Even when the Professor wasn't there. Just then, Logan barged into the room. Jean gasped from the shock of the moment.

      "Where is he?" Logan snarled out, rage getting the better of him.

      "Seth? Logan, we have been over this once" Jean said closing one of the books, she was reading.

      "I want his address. I need to see him. We have unfinished business" Logan shot back.

      "Logan, the Professor has forbidden me to divulge that information" Jean said removing her glasses.

      "Come on Jeanie. I know Chuck keeps files around here. All I want is the kid's address" Logan said.

      "Logan, havn't you caused Seth enough trouble?" Jean asked standing up from the desk.

      "Oh jeeze, not you too" Logan said as he turned to leave.

     Jean threw up her hand and the doors immediately slammed shut and locked. Logan turned around with a cocked eyebrow. Jean crossed her arms and stood completely still tapping her heel to the rhythm of her heartbeat.

      "Your sexy when your annoyed" Logan said as he walked up to the desk.

      "Oh, I am far beyond annoyed" Jean said as she kneeled down behind the Professor's desk.

     Jean removed a small key from her pocket and inserted it into the computer tower. One turn and the entire computer shut down. Jean stood back up and returned the key to her pocket. Logan gave her a confused look as she gathered her books and papers.

      "Try to get the files now" Jean said as she in a very cool manner left the Professor's office.

     Logan grunted at Jean's remark as he slumped down in the chair. Why did things have to be so difficult? Logan asked himself. In the far corner, a pair of green eyes shined brightly. Logan could sense the change in the room. Immediately, Logan's claws shot out from his knuckles. Alex appeared and walked out from the corner, as his eyes returned to normal. Logan jumped up and lunged at Alex, but he was prepared. Alex shimmered behind Logan and with the wave of a hand, Logan went crashing into the corner.

      "So your the infamous Logan" Alex said as he readjusted his suit.

      "What's it to ya?" Logan snarled as he got up from the floor.

      "Don't get too cocky. I'm here because I'm going to give you what you want" Alex said as he pushed his blonde lockes back.

      "And what may that be?" Logan asked with his claws fully extended, prepared to fight.

      "Seth" Alex said in a whisper.

      "Why should I trust you?" Logan said as his claws shot back into his skin.

      "Because Seth saved my life, and I saved his, and he needs someone to love him" Alex replied.

      "What makes you think I love him? And why don't you go love him?" Logan asked as he rubbed the back of his head.

      "One. Don't try and fool anybody Logan. You love Seth so much, that you feel it's killing you inside. Two. Demons cannot love mortals" Alex said as he pulled a small map from inside his jacket pocket.

      "Demon?" Logan asked trying to avoid Alex's first response.

      "Never mind, the point being I had some friend's help me to find Seth, and I've been there already this evening. He needs someone, he needs you Logan" Alex replied as he walked closer to Logan.

     Meanwhile in the Medical bay, Magneto was wide awake. There were guards outside, but none in the room with him. Magneto grabbed his wrist and touched a small pin on his watch. Instantly, Magneto vanished from the Medical Bay. Moments later, Magneto reappeared in a room with all of his other henchmen. Mystique, Deathstrike, and Sabertooth were all waiting.

      "Have you found the location?" Magneto asked.

      "Yes. We're ready to move" Mystique said in a cold voice.

      "Excellent. Deathstrike and you shall move the young mutants to the new compound. Sabertooth and I shall destroy the boy. We end this tonight" Magneto said as his team started vanishing to complete their orders.

      "So will you come with me?" Alex asked Logan.

      "Alright, I'll go" Logan said.

     Alex grabbed Logan's arm and the two shimmered away. Meanwhile, Magneto and Sabertooth were already inside Seth's house. Slowly they crept to Seth's room, where he was fast asleep. The stains from Seth's tears were still visible on his face. Sabertooth grabbed Seth's throat and hoisted him up into the air. Seth woke up instantly as he tried to fight Sabertooth's grip. Magneto walked up to Seth who was still suspended in midair by Sabertooth.

      "It's amazing what you can learn and hear when people think your sleeping. A Pryo-kinitic. How fascinating. Well in a few moments, you will be a dead Pryo-kinitic" Magneto said as he walked out of the room.

     Outside of Seth's house, Alex and Logan shimmered. Immediately, Logan fell to the ground grabbing his head. Alex started to laugh a little as he saw this.

      "It'll be okay. It happens to everyone their first time" Alex said as he stopping laughing.

      "I never want to do that again" Logan said as took a deep breath.

      "Well, I got you to the door. Now go inside" Alex said before he shimmered away.

      "Wait a second. Shit, They're here" Logan said as his claws shot out from his hands.

     Logan ran inside the house and immediately stopped when he saw Magneto. Magneto threw his hands into the air, and Logan gasped from the pain. The admantium framework in his body was being pulled apart from his bones. Magneto smiled as he raised Logan into the air and started the forces to pull Logan's framework again. Logan grunted from the pain as he tried to break free. Back in Seth's room, Sabertooth had throw Seth into the wall. Shocking enough, Seth wasn't fighting back. With out any effort, Sabertooth picked Seth up and slammed him into the wall. Seth cried out from the pain. Sabertooth laughed at every ounce of pain he caused Seth.

      "I thought you would put up a fight. Guess I was wrong" said Sabertooth in a low voice.

     Just then, Seth's skin grew hot. Seth closed his eyes, as his temperature grew higher and higher. Sabertooth became slightly alarmed. Seth's eyes turned light yellow as Sabertooth slung Seth away from him. Clutching his hand, Sabertooth had become burned by Seth. Just then, Seth glowed bright red, then the glow went away. There was someone behind Sabertooth. The man sunk both of his hands into Sabertooth's back. Immediately, Sabertooth yelled out in pain. The mystery man removed his hands and using his mind lifted Sabertooth up in the air. With a quick hand motion, Sabertooth flew through the window right out into the yard. His back still steaming. Magneto was still working on Logan as large wounds started to form around his joints. The pain was unbearable as Logan screamed out. The man walked into the room right behind Magneto and with another hand motion, Magneto was thrown through the front door. The man walked out the hole in the wall that used to be the door. Magneto looked up from the ground and gasped as he saw the identity of the man. One final hand motion sent Magneto flying miles away from the house. The man walked back inside and picked up Logan and carried him to Seth's room. Logan stared at the man trying to figure out what going on. The strange man stood over Logan and turned on the bedside lamp.

      "You okay Bub?" Logan asked the man who had just placed him on the bed.

     The man said nothing and continued to move about the room. The man seemed to glide across the floor as his black trench coat flowed behind him.

      "Seth answer me" Logan demanded as he grunted from the pain left from Magneto.

      "I'm not Seth" replied the man.

     The man bent over and placed Seth beside Logan. Immediately, Logan had a confused look on his face. The mystery man smiled and walked over to a nearby mirror. The man pushed back his jet black hair. This man looked exactly like Seth.

      "As I said, I'm not Seth. My name is Drake" said the man as he threw a cover over Seth's passed out body.

      "What the hell is going on? Logan asked as he held his side.

      "I'm Drake. I'm everything Seth's not, and I should know considering thanks to him, I'm here"

      "I don't get it" Logan said as his healing abilities started to work.

      "I'm the side of Seth that's been locked away for a very long time. I'm the hate that's built up inside him for years. I'm the pain and suffering you and Scott have caused. But most of all, I'm everyone's worst nightmare" said Drake as he took a seat on the end of the bed.

      "How are you able to be here?" Logan asked as his bones started to pull back together.

      "Seth lost control. All this shit he's facing, he lost his center. I guess you could say I'm a split-personality, but with a twist" replied Drake as he ran his hand through Seth's red and black mixture color hair.

      "So your like the dark side of Seth, I take it?" Logan asked as he looked down at Seth.

      "Afraid so. Thanks to Seth's telepathic abilities, I can project myself from within his mind. Just like I did those many years ago when those fuckers tied Seth to a stake and tried to kill him" Drake said as he allowed flames to flow from his fingers.

      "When did this happen?" Logan asked as he ran his fingers over Seth's forehead.

      "A few years back. A group of people who figured out who Seth really was kidnapped him. Took him far out in the woods and tied him to a stake. He was beaten and raped. When Seth loss his center, I came out and raised holy hell. I even set most of the people on fire. Seth thought he did it, but it was me" Drake said in a cold voice.

      He went through all that?" Logan asked but already knowing the answer.

      "Yea. Plus Scott's little act didn't help him either. I think that night we caught you and Scott. That was when he started loosing control. Seth is very powerful, the slightest tremble in control and it affects his entire body" said Drake as the flames entered back into his hand.

      "It wasn't right what Scott did. But sex isn't so taboo with Seth, considering I fucked him and so did Warren" Logan said as he turned away from Drake.

     Drake pulled back and punched Logan with all his might. Logan fell back against the headboard smashing it to pieces. Drake stood up and shook his hand as flames started to circle around. After a few seconds, the flames drew back into his hand.

      "What the fuck was that for?" Logan yelled out at Drake.

      "Warren never fucked us. All Warren got was a blow job, and if Seth hadn't been so upset and in a rebound mood. He wouldn't of done that" said Drake in a loud voice.

      "Yea right" Logan responded as he rubbed his jaw.

      "I was there Logan. I think I would know what happened" Drake said not facing Logan.

      "Well I heard another story" Logan said, his voice full of spite.

     Drake's fist exploded into flames from Logan's remark. Drake's eyes turned black as night as he stared at Logan. But Logan kept a calm, hard face as Drake absorbed the flames.

      "If Seth didn't love you so much, I would so toast your ass. But I have more respect for him then that" Drake said as he bent down and started searching through Seth's bags.

     "What are you doing?" Logan asked as he rubbed his joints.

      "I'm sending you two home. As soon as I find our cell. After that I got work to do" Drake replied as he finally found the phone.

     Drake made a call to Jean and informed her to pick Seth and Logan up as quickly as possible. Jean was slightly confused. Why was Seth talking in another point of view? She asked herself. Jean gathered Scott and Storm and took off in the jet. As they traveled, Drake was making phone calls to repairmen to fix the damage he had done to the house. Once he was done he took a seat beside Seth and watched him closely.

      "Will he be alright?" Logan asked.

      "He'll be fine, he just needs time and rest. When that time comes, I'll be locked away in his mind. But I'll have everything I need taken care of long before then" Drake said as he got up and shoved his spikey black hair into place.

      "What are you gonna do?" Logan asked as he looked up. But Drake was already gone.

      "He's just like you bub, always leaving at important moments" Logan said as he drifted to sleep.