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     Seth was on all fours gasping for air. The images were starting to fade away. Logan kneeled down beside Seth. No words were spoken as Seth made his way to the couch. Logan walked over to the bed and laid down. The room was silent, only the sound of breathing could be heard. After a few minutes, Logan finally spoke.

      "I've seen that face before. I've even wore it" said Logan in a low, cold voice.

      "You know, I'm getting sick and tired of being weak" Seth said as he walked towards the door.

      "Where you going? Logan said getting up to stop Seth.

      "Anywhere but here" Seth said only an inch away from the door. But Logan had grabbed Seth's arm.

      "Don't" Logan said in a deep voice mixed with a grunt.

     The door Seth was touching instantly exploded into flames. Seth's eyes had returned to their abnormal deep yellow. Logan stepped back out of reflex as the flames engulfed the door. Seth took a deep breath and thought of the fire going away and it did.

      "Don't touch me. I'm so messed up, I'll just make something burst into flames" Seth said dropping his head.

     Logan had already retracted his hand. But now he was left with a look of complete anger. Seth saw this face, it was the same face Logan wore when Seth just couldn't seem to make any sense of Scott and Logan. It was the same expression when Seth just couldn't agree to have a sex - only relationship. Now the same dark look covered Logan's fine, chiseled face.

      "Don't give me that fucking look. If you want someone to fuck, go run into Scott" Seth said in a cold tone.

      "I thought that was over with" said Logan.

      "It's never gonna be over Logan. I'm always going to wonder if your thinking about him, and you probably are thinking about him" Seth said as he closed the door.

      "I'm not gonna keep hashing this up with ya bub. We've been here before, all we're doing is going around in circles" Logan replied as he pulled an already once lit cigar from his pocket.

      That's the problem Logan. We havn't talked about anything, but I'm supposed to act like everything's the same"

      "You just want to bitch about something" Logan said as he fished for a lighter.

      "Here let me help you" Seth replied as the cigar exploded into flames. Instantly, Logan threw down the cigar stamping out the small fire.

      "Don't ever use your powers on me" Logan said in a spiteful voice.

      "Or what" Seth said his eyes turning dark yellow again.

     Logan charged at Seth. But Seth was prepared, immediately Logan was thrown with great force onto his bed. The bed instantly fell apart from the impact. Seth jumped on top of Logan and the two started fighting. Logan had managed to get his hands around Seth's arms, but Seth had his around Logan's neck repeatedly smashing his head onto the bed frame. Logan cocked a leg around the back of Seth's and rolled over causing both of them to fall to the floor. Now Logan was on top trying to restrain Seth. What happened next was something no one was expecting. Seth jolted his knee right into Logan's crotch, instantly causing Logan to roll over onto his stomach. Seth got up and yelled out. There was no reason for the yell, it just allowed Seth to release rage as the fireplace roared out of control with enormous flames.

      "I just bitch! You've got me so confused You asshole!" Seth yelled out as he kept his back turned on Logan.

     While Seth's back was turned, Logan charged again. Both men fell to the ground with great force. Logan started shoving Seth by his shoulders fast and hard into the floor. Both letting out cries of anger. Seth got his right hand free and punched Logan dead in the face, causing Logan to grab both of Seth's wrists.

      "You're such a fucking hypocrite. You're going on and on about Scott, when you and Warren screwed around too" Logan shouted out as he fought with Seth to hold him down.

      "I never would of done it you moron if I hadn't caught you screwing Scott! I was confused and upset. I wasn't expecting you to fuck around!" Seth shouted.

     Logan was temporary dazed by Seth's words. He retracted his claws and sat down on what was once his bed.

      "Why didn't you tell me bub? You just let me go on thinking that you didn't care about me anymore and that Wings was your new love" Logan asked dropping his head.

      "Because I was hurt Logan. When I caught the two of you fucking, you hurt me. Deeper and worse than anything you could do with your claws Logan. But if you're not going to open up to me then there's no way this is ever going to work" Seth said as he rubbed a cut on his shoulder.

     Logan looked at the determination in Seth's eyes. As he gazed into them in a cool stare something inside him finally gave way and with a sigh, he started to talk.

      "We're not gonna make this a habit Bub but what do ya wanna talk about?" Logan asked.

      "You and me Logan I need to know what the deal is with you and Scott and why you did it. And what's between the two of us" Seth said as he sighed.

      "It's hard to explain kid. Something I don't know if you'll understand" Logan replied trying to put his feelings into words.

      "Try me Logan. Just open up" Seth said looking at Logan's dark eyes.

      "Alright. Well. Me and Jean went on several missions together and over time I guess I fell in love with her. But she never felt the same way. Later on We lost Jean. She sacrificed herself to save the entire team. I was tore up about it, we all were. But no one was hurt as much as Scott. He wouldn't speak to anyone, just stayed in his room all the time" Logan said recalling the details as if it was yesterday.

      "It's awful" said Seth now engrossed in the story.

      "I couldn't let him waste his life. In some way, I felt I owed it to Jean. I spent time with him. It first started out with me just being there. No talking or anything. Finally, he started to come out of his shell. We both grew closer, made some kinda bond. Over time we spent more and more time together. It's what helped bring us get through the pain. Then about a year later Storm and Scott were on a mission and Jean was found. But Scott kept his distance, he was too scared to love Jean again. Afraid he would loose her again, and I knew that Jean would never feel the same way that I did so we held on to each other" Logan took a deep breath and slowly tried to push the events out of his head.

      "But what about the sex. You two didn't sleep together until after I came here" Seth said trying to put the pieces together.

      "When Scott got hurt that night, I don't know. I guess I just got linked to him. I don't know what came over me Seth. I'm sorry" Logan replied his voice filled with sincerity.

     After Logan's story, Logan leaned into kiss Seth, but was met with Seth pulling away.

      "Even though I know why you did it Logan, I still fear you doing it again. I need to know you love me and won't hurt me like you have before" Seth said trying to blink away the impending tears.

      "I told you I wouldn't bub. What more do you want?" Logan asked.

      "No offense Logan but your words are just that words. I need proof. I need something that you've never given to Scott or anyone else for that matter" Seth replied taking a deep breath.

      "What? You want my ass kid? I don't do that. Not ever I don't let no one mess with that part of my body" Logan said in a cold voice.

      "Logan, I'm not some average lay. I'm supposed to be someone more special then that. How many times have you fucked me and I've never asked for anything in return?" Seth said as he pulled a sheet over his now cold body.

      "What's this supposed to be pay back for all the times we've screwed around?" Logan asked.

     Seth was off guard. Logan was by the window, and the moonlight seemed to define and make Logan's body glow. It was a beautiful sight in Seth's eyes. All he could do was stare in awe. Logan stood tall and proud. His body lightly covered in just the right amounts of hair. Enough on his strong legs, the perfect amount on his hard chest. Seth had never took the time to examine just how wonderful and amazing Logan's body was. He would of kept exploring but he was jolted back into reality by Logan's questions.

      "Well what is it? Pay back?" Logan asked now annoyed by Seth's silence.

      "Are you telling me of all the times We've fucked you have never once considered letting me be on top?" Seth asked now annoyed as well.

      "No" Logan replied.

      "Why the hell not? I mean you said you do love me. I heard it with my own ears" Seth said now upset.

      "Love's got nothing to do with my ass Seth" Logan replied as he moved back to the bed.

      "It's everything Logan. It's trust, and companionship. It's what led me to submit myself to you. It was trust and it was love. If you can't do it, then that must be what you really think and feel" Seth stated as he stared out the window.

      "Don't go turning this around Bub" said Logan as he moved even closer to Seth.

      "I'm not asking for marriage or kids Logan. But it's the one thing that you've never given anyone. You say you love me. For now your word is tainted, and unclean. You have to rebuild the trust I once had in you" Seth said still not looking at Logan.

      "I do love you kid. More then anyone else" Logan replied as he placed his hand on Seth's only to see Seth pull away.

      "Then let me have you Logan, If you love me and trust me it shouldn't be such a big deal" Seth said looking directly at Logan.

      "Kid I said no. Drop it" Logan replied, coldness reappearing in his voice.

     Seth remained silent and didn't attempt to push the matter anymore. In his heart, Seth truly loved Logan. But he needed some sort of reassurance, something to ensure him that Logan loved him as much as Seth did. Seth wasn't a top, you couldn't even say he was a middle. But he felt this was the one true act that if both did, it would show just how much love they had for each other. Logan could see the look of hurt in Seth's almond eyes. It gripped his heart.

      "It's not what you think kid. I don't know much about my past but I do know somethings and what I'm gonna tell ya not too many people know and I want it to stay that way" Logan said stopping to see Seth nod in understanding.

      "It'll be between you and me only" Seth replied moving closer to Logan.

      "You've had run in's with Sabertooth, but you've been lucky. He hasn't been able to do to you what he did to me. One of my first encounters resulted in me being knocked out cold. He gets off on that. Sabertooth likes to see his prey helpless. I was struck repeatedly with some object. Really I can't remember, but when I woke up I was strapped down. He beat the shit outta me for what seemed like hours. When I came around again, he was fucking me. I was cut and bleeding everywhere. Even had a few ribs broken, but that just egged him on. Seeing me weak and couldn't fight back. The bastard just fucked me, making sure it was long and painful for me. Once he was done, I was left for dead deep in the woods. Could of died due to exposure. It was humiliating and it made me feel weak" Logan said his eyes dark and cold.

     The room fell death to a cold silence. Seth was shocked and horrified at the story Logan had just told him. Slowly, Seth lost himself deep in thought thinking of all the events that had happened over the several months he had been here. Logan made being an X-men easy and enjoyable. But things were just so complicated now. Logan walked over to Seth's side of the bed and without warning got on top of Seth's legs. Logan reached over and got a small bottle of lube from Seth's night stand. Logan placed the bottle in Seth's hands not saying a word.

      "Logan what are you doing?" Seth asked now slightly confused.

      "Do it" were the only words Logan spoke.

      "No Logan. I can't, it wouldn't be right. It was just so selfish of me and I'm sorry" Seth said pushing the bottle away.

      "Look kid, I don't want your pity. That happened a long time ago and Sabretooth and I will settle our score in our own time. Right now is about you and me. So I'm gonna prove to you that you mean more to me than anything. You're taking this ass" Logan said in a tone of complete seriousness.

     Seth opened the night stand drawer looking for a condom but he was stopped by Logan. Seth looked into Logan's eyes and pulled him into a kiss. Both men's tongues danced in each other's mouth. Once the kiss was over, Seth moved trying to push Logan on his back. But Logan wouldn't budge.

      "What's wrong?" Seth asked.

      "No. Your not getting me like that. It's too much of a reminder" Logan replied as his hands gripped the headboard.

      "Logan" Seth started.

      "No. Your not getting me like that" Logan replied as his hands gripped the headboard.

      "Logan, if We are going to do this. Let's do it right" Seth said as he rubbed Logan's lower back.

     Logan slowly fell back on the bed waiting for Seth to begin.

      "Let's get it over with already" Logan stated.

      "If were gonna do this, we are gonna do it right" Seth said again.

     Seth dropped his head between Logan's legs pushing them forward. Slowly Seth started to explore Logan's dark hole. Sharp breaths of air escaped Logan's lungs. Seth spread Logan's cheeks and probed his tongue into Logan's anus. A mild taste of soap and sweat danced around on Seth's tongue. The taste egged Seth on as he kept exploring Logan. By now, Logan was giving in to Seth's assault on his ass. Seth's talented tongue moved up and down his crack opening up new sensations for Logan. Finally, Seth felt that Logan was ready. Applying some lube to his now rock hard member, Seth placed the head at Logan's entrance. Seth began to slowly enter. A look of pain shot across Logan's face causing Seth to immediately stop. Logan pulled Seth close enough leaving Seth's forehead to rest on his own.

      "Go on" Logan whispered as his arms wrapped around Seth's body.

     As if not being able to wait any longer, Logan started to slowly move down on Seth's cock. Seth gasped from the intense pleasure. It was almost too much. The warmth and tightness of Logan's bottom. Seth gasped at every inch Logan took inside him. Finally after slowly working all the way in, Seth laid completely still. Seth's member was all the way inside, and the feeling was incredible. Sweat started to bead on both men's forehead and bodies as Seth enjoyed the feeling of being inside the man he loved for the first time. Seth started to pull back and more sharp breathing was heard from Logan. Seth kept his eyes glued to Logan as he started to move in and back out again. After a few strokes, Seth noticed Logan's throbbing cock between their stomaches. Precum was being smeared everywhere. Seth brought a hand to Logan's swollen member and started eagerly stroking. More gasps and soft moans exited Logan's mouth. Seth started to move faster as moans flew from his lips. The heat was rising in the small room as the two men continued to make love. Sweat and precum mixed around Logan's cock as he started to thrust himself in Seth's hand desperately seeking release. Seth was close to cumming but he wouldn't until Logan was ready. Logan moved closer down the bed until both of his feet were placed up against the headboard. Logan used the leverage and started pushing even harder on Seth's cock. A small cry escaped Seth's lips as Logan showed signs of dominance again. Logan's arms wrapped tighter around Seth as both men got lost in a sea of pleasure and ecstasy. All of a sudden, Logan's balls tightened up again and Logan felt the most earth - shattering orgasm ever. Hot cum spurted out against Seth's hand and their chests. Seth yelled out as Logan's ring tightened up around his cock. Seth started to shake as he came deep inside of Logan's ass. The room was filled with moans and deep sighs as Seth collapsed on top of Logan.

      "God, I love you Logan" Seth said in between breaths.

      "I love you too Bub" Logan said as he kept his tight embrace with Seth.

     As both men rested from their incredible love making, they heard the door being slammed shut. Both looked at each other. They knew who it was. But it could wait, right now tonight was about them. It was for them.

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