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     After my encounter with Logan I went back to my room, and got ready for bed. As I laid down I started to think about Logan. Pretty much everything about Logan too. His walk, that voice, and so on. Pretty soon I was sleeping peacefully until the nightmare started. I was at the mall, and I was being attacked. Bashers of all sorts were hurting me, but not only me Jean as well. We were tied to these huge stakes in the ground, and people were hurting us. Jean was out cold, I yelled to her but she wouldn't answer. I tried to use my powers but they wouldn't work. I was yelling out for someone to help us. But nobody would. Just then I woke up and my blanket was on fire. Before I could put it out my door was kicked open by no other then Logan. What's wrong he said. He sounded truly worried too. Y..your on fire. I was stunned by him kicking the door in, that I had forgot my blanket was lit up. I looked at the fire and thought of it going away, and just like that it did.

     Are you okay? Logan asked. Uh yea sorta I guess. I said. Here I was covered in sweat, and in a burnt bed. I had nightmares before of bashers and people treating me like shit, but tonight's dream was different. I just couldn't stand to watch another person go through the same hell that I have gone through several times. Being gay and being a mutant had taken it's toll on me. I felt my eyes stinging again. Quickly I covered my eyes before Logan could see what was happening. But he had already seen. Wanna talk about it? He said. What's there to talk about? I said half horse. Hey kid, Logan said. You can talk to me. Whatever the matter is. I have always been treated like shit Logan. I said. People have always made fun of me and judged me for being a mutant, and for being gay. Fuck, I thought. Why am I letting that slip all the time. After a few minutes of nothing but my sobs, Logan spoke. Listen, I'm not going to judge you. Your going through a rough time. Alot has changed for you. Your in a new place, with lots of new people, then there was those damn bashers. Kid, you've been through alot. So you cry, and your bed was on fire. Big deal. At least your not burning the building down or something similar. Logan had made me feel alot better. But then again I had to screw up the moment. Yea, but I still feel like shit, I said. Well don't, he said.

     I felt a hell of alot better after speaking with Logan. I guess he was really worried about me, or either someone told him to watch me. Whatever the reason, he slept in a chair in the corner. But I don't think he really slept, I had this feeling like someone was watching me. That made me feel really good.

     When I woke up the next morning Logan was asleep. God, how sexy he looked. I wanted nothing more then to lay there and watch him for the rest of the morning. But it was 7:45a.m. and classes started at 9:00a.m. and hey I needed time to get ready. I took a shower, changed and walked back into my room. Logan had left. Shit, I thought. But no time for that, I wanted to check in on Jean before classes. I halfass remembered my way around the place, so trusting that I had half an idea of where I was going. I made my way to the kitchen, grabbed some toast and ran towards the elevator. When I made it to the medical bay. I saw Jean laying in bed at the far end of the room. I didn't want to scare her so I decided to wake her up by thoughts. (Jean, are you awake?) I said in thoughts. (Yes, barely.) She said. I took a seat by her bed and kept talking. (I just wanted to check on you, and to make sure you were ok.) (Oh yea, I'm good. Beast gave me a seditive last night.) That explains why she looked drugged. (So your really ok Jean?) (yea, I'm okay. As a matter of fact I was planning to leave in a little bit. I have classes to teach.) I was relieved that she was doing good. We kept talking on and off until we heard Scott's voice. Looks like you two are chatting away. He said. (Damn it, he scared the shit outta me.) I said to Jean. Well, I guess I am going to go. See you in class Jean. With that I left the room. So Jean, said Scott. I guess you got an admirer. He was just worried about me Scott, replied Jean. Well started Scott, the Professor wants me to help test him in the danger room today. Really said Jean, that's really soon. He hasn't been here that long. Scott went and looked out the window. The Professor feels that Seth is very powerful, but he needs to know just how much. Jean, you know how the Professor works. He does it to everyone. Still Jean said, He's been through alot in such short time.

     Classes weren't that bad. They were really fun to be honest. I met alot of people today. There was Rogue, who is an awesome girl. She dates Bobby aka Iceman, and there was Jubilee, who could walk through solid matter. They were all really nice, and boy was Bobby cute too. We all decided to have lunch together. After grabbing what we wanted to eat, we all went outside and started eating. I was really having fun until Scott came. Seth Scott said, Professor X would like to see you. Sure ok I said. I gave Rogue and the others a nervous look, and followed Scott inside the building. We walked down a long hallway and into a elevator. After a few moments of silence, Scott finally spoke. So, are you enjoying yourself? Yea, it's pretty fun I said. When we finally made it to our floor the door binged. As I was getting out, Scott stopped me. Listen Scott said, I want to thank you for what you did. Sure no problem, I said. I pretty much knew he was speaking about Jean, Or either I had missed something.

     I hadn't noticed what floor we were on. But the room we were in was so cool. It was totally sliver. Walls, floor, everything. The room stretched for miles by the looks of it. I was so busy checking out the room, that when I looked around for Scott. He was gone. Vanished, without a trace. I was worried, I turned around for the door to leave and that was gone too. Hey! I yelled. but as soon as I did, the room went dark. I tried to feel around, but there was nothing to grab on too. Just then I felt a hard prick in my arm. Gosh, it felt like it was on fire. Then the lights came on, but I wasn't in the sliver room. I was in a town, not sure which one or I would of made the best of it. As I walked around this "town", the place looked thrashed. Broken windows, cars on fire, trash in the streets. The fires were getting me, so I simply thought of them going away and they did. I kept walking through town. That's when it started. These huge robot looking things popped outta nowhere. I was scared shitless, I've never seen those things before. Before I had time to react, one of them had fired something at me. I was thrown back so hard, I didn't think I could get up. I had to move fast, those things were going to strike again I knew it. When I got up, I found out I wasn't alone. Jean, Logan, Cyclops, and Storm were there. Thank God! I thought, I couldn't do this by myself.

     Before I knew it, everyone was fighting. Jean and Scott were taking on two of the robots. Storm was directing lighting bolts at three of them. Logan wasn't doing to bad either, he was using his claws and tearing a robot apart. I started sending robots flying into each other, and into walls to break them up. It seemed that we were winning, when all of a sudden a huge swarm of robots came out of everywhere. We all started fighting. Logan was clawing every robot he could get his hands on. Jean and Cyclops were trying their best to take out a small pack of them, but it wasn't working. We were out numbered. How could we stop them, they were everywhere. I tried knocking the robots into walls, or something. Anything to slow them down, but it wasn't working. I just couldn't focus, my arm was hurting bad now. I could barely move anything with my mind. It was like, my mind had just shut down. I couldn't do anything. Logan and the others needed help badly, and I was trying to help.

     My body was starting to ache now. I don't know what was happening to me, I felt like I was shutting down. The robots were everywhere, and Jean as well as everyone else looked like they were about to give out. I had to do something, anything! They needed help, but what could I do?

     I looked at all of the robots, there were so many of them. I could barely move, but I had to focus. I drawed all of what was left in my mind, and threw all of the robots towards a wall. I had no strength left so I couldn't keep them there. Using my last bit of will, I brought all of my energy and thought of fire. As soon as I built up enough steam, I let the robots have it. I sent one hell of a fire stream towards all of them. Fire seemed to do the trick, the robots were slowly blowing up. I couldn't keep the fire going anymore, I was feeling so tired. At least the robots were gone I thought. Scott, and everyone were happy and yelling. They were glad to have beaten all of the robots. I on the other hand felt sick. Everyone walked up to me cheering and talking about what a good job we all did, and were a team. Seth are you okay? asked Jean. I couldn't answer, it was getting hard to breath now. My whole body seemed on fire, and my arm stinged bad. Kid answer us, said Logan. I fell towards the floor, I felt on fire. Oh my god, said Jean. He's burning up, he needs help quick. Jean look at his eyes, said Scott. There yellow, what's happening to him. I don't know, replied Jean. Let's get him to the medical bay.

     After taking Seth to the Medical Bay. He was hooked up to lots of machines, and was given loads of medicine. Jean worked hard trying to get Seth's health back to normal. Just then Professor Xavier came in, followed by Storm, Scott, and Logan. How is he Jean? asked the professor. He's stable Professor, replied Jean. He had an unknown substance in his blood toxin. But I believe it's under control. Jean kept looking over her notes and laptop trying to see what caused this. Jean, began the professor. I think the only way we can determine what caused Seth's condition. I will now try to link into Seth's mind to the event, and see if we can get somewhere. The Professor began to link to my mind trying to see who or what did. All of a sudden, we were back in the silver room. Then there was Scott, but he wasn't Scott. He had turned into this woman, she was all blue with what looked like scales or something. She had jabbed me with what looked like a pin or something, then she was gone. When this was over, the Professor now realized what had happened. I don't really remember seeing or dreaming anything else after that.

     When I finally woke up, the entire Medical Bay was dark. I felt like shit, I had a headache and was sore all over. I sat up in the bed. I had to be careful, I felt that if I did any sudden movement I would fall off the bed. God, I said outloud. My throat feels like shit. Here said Logan. He handed me a glass of water and I drinked. Have you been here all night? I asked. Pretty much, replied the tired Logan. Well thanks, I said. Is everyone okay? I asked. You don't remember? asked Logan? Not really, I said. Kid, you kicked ass. The Professor said no one has ever done that good in the Danger Room. I really didn't want to hear how good or bad I did, I said. I still feel like shit, and I don't now how I got this way. It'll be okay Kid, trust me said Logan. Now get some sleep, your going to have alot of stuff to do once you get back on your feet. Yea, I said. I turned over in bed, trying to get comfortable. Once this was done, I really couldn't fall asleep yet. I turned over and faced Logan. He was resting in a chair besides my bed. Just looking at him alone could set off countless wet dreams. Logan, I asked. Yea, he said. Why did you stay here tonight? Well, he replied because I wanted too.

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