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Chapter 3

     Logan kept watch on Seth all during the night. To be honest, Logan couldn't understand what was happening to himself. He cared about Seth in a way he had never cared about anyone before. He was confused, but he felt that this was right. He cared about Seth, and it was going to take a force of nature to get him to stop. As Logan kept thinking, Seth started twitching. There was something happening to him. Logan noticed immediately, and jumped to help him.

     "Seth what's wrong?" asked Logan. Seth was shaking hard now, he was covered totally in sweat. Logan ran towards the intercom and called Jean. Jean got the message and rushed towards the Medical Bay. Logan was trying to hold Seth down onto the bed. By now Seth was having full on convulsions. It took everything Logan had to keep Seth on the bed. By now Logan was really worried. He didn't know what was happening, and he wanted to help Seth. Whatever was happening to him, he wanted to make it stop. He wanted to make it go away. Jean, Scott, and Professor Xavier came into the room. Immediately, Jean started hooking Seth up to monitoring equpiment. Scott was assisting Logan in holding Seth down. Professor Xavier came to Seth's bedside and tried to establish a link with Seth's mind.

     "Jean, said the Professor." "Give Seth a mild seditive, while I try to keep Seth under control". Jean began to get a shot ready, as the Professor tried again to make a connection. Seth continued to thrash up and down. By now he was covered in a cold sweat. Whatever was happening to him, it was taking it's toll. Jean gave Seth the shot, and she began to examine him. She kept quiet, until she came upon Seth's eyes. They were that strange yellow color again.

     "Professor, Began Jean. His eyes are yellow, it's as if he's going through some type of change". Jean kept examineing Seth, as Logan and Scott kept trying to keep Seth down. The Professor tried again to make a link with Seth, and this time it worked. Inside Seth's mind he was reliving the scene in the Danger Room. Robots were everywhere, and he was trying to fight. Seth was trying to stop the robots, but he was having no luck. As the Professor watched, he could tell there was something deeper here then what seemed. Professor Xavier focused on the images of the Danger Room away. When everything was calm, the Professor began to speak to Seth.

     "Seth, began the Professor. Are you alright?" "Well um" started Seth. "What's happened to me Professor?" "We are not entirely sure Seth," replied the Professor. "We know that when you were taken to the danger room. You were not taken by Scott." "I wasn't?" asked Seth. "No," replied the Professor. "The person who took you was Mystique. The prick you felt on your arm was her poisoning you. The compound in your blood is still unknown. But I assure you, the entire staff is working on it as we speak." "This is just so unreal," said Seth. "On the contary," replied the Professor. "Is it in fact very real. Seth I feel that there is something troubling you deeply. Something in your past perhaps?" "I really don't wanna talk about it," said the tired Seth. "I believe you should," stated the Professor. "Speaking about what truly bothers you is one of the only ways to cope with it."

     "Well," started Seth. "It happened a long time ago." "What did?" asked the Professor. "I was in a bad fight. Word got out in my town that I was gay as well as a mutant. A group of people kidnapped me and tied me to a huge stake in the ground. I was hurt pretty bad. I was treated like shit. When it was over, they decided to set me on aflame. And I used my gift against them." "Your gift of fire," said the Professor. It was more of a statement then a question. "Yes," I said. "I turned the fire on them. I should of never done that. When I first learned I had my powers, I told myself I would never use them to harm anyone." "Seth," began the Professor. "It is one thing to use your powers simply for evil, but it's another to use them to protect yourself. Now continue." "Well after that happened, I was in the hospital for a long time. When I finally got out, I was never the same. Plus there was the fact that everyone knew I was a mutant for real." Talking about all of this was starting to show on Seth. He was starting to cry again, and he hated crying. "I shall leave you be Seth," said the Professor. "Get some rest, and we shall continue later." Just like that Professor Xavier was back in the Medical Bay.

     "How is he Jean?" asked the Professor. "Well his vital signs have returned to normal. I still have no idea on what's causing these reactions. Although I believe it is the compound that Mystique infected him with. I'm still waiting for Beast to send us the results." "I do indeed wonder," started the Professor "what Magneto is up too. This seems very curious, why would he risk sending one of his best agents to infect one of our students? If he truly wants Seth on his side, why go through the risk of trying to nearly kill him?" Logan took a seat by Seth's bed, and watched him very closely. "How long will he be out Jean?" asked Scott. "Well it was a mild seditive," stated Jean. "But it shouldn't keep him out for long." He will be up around morning I would think. "The reason for the seditive is mainly to keep Seth calm," replied the Professor. "But I do know this" stated the Professor. "Seth has a very tormented soul. He has gone through more pain and suffering then anyone should in a lifetime. I feel that there is an emptiness in him." "How so Professor?" asked Scott. "Well Scott," answered the Professor. "When I was connected to his mind, I could feel a longing for something. As if he is missing something. But I cannot be sure of what though."

     "Well let's retire for what's left of the night. Jean when you are done, please try and get some rest." With that, the Professor left. Scott waited around for Jean to finish up. Jean was taking some last minute notes, and checking Seth's vitals again. When she was done, she and Scott headed towards the door. "Logan, said Jean are you coming?" "Nah," replied Logan "I think I am going to stay here for the rest of the night." "Alright then," said Jean "goodnight."

     When Seth woke up that morning, he was greeted by Logan sleeping peacefully in the chair beside his bed. Seth felt like he had a hangover, but he wanted to get up. He couldn't sleep anymore. He found a small stack of his clothes at the end of the bed. After retreating to the bathroom and changing. He came out and sat back on the bed. By now Logan was starting to wake up. When he did, he gave a smile to Seth. "So you feeling better?" He asked in that rough but sexy voice. "Yea, a little bit" said Seth. "I got one hell of a headache, but I'll be okay." "You sure?" Logan said "I can get Jean if you want." "No, I'll be okay but thanks for asking," said Seth. "Well do you feel up to some grub?" asked Logan. "Sure," said Seth "I'm starving." Logan and Seth went to the kitchen, and looked around for something to eat. After finding only food that would take even longer amounts of time to prepare, Logan gave up. "Hey, he said wanna go out this morning?" "Sure!" said Seth perhaps he was a little too excited. Logan just grinned and headed towards his room. Seth followed along. When they were there, Logan invited Seth in while he got ready. Logan's room was huge. On one side of the room there was the dresser, closet, and a entertainment center. On the far right there was a queensize bed, not made of course. Then there was the bathroom, and a small couch. It was pretty cozy in here. It sure was a hell of alot better then my room Seth thought.

     "It's not much" he said, "but it's home I guess" said Logan. He kinda dragged the last two words out. "You okay?" I asked "Me?" said Logan "oh yea I'm fine." He picked up a a jacket and a pair of keys off the dresser. "Ready to roll kid?" Logan asked. You bet, Seth Replied. Seth and Logan walked down towards the garage. "If we had more time, I would show off my bike" said Logan "but I have a training course in about two hours." "That's okay," I said "you've impressed me enough already." Oh shit, I thought. That was such a come-on. Logan just grinned again. Damn that was sexy too I thought. Logan picked the silver acura and drove off. We really didn't talk much on the drive to the resturaunt. Logan did seem nervous though. When we arrived, we ordered our food and waited around. Logan as well as I could tell that we were not surrounded by the popular bunch. People were looking at us and whispering and duh about us. What the hell made people do that? Do we have mutant writtin on our foreheads? When our food arrived, we ate and tried to forget about all the eyes watching us. Logan told me about how he became a part of the X-Men and what little he knew about his life, and how he thought he had gotten that way. I felt really bad for him. To be taken from your life and made to forget all your memories. To become just a fighting machine. Logan got quite quiet after that. When we were done, we left the resturaunt and started the drive back to the school. The countryside was very beautiful in the summer. Even though today looked like rain. The sky started to turn grey as we drove. Up the road there was a cop car. There lights were flashing and an officer was standing in the middle of the road. What's up now? said Logan with a slight tone of annoyance. The office stood there with his hand extended. Logan blew the horn, but the officer just stood with a smile on his face.

     "Uhhh" I groaned. My arm was hurting like hell now, I don't know what caused it. "Seth what's wrong?" Logan asked. "My arm, I said it hurts real bad for some reason." That's when it happened. The officer was a cop at all. Just then the uniform and male body was morphed away. Left standing was a woman. She was totally blue, Mystique is what the Professor called her. "Hey," I said. "She's the one that infected me." "Stay here," said Logan. Logan exited the car and extended his claws. All of a sudden a green guy jumped outta nowhere. I don't know who he is, but I didn't like how this was getting. Just when it couldn't get any worse, a tall ugly guy came out from the woods. Logan called him Sabertooth, and they didn't seem to happy to see each other. The fight was on, but it wasn't a fair one at that. Mystique, the frog guy, and Sabertooth all were fighting against Logan. Even though he was holding his on, I could tell Logan was getting tired. All of a sudden Sabertooth sliced hard into Logan's face, as Mystique drop kicked him into a tree. I jumped outta the car screaming for Logan. But he wasn't moving, could he have died? I had to do something I faced the them. Sabertooth was ready to charge, as he did I threw him into the air. I guess froggie wanted a peice of the action too. He jumped into the air, but I was ready for him. I made a strong feild of energy and allowed frog boy to smack into the feild. Had the same effect as running into a wall. As for Mystique, I threw her back several yards and ran over to Logan. He was out cold, but the gash in his face looked like it had stopped bleeding. I was amazed, I didn't really know what Logan's gift was. But I was seeing it directly now. His entire face was slowly coming back into place. Before I could watch the process finish I was picked up and was being choked. Sabertooth had both of his hands around me trying to choke me to death. I could bearly breathe. Everything inside of my was telling me to fight, I kicked and punched. But nothing could break his grip. Slowly, things were getting dark. I could barely see anymore. That's when Logan striked. He must of gotten to full health by now. He dove towards Sabertooth, but Mystique and Toad stopped him. Sabertooth was taking great pleasure outta choking me. I couldn't hold on any longer. I used all of my strength and thought of fire. Immediately, Sabertooth was howling in pain as the fire wrapped around him. I was thrown to the ground coughing for air.

     Logan was still fighting head to head with Mystique and Toad. Sabertooth was still trying to stop the fire. I uprooted a huge tree and yanked Logan outta the way as I threw the tree towards them. They jumped outta the way as the tree came towards them. I set the tree aflame to keep them away. My head was starting to hurt really bad now, I could hardly focus anymore. But I had to, just one more time. I sent all three of them flying into the woods. With my last bit of stength, I put out the fire and fell to the ground. My head was hurting so bad, I had double vision. I layed there on the ground trying to make the pain stop. But I was having no luck what so ever.

     Logan came over to me, and helped me up. As I tried to walk towards the car, I could half ass make it. I was stumbling and tripping over my own feet. Seeing this, Logan came towards me, and picked me up and carried me towards the car. We drove back to the school, and I tried to get out of the car, but Logan insisted on carring me. I thought he was going to take me to my room but instead he took me to his. He laid me on his bed, and took off my shoes. If I was feeling better I would of taken advantage of the moment. But all I could think about was sleep.

     When I woke up it was still daylight, but pretty much the entire day was over. But who cared about the day, at the moment Logan was sleeping behind me and had his arm over my chest. I really enjoyed the feeling of being next to him, I felt really safe at the moment. I turned over and just stared at him, when he slep he looked so calm. So relaxed, and so damn sexy. I moved closer into his arms and put my head against his chest. All of a sudden Logan woke up. "Oh god, I'm sorry" he said. Logan seemed ready to panic, he jumped outta bed and was paceing the floors. "Logan" I began, "it's alright." But he kept on muttering to himself. "What the hell was I thinking?" "I know better, and your a kid. It's not right." I got out of bed, and walked up to Logan. "Listen" I said, "do you think this is wrong?" I grabbed Logan's wifebeater and pulled him close to me. I kissed him hard, and enjoyed every second of it. When the kiss was done, I really don't know what came over me. But part of me was glad I did it. "Seth," Logan started. "You really don't think this is a bad idea?" "Logan I really like you, and I really hope that this can work between us." This time Logan grabbed me and kissed me hard. I moaned between gasps of air, he was such a good kisser. "Do you really think that this could be wrong?" I asked. "Not a chance," he said "and even if it is." "Who cares?"

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