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Chapter Four

      After that evening in Logan's room, Logan and I started spending more and more time together. I still had to take classes and do lab testing, and Logan had of course a schedule to keep as well. But we made it work. I kept all of my junk in my room, but I slept in Logan's. YAY. I really wanted to keep things at a normal pace. I didn't want to just fall in Logan's bed and screw everything up. It was so hard not to think about having sex with Logan. But we both agreed to take things slow. As odd as that was, I think we both were really enjoying it. There was just something about Logan that made me feel alot more secure and better then I had felt in my entire life.

     I was in class one day going over some things when I heard the Professor's voice. (Seth, please report to my office) said the Professor. I gathered my books and took off. When I got to his office, I was about to knock when I heard the Professor again. (Do come in Seth) he said. I walked into his office and was greeted by Professor Xavier, Jean, Storm, Scott, and Logan.

      "What did I do?" I said in a joking manner. Logan just smirked at the comment. I took a seat in front of the Professor's desk and waited to be spoken to. Everyone looked at the Professor including myself. I have no clue what was going on. I was starting to get nervous, when Logan spoke.

      "While were young folks" Logan said. Then the Professor began to speak. "Seth, you have shown great potentioal in such short time." "I have?" I said in amazement. "Oh yes," said the Professor. "In fact, we believe that you could make a very powerful allie." The room remained quite. You could cut the tension with a knife. That's when Jean spoke. "What the Professor is trying to say Seth, is that we would like to make you a member of the X-Men." Ok, now this was a shock. As far as I knew, the X-Men were a group of highly trained individuals who were crime fighters and people who tryed to better mankind as well as mutant kind. "M M Me," I said flabbergasted. "You want me to join the X-Men? How can I? I'm not that good at fighting and I might mess up." "Seth" began the Professor. "We have never really offered anyone of your age to join. But we feel that someone who has such advanced powers should be under formal training." I was in shock. Here was the most powerful mutant group asking me to become a member. I slumped back into my chair taking everything in. "I guess we made your day Seth" said Scott. "Yea" I muttered.

      "Seth" said the Professor "you will have a chance to help all of mutant and human kind. A chance to help and protect, to make the world a better place. "You have a very powerful gift Seth, there are people in the world you would like you to use your gifts for evil. But you can change all of that." Then Jean spoke. "We are simply offering the chance to train as a X-Men, to learn as we all do. You will be taught how to focus and use your powers better. You'll learn all you can, and perhaps be one of the best X-Men you can.

      "Sure I'll join" I said. I was really excited, and I would be able to learn and control my powers better. "Good, good" said the Professor. "Well here is how we can bring you up to speed," began the Professor. "Storm will be teaching you how to focus your energy and be able to control it better. So you can call your powers, whenever you need them." Storm gave me a wink, working with her would be enjoyable. "Jean and Scott will be teaching you how to work under great strain and will be helping you build your tolerence. And also Logan will be teaching you the basics of contact fighting. Everything you need to know in case, your powers do not help. I gave Logan a look. He looked happy over being a teacher to me as well. "Classes will start tonight at 9:30 in the Danger Room" said the Professor. Crap, the danger room. I was iffy on going there. It's not like I have had the greatest time in that room.

      When it was time for dinner, I went to Logan's room. He said he would bring dinner, so I jumped at the idea. Although having him for dinner ran across my mind a few times. Logan finally showed up with drinks and a pizza. "Good dinner," I said. Logan just gave me his usual grin. "So you ready for tonight?" asked Logan. "Well I'm half and half at the moment." "You'll do fine, I got faith in ya" he said. We ate the rest of the pizza, and I wanted to take a quick nap before my first lesson. Logan joined me, which made things even better. I laid in his bed and he got behind and I moved into his arms. I felt so safe and warm in Logan's arms.

      I woke up around 8:45p.m. Logan was gone, but he left me a note saying he was going to get ready for training tonight. I felt bad that he had left, but I would get over it. After getting back to my room, I took a shower and changed into some casual, yet comfortable clothes. When I was done, I headed towards the Danger Room. When I got there, I found the room in it's usual form. Silver. I could make out the Professor in a window high above in the Danger Room. Logan, and the others were standing in the middle of the room talking and I guess pretty much getting ready for the training. As soon as I made myself known, everyone walked up towards me.

      "Seth, are you ready to begin?" Jean asked. "Sure" I said. "Good, let's start" said Jean. The room went dark. When the lights came back on, we all were in a courtyard. It was perfect for training I thought. "Here is where we do all of our formal training" said Jean. "Seth" Scott started, "Jean and I will start first. Mainly our training will help you to expand your powers and work longer under pressure said Scott. Jean walked to the center of the room and held out her hand. Suddenly, a table appeared. Disks, baseballs, mainly toys were on the table. "Now Seth" began Jean, "use your mind and keep everything floating." Ok, I had to be honest this seemed way to easy. But I went ahead and started the task. Jean started sending the objects flying. I lifted up my hand to stop all of them. Immeditaly, all of them froze in midair. But to make things interesting, I started to make them rotate. If I had to do tricks, I was going to do them on my terms. "Very good" said Scott "let's see if you can still do that when I do this." As soon as Scott had spoke the words, he shot a small beam at me. I wasn't ready for it and the beam hit me in my shoulder. "Fuck!" I said aloud. "Looks like you need to focus more" said Scott. I looked up at all of the spinning objects, I lifted them higher and looked at Scott. It was one thing to make me hold shit high above my head, but using me for target practice was something I wasn't going to put up with. I looked at Scott hard. If he wanted a fight, he was going to get one. "Logan" I said "were gonna have to hold out on training." Logan gave me a puzzled look. Storm on the other hand got the message. "How about one on one?" asked Scott. "I thought you would never ask" I said.

      I moved all of the items to a corner of the room. Jean had already called the table away. The room was mainly empty except for what Logan, Storm and Jean were sitting on. I cleared my mind and looked Scott straight in the eyes, or visors. He shot a small shot at me, but I focused on fire and a stream of fire burst out to meet with Scott's Beam. His beam was burned as soon as my stream hit. I called the fire back to me and it vanished. I could tell by Scott's expression he was pissed. No matter, I could do that all night. Scott placed his fingers on his visor, and started shooting. I didn't count all of them, but I didn't have time to. I floated myself up towards the ceiling and held myself there. I thought of fire again and shot a ring around Scott's body. When I came down to the ground, I saw Scott trying to shoot the fire out. But he wasn't having any luck. I called the fire back to me, and it was gone in an instant. By now, I could tell this was a fight that would have to be done by physical means, not mental. Scott charged at me ready to stike with his right hand. I brought both of my arms up to deflect the punch. Scott flew past my left, so I turned and back kicked him. It worked! Scott was now on the ground. When He got up, he started running after me. Childish I know, but I decided to make him work for this fight. Using my mind, I ran right up the wall and landed right behind Scott. I thought of fire and directed a small ember towards Scott's pants. When he turned around, I started running the other direction. "Stay still damn it!" yelled Scott. "Never!" I yelled. Logan and the others were laughing their butts off. This was fun, but I was getting tired now. Scott now knew his pants were of fire and jumped trying to get them out. When he had, he looked at me hard and started shooting beams everywhere. One hit me in the leg. I had a gash there now. "Damn those things hurt" I said. Jean looked at me with a look of concern. Storm had the same look. Logan on the other hand looked like he was going to crush Scott. I looked at all of the objects in the corner and useing my mind I threw them all at Scott. I went over to a support beam and leaned on it. My leg was bleeding now but I had to be calm. I wiped the sweat off my face, trying to catch my breath.

      "Scott" said Jean "give it a break, you have made your point" I was tired now, I didn't want to fight anymore. He had hit me, and I had set him on fire. I think we were even. The blood had pooled to the floor now. "Gross" I said outloud. I hate the looks of blood. It's nasty. "Jean" said Storm "where's Seth?" "He's right over by the support beam" Logan started looking around the room. "He's not here" said Logan. "Did he leave the Danger Room?" asked Scott.

      I don't know how I did it, but I was in Logan's room now. How did I get here? I don't have the power to transport or whatever you wanna call it. Someone was in the room with me. I could hear their breathing. I turned around and outta the shadows came Mystique. "What do you want?" I asked coldly. "We want you" Mystique said in a firm tone. "We?" Seth said in a puzzled tone. Just then Sabertooth grabbed Seth by the neck holding him high in the air. Now another woman had appeared, she was dressed in total black. She had some long fingernails, she looked like she could cause alot of damage. Just like clockwork the door was crashed down by Logan. He took one look at everyone and he drew his claws. But before he could do anything, the unknown lady had started clawing him. She took out huge gashes of his chest and face. "LOGAN!" Seth screamed. I tried to fight myself free but it wasn't working. Mystique had stuck Seth with a shot and he was slowly falling asleep. "Take him to the lair" said Mystique. In an instant Sabertooth and Seth were gone. Mystique grabbed Lady Deathstrike before she had the chance to cause anymore harm to Logan. "We need to go" said Mystique. Lady Deathstike gave Mystique a evil look, and in an instant they were gone as well.

      The room was empty now. Logan was bleeding bad now. It would take a few minutes before his healing powers would take effect. Everything was getting dark now. In a hushed whisper, Logan said "Seth, where are you?" then he blacked out.

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