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     When Logan had finally healed, he got up looking for Seth. He knew he wasn't there, but something inside of him was hoping that he was. Logan went to go see the Professor. When he arrived he walked in to find the entire group there.

      "They took him" Logan said in a enraged voice.

      "Who?" asked a worried Jean. "Sabertooth, and Mystique" said the Professor.

      Logan sat down in a chair. "If only I had acted sooner, or faster" said Logan. Storm walked up to Logan and took a seat beside him.

      "Logan" she began you cannot blame yourself for this. It's not your fault. We'll find him" Logan was upset. He wasn't going to cry or anything like that. But he was really upset. "Yea, we'll find him" said Logan.

      "The first course of action is to round up all X-Men and go to Magneto's lair. The only place that Seth could be." The professor took out a small map from his desk. He looked over it a few times, and drew an x to where the lair would be. "Team, prepare for this mission. It's going to be hard" said Professor Xavier. Logan went back to his room and changed. When he came out he noticed the photo he and Seth took at one of those mall photo booths. He couldn't take being away from Seth. He was really worried and he was going to find him no matter what.

      (Logan, we're ready to leave. Meet us in the docking bay.) It was Jean using her mind again. Logan wasn't too fond of her doing it, but he grabbed his coat and rushed to the docking bay. Seth was being held in a abandoned subway. Abandoned was the key word, there was trash everywhere. The roof of the building had cracks and holes in it everywhere, just like the walls. Seth was held against the wall by straps of metal. It was as if the metal had grown out of the wall around his arms and legs. Sabertooth walked out of a opening in the wall. He looked at Seth with a look of pure hunger. He would have no better pleasure then ripping Seth limb from limb. But the master wanted him, so he would obey. Mystique and Lady Deathstrike came out of the same opening from the wall.

      "Now, now" said Mystique "you cannot kill him so don't even think it" Mystique gave Deathstrike a grin. Sabertooth just gave a loud snarl. Seth was still out cold. Just then Magneto walked into the room. Everyone backed away from Seth's body.

      "So is this the boy?" asked Magneto.

      "Yes" said Mystique.

      "Well let's not waste any time. Wake him up." Mystique picked up a bucket of ice cold water and threw it on Seth. In an instant Seth was awaking coughing and spitting out the water.

      "Where am I?" said Seth.

      "There's no need to worry about that" said Magneto. Seth was confused and scared. He didn't know where he was, nor did he know who he was with. Magneto walked up directly to Seth. "What you should worry about is how painful your death will be." Seth was in shock now.

      "Death! your going to kill me?" said Seth in a fearful tone.

       "Oh now dear boy. I'm not going to kill you. I really don't have the taste for it. But I'm sure one of my dear friends here will do the job" replied Magneto. "You see, I wanted you to join and be one of us. That's why I sent Mystique after you to infect you with her blood. Thanks to our advancements in technology we could use her blood inside of you and find you anywhere you go. But now I'm afraid it's too late for that. You see thanks to her blood, your body is changing. Your powerful enough, but with her blood your growing even more powerful. Getting even more powers then what you have now. It's a shame, I would of really liked to have a pyro-kinetic on our side. But as you get more powerful, it's a risk to even trust you as of now." With that Magneto left the room.

      "Allow me" said Lady Deathstrike. Mystique and Sabertooth left the room. Deathstrike looked at her sharp hands and got ready to attack. "You know" Deathstrike started "I will have my revenge on Logan. But nothing will bring him more pain then by killing you." Seth gave Deathstrike a hard look.

      "I'm really starting to not like you" said Seth.

      "This is going to be so much fun" replied Deathstrike. Seth couldn't take this no more. He had to get free. He looked at Deathstrike, his gaze met her eyes. He started thinking of fire and just like that, her jacket started burning away. He then focused on a loose piece of the wall. He slammed it down on Deathstrike using his mind. He focused on the straps of metal holding him down. They flew out of the wall. Deathstike laid on the floor she was knocked out cold. Seth ran out of the room. He didn't know where he was going, but he was getting out of there.

      As Seth looked for an exit, he ran into a small opening in the wall hoping for freedom. Instead he saw a young man knocked out on the ground. There were strange crystals all around his body. They were emitting some strange light. It was like a crystal cage and he was locked inside. Seth couldn't stand to see him like that. But what if he was evil? Should he really be letting him loose? Seth had no time to worry about that now. He looked at the crystals and threw them against the wall. The beams from the crystals died away. Immediately the young man woke up.

      "What, what happened?" he asked.

     "I was going to ask you the same question" replied Seth. He went over to the man and helped him up.

      "I'm Alex" the man replied. "Nice to meet you, I'm Seth. Save your thank yous for later, Let's get the hell outta here." Seth and Alex started down the tunnel looking for a way out. Whatever Magneto did to Alex, it sure looked painful. Alex had gashes and bruises all over his body. His clothes were all in rags, they looked like they were once nice, expensive clothes. But no time for that, Seth thought. At the end of the tunnel there looked like a way out. The tunnel led right out to a street in what looked like one hell of a big city. Just then, Sabertooth came dashing out of the tunnel after them. "Oh shit" said Seth. Seth raised his hand, he was getting ready to set Sabertooth on fire when Alex stopped him.

       "Allow me" said Alex. With that he shot a energy ball out towards Sabertooth. The energy ball hit Sabertooth head on and threw him back several feet. And as fast as Alex had shot the energy ball he had blacked out again.

      "Alex, Alex are you okay?" asked Seth. But it was so use, he was out cold. Seth picked Alex up and threw him over his shoulder and walked out towards the street. A cab was coming down the street and Seth flagged it down. After getting Alex in, Seth got in and the cab took off.

      "So where too?" asked the cabbie. That was a good question thought Seth.

      "One sec" replied Seth. Seth had no idea where he or Alex was. Wait a minute he thought. He reached into Alex's back pockets. Seth pulled Alex's wallet out, after reading the usual he noticed the address. "Holy shit" Seth said outloud. They were in San Francisco Seth knew no one in this town. He was thousands of miles away from the mansion. He showed the cabbie Alex's drivers license. Since Alex lived here, we might as well go to his place thought Seth. When they arrived at Alex's home, it shocked the hell out of Seth. "Is this it?" asked Seth.

     "Sure is" replied the cabbie. After getting Alex out of the cab Seth paid the driver, thanks to Alex's wallet of course. Seth carried Alex inside the huge building. It was very fancy indeed. There were four elevators, he didn't know which one led to Alex's place. He was getting ready to guess when someone grabbed his shoulders. "AH" Seth yelled. Seth turned around to see a tall man dressed in what looked like a very expensive suit.

      "I guess Alex had a hard night on the town" said the man.

      "Uh, oh yea" replied Seth. The man walked towards one of the elevators and pressed the button for it to come down. "Well, let's get him into bed shall we" said the man. The elevator opened and the man ushered Seth in. "I haven't seen you around here" said the man. "I'm a friend of Alex's, I'm visiting from out of town" replied Seth in a nervous tone. The man gave Seth a hard look then replied "Well I'm glad Alex is having some fun, he stays so busy at the office or he's up in his pent. He really needs a life." The elevator doors opened on to a long hallway. Seth followed the man down the hall to Alex's room. "By the way, I'm Marcus. If you need anything, just call." Marcus pulled a small key from inside his jacket and unlocked the door. Seth followed him inside carrying Alex. "I'll stop by tomarrow morning before my flight. Do take care" said Marcus. And just like that, he left the room. Seth started looking for a bedroom inside the elegant penthouse. As soon as Marcus had left the room he started walked down the hallway and he shimmered away.

      After finding a huge bedroom, Seth laid Alex down on the bed. He pulled off his shoes and covered him up. Alex looked like he had been through alot. Hell they both of them had been through utter hell tonight. Seth started walking around Alex's penthouse. This place was amazing. Whatever Alex did for a living he was being paid very dear for it. As Seth looked around he came across Alex's closet, he went inside looking for something fresh to wear. He found a old t-shirt and shorts, hell Seth had saved Alex the least he could do is provide some clean clothes. Seth went and took a shower. The hot water was heaven running down his body. He could of stayed there forever. But he was tired and he got out and changed into the clean clothes. Before Seth laid down he went and checked on Alex real quick. Alex was just how Seth left him. He hadn't moved or anything. Seth grabbed a blanket out of the closet and curled up on the couch and fell asleep instantly.

     The next morning Seth woke up feeling refreshed and very relaxed. Alex's couch slept pretty good. Seth got up and used the bathroom, and washed his face. He had to find a way back to the mansion, and if he could kick Magneto's ass along the way then it would be a good trip home. Seth decided to check on Alex, to make sure he made it through the night. Sure enough he was still fast asleep. Seth didn't have time to notice the night before. But Alex was a very handsome, young man. He had brown hair and a very nice build. Seth had to stop looking, decided to go out on the balcony and cool off. It was a beautiful day in San Francisco. Seth was still amazed that he was here. Just hours ago, he was being held hostage inside an abandoned subway. But now he was just waking up to a wonderful Penthouse. Seth was enjoying the view when he felt a hand on his back. It was Alex. He looked real tired, he must of not of slept as good as Seth thought he had. Alex had brown hair with light blond streaks. He had blue eyes, and he looked good as hell. Alex had a good build, you could tell that Alex spent time working out.

      "Seth right?" said Alex in a sleepy tone. "Yea" said Seth. "How you doing anyway?" asked Seth. "I'm okay, just a little tired" replied Alex. Seth pulled up a chair for Alex and he took a seat. "How did you get in here anyway?" asked Alex. "Well I was expecting a thank you first, but your friend Marcus let me in." Alex had a surprised look on his face when Seth had mentioned Marcus. "Marcus was here? Right here in my house?" said Alex. "Um, yea" said Seth "Is there a problem?" Alex got up and paced around the balcony. He was here? How could he be here without getting caught. What if the underworld finds out? These thoughts and more were going through Alex's head. "What's the underworld?" asked Seth. "Huh!?" said an alarmed Alex. "How did you know that? How did you know I was speaking?" "Well it comes with the job, you see not only can I read minds I can also start fires" said Seth. With that Seth held up his index finger and a small flame emitted. By the look on Alex's face, one could tell that Alex had no clue that Seth was a mutant. "Your a witch?!" said Alex. "Witch? what is this the 1600's? I'm a mutant man" said Seth is a sightly annoyed tone. Seth was a little pissed off now. He didn't want any glory or to be made out to be the hero. But he did save Alex's life, and he had brought him home. Seth was ready to go, nothing would bring him more joy then to be at the mansion right now. Alex could tell that Seth was upset. He knew he had said something wrong. "Hey, I'm sorry it's just that I've been through hell for the last couple of days" said Alex in what sounded like a truly sincere voice.

      "It's okay" said Seth. "I guess we both have had it rough" The tension in the air seemed to die away after that. "So tell me" started Seth, "What did you mean by witch?" Alex gave Seth a hard look, then started. "Well, it's hard to explain. But I'll do my best." Alex pushed his bangs away from his eyes and took a seat. Alex began, "There are many ways one can get their powers. There are those who get them from general evolution, such as yourself. Then there are the man made mutants, from the governments and etc. And last there are those who have gifts from supernatural forces." Alex stopped for a moment to allow Seth to soak everything up. "Supernatural?" said Seth. "Yes" stated Seth, "You have powers from evolution, I have my powers thanks to supernatural means."

      "Your a witch?" asked Seth. Alex let out a small laugh. "Hardly, I'm a bounty hunter." Seth's eyes grew wider with excitement. "A bounty hunter? you like kill people?" Seth was a little alarmed now. Maybe he should of left Alex in that crystal cage. "Can I be honest and tell you my past without you trying to blow me up? Seth acted as he was thinking it over for a second. "Sure" said Seth. "Well, I used to be a really good bounty hunter. I would kill witches and wizards for their powers. But there's not many wizards left in the world." Alex stopped for a minute. Telling the story was having it's effects on Alex, but he kept on. "I was a bad person, I did alot of horrible things. But one day I had to stop, I couldn't take killing anymore." Alex wiped away a tear from his eye. Alex hadn't had the best childhood, so that's why he turned to evil forces. But there was still a good people in Alex. If there wasn't, he wouldn't of turned his back on evil. "I did so many bad things, but I am trying to change all of that." No one said anything for awhile. Seth was thinking of the ways one could have powers, supernatual, manmade, evolution. "So how do you have such a nice place and all?" asked Seth. "Well when I was a bounty hunter, the underworld leaders made me go to law school. I was to be the best lawyer there was. The leaders thought that the law could get anywhere and it would be a prize position for me." Alex got up and headed back in. "I'm going to take a shower and get dressed. "Ok" said Seth.

      Alex got in the rather warm shower and just leaned against the wall. The hot water felt so good running down his body. He felt the marks and aches all over his body where Sabertooth had beat him. Alex would seek revenge on them, as soon as he felt better. Just then Marcus shimmered behind Alex. Marcus wrapped his arms around Alex's chest and started kissing his neck. "Feel better love?" Marcus asked. "I'm doing alot better now" Alex said between moans. Marcus was working his magic all over Alex's body. Marcus was sightly taller then Alex, with jet black hair and almond eyes. He was a work of perfection, with a great tan, an awesome build, and a very nice cock. Marcus turned Alex around and kissed him deeply. Marcus had tired so hard to find Alex when he had been taken. He was so glad to have Alex in his arms again. To love him, and to kiss him, and dare say make love to him. Marcus broke the kiss only long enough to take a deep breath and they kissed again. Alex felt so safe with Marcus. Alex knew Marcus was the only one who he could trust. The only reason Marcus was staying in the underworld was to keep the leaders off of Alex's trail.

      Alex wanted to make Marcus feel as good as he was feeling. He started kissing up and down his body. Alex ran his tongue over a nipple, only to feel Marcus shutter. Alex could tell that Marcus was really enjoying this. Alex kissed him again. This time, the kiss was electric. The pure animal instinct in both of them was alive and wilder then ever. Marcus had to have Alex, he had to be inside him. Marcus picked Alex up and used the wall for leverage. He entered slowly into Alex. Marcus moaned loudly into Alex's ear. This was a feeling of pure bliss. Alex had shut his eyes enjoying the moment. Marcus kept slowly entering into Alex, he wanted to go slow so both of them could enjoy this. But Alex wanted Marcus' full nine inches now, he had to have all of him. Alex pulled Marcus closer to him, thus making Marcus go deeper inside Alex. Both of the men moaned loudly. After about a minute of just being deep inside Alex, Marcus started moving in and out. The two men were very close now. Alex's cock was rubbing between both of their chests, making an unbelievable experience. Alex pulled Marcus close and kissed him. Marcus kept pushing harder and deeper inside Alex. He was going to cum soon, but only when Alex was ready. Alex ran his fingers through Marcus black hair, he was close. The friction his cock was getting between their stomaches was unreal. Alex couldn't take it any longer. He held Marcus tight and came as he yelled,

       "I'm cumming Marcus! Cum with me baby, cum with me!" Marcus not needing any other invitation gave a final thrust and shot his huge load deep within Alex.

      Seth had fallen asleep on the balcony, his feet propped on the guard rail. Seth was dreaming of Logan, he missed him alot right now. Logan had tried so hard to save Seth, but he only got hurt more. Seth never wanted to see Logan like that. Seth never wanted to bring Logan any more pain. When the two were done with their "shower" Marcus got dressed, kissed Alex, and shimmered back to the underworld. Alex got dressed and walked out towards the balcony, he noticed Seth was sleeping. Alex was indeed thankful that Seth had saved him, but Alex wondered. He knew why Magneto wanted him. Magneto simply wanted Alex to join, but Alex was through killing. Did Magneto want Seth for the same reason? That settled it, Alex had to get Seth somewhere safe. It was the least he could do for the guy that saved his life. Alex grabbed his keys and left to get some things for Seth.

      An hour or so later, Seth woke up to find Alex had went nuts at the store. Seth walked into the room to find bags and boxes everywhere. "I see you've been busy" said Seth in a amused voice. Alex looked up at Seth with a big grin on his face. "Well half of this stuff is yours" said Alex. "Mine?" asked Seth. "Yes, you need clothes too" replied Alex. One thing Seth learned about Alex was that he could shop, and even better he could buy. Alex had got clothes all in Seth's size, as if Seth was there to personally try them all out. After the two had tried on different clothes and styles, the serious side of Alex appeared again. "Seth, we need to get you to a safe place" Alex said. Seth looked a little down at the comment, he was having fun getting to know Alex. But Seth knew Magneto would come looking for him in a matter of time. "I'm going to take you to some girls I know, you'll fit in just perfect.