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Chapter 6:
"A Charmed Encounter"

      After trying on all of the nice clothes Alex had bought, he told me he was going to take me to see some "friends" of his. I'll admit I was a little nervous to go, he was an former bounty hunter and an x bad guy so I'm sure his line of friends wasn't all nice. I got dressed and walked back into the room to see Alex dressed in a navy suit. I was surprised, he was all dressed up just to go see friends.

      "Ready Seth?" asked Alex.

      "As ready as I'm going to be" I replied. I pushed my hair back and tried to shake off this nervous feeling I had. "How are we getting there?" I asked.

      "Like this" Alex replied. Alex grabbed Seth's shoulder and shimmered out. When they reappeared, Alex and Seth were in a kitchen.

      "Oh my god" said Seth in a sick tone. Seth grabbed his head trying to stop the dizzy feeling. "What the hell did I just go through?" he asked. Alex started laughing, he had forgotten the effects to people who had never shimmered before.

      "I'm sorry" Alex said between laughs. "Just relax, the feeling will be over soon"

      "When this is over, I'm gonna give you some feelings" Seth replied.

Just then a woman rushed into the room. "What in the hell is going on?" the woman asked. She was of average size, shoulder length hair I'd say black. And she had one hell of an expression on her face.

      "Piper, Hi" said Alex. Seth stood up straight now. The dizzy feeling was wearing off now. "I wanted you to meet Seth" Alex said. Piper walked up to me and extended her right hand. I shook it but not too hard, fearing anything could bring the sickness back on.

      "Hi, it's nice to meet you" Seth said. We followed Piper into the living room. The house was amazing, there were so many different rooms. This place was huge, but oddly enough nobody was home except Piper. We all took a seat and after a few minutes of nothing but quiet, Piper spoke.

      "So what's up Alex, what have you gotten yourself into now?" Piper asked.

      "Well" Alex started, "Magneto is after me again, it seems he can find me no matter what I do"

      "How is Seth here involved?" Piper asked. Piper gave me a look, but I just turned the other way.

      "From what I know, Seth has a very rare gift and it's growing. Magneto wanted him to be on his team, but now he wants to kill him because he's too strong." Piper gave me another look.

      "Well Seth you'll be fine here until we can put a stop to Mag head." I looked at Piper confused.

      "Huh? me staying here? That's impossible I need to get back to New York, to the mansion. I can't be stuck here" said Seth in a worried voice.

      "Seth Magneto will find you, he's done proved to you that he can. The best thing for you to do is to stay with people who can protect you" replied Alex. Seth got up and started pacing the floors.

      "If anybody is going to need protection it should be you guys. I'm a walking death trap, people get hurt when I am around" said Seth half nervous.

      Piper stood up now and walked towards Seth. "Listen, I understand if your scared. But trust me, we have all the protection we need." Piper looked at a vase on a shelf, she motioned her hands and the lamp exploded into thousands of little pieces. Seth had a look of complete amazement on his face. "Let's get some food, I'll make something good" Piper said. We walked back into the kitchen and Alex and I took a seat at the table. Piper started pulling out food from the fridge and started cooking.

      "Piper owns her own club" Alex said trying to change the mood.

       "She does? that's so cool!" Seth replied.

       "I sure do" Piper said. "It's pretty good, brings in alot of business so I can't complain. In fact Phoebe and Paige are there now." Piper kept on cooking as she spoke.

      "How's Paige?" Alex asked.

      "She still wants to kill you" replied Piper.

      "Errr" said Alex.

      "What did you do?" Seth asked.

      Piper started setting the table with silverware and plates. She gave Alex a serious look, and kept working. After some serious thought Alex got ready to speak.

      "Ok, well when I was still considered evil. As in still under the evil spell from the underworld leaders. I was sent to kill one of Paige's Charges. But I was starting to become stronger then the spell they had casted on me. Paige was working with me trying to help me break free of the spell. One night when I was really weak, I took her most strongest Charge's powers. But to make it worse, Paige blames me for not being strong enough to control my dark side. As a result, her Charge was killed by a upper level demon. I feel just as bad as her."

      When Alex was done, I could tell he was really hurting bad. The demon half of him may have been gone, but he still had inner demons to deal with. The room stayed quiet for awhile as everyone ate. Just then a blueish light came down from the ceiling. When the light went away, there were two girls standing there. One of the girl had red locks of hair and a really white complexion. She needed some sun fast. The other girl had brownish black hair and a nice complexion. They both looked like very open, friendly people. I noticed the girl with the red hair took one look at Alex, and she just went crazy.

      "POTION!" Yelled the red hair girl.

      She held out her hand and in her palm glowed a small bottle of fluid. She threw it straight at Alex, but he was ready. He threw up his hand and a shield of energy stopped the potion and caused it to explode. The blast was so strong it threw Seth straight out of the window.

      "DAMN IT PAIGE!" screamed Alex, "He's a bystander. He's totally innocent!"

      "Oh like you know the meaning of innocent" said Paige in a sarcastic tone.

      Paige and Phoebe ran outside to check on Seth. The blast was so strong that when he hit the pavement he had made a crater effect. Seth laid there in the hole inside the pavement, not moving. He barely breathed, and things were getting dark. Piper checked his pulse, it was getting weak. Blood from the impact wound started pooling down Seth's shirt. Phoebe ran inside towards the kitchen to get Paige.

      "Paige!" said Phoebe in a worried voice. "He's dieing, you have to heal him quick!"

      Paige, Alex, and Phoebe ran outside towards Seth's body. Seth looked pretty bad, the pool of blood was getting bigger and Seth's pulse was growing weaker by the second. Paige placed her hands together over Seth's body and focused on his wounds. A orange glow of light shot straight towards Seth and began to heal all of his wounds. Seth opened his eyes slowly. He felt as good as new. Seth took a look at Paige, and using his mind threw her right back into the house. Alex helped Seth stand up and brushed off all of the dirt.

      "You okay?" Alex asked.

      "Yea, I think so. She really doesn't like you ya know that?" Seth replied.

      "Duh" replied Alex.

      Everyone walked back inside the house. Paige had already started on a spell that repaired the house and broken objects. Alex gave Paige a hard look, and he then shimmered out. Everyone looked surprised except Paige.

      "Hey!? Where did he go?" asked Seth.

      "He bailed, just like he always does" replied Paige in a pissed tone.

      With that, Paige orbed away. The sisters just gave Seth a look, and started to put away the dishes. The rest of the evening was rather normal after that. Seth had learned that the sisters were called the "Charmed Ones." Each of them having a special gift or power. >From supernatual forces of course. Phoebe had the power to see into the future and she was also very talented and skillful in martial arts. Piper could freeze time and she could also blow things up. Paige could transport herself anywhere by "orbing" and she could also heal people, and make some really good potions. As the evening was winding down Seth was introduced to Wyatt, Piper's son. He had some very cool powers. When he felt scared or in danger he had a energy field that would protect him. When it was time to go to bed, Piper led Seth to the spare bedroom to sleep for the night.

      The house was very peaceful at night. But no matter how enjoyable the house was, Seth was having trouble getting to sleep. Seth keep thinking of Logan. He was worried, he wanted to be with Logan. He knew Logan always had a way to make things better. As Seth kept thinking about Logan, he was disturbed by Wyatt crying. After a minute or so of no stopping, Seth decided to go check on Wyatt. Seth pulled open his door and went to Piper's room were Wyatt slept. When he got there, he was shocked to see Piper being held by her neck by a demon. Seth didn't know who it was, his back was facing Seth's. Wyatt's energy feild was up now, and he was crying louder then ever. Seth threw his hand back and the demon went straight into the wall. Piper fell to the ground like a stone. Seth thought of fire and directed a stream right at the demon. The demon jumped up and the fire was absorbed right into his body. Just then, Seth noticed the face. It was Marcus! Alex's so called boyfriend as Alex has said.

      "Marcus? What the hell?" asked Seth.

      Marcus gave Seth a cold look and he shimmered away. Seth was confused. He remembered Marcus helping them get into Alex's penthouse, and Alex had even said that Marcus and him were lovers. If Marcus was such a "good guy" why was he doing evil deeds? Piper was out cold, but Wyatt seemed okay. A little shaken up perhaps, but he was one tough kid. Pagie and Phoebe ran into the room, immediately Paige was healing Piper's wounds. When Piper was fully healed, she jumped up and started cussing.

      "Damn it! I'm gonna kill him, then bring him back and do it all over again. ALEX! Get your ass here now!" Piper Screamed.

      Immediately Alex shimmered in, his eyes were red as if he had been crying. But to make it even worse, he had a huge gash on his chest.

      "What's wrong?" Alex asked.

      Piper started telling the story of what had happened. Alex wasn't looking to good. The blood was seeping into his shirt, and he was trying to hide the wound with his jacket but it wasn't working. As soon as the thoughts had finish processing in Seth's head, Alex fell to his knees and cried out in pain.

      "Alex! Are you okay? What's wrong?" Asked Seth in a worried tone.

      Everyone ran up to Alex. He was hurt bad, the gash was much larger then Seth had thought.

      "Paige you have got to heal him!" said Seth.

      Paige gave Seth a disgusted look, but Phoebe kicked Paige hard. One could tell Paige would rather do anything else then actually help Alex, but she gave in. She placed her hands over the wound on Alex's chest. Her healing powers started working. Paige directed all of her energy to Alex's body.

      "It's going to take awhile. He's more powerful then I am, and his body is resisting my powers." Paige replied.

      Piper liked Alex alot, even if he had done some bad things in the past she knew people could change. Piper knew Marcus must of did this. She never really liked Marcus, and him attacking her tonight made things even more clearer. Piper could tell by the look on Seth's face that he was worried, she went up to him and placed her arm around him. Seth had his eyes closed and just then Piper and Seth disappeared.

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