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     When Piper and Seth reappeared, they were both in a underground cave. Where could they be, and how could they have gotten there? The last thing Seth remembered was seeing Alex hurt and then he wanted to get revenge on Marcus for trying to hurt Piper, and now he was here.

      "Damn it! We are in the underworld" said Piper in an annoyed tone.

     Seth just eyed Piper. Underworld? he thought. That's like hell right? The place were bad people went. Piper and Seth started walking through the cave, trying to find a way out. Even though, Piper had an idea the way to get out was Seth but she decided to find a more secure way out.

      "How did you do that?" Piper asked.

      "Do what? That transport thingie?" replied Seth.

      "We shimmered. It's a gift that only demons have, and Alex told me what powers you have and this was not on of them" said Piper.

      "It must be from Mystique. This must of been the powers that Magneto was talking about. Mystique's blood would make me even stronger" said Seth in an excited tone.

      "Don't get too happy, having a demonic gift in a good body could really screw you in the long run" said Piper.

     Seth didn't say too much after that. He liked the idea of being able to whereever he thought, but not at the price of using evil powers. Piper and Seth kept walking through the caves. Piper was looking for a way out, Seth on the other hand was hopeing to run into Marcus. The two came around a stone passage and happened to find Marcus, trying to heal his burn marks. Piper was shocked, she wasn't expecting to see him but she was ready. Seth must of been thinking the same thing because he raised his hand and sent Marcus up into the air. Piper was ready, she froze Marcus in mid air and walked up to him. Piper then unfreezed his head and started asking questions.

      Besides you, who else wants my baby?" Piper asked.

      Unfreeze me Witch, or I'm gonna do the same thing to you that I did to Alex" replied Marcus in a fierce tone.

     That was enough to really piss Piper off. She threw her hands into the air and just like that Marcus right leg blew up. Marcus screamed out in complete pain. Seth was a little scared, he had never seen this side of Piper. Piper kept railing Marcus and she wasn't getting anywhere. After 20 minutes of nothing but questions and threats, Piper finally blew Marcus up.

      "Come here and take my hand" said Piper.

      "Your not gonna do what you did to him to me?" said Seth in a joking tone.

      "We are going to get the hell outta here. Now take my hand and think of the manor. Just think of being there right now" replied Piper.

     Seth did just what Piper asked, He thought of the manor. Piper grabbed Seth's shoulder and the two shimmered back to the house. Piper ran upstairs to check on Wyatt, her baby as Paige and Phoebe followed. Seth walked into the foyer to see Alex resting on a couch. Alex must of been really hurt, Marcus had used him to get to Wyatt. But no one was going to have to worry about Marcus anymore. Seth took a seat on the couch and got comfortable, and that's when it hit him. If Seth could go to the underworld to see Marcus just by thinking it, he could get back to New York to see Logan. Seth jumped at the idea, he ran into the kitchen to leave a note on the fridge. When he did that, he then thought of seeing Logan. Just like that, Seth shimmered away, and he turned up right in front of Logan's door.

      "It worked!" said Seth outloud.

     Seth knocked on Logan's door. No answer. Seth knocked again on the door, and this time Logan answered.

      "What!" said a red eyed Logan. Seth! your back!"

     Logan grabbed Seth and held him tightly. Seth held on to Logan even tighter.

      "Miss me big guy?" said Seth trying to fight back the tears.

      "Fuckin A" replied Logan.

     Logan pulled Seth into his room and locked the door. Immediately, Logan had Seth pinned against the door. Logan and Seth were kissing hard, their tongues dancing in fierce lust. Seth ran his hands up under Logan's shirt, feeling his smooth skin. This seemed to excite the men even further. Logan led Seth to the bed, and pulled off Seth's shirt. Seth looked Logan in the eyes, he had never felt so attracted to anyone. The two kissed again, this time Seth pulled off Logan's shirt exposing his built, muscular chest.

      "You sure you want to do this?" asked a sincere Logan.

     Seth gave a approving nod and pulled off his shirt and began to undress. Logan got up from the bed and got a condom and a bottle of lube. Once he had these essential items Logan too, started to undress. Seth's eyes drank up the site of Logan's powerful body. Logan truly was beautiful. Seth laid down on the bed getting comfortable. Logan approached Seth, putting his massive body on top of Seth. He lent in and kissed Seth again, Logan's fingers exploring Seth's most darkest place. Logan applied lube to his fingers and pushed them deep inside of Seth. Logan was preparing him for what was to come. When the two were both ready, Logan put on the condom and slowly eased himself into Seth.

     Seth let out a loud gasp as Logan pushed inside him. Logan stopped and looked down at Seth. Seth wanted more of Logan's cock, he started pushing down and Logan had no choice but to give Seth even more of his hot tool. Seth cried out in the mixture of pain and pleasure, not knowing which one felt better. When Logan's cock was finally all the way inside, both of the men stopped enjoying the sheer pleasure. Logan started moving in and out of Seth, both the men moaning. Seth wrapped his legs around Logan's waist and pulled Logan even deeper into him. Logan and Seth were both covered in sweat, Seth's cock rubbing between his chest and Logans. Seth thought his cock would explode. Logan kept grinding his eight inch cock into Seth's sweet ass. Logan would cum any minute. Seth was about to cum too, he held Logan tight as he felt his orgasm strike. Wave after wave of hot cum shot out onto Logan and his own chest. Just as Seth finished cumming, Logan gave a final hard stroke and started cumming and he let out a large yell. Logan clamped his mouth against Seth and started kissing fiercely, just as Logan's climax slowed down he sank his teeth into Seth's lower lip. The two tasting the copperish taste that was from the blood.

     When the kiss was over, Logan pulled his softening cock from Seth's ass. Logan dropped the condom in a trash can and got up and went towards the bathroom. Seth was in total bliss right now, he had never felt so complete. Logan returned with a towel, cleaning the cum off of Seth's chest. Once the two were clean, Logan got back into bed pulling Seth close to him. Seth wiped the last bit of blood from his lip as Logan nibbled on his ear. Both men slowly drifted away into a deep sleep.

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