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     Seth woke up to the warm sun shining on his face. The steamy thoughts of last night still on his mind. Logan had his arms wrapped around Seth tightly, this causing a problem to go the bathroom. Seth kissed Logan's wrist and gently got up from the bed putting on a tee and a pair of shorts. Seth used the bathroom, and brushed his teeth and took a final look in the mirror. Seth's lips held a slight wound, but it was healing. Seth splashed water on his face, shivering when the cold water touched his bruised lips. Just then Logan walked in, and put his arms around Seth's waist and started kissing his neck. Seth pushed his head back giving Logan better access to his neck.

      "Someone slept good last night" stated Seth.

      "I had something good to sleep with" replied Logan

Logan turned Seth around and kissed him hard. Their tongues dueling in each other's mouth. Seth couldn't help but let out a small moan. Logan pressed his bare chest against Seth's, as his hands explored Seth's body. Logan ran his hand up Seth's shirt grabbing one of his nipples. Seth let out a gasp as Logan continued playing. Seth ran his hand down Logan's chest, feeling the hard built muscles all the way to Logan's hard cock. Logan let out a deep hissing sound and started kissing Seth fiercely now. The two were really enjoying the moment when they both heard a knock on the door.

      "Someone's gonna die this morning" said Logan in a annoyed tone.

     The two stopped what they were doing and Logan went to get dressed as Seth went to the door. When Logan had clothes on, Seth opened the door. It was Rogue.

      "Seth! Your back!" shouted Rogue.

     Rogue ran up to Seth and gave him a big hug, nearly cutting off all of his air supply.

      "I'm glad to see you too" replied Seth.

      "I am! it's been hell around here. Everyone has been looking for you, we didn't know what had happened to you" said Rogue.

     Logan walked up to Seth and gave a grin. Seth nearly melted at the sight of his face.

      "So gal, what's up?" asked Logan.

      "The professor wants to see you immediately" replied Rogue.

     Logan kept talking with Rogue as Seth got dressed. How could I have been so stupid? thought Seth. He had got back last night and he didn't even tell the Professor he was here. Although, the Professor could of known by now. Seth put on a pair of blue jean shorts, and grabbed a tee and followed Logan to the Professor's office. When the two arrived, both of them were shocked to see the entire X-Men team in his office. But not only was the team there, there was a man Seth had never seen before. He was well dressed, a business suit. He was around 6' tall and rather slim. He had beautiful blue eyes, and blond hair. Logan and Seth took a seat on a nearby couch.

      "Seth it is good that you've returned to us. Would you mind telling us what has happened for the past couple of days?

     As Seth told his story of the last few days, the entire team was focused on his words. The Professor's eyes grew dark, when Seth told of how Magneto planned to kill Seth now rather then risk him becoming an enemy. When Seth was done with his story, the room was quiet. Everyone was in shock. Magneto was never known to kill someone for no good reason. He was crazy yes, but not a killer of mutants.

      "Oh, and here's what I can do" said Seth.

     Seth stood up, and immediately shimmered out of the room. Everyone was surprised. Then Seth opened the door and walked back into the room.

      "That was pretty impressive" said the unknown man.

      "Thanks. I still get a little dizzy when I do it, but I think it's a cool gift to have. So what can you do?" asked Seth.

     The man stood up from the desk and clicked on what looked like his watch. His body seemed to start to flicker, then what appeared took Seth by total surprise. The man had changed he was now blue. His entire skin was blue, he still had the goldish blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes. But what amazed Seth the most was his wings. The man held his wings out and let them stretch out til they kit the ceiling. The only thing Seth could do was stare in awe.

      (Seth, close your mouth. Your starting to drool) replied Jean in thought.

     Seth shut his mouth and set down beside Logan. Besides Seth, no one else seemed amazed by the man's change.

      "Seth, I would like you to meet Warren Worthington III. He's a member of the X-Men as well. He's going to assist you in some training. Some friends of mine have asked me to investigate Sentinel sightings. So we need everyone in top condition. Everyone will have training for the rest of the week. Next friday, we all shall go and see if the rumors are true or not.

      "Professor, should Seth really come along? He's never been a sentinel attack, other then in the danger room." asked Scott.

     Seth felt a large dislikeness for Scott right about now. Seth had been through alot ever since he came to the school. Why would some robots scare him now?

      "I believe Seth will do fine Scott. I have great faith in him, and what better way to train him to become an X-Men?" replied the Professor.

     The days went by pretty fast after that. Training was every night, plus the Professor had cut all of my classes from my list. I was to train and prepare myself to become a X-Men. The last two days were to be spent in total training, so I was to meet "Angel" as I has been calling Warren for some flight lessons. Using my mind, I could fly just as good as he was. But it was a tiring process. It seemed that just about anything I did using my powers would result in a bad headache and wanting to sleep for hours. I walked to the back courtyard and met the sight of Angel flying around high in the air. It was night time but his blond hair was the only thing that could make him stand out in the night sky. I had fight training in an hour and a half so I thought real hard and focused up into the sky and took off from the ground. I was flying in the sky, enjoying the feeling but decided to catch up with Warren. I looked into the dark sky and I couldn't find him. After not having any luck, I decided to float around for a while. I kept afloat for about 15 minutes, until I got a really bad headache. I started to float down, I was so high in the sky it would take a while for me to come down. I was still a good mile from the ground, but my head was hurting bad now. I could hardly keep my eyes open.

     That's when it happened. Seth passed out. Falling faster and faster to the ground. Out of nowhere, Warren appeared flying as fast as he could towards Seth's dropping body. When Warren was close enough he grabbed out and caught Seth by his tee, he pulled Seth into his arms and flew towards the ground. As soon as they were landed Warren started to wake Seth up.

      "Seth? Seth wake up" asked a worried Warren.

     Seth started to come to. When he did, he felt his nose. It was bleeding, he quickly grabbed a tissue from his pocket and wiped his nose.

      "Oh gosh, what happened?" asked Seth.

      "I don't know, I was flying and I wasn't paying much mind but when I came to, I saw you falling so I flew out to get you.

      "Thanks, I don't know what's happening to me. It's like something is draining me." replied Seth.

     When I was feeling better, Warren and I went to the danger room and met up with the other X-Men. I saw Logan and Scott doing some battle training, and it didn't look like Scott was winning. Storm and Jean were sitting in a corner talking and the Professor was up in the next room behind the glass window.

      "When do we start kicking computer booty?" asked Seth.

     Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Seth. Jean gave a look to the Professor and the room went dark. When the lights came back on, the team was deep with in the forest. Logan came up to my side and got in fighting stance, and drawed out his claws. Scott shot out a few beams of energy as he got ready. Storm and Warren flew up into the air looking for any signs of trouble. Just then a small pack of Sentinels came out from the woods, and took fire on everyone. Storm started calling lighting bolts and was blasting them apart. Jean and Scott were teaming up on a small group of Sentinels. Jean throwing them into trees, as Scott shot laser beams at them. Logan had jumped on one of the Sentinel's back and was clawing out wires and ripping the robots to pieces. Using my gifts I flew up into the air, and started focusing fire towards the remaining robots. It was working, they caught on fire and started blowing up. When all of the Sentinels were destroyed the room went dark again. The lights came on again, but we weren't in the forest. This time everyone was in a long extended silver room, but there was an entire army of Sentinels. There must of been hundreds of them. We all began fighting. Scott and I were focusing fire and laser beams as a wall to hold the robots back. It was barely working, they were too strong. Jean and Storm were working together trying to hold Sentinels down and blast them apart with lighting. Angel was high in the air dropping down to punch and crush Sentinels one by one. He was very powerful with the punches. Logan was doing the same thing, minus the flying part.

     My head started to hurt again. I could hardly focus now. I stopped the fire wall and relaxed, trying to get rid of the feeling. I had to focus, I had to help stop the Sentinels. Even if they weren't real.

     Seth focused hard and shut his eyes. He flew up high into the room. He focused and thought of fire. Seth opened his eyes and looked at the Sentinels. Seth's eyes were now yellow again, but Seth didn't notice. No one did. Seth's entire body was on fire, he was covered completely in flames. Seth shot down huge, enormous streams of fire at the Sentinels. Immediately, the Sentinels started melting and sparking and exploding into a huge glob of metal parts. The rest of the X-men helped finish off the deadly robots. When all of the Sentinels were gone, Seth tried to stop the fire. But he couldn't call the fire back to him, it kept spreading across the room. Seth couldn't control it, Seth passed out but his body remained on fire. The flames couldn't hurt Seth, but he couldn't control them. As the flames grew bigger and hotter, Seth's body floated all the way to the ceiling unto the flames went out. Seth's body fell again, just like it had earlier. Warren flew up to try and save Seth again, as soon as Warren was close enough to reach Seth he shimmered away. Before anyone in the room could do anything, Seth's body reappeared on the floor. Seth was out cold. Jean and the others ran up to Seth. Jean pulled out a pen light from her back pocket and looked into Seth's eyes.

      "He's out cold, and his eyes are yellow again." said Jean in a worried tone.

      "Again? This has happened before?" asked Warren.

      "Seth has been having changes ever since Mystique infected him with her blood. Her blood is causing Seth's body to change. Along with the awesome powers, he also has some horrible side effects." said Scott.

     Logan went and picked Seth up and started towards the medical bay. Once everyone was there, Seth was hooked up to several iv tubes and monitor machines. Scott took a seat by Seth's bed, as Jean started performing tests on Seth. Logan and Warren walked out of the medical bay as Professor Xavier came in.

     Logan took a seat in the hall and put his head in his hands. Warren could sense his pain, and took a seat next to him.

      "He'll be fine Logan." stated Warren.

      "Ya don't understand Wings. I've lost so much in my life. I don't want to go through the pain of losing anything or anyone else again."

     Logan and Warren sat and waited. The hours seemed to slowly slide along. The sun started to shine through the windows. It was daybreak. Just then Jean and the Professor Xavier came out of the Medical Bay.

      "Seth's condition is now under control. He should be up and moving in no time" replied Professor Xavier.

      "What's happening to him?" asked Logan.

      "Seth's reaction to Mystique's blood is giving the boy amazing powers. The only problem is, his body cannot keep up. When Seth uses his powers, all of his energy, his very life force is drained" said Jean in a tired voice.

      "We have given Seth the proper treatment, and in time his body should be able to handle using all of his gifts without passing out" replied the Professor.

     Logan spent the rest of the day by Seth's side. Finally around 7:00p.m. Seth woke up to find a sleeping Logan in a chair beside his bed. Seth crawled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Seth returned and set in Logan's lap immediately waking him up.

      "Hey babe, feeling better?" asked a tired Logan.

      "I'm better now... now that I'm with you" replied Seth.

     Seth kissed Logan hard. Their toungues exploring each other's mouth. Seth pulled away, both men gasping for air. Then they kissed again, Logan holding Seth tightly in his arms.

      "I feel so safe when I'm with you Logan" said Seth.

      "Then your gonna feel safe forever bub" replied Logan as he kissed Seth's neck.

     Logan held Seth in his arms, kissing and playing with his neck. Then Seth let out a small weeping sound and a tear rolled down his face.

      "Hey what's wrong?" asked Logan in a worried voice.

      "I don't know what's wrong with me Logan. I cannot even use my powers without needing a day or two in the medical wing" replied Seth.

     More tears rolled down Seth's face. Logan clinged to Seth even tighter. He hated to see Seth cry.

      "Baby, listen it's going to be alright. The Professor and Jean are working on the problem. Your going to be fine. Please baby don't cry, I hate to see such a pretty face like your to be stained with tears.

     Seth wiped the tears away from his face and looked into Logan's eyes. Logan pulled Seth closer to him and kissed him again which seemed to last forever.

      "Come on, the others will want to see that your doing okay" said Logan.

     Seth and Logan went to the fifth floor of the school. On this floor was the gym and everyone was inside training. Jean was throwing several disk like objects at Scott, and he was shooting lasers and blowing them up. Storm and Warren were high in the air going through the challenge course. The Professor was speaking with Hank, or better known as beast. As soon as the two were inside, it seemed everyone knew they were there.

      "Ah Seth, it's good to see you are up again. Care to join us in training? Our next mission is in 1 day" asked the Professor.

     Logan gripped Seth's shoulder. Logan really wasn't sure if Seth should train in his condition, but he let him go on anyway.

      "Sure Professor Xavier" replied Seth.

     Everyone lined up against the wall except Seth. Since Seth was still training to be an X-Men, so of course he had the hardest training sessions.

      "Ok, so who goes first?" asked Seth.

      I believe I will" said Warren.

     Seth smiled at this. The rest of the team backed in the corner and took a seat. Seth went to one side of the room, and Warren went to the other side. Warren spread out his full, ivory wings and leaped into the air. Shocking everyone but himself by this move. He charged at Seth with his fists out. Warren was mere seconds away from Seth, but Seth was ready. While Warren was showing off, Seth had created a energy wall and before Warren knew it he had crashed right into it landing on his back.

      "All powers aside, let's just do combat" suggested Seth.

     Warren jumped up and got in fighting stance, so did Seth. Warren ran towards Seth, but Seth was ready. Quickly turning and exposing his back, Seth did a hind kick resulting in flooring Warren yet again. Warren got back up and flew into high into the air, he traveled down towards the ground so fast that Seth couldn't move. This time Warren floored Seth and was pinned to the gym floor.

      "Kinda reminds you of gym class right Seth?" said Warren in a jokin tone.

     That was it. Seth rolled over and shoved Warren off of him. Then using his mind, Seth flew Warren across the gym. Warren smacked into the wall and fell on the floor.

      "Not really, I mainly skipped gym" replied Seth.

     This time Scott walked up to challenge Seth. Before they could start, the Professor stopped them.

      "I have just got word of a Sentinel attack in Washington. I want the entire team to go there now and stop them. We also need to see if the Sentinel factory is there or not. We must put a stop to these machines at once" stated the Professor.

     The entire X-Men team was to meet in the shuttle bay as soon as we had changed. As everyone was changing, I was going through all of the clothes trying to fine an uniform that looked good on me. Leather, spandex, all sorts of stuff. After finding nothing suitable, I went up to my room and went through my closet. Screw uniforms. I changed into a surfer tee and a pair of shorts and I grabbed a pair of shoes and ran towards the shuttle bay. When I got there, I met Logan getting ready to board the ship.

      "Nice uniform" Logan said.

      "Bite me" Seth replied with a smirk.

      "Where?" asked Logan with a smile.

     Seth pulled Logan behind the large staircase leading into the ship. Seth immediately kissed Logan, shoving his tougue in Logan's mouth pushing a moan from Logan.

      "I love you Logan" said Seth in a very serious tone.

     Logan pulled Seth close to him and wrapped his arms around Seth's body. Logan placed his head on top of Seth's.

      "Come on, let's get going" replied Logan.

     After taking their seats on board, Scott soon started the ship and took off towards Washington. After an hour or of flying, Seth woke up. Storm was curled up in her chair sleeping as well. Jean was really engrossed in a book, and Scott was busy flying the ship. Seth looked out the window and saw Warren flying high in the sky. This brought a smile to Seth's lips. Seth looked to his right and saw Logan sleeping on his shoulder. Seth closed his eyes and fell back to sleep. Scott was monitoring some equipment. They had to be at least a few miles away from where the Sentinel sightings were. Scott brought the jet down closer to take a good luck. As if by clockwork, the jet jumped highly into the air. Loud crashing sounds were heard by everyone. The entire team was up in no time, trying to find out what was going on.

      "We're being attacked by Sentinels!" said Scott in a high tone.

      "No shit" replied Seth in a nervous voice.

     Huge blasts of light started hitting the jet. Seth looked out the window and saw several Sentinels shooting at the jet from the ground. Warren was flying around trying to distract them, but it wasn't working. Another wave of blasts hit the jet again, this time the jet started to fall out of the sky.

      "The boosters are down, We're gonna crash if they cannot come back online" yelled Scott.

     Seth ran and grabbed Jean's hand and shimmered off the jet. The two reappeared miles away on the ground. Jean and Seth could see the jet smoking and falling fast towards the ground. Seth threw up his hands and focused out all of his energy towards the jet. It was so close now, but Seth was slowing down the ship. Seth started to bring the ship down, but he was too tired. He focused more and kept bringing the ship down to safety. Just then a small pack of Sentinels came from the woods and took fire upon Seth and Jean. But Jean was ready, she made a energy wall and blocked their attacks. Seth finally had the ship close enough to the ground, but his head was hurting so bad now and blood was running down his face from his nose. Seth dropped the ship to the ground and blacked out.

     The entire X-Men team ran from the jet and started attacking the Sentinels. Storm and Warren were flying high in the sky blasting and crushing every Sentinel they could find. Logan was holding Seth trying to wake him up. Jean and Scott were working together trying to destroy all the remaining Sentinels. After what seemed like hours of fighting, all of the Sentinels were destroyed as well as the jet. Smoke and fire and thousands of robot material were visible all over the forest. Logan wiped the blood off of Seth's face and continued to try and wake him up. All of the X-Men were gathered around Seth and Logan hopeing and praying that Seth would wake up.

      "He's barely got a pulse. Bringing the jet down slowly has drained all of his body's resources. He needs medical attention" said Jean in a worried voice

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