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     A few days later, Seth woke up in the familiar Medical bay that he had spent so many nights before. Seth didn't remember too much of what happened after he had landed the jet safely. He had blacked out again. Seth was starting to feel really bad now. He could hardly use his powers without waking up days later in the hospital. Surely there were other X-Men and mutants in the world who had draining powers as well, but they didn't have to be in and out of hospitals all the time to did they?

     Seth was tired of passing out. How could he be of any use to the team if he was out for days on end. Seth got out of bed and walked to the windows over looking the main courtyard. Nightime. Figures. Seth thought to himself. Seth left the Medical bay, he just couldn't stand being there anymore. The school was dark as night, the moonlight was the only source of light down the long hallways. Seth kept walking, tears were dropping down his face now. Seth felt so weak, so pathetic. Seth got on the elevator and rode to the roof. He had been there before, sometimes to train with Warren. The roof was a good take off when you were trying to fly miles up in the sky. Seth went to the ledge of the roof and took a seat. His eyes were red and puffy, the result of hard tears. Seth felt hollow inside, he felt something draining him. It felt like there may not be much more of Seth to drain away.

     As Seth cried, a figure transported behind him. Seth felt the other presence. Seth turned around to see the figure belonged to Mystique. She stood there perfectly still, not saying anything. Her face totally devoid of emotion.

     Jean and Storm walked outside the on the grounds. It was late, but the entire team was busy trying to find a cure for Seth. The professor seemed to be the one with the most work. He worked hard trying to help Seth. Over time Seth may be able to overcome the draining effects of his powers, but the Professor could feel how much strain and stress this was causing Seth. In the end, Seth may do something stupid. The Professor was going to stop that at any cost. Storm and Jean took a seat on a nearby bench and kept chatting.

      "Do you think he will be okay?" asked Storm.

      "I hope so. The Professor has been working for days on some formula that may be able to help Seth's body cope with the changes" replied Jean as she fought back a yawn.

      "Perhaps all the research we have been doing will help" said Storm.

     Meanwhile, back on the rooftop. Mystique still hadn't made her move, but Seth was filling up with rage.

      "You did this to me. Your the one who has made my life a living hell these last couple of weeks" said Seth through clenched teeth.

      "Magneto hoped that the effects of using your powers would kill you first, instead you seem to have nine lives. Now's it time to finish the job" replied Mystique.

     Mystique jumped forward towards Seth and landed on top of Seth. She punched Seth hard in the face. Seth brought his knees to his chest and using his feet shoved Mystique off of him. Seth jumped up back on his feet and got in fighting stance. He wasn't going to loose to Mystique. Seth thought of fire and flames started appearing from his tightened fist. He shot them out towards Mystique but using another one of her gifts. Mystique jumped into the shadows and disappeared.

      "Oh come the fuck on! I know your not scared of me, where the fuck did you go?" yelled Seth.

     Silence. Seth kept himself alert, prepared for anything. Mystique was still around. He couldn't sense her, but he knew Mystique wasn't done with him. Seth walked slowly around the rooftop, expecting her to make her move.

      "Seth!" said Jean.

      "He's up on the roof, but who's he fighting with?" asked a worried Storm.

      "I'll alert the others, you fly up there and see what's going on" replied Jean as she rushed off inside.

     Jean ran up towards the Professor's office. He was still working, but she ran inside.

      "Professor, I think someone is attacking Seth!" said Jean in a nervous tone.

      Where is he now?" asked the Professor.

      "On the rooftop" replied Jean.

     (X-Men report to the rooftop immediately. We have a situation) said the Professor in thought. Immediately, all of the X-men were up running out of their rooms. Warren opened his windows in his room and flew out towards the rooftop. Logan almost ripped his door off as he ran up the stairs. Scott followed behind Logan up the long staircases. Back on the rooftop, Seth was still looking for Mystique. He knew she was there, and he wasn't going to give her the chance to kill him. If he was going down, he was going down with a fight. Just then Warren flew up and landed on the roof.

      "Warren get outta here. This is my fight here. I don't want you to get hurt!" Seth said.

      "Seth, what's wrong? What's going on?" asked Warren.

     Before Seth could answer, Mystique came out from the shadows and held her arm up in the air. Her arm morphed into a large club-like shape and it came down towards Warren's head. Warren fell to the ground. He was out cold. Mystique jumped back into the shadows and was gone again.

      "Damn you bitch! I'm gonna kill you!" yelled Seth as Logan and Scott came up on the roof from the stairway entrance.

     Scott ran up to Warren and checked his vitals. There was slight blood coming from the impact wound, but Warren would be okay. Logan walked up to Seth. Tears of pure anger started building in Seth's eyes.

      "She did this to me Logan. Thanks to her, I could die whenever I use my powers" Seth said as tears started streaming down his face.

     Storm hadn't flown up to the roof yet. She was busy looking for anyone leaving the compound by foot. The Professor and Jean joined her outside.

     Seth walked to the ledge of the building looking down, tears ran down his face. Jean and Professor Xavier could sense Seth's pain. Storm turned her head away. She had been down the road that Seth was down now. Logan walked up behind Seth and put his hand on Seth's shoulder. Seth didn't want to die, he was so young. He was filled with so much pain and so many emotions. He just couldn't keep it in any longer. Seth's eyes stinged really bad as the hot tears ran down his face. Logan didn't say anything, he wasn't good at this emotion thing. Logan barely cried, Logan just shoved all of his emotions deep inside of himself and never expressed them. Logan didn't know what to say to ease the pain Seth was feeling. So he didn't say nothing at all. Just then Logan was shoved backwards and crashed into Scott and Warren. It was Mystique, she had reappeared from the shadows and grabbed Seth from behind in a chokehold.

      "Let him go you blue bitch" said Logan as he extended his claws.

      "I have to complete my mission, or he'll kill her" replied Mystique with a cold look on her face.

      "Kill her? What are talking about Mystique?" asked Scott.

     Mystique dragged Seth to the very end of the rooftop. Her grip even tighter around Seth's neck. A scream escaped Jean's mouth. Storm was about to leap and fly into the air before the Professor stopped her.

      "No Storm! We cannot risk Seth's safety" said the Professor.

      "End my pain. Please do it" replied Seth as tears ran down his face.

     Seth made no attempt to try and fight. What was the point, if Mystique didn't kill him, over using his powers would. The Professor went into Mystique's mind. Mystique knew that he was there inside her mind. (I know your here Xavier. The Formula codes are on your desk. Please heal him. It's all my fault, but he'll kill her if I don't do it) said Mystique in thought. Mystique lifted her hand up and formed a small spike. Logan tried to get up but Scott held him back.

      "Please forgive me" Mystique said as a teardrop slide down her face.

     With that, Mystique drove the spike into Seth's side causing Seth to scream out in pain. Blood started pumping out from the wound as Mystique pulled the spike out. She let go of Seth and Seth fell off towards the ground. Jean lifted her hands and caught Seth's body and lowered him to the ground and rushed to him to help. Mystique turned around and looked at Scott and the others. Tears were running down her face as her hand returned to normal. She said nothing as she stepped onto the ledge of the rooftop. With a final look, she jumped off and fell to the ground instantly killed.

      "Jean take him to the M Bay. Storm go to my office and look for a folder on my desk. It should be the only one there" replied the Professor as he went inside.

     Hours later, Seth was back in the same bed. Everyone had done their best to help Seth. But he was loosing too much blood. Jean and Storm were monitoring Seth. The Professor was back in his office going over the notes that Mystique had left him. Logan and Scott were in the gym, burning off excess rage. Scott was lost in thought as he ran on the treadmill. Logan was tearing up a punching bag with his bare hands. Warren was resting in the hospital too. Jean went to Seth's side and put a new bag of plasma to Seth's IV. Jean hated to see Seth like this. He was far too young to be going through all of this. Jean walked back and sit beside Storm at the desk. Both of them were dead tired. Seth laid on the bed out cold. As usual. As Seth slept, a bright blue light swirled beside his bed. When the light went away, Paige and Alex stood there. Jean and Storm rushed towards Alex and Paige, but Alex was prepared. Reaching his hand into his pocket and pulled out a green powder. Alex blew the powder towards Storm and Jean and both of them collapsed.

      "Come on Paige. The Elders said he's one of your charges, so heal him already" Alex said.

      "Ok, hold on. It's not like I heal people all the damn time" replied Paige.

     Paige held her hands over the wound. The bandages were soaked in blood. A golden light came from her hands and went to Seth's wound. Immediately, the blood started going back into the wound and closed up. A rush of color returned to Seth's body, and Seth opened his eyes.

      "What's going on?" asked Seth still halfway awake.

      "Just take it easy" replied Paige.

      "You'll be better now Seth" Alex said.

      "Alex, we need to get going. I don't want to explain ourselves. We are to make ourselves known to Seth only, not everyone else" Paige said.

      "Ok. Well, We'll see you later Seth. Feel better" replied Alex as he bent down and kissed Seth's forehead and they immediately orbed out.

     The next morning Seth got all of his things and went back to his room. Seth took a shower and changed clothes. He walked out into the hallway and found Logan at his doorway. Seth placed his head on Logan's chest. Seth took a deep sigh, he hoped things would turn out normal now.

      "Hey" Seth said.

      "How are ya kid?" Logan asked.

      "I'm okay, just a little tired" said Seth as Logan put his arms around him.

      "I hope your not to tired" replied Logan with a smile on his face.

      "Ohh, I could never be that tired" Seth said as Logan pulled him into his room.

     Logan practically threw Seth on the bed. Both men were in a frenzy, both kissing hard as Logan pulled off Seth's shirt and started kissing down Seth's neck and stopped at one of Seth's nipples. Logan ran his tongue over the nipple, then he slightly bit down causing a loud moan to escape Seth's lips. Logan stopped and stood up and started to undress at a fast pace. Logan peeled off his dark grey wife beater and threw it aside. Next were his pants, as he undid the belt and allowed them to drop to the floor. Logan stepped out of his pants and now was only wearing a pair of white socks and grey boxers. Seth got up and hooked a finger behind the waist band of the boxers. Logan placed both of his hands on Seth's face and gave him another long kiss. Seth pushed his tongue inside Logan's mouth and Logan gave a slight bite causing another moan from Seth. Seth broke the kiss and dropped to his knees. He pulled the boxers all the way down as Logan's cock sprang free. Seth's brought Logan's tool to his eager mouth and started sucking. Seth ran his tongue over the slit tasting Logan's precum. Seth relaxed his throat and took all of Logan's hard cock down his throat. Logan was moaning and gasping as Seth did this. Seth started moving his head up and down while his talented hands started grasping Logan's hairy balls. Seth rubbed them between his hands sending jolts of pleasure all over Logan's body. Seth felt Logan's ball tighten up, he knew Logan was close but he kept working. Logan pulled his dripping cock from Seth's mouth.

      "Kinda close there" replied Logan as his hands went to Seth's pants and pulled them down.

     Now Seth was standing there completely naked, his hard cock almost reaching his belly button. Logan led Seth to the bed and laid Seth down on his stomach. Logan reached into his night stand and brought out a condom and a small bottle of lube. Logan got down between Seth's legs and spreaded Seth's ass cheeks. Logan ran his tongue slightly around Seth's hot hole. Seth shuttered when Logan did this. Logan tasted Seth, the light taste of soap and sweat were Logan's reward as he stabbed his tongue into Seth's tight hole. Seth started thrashing underneath Logan as Logan kept licking and tasting Seth's most darkest area. Logan slight stubble on his face adding to the affect. This was driving Seth crazy, his hard cock was now dripping large amounts of precum. Logan stopped the attack on Seth's ass long enough to place a condom over his long cock. Logan took some lube and rubbed over his hot tool, then took some more and lubed his fingers really well. Logan applied a finger to Seth's awaiting hole. Seth moaned out with pleasure as Logan started moving his fingers in and out of Seth's anus. Slowly, Seth's hole stretched and Logan knew he was ready. Logan placed his legs between Seth's and with one hand on Seth's side, slowly he entered into Seth's greedy hole. Seth cried out in the mix of pain and pleasure as Logan eased himself in. Finally Logan was all the way inside. Seth could feel Logan's big balls on his ass. Slowly, Logan started moving in and out. Seth grabbed the bottle of lube and applied some to his hand and started stroking his cock. Logan was pumping hard now, grunting and sweating. Logan was hitting Seth's prostrate head on, and it was driving Seth over the edge. Logan's cock was perfect for fucking. His cock had a nice mushroom head, long and wide with veins all over. Seth was so close to cumming. Sweat was coming off of Logan's chest and running down onto Seth's back. Both men were sweaty as hell, but they didn't care. Logan kept pumping his hard cock deep into Seth. Seth was so close to cumming, he could feel it as his balls tightened up. His cock was making releasing more and more precum. Seth started stroking his cock even faster, as he pushed back hard on Logan's cock causing Logan's tool to go even deeper into Seth. That did it. Seth started shooting cumming, jets of hot, pearly cum started splashing down upon the sheets. As Seth was cumming, his hole tightened around Logan's cock and that was it for Logan. Logan grabbed a fist full of Seth's hair and growled loudly as he started cumming deep inside Seth. Seth was panting hard now, cum was still shooting out of his cock. He felt like he might have a second orgasm as Logan came. Logan was cumming so hard and so much that the condom couldn't hold it all. The condom busted open and cum flooded deep inside Seth's ass. This sent Seth over the edge again as he started shooting more cum onto the sheets. Logan collapsed on top of Seth and the two went crashing down upon the bed. Both covered in sweat and cum. Logan started kissing Seth's neck, followed by a quick bite that caused Seth to moan.

     Logan kissed the spot he had just bitten, and slowly pulled his softening cock from within Seth and stood up and pulled off the broken condom and threw it away. Logan took Seth by the hand and led him into a hot shower. The water felt good running down their skin. Logan held Seth as the watered streamed down upon them. Once they were done, both men got out from the shower and dried off. Logan leg Seth back into the bedroom and pulled the top blanket off the bed discarding it into a corner. They crawled under the sheets and fell asleep as Logan held Seth tightly. Both men spent after a hot morning of sex.

     Later that afternoon, Seth and Logan were awaken by a loud knock at the door. Logan gave some insightful words on the subject as Seth dragged outta bed and slipped into his tee and shorts. Seth slowly walked to the door as the knocking got louder. Seth opened the door to see Scott on the other side.

      "Huh?" asked Seth trying to fully wake up.

      "Uhh.. Uh. Team meeting. Professor's office in thirty minutes" Scott said stuttering as he say behind Seth a stark naked Logan.

     Seth took a look behind him and a large smile ripped across his face.

      "Alrighty then" said Seth trying to fight back the laughs as Scott took off down the hall.

      "I think he's either jealous, or ashamed" replied Seth as Logan took Seth for a kiss.

     After changing and some more making out, Logan and Seth headed towards the Professor's office. Once inside, they found the entire team sitting and chatting. They took their seats and Seth mumbled something into Logan's ear.

      "We have got to start getting here early" replied Seth as a slight grin went across Logan's face.

      "Settle down" replied the Professor, "Now on to business. Seth, after several long hours of work we are now happy to announce that we have found a cure for the side- affects of your powers."

      "Oh my god. You have!?" Seth said in a excited voice.

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