HARCORE X-MEN by Paul Morrisson

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This story will involve sexual relationships between adult males. If you are underage and find homosexual actions disgusting, get the F**K off of Nifty, otherwise, enjoy

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Chapter 1 : Activation

i was in the college hallway talking to my friends, when it happened. I had been in since 8 that morning studying away for my upcoming exam. I had had a migraine all morning and no matter how may pills i took, i still couldn't get rid of it. it was really making me testy. So anyway, i was with my friends in the hallway talking about the exam we had just finished, halfway through the chatter, my headache worsened. I grabbed my head when the pain became too much. I screamed, "ARRRAGH" my friends were looking at me, "Are you ok Scott" i couldn't hear them properly, all i could hear was mumbles. The pain in my head was too much, it was so unbelievably sore.


I let go of my head and looked at everyone, they were all backing away from me. I just looked at them, "What's wrong with his eyes" someone said. I of course couldn't tell what was wrong with them

"He's a fucking mutant" a girl screamed. All i could remember was everyone scurrying away, even my friends, i thought i could hear the entire building emptying, everyone in the classes were running out of them and out the corridor doors. My headache once again became too much for me and i let out another screem, this time though, something happened. I could feel this energy coming from somewhere inside me, it felt amazing, next thing i know all the windows in the hallway exploded and i was looking down at the floor from the ceiling. What the hell is going on?? i thought. Suddenly the doors at the end of the corridor flew open, i fell down form the ceiling and landed on my ass;

"You must be Scott" said a woman who was bright blue and had the most piercing yellow eyes; she had a voice that sounded distorted, these traits combined made her terrifying.

I gulped when i saw her. Beside her came another even more frightening looking man. This guy must have been about a ton in weight alone and he was very tall with a bald head. "Yo, he the guy we're looking for Mystique" he said in a slightly dumb way

"Yes idiot, he is"

The two came walking down the corridor towards me, "You'll be coming with us. Our boss wishes for you to join us" she said calmly

I was absolutely terrified by the two of them. When they finally reached me, the big guy lifted me up by the scruff of the neck and looked directly at me,

"You sure this guy. He don't look that great to me"

"Yes, now put him down you great buffoon" she said

He dropped me to the floor upon her command. I felt a little draft, and i was beginning to go cold, something wasn't right, i could feel it. Mystique too knew something was wrong she kept looking about her. The sky outside began to go very dark with clouds,

"BLOB, get him outta here" she said in her cold distorted calm voice.

He once again picked me up and carried me to the end of the corridor; i was still too scared to do anything so i just let him carry me. Then in the space where the doors should have been, a woman with shock white hair appeared floating, her hair, billowing out in all directions and her eyes like her hair were pure white, she was at first glance even more terrifying than the blue woman now known as mystique and the fat guy known as blob. The floating woman threw out her hand in front of her and a bolt of lightning came shooting from it, hitting blob square on the chest, he dropped me and i ran out the way. Mystique came flipping down the hall at tremendous speed; she jumped and hit the other woman with a force that knocked her down the hallway. From where i was crouching, i saw the another man appear, he was stunning, even though he had on this dorky looking visor thing, another woman also appeared. She had pure red hair, like fire.

"Mystique" she said calmly.

Mystique just smiled at her. The gorgeous man touched the side of his head; suddenly a pure red beam launched out of the place his eyes should have been. It hit blob once again, he flinched a little, he then ran down the hall. The entire building was shaking, i began to panic, the woman with the white hair was now floating again, and the woman with the red hair began to float beside her, blob continued to run down the hall, just before he reached the man, a huge shield of pure purple appeared in front of him, blocking him from attacking.

"BLOB, GET THE KID, HURRY" shouted mystique

Blob came running back at me, my panic worsened, the next thing i know, the entire side of the corridor was gone, blob and mystique were both floating in front of me, and they both looked like they were in pain. I squinted at them, then they were out the building and off across the horizon, like the way you see it in cartoons, when the baddies are defeated, they always go over the horizon. I felt very tired and then everything went black....

When i woke up, i was lying on a very cold surface. i opened my eyes and the first thing i saw was the woman with the red hair smiling at me,

"How are you feeling honey?"

"Fine I think. Erm, where am i, and who are you" i asked weakly

"My name is Dr. Jean Grey. You are in Westchester, New York. We brought you hear after mystique attacked you"

The doors opposite me opened and a bald man in a wheelchair came in. He smiled at me,

"How are you feeling?" he asked

"Fine... tired"

"My name is Professor Charles Xavier. Jean, Scott and Aurora brought you hear for medical treatment"

"I know... jean told me"

"Good. Now i would like to discuss something with you... but only if you are feeling up to it, would that be okay?" he asked


"the people who attacked you were two powerful mutants. They both follow a very powerful mutant named Magneto or Eric Lensherr. For some reason they were both after you to take you to him, my guess is its because of your abilities..."

"Professor, i don't know what my abilities are; it's the first time they even appeared."

"From what i can gather, your powers are similar to jeans. You have a very powerful form of Telekinesis. Unlike jean however, you do not have any telepathic power. You are also not as powerful as jean, so i don't understand why he would want you....hmm. but more of that later, for now, i want you to rest. Gain back your strength, and tomorrow, we discuss your future." He said and then he was out the door.

"The professor is a very nice man. He cares deeply for all mutants, even those who don't deserve it" said Jean with a manner of respect.

I just nodded and then i was out like a light,

"Don't worry Scott.... you'll be safe here" said jean and then she was out the door.

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