Harry Potter and the Magic Mirror - Part 3


Harry Potter and the Magic Mirror - Part 3
by Darlock

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That same evening Harry figured out which kind of camera he wanted to buy and sent an owl the next day. He had plenty of galleons in the bank and figured he'd spent very little of the fortune his parents left him and that meant he was entitled to splurge a bit. He bought one of the better cameras that was able to use the widest variety of light available and take nice long clips. He got it a few days after that fun evening with Colin. They took it around the grounds that afternoon and he showed Harry how to use it. Colin really did have an eye for this, showing Harry how to frame shots and take into account aspects like patterns, texture, centers of interest, balance between light and dark. They got a lot of good shots around the school of the structure itself, students milling about, the lake, Hagrid's hut, all kinds of things. Harry developed these and started to create an album of his own.

Armed with his new knowledge of photography he also wanted to start a private album like Colin had. But when he would try to cozy up to Colin, by pressing himself up against him during the lessons, he never felt any reciprocation. So he decided not to push him into anything. Besides, there was going to be a good opportunity tomorrow: it was Saturday, and that meant quidditch practice. Harry had cooked up a plan that he hoped would come together in way to allow him to start on that album for wanking.

The next day Harry showed up to the locker rooms a bit early and stashed his invisibility cloak and his new camera in his locker once he was done changing. He was already on his broom doing a warm up when the rest of the team filed out on to the pitch a few minutes later. "Harry! Here early I see. Good one mate" said Oliver, with an approving look. The look soon vanished as he went into 'captain mode' and drilled the team as hard as ever.

Three hours later they called it quits and headed back to the locker room. Since Harry, Oliver, and the Weasley twins were the only male members of the team they had the locker room and showers to themselves. They chatted a bit about what had happened out on the pitch and few strategies for how to improve.

After a few minutes, Fred, still slick with soap and standing under the shower said "George. I've got this huge knot in my back next to my shoulder blade. Can you get it?" indicating his right side. He put both palms against the wall, arms out straight, and leaned against them slightly. If Harry wasn't mistaken, he also saw him suggestively push his ass out, oh so slightly.

"Sure Fred" he replied walking up behind his brother and standing VERY close. Harry notice that George's cock was hanging less than an inch away from his brother's bum. Using the soap still on his hands he began massaging the spot indicated.

"Blimey! Yea... that's it. Oh, Merlin! Right there." If Harry wasn't mistaken, he detected a slight hint of sexual innuendo in that voice and he seemed to be projecting it over at Oliver. He chanced a look over and saw leaning against the wall, seemingly lost in his shower, but his head was not quite under the stream which meant that he heard the exchange. But Oliver seemed to be oblivious to Fred's insinuative moans, or at least pretending too be, and had aimed his body so that it faced perfectly away from what the twins were doing. 'Hmmm' though Harry. He figured that this would be the best time to make his exit if his suspicions were true.

Harry turned off his shower head saying, "OK, well, I better get back. I have some assignments due on Monday and Hermione will be on me if I don't make progress. See you guys later." He went over to his locker and got changed just out of view of the showers. He wrapped the camera and his wand in the invisibility cloak so that no one would see them in his hands and moved towards the door. He rounded the corner to exit but, instead, opened the door and then pulled it closed again from the inside. He did this loudly so that they would be able to hear the door close over the showers and assume he'd left. He put his cloak on, clutching his camera and wand and crept back around the corner.

It occurred to him that he could just stand there under the cloak. But he didn't want to risk exposure and he needed to be unencumbered to take good shots with the camera. That meant he needed to get back behind the mirror, and without them seeing. The showers were still going full blast making lots of noise and billowing out steam. So that provided him a bit of cover as he quietly cast 'Alohamora' toward the mirror. It shifted only slightly as it unlocked and that didn't catch anyone's eyes since there weren't facing in the right direction. However, he knew that opening the mirror enough for him to slip behind it might draw attention. So we waved his wand and caused one of the bars of soap to fall to the floor loudly. When his teammate's attention moved towards the sound he slipped behind the mirror and pulled it shut behind him facing outwards so he could see the guys at their showers. He held his breath for a moment to see if they turned. But no none noticed. Phew!

Harry took off his the cloak, and (what the hell) his own clothes. He was already headed towards full mast with just the little he'd seen and heard. He got the camera ready so that he could get a few good nude shots of Fred, George, and Oliver. All three of them were so cute that he could imaging wanking off to their nude forms many, many, times before he got tired. Interestingly, George was still rubbing Fred's back, and they both kept glancing over at Oliver, trying to catch his eye. Every now and again they'd look at each other and smirk, a mischievous grin on their twin faces.

Finally, Oliver turned. "I suppose he's gone." They nodded, the grins not leaving their faces.

"Merlin! What were you two thinking? We don't even know if Harry's gay or not. Let alone whether he'd be into any one of us, let alone the three of us as once."

"Maybe" said Fred. "But come on Oliver. The three of us have been screwing for years. And we've been talking about how cute Harry is and how much we want to mess around with him since last year. We agreed to wait until his second year. Well... it's been a few weeks already!"

"I know. I'm just as keen to make this threesome a foursome as you guys are. But I told you I'd make the first move" Oliver said, turning off the water and walking around out of the showers and over to his locker.

Harry was stunned. He'd realized a while ago that he had the hots for all three of them. But he never in his life dreamed that all three of them might be gay. Never mind the implication of polyamorous relationship (if that was the right word). This opened up all kinds of new possibilities in his mind. But he couldn't let this distract him just now. He very much wanted some souvenirs of this evening so Harry kept his mind on his camera work. He took another shot of the twins who were now both sporting very strong hard-ons. As expected they were identical in the size department: both about 5 inches with somewhat sparse but fiery colored pubic bushes. As Harry brought the camera back away from his eyes after snapping the shot, he continued to marvel about just how identical they both were.

Knowing he was still within earshot Fred said "OK Oliver. Sorry. Didn't mean to take over your, oh so royal highness' role as Wanker in Chief." He and George both laughed. Their laugh softened a bit when Oliver reappeared a moment later, still naked, but armed with his wand.

"That was a naughty thing you guys did. I'm going to have to punish you for it" Oliver said, a sensual playfulness in his voice. Since the twins and Oliver had been lovers for a while now, they immediately recognized the role play that he was starting.

"Oh, really?! And just what are you going to do about..."

"Fama Aquilae" said Oliver, flourishing his wand in a precise pattern as he did so. The laughing stopped as Fred was pushed back and pinned against the wall, his back to it. Arms and legs shot away from his torso as well. He was stuck there, frozen, in a spread eagle position. Oliver quickly cast the same spell on his George and he found himself in the same predicament as his brother; his mid-section just a few inches away from Fred's, arms and legs out. Together they looked like two capital X'es overlapping.

"What the hell?!" they both cried in unison as they struggled against the bonds. Their heads moved around as they looked at their limbs. They had a bit of movement in their knees and elbows, but within a few seconds it was clear that they weren't going anywhere.

Oliver put his wand down and walked over to them. "I need to teach you both a lesson. This new spell I learned ought to help nicely with that. Don't worry, something tells me you're enjoy this" he said. "Unlike a petrification spell, you haven't lost any of your five senses. You are stuck to the wall by your wrists, ankles, and the base of your back. It's basically like being in manacles, but without the bother or discomfort of leather or metal restraints. Perfect for what I have in mind."

He walked over to Fred and slowly started stroking his cock. Fred moaned. "See?" he smirked. Fred's cock, which had deflated a bit, was now re-hardening rapidly. Oliver grabbed George's cock with his other hand and gave him the same treatment, wanking the twins cocks with the same rhythm, rubbing their mushroom heads with his thumbs. This was made all the easier by the fact that their bodies were still soapy and covered in water from the steam in the showers.

Contrary to popular belief around school, the twins were not always together every waking minute. And Oliver could also personally attest, not every sleeping minute either. Sometimes he had sex with just Fred or George. But his arousal and pleasure was amplified several fold when he had them both together. Today was no exception and it the fun was only heightened when he could role play. He intended to make full use of the wonderful options that these situations offered.

As Oliver stroked both of the twins Harry could hear everything that was being said and done. The low moans of the identical gingers; the fwap fwap fawp sound being made by Oliver's hand as it stroked their cocks; the kissing noises made as Oliver leaned in periodically to make out with one or the other; everything. Despite a hard on that was so strong Harry thought it would burst, the left it alone. He knew that, even though we could recover from an orgasm pretty quickly, it wouldn't be quickly enough to guarantee that we wouldn't miss any of what happened. And he wanted to record ALL of it! He already regretted not having been able to capture Malfoy's hazing. He sure as hell wasn't going to miss another such wonderful opportunity. As the scene unfolded, just a few feet from him on the other side of the mirror, he continued to snap away. He was now extra glad he's spent the money on a high capacity camera. Last thing he would want would be to run out of "film."

He watched, and snapped away, as Oliver stroked them for another minute but then stopped abruptly. The twins gave out disappointed moans in unison. He waited a moment, grabbed his wand, and cast a lubrication charm on each of them. Then he started stroking them again. He did this for a minute then would stop for about 10 seconds. This pattern repeated several times. Oliver could tell how close they were getting by how they moaned and he used that to time his pauses. They would look over at him with longing, and at each other, seeing the shared frustration mirrored in their twin faces. But there was something else too... LUST. They were both incredibly aroused by what was being done to them. And not only that. It was somehow made better by the fact that they were together, experiencing it at the same time.

After the fifth round of stroke and pause, Oliver got down on his knees and cast three more spells on each of the twins. The first was the lubrication spell, Harry recognized it, which he case on their holes. He did the same with a second spell, and this still a third at their cocks. This last turned the liquid on their cocks red. While only this last seemed to have an outward effect, there must have been something else as both of them squirmed a bit just after he cast them.

As if reading their minds, Oliver said "I bet you're wondering what those were. Well... the first made you're assholes tingle a bit right?" They nodded. "That's a very specialized cleaning spell. It makes your ass perfectly pristine on the outside and goes a good way up inside. You're now as clean there as if you'd diligently scrubbed them and sterilized them as well. That means there's no possibility of... unpleasant flavors. The second you probably recognized as a lubrication spell. I bet you can imagine what THAT'S for." He smiled a mischievous grin. "And the third was really for me. That made the lube on your cocks taste like raspberry... my favorite flavor." No sooner had he said this then we went down on Fred, sucking his cock greedily and rubbing his tongue all over his shaft.

"Oh Fuck!" cried Fred. Oliver had really developed his oral skills over the years but it had been a very long time since he's sucked this hard on Fred's member. Oliver continued on with this for about 30 seconds and then stopped. Moving over towards George. He stopped just short of his mushroom, tongue out, looking up. George, who at first his thrown his head back in anticipation and closed his eyes, opened them and looked down at Oliver. His expression changed from bewilderment, at why he stopped, to one of longing as he was kept in suspense. That's what Oliver was waiting for. He wanted... no NEEDED... to know that his lover wanted this. He got off on seeing just how much George craved his ministrations. He smiled up at George and then gave him the same treatment his twin had gotten just a moment earlier.

George for his part, and Fred too, were happy to oblige with their moans and expressions. Indeed, they probably couldn't have prevented them even if they wanted to. Oliver was so gorgeous! Seeing their cocks being enveloped by his smiling lips was a sight to behold. It never, never, failed to keep them hard.

While Oliver's tongue worked on George, his left hand fingers walked their way up Fred's inner thighs. He fondled his sack for a moment and noted with satisfaction that it was already dawn up pretty tight. He was getting close! His fingers moved lower and further back to find, thanks to those earlier spells, his nicely clean and lubricated rosebud. He teased it for a moment and then pushed in his index finger when he felt Fred relax his sphincter.

"Oh... Oh... yes" Fred moaned as Oliver found that special spot inside. Oliver knew just what to do. All he had to do was curl his finger just... so... and "Umm!" he'd elicit that special moan he loved hearing.

While still sucking on George, and fingering Fred, his right hand started mirroring his left. He teased and then penetrated George's rosebud and found that exact same spot. When he found it an extra jolt of delicious precum shot out into Oliver's mouth. He relished the taste.

'Hmm... I wonder if it always does that' he thought to himself. He curled his finger, hit the spot, and simultaneously got another small shot of precum and another delightful moan. 'Yep! Oh... this will be fun.'

He backed of the now well lubricated, but still raspberry flavored, cock in front of him and moved over to Fred, giving him the same treatment. Rub that special spot inside... taste the wonderful precum... hear the moan the came with it. While sucking on Fred he began hitting both of their g-spots one after another.

Finger curl... Moan! Finger curl... identical moan from the other twin. He kept this up; curl... moan; curl... moan; curl... moan. Curled both middle fingers at the same time... and he got identical moans in stereo. He kept doing this over and over, switching off between them to lick up the precum dripping down their dicks, suck out whatever might still be inside, and swirl his tongue around the head. Lick... suck... swirl... switch... and repeat over and over.

He did this for what felt like an eternity for the twins. But Harry, still snapping pictures from behind the mirror, estimated that it was about five minutes. Oliver knew exactly what he was doing. He was deliberately building up to it, stimulating them tremendously and delaying their gratification because he knew this would make their balls churn up a huge load.

Finally, he felt they were ready for the final stroke. He took his mouth off George's cock but kept it open with his tongue out, looking up at George's face, now dripping with sweat and panting from massive amount of stimulation. Oliver inserted another finger and attacked his g-spot in earnest, loving the how much more the expression of lust on George's face intensified. It only took about 15 seconds for Oliver's efforts to be rewarded. George gave out an almighty moan and massive shots of cum came shooting out toward the right side of Oliver's face. The first went into his hair, the next three onto his cheek, some dripping down his chin and onto his chest. Oliver swallowed the other four, greedily drinking down the boy juice.

Oliver had stopped his teasing of Fred's g-spot while George went over the edge. But rather than start again, as Fred had expected, Oliver took his fingers out and stood up.

"What... What are you doing?" cried Fred, the desperation for climax evident in his voice.

Still standing right in front of George, Oliver turned to Fred, "I told you. I have to teach you a lesson. Sometimes sexual teasing can go too far. Can't it?" said Oliver.

"OK! I get it, please-"

"George" interrupted Oliver as he leaned forward. "You seem to have made bit of a mess. Do please clean it up." George took his meaning immediately. Since he still had full range of motion in his neck and his shoulders could come away from the wall a bit he leaned forward and proceeded to slowly lick his own cum off of Oliver's face. Oliver kept his head turned toward Fred, never breaking eye contact, the expression on this face showing just how much he was enjoying the feeling of George's tongue reclaiming his own load.

Oliver turned back towards George and began kissing him passionately, deliberately pulling his mouth back enough so that Fred could see their tongues intertwining.

"Fuck! I love the taste of you George" Oliver said, making sure it was loud enough so that Fred could hear it clearly.

"I love it too" George chuckled, "plus your mouth tastes a bit like raspberry from that spell. It's sooooo hot, tasting both that and my load when suck on your tongue." George was deliberately hamming it up to contribute to Fred's continuing sexual frustration.

"Fuck! Oliver! Please! PLEASE!" Fred whined.

Oliver broke his kiss and moved over to stand in front of Fred. "You promise to let me set the pace with Harry?" he asked.

"Yes... OK... blimey! I promise."

"Good then." Oliver wasted no time. He got back on his knees, but put two fingers inside Fred, and began sucking him in earnest.

It only took seconds.

Oliver, again, deliberately pulled off so that we could watch the load explode from the cock in front up him. He turned his head so that Fred's load would hit the other side of his face than his twin.

Fred outdid George slightly; eight shots instead of seven. As before, Oliver deliberately let of some of it splash on his cheek before we wrapped his lips around the spewing cock and greedily swallowed the rest of the load.

He waited a moment while Fred caught his breath then took out his fingers and stood up. "You know what to do" he said, and leaned in close.

Fred did know. He leaned forward and, just as his brother had done a moment earlier, he licked his cum from Oliver's face. But because he knew what was happening next, he (rightly) guessed what Oliver wanted and didn't swallow. As Fred finished and Oliver turned back and kissed him, he fed him some of the cum which he had pooled onto his tongue. Oliver tasted it immediately and moaned appreciatively as they made out, swapping the flavor back and forth between their mouths.

"Now, why don't you both show me that you've learned your lesson" said Oliver, continuing the role play. He waved his wand and the spell binding the twins to the wall dissipated. They found their footing and rubbed their wrists and ankles for a moment. But they were pleasantly surprised that there was no pain or discomfort anywhere on their bodies from the spell aside from a little bit of stiffness from being in the same position for a little while. They shared a look; a plan of action instantly forming between them without either uttering a word. Fred dropped to his knees and started licking Oliver's cock up and down. They'd both noticed the copious amounts of precum leaking from it while he'd been seeing to them and they didn't want any more of it wasted. They both loved the taste of Oliver as much has he loved the taste of them.

George had gone to his locker to fetch his own wand and returned just a few seconds later. He too dropped to his knees and cast spells identical to those cast on him a few minutes before: one to cleanse Oliver's ass, and two others so that his cock was similarly lubricated and flavored as the twins were.

Oliver was being treated to an amazing set of sensations and sights. There they were, twin gingers each going to work on him with their mouths, staring up at him with a smile as they did so. One was sucking his cock, the other licking his balls. Four hands were roaming all over his body as they kneeled there in front of him, tongues and mouths working their magic. This continued for the next several minutes and Oliver was starting to lose the ability to stand up-right. The twins sensed this though and had been slowly nudging him towards one of the wall of the shower room. He finally noticed this out of the corner of his eye and put his hand out to steady himself on the wall.

As soon as Fred saw that Oliver had moved to where they wanted him, he abandoned his position sucking on the delicious cock in front of him. This was both to give George a turn and also to move to step two of the plan. He moved around behind Oliver, still on his knees, and began rimming their team captain.

"Oh! Argh! Oh fuck!" Oliver exclaimed, brought to new heights of arousal by the now simultaneous blow job and rimming he was getting from the twins. They also reached out through his legs and took hold of the other's cock, slowly stroking it back to full hardness, making good use of the lubrication spell that was still active on both of them. Each was now building towards their second orgasm. They worked on Oliver just like that for a while: sucking, swirling, poking, prodding, and wanking.

After another few minutes, Oliver let loose with an intense and ecstatic moan in what was one of the most intense orgasms of his life (till that point at least). He looked down and saw George greedily swallow every last drop of it, smiling around Oliver's dick as he looked up at him, Adams apple bobbing as he swallowed spirt after spirt. Seeing this probably induced at least one extra shot from Oliver's balls, it was that sexy an image.

As Oliver came down from his post-orgasmic high and George saw his balls slowly drop back down, he dropped his twin's cock and stood up, the other following. Still flanking him front and back they both leaned in close and started making out with him, gently passing his head back and forth between them. This went on for a couple of minutes while Oliver's breathing returned back to normal. When he was finally able to form coherent speech he said "Wow! That was amazing you guys. Seems you really took my lesson to heart" he joked.

"Oh, we did" said George, sharing a look with Fred who was still standing behind Oliver. Fred nodded.

"But now we REALLY want to show you ALL of what we learned."

There was a pause while they let this sink in. Having just cum, Oliver wasn't quick on the up take. It took a moment. "Wait... what..." Oliver was cut off by George who grabbed him behind his head and pulled him into a deep kiss while also grabbing a fistful of the hair on the back of his skull and Oliver's right arm with his left. Fred grabbed Oliver's left wrist and wrapped his arm around him, pinning Oliver's wrist against his own chest while simultaneously pulling the two of them closer together. Oliver was now pretty well restrained and pinned between the two gingers, both of whom were stronger than they looked. Spending that much time riding a broomstick meant your gripping muscles were incredibly strong.

The twins had jerked each other to full hardness again while they worked on Oliver. All of the spells were still in effect so all three asses were pristinely clean, and both of their cocks were well lubed. Fred used his free hand to guide his own cock into place and pressed it against Oliver's hole, and was resistant at first. He whimpered into George's mouth while he held him place, still kissing him and gently tugging on his hair to let Oliver know that they meant business. But the resistance was short lived. As soon as he get got over his surprise Oliver realized just how much he was enjoying this and relaxed his ass. Fred felt this and slowly slid his cock to the hilt.

He paused for a moment to allow Oliver to adjust, then began a steady rhythm. As Oliver's resistance waned Fred let go of his wrist and wrapped his other arm around him, pulling him into a gentle hug while he fucked him. Oliver reciprocated by wrapping his own arms over Fred's and pulling them against him, returning the gesture as best he could.

George had his own plans too. He pulled away from Oliver, picked up his wand, and cast spells to lubricate Oliver's cock which, till now, had only been lubricated with spit. He put his wand back and then went and stood in front of Oliver, lining up his ass against his team captain's cock.

Both boys felt him move into position and opened their arms to pull him into the human sandwich being made. George bent forward a bit and Oliver pulled him close, burying his cock in the gorgeous ass in front of him which had already been loosened up a short time before by his own fingers. They got into a good rhythm, the twins moving away from Oliver in sequence so that Oliver felt himself fucking and being fucked simultaneously with each motion. The sounds of the moaning built along with the slurping sounds of cocks in asses and that of wet steamy bodies slapping against each other as their pelvic areas ground together in rapid succession. Oliver added to the moans when he reached around and jerked George's cock while fucking him.

Hot as it was, stimulating as it was, three them were teenagers and so didn't all that much staying power in the best of circumstances. Given what had led up to this, whatever reserves they might had in that department were spent. Fred came about two minutes later, unloading jets of cum into Oliver's ass despite the fact that he'd gone over the edge once already a short time ago. Oliver felt it coming and froze so that he could enjoy the amazing sensation of feeling his ass filled with a creamy load. But his sexual energy still needed an outlet and, without even consciously realizing it, he continued masturbating George. The hand on his cock and the moans coming from his brother's orgasm sent George over the edge. Oliver was treated to identical moans and patters of moans, in stereo, one a few seconds delayed from the other. That was all it took for him to go over the edge a second time, unloading in George's ass.

The three boys separated and collapsed into a pile of boy flesh on the shower room floor, arms and legs entangled with each other's. None of them cared about moving just now, and besides, they each loved the feel of the others against them.

A few minutes later Fred's head shot up and he stared over at his brother. "Hey... wait. That wasn't fair!"

"What wasn't?" inquired George.

"You got to taste him and I didn't."

"Well... sorry mate. Kind of got caught up in the moment. Not sure what I can do about that now."

"Oh, I do George, I do" said Fred, and even grin appearing on his face as he got up on all fours, crawling on top of this brother. The two really did think a lot alike so it only took George a second to figure out what Fred was planning. He tried to scramble away, but that second was enough of a delay for Fred to jump onto his brother's back and pin him down. Oliver was so spent he just looked on in curiosity.

"Seriously?!" cried George.

"Yes! Now lie there while I get what's... heh heh... cuming to me." He chuckled at his own joke.

"Oh, nice one Fred!" retorted George, his humor returning. He stopped struggling and laid flat on the floor, face down, surrendering. "Go ahead, if it means that much to you. It'll probably be fun for me anyway."

Fred moved down his brother's body, using his knees to pry apart the legs under him. He continued lower, and put both hands on his brother's butt cheeks, spreading them apart. Wasting no time, he licked and sucked on George's ass, over and over to cajole out the prize within, finally slurping down the load he so wanted to taste. And because of the cleansing spells cast earlier that taste was, in fact, completely pure and right there for him to savor: Oliver's milky nectar (along with the slight twinge of raspberry). He swallowed it down and then collasped on top of his brother, lazily enjoying a few more moments of post orgasmic bliss with his two lovers.

End of Part 3


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