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(Later that evening)

Harry really could not believe his luck. Not only did he have the amazing locker room mirrors to feed his sexual appetites (voyeurism being one he planned to continue to indulge in) but the revelations about the twins and Oliver only added to his excitement. He'd thought of boys in sexual situations before but never anything so intense as what he'd witnessed firsthand. But he couldn't "un-see" what had happened in the locker room earlier that day. Nor did he want to! If anything, he wished there was some sort of way to copy that memory from his head and preserve it. He made a mental note to ask Hermione about it sometime.

WAIT! The camera! He'd forgotten about all the shots he'd taken when spying on his three teammates. He thought about "developing" the shots right away but decided to wait, for two reasons. First, his cock was so sore from having cum at least 6 times in rapid succession while watching them. (He'd later learn that this rapid orgasm recovery existed because he was still having them dry.) He didn't think he'd need new wanking material for a while. Second, he realized that there was a flaw in his plan with the album. The Hogwarts dorms were not exactly the most private and well secured places in the world. His "accidental" discovery of Colin's album proved that. He must, under all circumstances, guard any photos he developed. NO ONE ELSE, must ever see them. It would be a betrayal of his friends, and would also spur questions about where he was when they were taken. The magic mirror would be discovered and his special observation platform would undoubtedly be destroyed. Not to mention he'd likely be expelled, and possibly brought up on charges if anyone he photographed decided to make an issue of it. So, until he could assure absolute secrecy of the album he wanted to create, he had to keep his shots in the camera lest someone find them. He put that thought on the back burner and drifted off into a blissful, sexually exhausted, sleep.

The next day was a regular day, full of classes. Harry did his best to stay focused, but used every spare moment to think about how hook up with Oliver and the twins. Judging by the conversation he'd heard at the beginning of their foreplay, he figured it best to start with Oliver. The team captain felt like he needed to "initiate" Harry into their little group. Fine... Harry would let him think that's what was happening. The "how" mattered less to him than the end result, but he needed to play somewhat innocent lest his eavesdropping be suspected. So that meant that he had to create some kind of sexual situation with Oliver but have it not be too obvious. It had to appear to be spontaneous but also could not look completely innocent. If Oliver suspected Harry's actions were NOT sexual, he might not make his move. Reading between the lines of the conversation with the twins, Harry guessed that Oliver had probably been trying to think of ways to mess around with him, but kept chickening out. Harry was resolved to change that. So much the better if he could have a little extra fun with the situation. A plan took shape in his head and he put it into action that afternoon.

Just before the last class of the day Harry saw Oliver in a corridor, also headed to his last class. "Oliver!" Harry yelled, trying to get his attention. Oliver turned and came over to Harry. "I've got a class to get to as well, but could we meet up at the pitch just after? I heard Slytherin cancelled their practice today and I wanted to work with you on some flying techniques. Figured we could flit around the stadium a bit."

"Sure, sounds good. I like the idea Harry. I wish everyone else on the team was as keen on practicing as you are," Oliver said, smiling.

"Great. Oh, yea, don't bother to bring your broom" - Oliver gave him a quizzical look - "I want us to practice some pretty aggressive maneuvers. So it'll be easier if we ride together. That way you won't have to try to follow me in order see what I have in mind. Plus, if you want, you can take a turn controlling it to help make the lessons really sink in." Harry had chosen his words carefully. He wanted sexual innuendo in there, but nothing blatant.

"That... that should work. I'll see you down there in a little while," said Oliver as he turned and headed to his last class. Harry smirked after him. Hearing Oliver tripping over his sentence let Harry know that his innuendos had the desired effect.

As the last class of the day ended Harry left the classroom quickly. He didn't want anyone asking where he was going or whether he wanted to make plans for the afternoon. As he made he way through the hall towards the exit closest to the quidditch pitch, he popped into the loo just to make sure he was fully relieved ahead of his meet up with Oliver. While in the stall a thought struck him, a devious grin crossed his lips, and he took off his boxers and put them into this bag, now going commando.

As he left the castle he saw Oliver a bit further down the path heading for the pitch. He modified his pace to move just a bit faster and got the timing just right... he caught up to Oliver just a few feet from the entrance to their locker room.

"Hi Oliver!" he said, a bit louder than normal so that he didn't think Harry was trying to sneak up on him. Oliver jumped anyway. I wonder what's going on in his mind' Harry thought, with an internal chuckle, as Oliver was jolted out of his reverie.

"Oh, hi Harry" he replied, smiling that cute smile of his.

"Let's change into our gear shall we? I want to make sure this will work on gameday so I figure, the closer we are to those conditions, the better."

"Good idea" Oliver said.

They went into the locker room and Harry hung up his school robe while Oliver did the same. Harry then deliberately positioned himself near his locker in such a way that he was facing away from Oliver, but allowing Harry to see Oliver's head due to the position of the mirror in the room. In theory Oliver could have looked right back at Harry, but he would have had to turn his body a really far way around or have had to move his head to an odd angle. Harry gambled, successfully, that Oliver wouldn't do this.

Harry slowly, and deliberately, began to change. He took off his shirt and put it in his locker. Then, staying shirtless, he slowly undid the zip and took down his jeans, exposing himself since he had taken off his boxers. He bent forward, a bit slower than normal, to grab the cuffs and pull them off his legs. He had a perfect view of Oliver in the mirror across the room and, as he suspected, Oliver was blatantly staring at his ass. Staring so intently, in fact, that he froze while he did so; his fingers glued to one of the buttons on his shirt only halfway undone. Harry made sure to bend completely as the waist, so that his ass cheeks spread a bit, giving Oliver a full-on view of his hairless rosebud.

Any sort of outside observer would have quickly noticed that something was off with the way Harry went about undressing. He was moving far more slowly than any person normally would in such a situation unless they were deliberately trying to do a strip tease. (Which of course, was his goal.) But Oliver's brain was fogged with lust and this fact was completely lost on him. He came back to himself a bit and continued to undress, finally removing his shirt, as Harry came upright again.

But then Harry, after folding his jeans, slowly bent forward again to remove first one sock, then the other, giving Oliver another quick show, and taking the opportunity to stare back at his captain's strong, smooth, and sexy torso in the mirror since he'd finally taken off his shirt. Not wanting to risk Oliver catching on to his intentions (not yet at least) Harry put on his gear at a normal pace. Oliver was brought back down to earth has Harry's body began to be covered up again and he put his mind back to his own clothing, hoping that Harry hadn't noticed his distraction. Harry of course had... having engineered the situation completely.

"Ready to head out?" Harry said, turning around to face Oliver when his last bit of gear was in place. Oliver's hand quickly darted away from his crotch as he turned. Despite the uniform, Harry could tell Oliver was sporting a pretty solid hard-on. `Oh, I bet I caught him adjusting himself' Harry thought.

"One sec!" Oliver blurted, a bit too loudly, having been taken by surprise. He laced up the last of his gear and tied it off. "OK, let's go."

Harry grabbed his broom and they headed outside, stopping at the edge of the pitch. "OK" Harry said mounting his broom a bit forward of the normal spot, "hop on behind me."

"I've never ridden a broom as a passenger. So I'm not sure how this is supposed to work."

"Me either. Let's just give it a try and figure it out as we go, OK?"

Oliver hesitated for a moment. Then, without voicing any response, he climbed onto the broom behind Harry. Once Oliver had settled himself, Harry slid his way back on the broom so that he ass was right up against Oliver's crotch. He was pleased to feel that the older boy's arousal hadn't abated at all.

Oliver was worried that Harry would feel his erection and was about to suggest that they reposition when Harry said "we have treat this like a motorcycle ride."

"Like a what?" Oliver questioned.

"Oh, right, you didn't grow up in the muggle world. Umm... wrap your arms around me and hold on tight." Before Oliver could say anything, Harry changed his posture, leant forward a bit, and sent the broom flying forward and upward a a very fast pace. Acting on instinct, Oliver followed Harry's instructions, grabbing him tightly lest he go flying off the back of the broom. This fit into Harry's plans perfectly:the angle at which he leaned forward had the effect of pushing his butt out behind him at just the right angle and he felt Oliver's cock pressed firmly into his crack.

"OK, let me show you what I have in mind" Harry said, rapidly changing the direction of the broom, weaving in, out, around, up, down, and every way imaginable. Oliver was somewhat disoriented by this because he wasn't in control of the broom; the passenger experience being a new one for him. For a while he was just along for the ride, pleasantly losing himself in the joy of flight.

His conscious mind didn't register what was happening: Harry was flying in a very clipped-motion flight pattern. This had the effect of constantly shifting Oliver around so that his body, and by extension his cock, slid up and down Harry's crack, and also forcing him to either hold tight and dry hump the young seeker, or risk falling off the broom.

This was exactly what Harry had planned. As time passed, Oliver was getting more and more aroused. After a few minutes, Oliver's mind got used to being a passenger and the feelings of lust, which had been somewhat suppressed by the novelty of the this new experience, made their way to the front of his mind. As the dry humping noticed continued, Oliver started to moan without even realizing it.

As the moaning intensified, Harry knew Oliver was getting close. After another couple of minutes, Oliver came to his senses. He didn't want Harry to sense his arousal (as if it wasn't completely obvious). Also, he didn't know if Harry was into boys and was still a bit hesitant about making a move because he didn't want to risk taking advantage of Harry. Oh, how blind he was!

"Harry, stop" Oliver said, his voice shaking a bit. Harry stopped the broom, deliberately hovering 10 feet off the ground at the edge of the pitch near the stands. He'd chosen this height so that Oliver couldn't jump off.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, deliberately being coy.

"I... umm... I need to get off."

"Yea, I know." Harry said, with a slight laugh in his voice. It was time to drop the pretense.

"Thanks." A pause. "Wait? What?" Oliver said... Harry's double meaning finally registering.

"I said... I know. It's obvious that you need to GET OFF. I've been able to feel that for quite some time now."

Oliver, not quite ready to believe what he was hearing said "what- ?" but Harry was tired of waiting and wanted to force the issue. He reached back with one hand and grabbed Oliver's cock through his uniform trousers, pleased to find it still rock hard. He started stroking it hard and fast.

Oliver could only moan. His arousal had started when Harry first suggested that they practice together today. It jumped to a rolling boil when Harry stripped in front of him in the locker room a little while ago and had stayed pretty much at that level while his cock continuously ground into Harry during their flight.

"I think you're SO hot Oliver." Harry said, continuing to stroke the boy whose mind, and inhibitions, were melting under Harry's firm strokes. "I've had a crush on you for a while now. I get hard picturing you naked... picturing the things we would do together."

That's all it took. Oliver didn't just go off the edge, he flew across it, moaning loudly as he did so and shuddering against Harry. The load in his balls had been churning for a while and when he came it was one of the largest loads he's ever experienced. It soaked through both layers of fabric and Harry felt the stickiness on his fingers, not minding at all.

Oliver came back down to earth, literally and figuratively, as his feet touched the ground. While his mind was still reeling from the orgasm, Harry had shifted his body slightly so that the broom slowly floated to the ground. As soon as he got his footing Oliver spun Harry around the pulled to boy's face to his own, kissing him deeply. Harry melted into the kiss, loving every second, and he reached into Oliver's trousers to feel it for real, and kept teasing him with the palm of his hand while they made out.

"Thanks Harry, that was amazing."

"Yea, for me too."

There was a pause as they both stood there, holding on to each other, while Oliver caught his breath. Harry saw his expression change as a thought occurred to him: "Hey, let me ask you something. How-" Oliver gestured at the pitch "was this flight pattern supposed to help our team's strategy?"

Harry laughed. Oliver had a one track mind sometimes. Harry withdrew his now cum covered hand from Oliver's trousers. "It wasn't. That's not the real reason I brought you out here" Harry said, a huge and self satisfied grin plastered on his face.

"Oh, you cheeky bugger" Oliver said cheerfully, realizing he'd been duped but not really minding all that much considering how things turned out. "OK. I, uh, should get cleaned up I think" Oliver said, looking down at his cum soaked uniform trousers and Harry's hand.

"Yea. Let's go back to the locker room and... get showered" Harry said, raising one of his brows. He then put his hand, stickly with Oliver's load, up to his face and sniffed. This was his first personal experience with cum and he liked the smell it gave off. While Oliver watched, he tentatively put his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean, meeting Oliver's eyes as his did so. As the taste unfolder in his mouth he smiled. "This is soooo good. Do you always taste like this?" Harry asked, licking his palm and the back of his hand to get all of Oliver's load.

"Oh my GOD Harry. OK, yea, let's get showered, as you put it" a quick laugh. "I have some strategy suggestions of my own to discuss with you while we're in there" the suggestive sarcasm coming through clearly.

"Oh, really?!" Harry asked, immediately picking up on Oliver's suggestion and excited by the prospect of having more fun with him. Harry himself had been hard for a while now and was also eager to get off.

As Harry carried his broom, Oliver threw his arm around Harry's shoulders and they turned and headed off the pitch back to the locker room.

Harry and Oliver were so caught up with each other that they hadn't been very aware of their surroundings. They assumed that the pitch would be empty. But one member of the Slytherin team hadn't heard about the practice being cancelled and had come down to the pitch anyway.

Draco Malfoy arrived just has Oliver was climbing on the back of Harry's broom. He didn't know quite what was happening but was sure he didn't want his house rivals to see him. So he quickly darted under the stands and found a spot where he spy on their flying without being seen, careful to not make a sound lest he give his presence away.

Interestingly enough, his first thought was exactly what Harry had wanted Oliver to believe: that the pair were practicing some new flying patterns for their team. Draco was excited about the possibility of seeing this so that he could figure out a counter-strategy and beat them at their own game. But as Potter's pattern unfolded, Draco was baffled by the flight path he was seeing. It had no rhyme or reason to it. And Potter's stance on the broom was... odd. Draco had never flown that way nor had he seen anyone else do so. It was almost has if Potter was deliberately pushing himself into the other's crotch. Could that be... on purpose?

He watched for the next several minutes, his suspicions growing as Harry's posture remained unchanged through their flight. When Harry brought the broom to a halt, Draco couldn't believe his luck. They were hovering about 10 feet off the ground at the edge of the pitch, almost directly in front of his hiding spot under the stands. When Oliver started speaking Draco realized that he wasn't close enough to hear their conversation, just a very faint mumbling at the edge of his hearing range. But they were still close enough for the blond to clearly see the pair as they hovered.

When Harry reached behind himself and began the unmistakable motions of wanking Oliver, Draco only just managed to keep the gasp in his throat from escaping. Oliver's moan was much louder than their conversation had been and, as if it wasn't already clear, proved that Harry was in fact stroking his captain.

Draco grew hard instantly. While he had no great love for Gryffindor, the two boys in front of him were unmistakably good looking. The fact that they were wearing quidditch gear only made it that much hotter. And seeing them together like this was just so... he was at a loss for words to describe how aroused he was. It was similar to the arousal he'd felt after his own teammates has coated most of his face and chest with their jizz during house initiation.

Draco needed to touch himself badly, but didn't want to risk even the slightest sound. He wanted to see how this played out and didn't want to risk an interruption. Plus, there were two of them and he was worried they might hex him badly if they discovered his presence. So he watched the, alas brief, few moments of Harry stroking Oliver unfold before him, and felt his cock throb even more when Oliver pulled Harry into a passionate kiss after they touched the ground.

He continued his silence as he watched them. He almost lost his silent composure again though, as he saw Potter move his hand from his Captain's cum soaked trousers and lick his fingers clean! Draco had quickly learned that he absolutely LOVED the taste of cum. And he wanted more! He was jealous of Harry for getting to eat the load of one of the hottest boys in school.

The pair turned and headed towards their team's locker room. After they were out of sight he made himself count to 100 be completely sure they were inside and also out of earshot. As soon as he was done counting, still standing in his hiding spot under the stands, he dropped his trousers, spit in his hand, and started jerking away in a furious blur. At the same time he used his other hand to tease his hole. He'd seen his teammates do that to eat other while they were in front of him and while he'd never been fucked, it now played a prominent role in his wanking fantasies.

He orgasmed in less than a minute, steadying himself on the structure of the stands as a low moan escaped his lips. Truth be told, he was surprised or took that long given the hot scene he'd just witnessed.

Draco came down from his orgasm and tucked his deflating cock back into this pants. His orgasms were still dry, so there was nothing to clean up to hide the fact that he'd been there. He started collecting himself to head back to the castle, mind already starting to think of ways to use the juicy little secret he'd just discovered.

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