Chapter 6


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"So, what do you have in mind mate?" George asked.

"First, tell me where and how you found him. And... why you stunned him." As the twins took on puzzled expressions Harry added "Oh, I'm sure he deserved it. I'm just curious." Their expressions changed into smiles.

"Oh he certainly deserved it. Even more than usual. And you BOTH should be glad we found him when we did" continued George, looking pointedly at both Harry and Oliver. Harry glanced over at his captain and they shared a look. He had a feeling what was coming next.

Fred continued, recounting what the twins had just been up to. They'd also heard about the Slytherin team cancelling practice but were surprised to see Malfoy heading down to the pitch anyway. They figured one of two things: either the team was still going to practice and wanted to do so in secret (in which case they could spy on them) or Malfoy hadn't heard and they'd be able to make fun of him for showing up to an empty field. A plus either way.

They followed him at a healthy distance and watched as he suddenly ducked behind the stands. Seeing this they also cautiously approached, not wanting to give themselves away. They were able to spot where Malfoy was hiding and, at the same time, also see what he was looking at.

Oliver broke in, "So you saw..."

"Harry wanking you in mid-air?" Fred said, phrasing it like a question to nettle Oliver a bit.

"And then slurping your cum from his fingers?" finished George.

"You bet we did. That was quite a show you both put on" Fred continued. "We were both rather pleased with the performance. As it turns out though, that show was just a preview for the main event here in the showers." Their smirks turned to grins as they watched the faces of both Harry and Oliver flush red with embarrassment. "But, no joking mates, we can keep a secret. Plus, we'd love to help with the next performance." Fred and George pulled their robes aside, revealing throbbing erections bulging out from underneath.

While showing no outward sign, Harry was instantly relieved. He'd been wanting to join his teammate's sexual circle without giving away the mirror. Now, quite by accident, that had been done by the twins themselves.

"Anyway" George said, taking over the narrative from his twin, "once you both headed back inside we began to make our way over to the little blond git, moving carefully so that he couldn't hear us. But it turns out we didn't have too much to worry about."

"Oh?" Oliver said, giving them a quizzical look.

"Yea, Malfoy here had his mind elsewhere. After you both left the pitch, he dropped trow and started wanking himself so hard we thought he might pull his cock off."

"Really?" Harry asked. He was not all that surprised given what he's seen Malfoy do after his initiation in his team's locker room. But he didn't want to give away what he knew to Oliver, Fred, and George.

"And that's not all. While we was wanking, he was fingering his hole. So, he was clearly turned on by watching you two."

"Well" said Oliver, "this IS interesting. What do we do with this little gem? Blackmail him?"

"And pump him for money. You know his family can afford it" Fred added.

"No, let's see just how hot this little ass is" countered George.

As they debated about what they'd do with Malfoy, the wheels in Harry's head started turning. He didn't want to expose Malfoy. Despite the fact that he was a total git, he was still cute. In fact, if he was really honest with himself, Harry had started to be drawn to Malfoy physically by the end of last term. And maybe... just maybe... they could change him. But he'd never go about this willingly.

Harry needed help to pull this off; help from his friends in the locker room. But they had their own ideas and he had to find a way to satisfy THEIR needs to pull one over on Malfoy. A plan was forming in Harry's mind. But he'd have to go about it carefully to get them to go along.

"Guys!" he declared sharply, to get their attention. They all cut off midsentence and looked at him expectantly.

"What if we could bring him into our group?" All three of them look at him in surprise. "Think about it. He's pretty cute." He saw Fred start to speak and added "when he's not being a total git which, admittedly, is pretty much all the time." Fred didn't interject. "I think it's worth trying."

"We'll need an insurance policy" Fred said.

"And we'll have to outsmart him or trick him in some way" Oliver added. At Harry's quizzical look he added "Think about it. He's a Slytherin. He won't go for this unless he respects us. The best way to get his respect is to out maneuver him. Let him know that we can be just as sneaky."

That made sense. The four of them worked together to formulate a plan. Harry was really amazed at how quickly it came together and, even more, how quickly they agreed to his idea about winning Malfoy over. He wasn't sure if they were following their heads or their cocks, but he didn't really care.

"OK... how much time before he wakes up from that stunning spell?" Harry asked.

"About another hour" said Fred.

"OK, that should be enough time for us to go back to our dorms and get that we need. Oliver, can you stay here and watch him?"


"Great. While you're at it, put down some sheets and cushioning on this bench to make it feel like a cot in the hospital wing. Doesn't need to be that close. Just enough to fool him for a few minutes when he wakes up."

"Will do. Now run guys, the clock is ticking."

Harry and the twins left the locker room and headed back to the castle at a healthy jog. Seeing neither Filch or nor any teachers, they kept jogging as they entered the castle and headed for their dorms. They stopped just down the hall from the fat lady's portrait to catch their breath. They didn't want to arouse suspicion among those in the common room.

They gave the password and went in. A few students were there and Harry saw Ron, who was engrossed in a game of wizard chess and didn't look up. That suited Harry fine. He didn't want to have to lie to Ron about what we was up to and he was nowhere near as good at deception as the twins were.

He went to his room to get his camera and gather a few things together, and then headed back downstairs. He saw Hermione talking to a few of the girls. He picked up his pace as he went by. She saw him and said hello as he passed, barely looking away from her conversation. He returned the hello and kept on.

The twins were already back in the locker room by the time Harry arrived. "Wow, you guys got here fast!" Harry said.

"We know how to get things out of our secret compartments quickly" George said. Fred elbowed him, and George realized what he'd given away. 'So, they had a stash somewhere' Harry thought.

"Don't worry. I can keep a secret too. That's what friends do, eh?" Harry asked. They both smiled.

"Right o' mate" said Fred.

Turning his attention to the bench (dressed up like a hospital cot) Harry checked out Oliver's handwork. "Nice job Oliver!" Harry admired. He had put down some white sheets on the three-foot-wide wooden bench that sat in front of the lockers along one wall and covered that with a sheet. Malfoy laid on top of it, still unconscious, wearing almost nothing. Oliver had left their rival a small shred of dignity. At Harry's quizzical look...

"There's no way they'd strip him naked in the hospital. Hell, they usually don't strip you at ALL."

"I like it anyway. But yea, we'll have to think of something to cover for that."

"Here, while you're thinking, put this on him" Fred said, handing Harry something, which turned out to be a long piece of black silk. They'd brought this as a blindfold for Malfoy's eyes. 'And they just happened to have THIS lying around?' Harry thought sarcastically. There were lots of things about the twins that he had yet to learn it seemed.

For now, Harry did as instructed and put it over his rival's head. Once on, it made an interesting, and rather attractive contrast with the boy's light blond hair and alabaster skin. And, coincidentally, exactly matched the color and material of his briefs. 'Black silk briefs!?' Harry has first thought when we came back and saw Malfoy laid out wearing just his undies. 'Only a rich ponce like him would wear those.' But the more he thought about it, the more intrigued he became. What must it feel like to have your bits incased in silk all day? They'd probably feel amazing but he wasn't sure how practical they were. He'd probably have a non-stop erection if we wore something like that. It would be a distraction at best, a constant source of embarrassment in the hallways at worst. Anyway, back to the task at hand.

"Got my camera all set Fred?" Harry asked turning to him. He nodded, having finished his casting on the device. "Good, get a few shots of him in like this before I put the sheet back over. He looks so peaceful. And so... vulnerable" Harry said, almost whispering the last part. He wasn't sure why that made him so turned on, but it did. He watched as the redhead snapped a few shots of the blond, the camera working well under the silencing charm that Fred has cast on it. "Nice job Fred. It's completely silent now."

"This charm isn't permanent, but it'll last for a least a few hours. George and I use these on our shoes when we go skulking about." Harry filed that away for future reference.

"Ok, he's probably going to wake up soon. Are we all set with the potion?" Harry asked George.

"Yes, got both of them ready" he replied.

"Good. Wait... BOTH?"

"Yes. In addition to the veritaserum to make him spill the beans, we're also giving him a stimulant."

"Oh, good idea. He's going to still be light headed from the stunning so that'll help him wake up."

"Umm... Yea..." George continued after a slight pause. "It'll definitely do that too. But this potion is really known for being the OTHER type of stimulant" he said, smiling, and looking at Harry expectantly.

It took a moment to understand what he meant. "Oh!" he said, face shifting into a grin, which caused George to smile bigger as he saw Harry on the uptake. "So it's like Viagra?"

"Vi-aga-what?" George asked.

"Yes, Harry" Oliver quickly interjected. "One of my squib neighbors has a TV and I've see the commercials." Turning to the twins, "it's pill that does the same thing as this potion. Muggles have just invented something the wizarding community has had for centuries."

"I guess dad doesn't tell us EVERYTHING he learns about the muggle world" George said to his brother. "I wonder where else he's holding out on us?"

"Where did you get that potion and WHY do you have it?" asked Harry.

"Oh, we can keep a few secrets, can't we?" Fred asked playfully.

"Anyway" Oliver said, clearing his throat to bring them back to the task at hand, "shall I do the talking at first? I can do a pretty good impression of Madam Pomfrey. I've spent enough time in the hospital wing from quidditch injuries that I've gotten to hear her voice a lot. That combined with the re-speaking spell should make it pretty convincing."

"Good idea" said the twins in unison.

Harry then continued, "Malfoy, whatever his faults, isn't stupid. So he'll figure out pretty quickly that he's not in the hospital wing. He may try to leave once he sees us and sees where he is. The fact that he's just in his briefs may delay that instinct for a bit but not long. So let's keep him talking and off balance. We've got his clothes and wand in a locker, so he won't be able to come at us magically. And I know you three are stronger. So as long as we're not surprised, I think we're OK there.

Once he discovers that we've tricked him, I'd like to do the talking from there. At least at first. I've... been poking around a bit and have learned and overheard from some things about the Slytherin team that I think we can use to... bring him around." Harry figured he was going to have to tell them about the mirror, eventually, but he still wanted to avoid it until absolutely necessary.

"What have you heard about the Slytherin team?" asked Oliver.

Harry read his captain's mind. "Nothing about gameplay or tactics. Just stuff about the post-game locker-room."

"Oh? What did you hear? And WHERE?" asked Fred.

"I can have a few secrets, can't I?" Harry playfully shot back.


Malfoy let out a small groan and began moving his arms and legs a bit, coming out of the stunning spell the twins had put on him. "Quick" whispered Fred, "everyone strip down. If this goes well, we will want to be ready." With that, all three stripped down to just their underclothes; Harry to his white briefs and the other three boys to their boxer shorts. 'I wonder why most of the older boys wear boxers? I'll need to look into that later' Harry thought as he stripped off everything but his briefs, glad that the locker room was kept warm.

Oliver cast a quick spell and then held his wand to this throat.

"Are you awake Mr. Malfoy?" the voice coming from Oliver's mouth a perfect imitation of Madam Pomfrey.

"Whaa... what?" he asked softly, still groggy from the spell.

"Ah, sounds like you're awake" the voice of Pomfrey continued. "That was a nasty stun you got it with."

"Stun I got hit with? Wait, what's this?" he asked, reaching for the blindfold.

"Best keep that on." He hands paused. "The stunning spell left you very sensitive to light. That'll protect your eyes until it wears off. Here, these will help your headache go away make you feel better." Malfoy came up slightly on his elbows. Oliver proffered first one vial, then the other, to the still blindfolded Malfoy, as he reached his hand up. Oliver was careful to hold them by the very top and place them into Malfoy's hands in such a way that their fingers never touched. Oliver's hands weren't massive, but they certainly weren't feminine either. Their unknowing captive drank both potions fully, helped by the fact that neither potion had an unpleasant taste.

Malfoy started to get his wits about him as he came more awake. When his hands came to rest on top of the sheets he seemed to realize his state of undress under the covers.

"Wait... where are my clothes?"

The potions needed a bit more time to take effect, so in an attempt to side track his thinking, Oliver quickly shot back with a question: "You were found unconscious down by the pitch. What were you doing there?" This would have the effect of, he hoped, both distracting Malfoy and perhaps giving some indications of what he has planned to do with the information he now had about Harry and Oliver.

"I was heading down there for Quidditch practice and when I got there I saw..." he trailed off.

"You saw what?"

"Um... That someone had left a bludger out" Malfoy replied. "I started to look around for the storage box and then everything went black."

The four boys watching him from the other side of his blindfold knew he was lying. The stunning spell wouldn't have clouded his memory. So... at least they knew that he hadn't planned to out Harry and Oliver immediately. But whether, if, and how he planned to use what he'd seen they couldn't yet guess. However, he might not know that the twins had seem him wanking to the sight of Harry and Oliver's mid-air fun.

"Where are my clothes?" he asked again.

"This is how they brought you to the hospital wing."


"The Weasley twins" came the feminine reply, the spell still in place over Oliver's voice box. Oliver looked over at Fred and George with a wink, and put his finger to his mouth briefly to remind them to keep quiet. "Yes, they said that they'd found you like this out near the pitch."

"Missing most of my clothes?" he replied.

"That's what they said. I though perhaps they might be pulling one of their pranks when I saw that you were wearing rather, ah-hem, interesting choice of briefs..."

"Those actually ARE mine. Black silk briefs are all I wear." Malfoy said. He immediately blushed, surprised at himself for having blurted that out so readily. 'Well, the truth serum seems to have taken effect' though Harry as he and the other three barely held in their sniggers at this little morsel of knowledge, and at the blond's embarrassment.

"Urgh! Those ginger twats! They probably STOLE my clothes. Merlin! They probably stunned me too!"

"MISTER MALFOY" came the nurse's voice. "You will watch you tone!"

"My TONE? I've been attacked! And all you care about... with your potions..." he pulled the sheet of his body and sat up, legs over the side of the bench, "and your blindfold" he angrily continued, hands coming up to the cloth on his face, "is that... wait..." he felt the silk blindfold. "Is this SILK?! Why would the hospital wing have..." he questioned, peeling the blind fold off.

Malfoy cut off sharply as his vision ceased being blocked. He immediately saw that he was in a locker room and he saw the four, rather cute, boys around him in a similar state of undress.

"Ginger twats Malfoy? Is that the best you can come up with?" George teased.

"You? What? What IS this?" he shouted. As the reality of where he was and what had just happed sunk in, he was too stunned to move. That suited the Gryffindor's plan just fine.

"You were right though" George continued. "We WERE the ones that stunned you."

"How dare you do that to me..."

"How dare you SPY on ME" Harry cut in. Malfoy stopped short.

"The twins caught you spying on Oliver and me." A slight pause why he let that sink. "And they also caught you, literally, with your pants down after we went inside." Malfoy's face went from annoyed to mortified. "Yep... they saw it all. The wanking, and how you teased your rosebud while you went at it. So... now we also know you're gay. Admit it, you like boys, DON'T YOU?!" Harry said, accusingly.

Malfoy's instinct was to deny it. Deny all of it. But the veritaserum was in full effect. So while he meant to say no, what came out of his lips almost immediately was "yes." His face showed surprise, then went back to mortification at what he'd just confessed. And to his rival no less.

"You liked watching us, didn't you? You liked seeing two boys making out, grinding against each other."


"You were hard watching us. You couldn't even wait to go back to your dorm, you were so hard. You had to jerk off, right there under the stands."


"And you thought about getting fucked, didn't you? That's why you teased your hole like that. You really want to get fucked."

"Yes." With each passing minute, and with each confession, Malfoy's resolve and resistance we shrinking. His fight against the truth serum was getting weaker and weaker.

"But you've never been fucked, have you? You still have a virgin ass?"


A thought struck Harry. "Were you jealous, watching us?"



"I wanted to be the one licking up Oliver's load. I... I love the taste of cum."

PERFECT! Harry thought. This is where he needed things to go. His plan was unfolding as he'd hoped. Some careful maneuvering ought to do the trick.

"If you can't cum yet... how do you know you like the taste?"

Malfoy renewed his fight against the truth serum. He didn't respond for a few seconds, but eventually that effort to fight it failed as well. "My teammates" he said, a bit embarrassed, eyes dropping to the floor. "They said it was an initiation ritual. They put me on my knees and froze me, and shot all over me."

Harry paused for a minute to let his teammates process everything they'd heard. Also, he needed to make it seem like these questions were spontaneous, even though he'd planned out most in his head already.

"So... that means that even though they thought they were hazing you, you actually enjoyed it" Harry said, not really phrasing it as a question.

Malfoy's gaze shot up to meet Harry's eyes. "How did you know that?!" he said, perhaps not realizing what he'd just confessed.

Again, this was exactly the way Harry had hoped this would unfold. He allowed him to keep his secret. "I didn't until you just told me" he replied to the blond.

Malfoy cringed, realizing how he'd just been duped. That feeling took the last bit of calm he had. Panic started to well up inside him. "Please, PLEASE! Don't tell anyone. I'll do anything" he pleaded, almost sobbing, eyes returning to the floor.

Harry had laid out the plan to his teammates before Malfoy had woken up. After Harry had confessed that he thought Malfoy was cute, George had made a similar confession. Fred and Oliver also agreed after they'd thought about it for a bit. So, as per their earlier conversation, this confession from the blond was enough for them to be satisfied in their revenge. They didn't want to FORCE him into anything or to resort to blackmail. They just wanted to keep THEIR secret safe. They didn't feel the need to use the Slytherin's secret against him; the hypocrisy of that was just too strong for any of them. Even though he probably wouldn't have done the same in their place.

Fred took over their questioning to see whether the second part of their plan could work. "Malfoy?" Fred asked. No response. "Malfoy?" he asked again, snapping him out of it. "You were thinking about blackmailing Harry, weren't you?"

"I... don't know. Maybe."

"Yea, though so. Well, despite that and the 'ginger twat' line" Malfoy cringed at the reminder of his earlier comment "we don't plan on telling anyone. As long as YOU don't tell anyone about Harry and Oliver." He paused, letting that sink in.

"Or tell anyone about the two of you?" Malfoy asked of the twins. He was recovering from the shock of the whole ordeal and was getting his wits about him.

"Yes" Fred replied, deciding to throw caution to the wind. There was no other way to explain why he and his bother were here as well, especially wearing just their boxers.

"In fact" Harry said, sitting down on the bench next him, "we'd like to make you an offer." He started gently rubbing Malfoy's back. "We all think you're cute." Malfoy perked up at this. Harry knew it couldn't hurt to stroke his ego a bit. "And we don't see why the rivalry has to continue. At least in private. We know that nobody will believe that we're all suddenly friends. But over time... maybe we can find a way to be open about this. At least the friendship part."

"And in the meantime," George added "we can all help either other out with the friends-with-benefits part." He groped himself as he said that, hard cock now clearly outlined under the fabric of his boxers. "You've been hard this whole time, when answering our questions." Malfoy looked down, realizing it was true. This was the hardest and most excited he had ever been since he started his sexual awakening about a year ago. (None of the Gryfindor's felt the need to tell him about the stimulant potion.) "Plus, haven't you noticed that WE have been hard, and in our underwear, this WHOLE time? Haven't you wondered why?"

"I... I was too shocked to be thinking clearly I guess" the Slytherin seeker confessed. "But my father will KILL me if he finds out. Merlin! If this gets out..."

"Stop. Relax." Oliver commanded, briefly taking on his team captain persona. "Nobody will find out. We'll figure out a way to help you with the other stuff."

"Really?!" The four of them nodded. "Nobody in Slytherin would ever do that."

"Good thing we're not in your house then, eh?" Oliver said. "And like we've been saying... think of all the FUN we'll have together, now that we're friends."

The reality of what he was hearing finally started sinking in. Draco had been having fantasies about the other boys at school since his very first day. (Children growing up in the wizarding world have their sexual awakening sooner than most muggles, and so start fantasizing earlier.) And truth be told, the four in the room with him had figured very prominently among them. Right now, his house just didn't have many cute boys, and NO ONE approached these four. He had only DREAMED that something like this was possible. So, his start at Hogwarts had also been paired with worries about what being gay meant, especially as an only child. He'd never had anyone to talk to about it. Much less explore with.

"Merlin!" Draco said. "I... I've actually thought about each of you plenty of times when wanking. I've even thought about what you might be like together. Especially you and your brother Weasley... I... mean George" he said, correcting himself to start using first names. He didn't want to sound hostile anymore.

"Oh really... Draco?" asked George, extending the same courtesy, realizing that they were winning him over. "Then, how would you like to see your fantasies come to life?" he continued.

"Wait!" his glance shot back and forth between the two of them. "You mean you two... you... together... seriously?"

Fred stepped next to George, gently grabbed his chin, and then kissed him. After a moment, he deliberately pulled back slightly so that Draco could see the two of them tongue wrestling. The blond let out a soft moan as he watched them make out from his seat on the bench while they stood just in front of him. His cock got even harder, though he didn't think that was possible.

"Why don't we all get more comfortable" Oliver said, stripping off the last piece of fabric on his body as he did so. The others quickly followed suit. The five boys stayed that way for a moment. Harry and Draco sitting on the bench with the twins in front of them, faces level with the two fire crotches. Oliver slightly off to the side.

George stepped closer to the blond, grabbing his cock and waving it slowly in front of Draco's face. The younger boy licked his lips unconsciously.

"You say you like the taste so much... How about we expand your pallet?" the redhead asked of the pale blond face looking up at him. Draco smiled back as he looked past the hot teen's frame and into George's eyes. This was really happening! He could hardly believe it! He smiled broadly. The four Gryffindors couldn't remember ever seeing such an expression on his face before. A smile?! It was transformative. He was cute before. But that ecstatic... and lustful... smile made him down right delectable.

Draco, still looking up and not breaking eye contact, opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue a bit, and licked the shaft from base to tip, slurping up the bead of precum that had begun to ooze out.

"Holy shit" the ginger moaned, as the blond's tongue flicked over him. Looking down at the scene playing out on his cock was hot enough. That sight also combined with the sensations were almost too much. Draco closed his mouth around him, gently sucking, working his lips up and down the shaft. Oliver sat down next to him, and whispered encouragement and suggestions into his ear.

"That's it. Now, don't take it all the way out... leave the head in when you come back up." "Good, good." "Now, the head in and swirl your tongue around it." Fred moaned appreciatively. "See?" "You can hear how much he likes it, can't you?" Malfoy nodded, humming an affirmative, not taking the cock out of his mouth.

"Like it?!" Fred exclaimed. "Oliver, I swear he's a natural. Merlin, I'm not going to last long if he keeps this up."

"Don't try" Oliver replied. "Let's give him what he wants."

"Ummm" Draco hummed again, then slid off the cock for a minute. "Yes please" he said looking up at George. He smiled again, then continued to suck on the tasty cock in front of him.

"Oh fuck yea, that's it Draco! Wow, you're really learning fast" George said encouragingly to the cute little cocksucker working on him.

Harry, while incredibly turned on at the scene unfolding in front of him, still had enough presence of mind to know that there was one other thing that he wanted to do. He slowly got up from the bench so as not to distract Malfoy, and gestured Fred off to the side with a crook of his head.

The two of them huddled together a few feet away. Harry leaned in to whisper in Fred's ear, "I'm pretty sure we've got Draco with us. But... just in case, let's keep going with the plan" he said, gesturing to the spot where his camera was hidden.

"You don't really think we need insurance, do you?" Fred whispered back, suspecting that Harry just wanted to make a naughty photo album. Harry looked back at him with a smile, not replying, thereby confirming Fred's suspicions. "I like the way you think mate."

Fred did as Harry suggested, getting the camera ready. Oliver saw this unfolding and guessed what was coming as Fred got into position with the wizarding camera. "Draco" the Gryffindor captain said, still whispering in his ear, "tilt your head down a bit for a better angle, and keep close your eyes closed so you don't get dizzy." The pale boy complied. "Now, reach your hands up and gently stoke his balls. He loves that." As Draco followed those instructions, eliciting louder moans from George, Oliver stood up, getting out of the camera shot.

Harry was impressed with Oliver's thinking. He'd found a way to distract Draco even more from what was happening around him while at the same time getting him to close his eyes. Oliver stood next to Harry, behind Fred, so that he could do his camera work unobstructed. Oliver reached over and gently stroked Harry, who did the same to him, both using the other's leaking precum as lube. Neither wanted to shoot soon, this was just too hot for them to want it to end quickly. But at the same time, they were both so horny that they couldn't keep still.

George had picked up on what was going on and smiled over to his brother when he saw the and nodded. With that, Fred very quietly got down on one knee next to his brother and started snapping away photos of the action in front of him. As blackmail photos, nobody could ask for better. George's body was only visible from the middle of his chest down. The silencing charm was working fine and there was so flash, so Draco heard nothing; he kept up his diligent blow job, unaware of the wizarding camera snipping away right beside him. 'The clips the camera is capturing must be been SO hot' Harry thought. He was looking forward to going through them later and was VERY glad he's spent the extra galleons to get a high capacity model. The last thing he wanted right now was to have to change 'film rolls' in the thing.

Draco was clearly enjoying himself. Even with the five inch, fully hard, cock in his mouth the smile was still there at the edges and he was moaning and purring contentedly. He played with George's balls, alternating between rubbing them, tickling them, and gently pulling on them. All the while, he kept slowly bobbing his head up and down, up and down, occasionally stopping to swirl his tongue around the head. George continued his delightful moaning also, offering encouragement on the rare moment he was capable of coherent speech.

Fred moved around the pair of them, snapping from different angles, many of them getting such a good angle on the fact that it left no room for doubt that it was in fact Draco giving the blowjob, his face clear to see. His expression, that of a willing participant, was also clear. As if the smile wasn't enough, some were going to show his entire body: sitting on the bench leaning forward slightly, hands and mouth hard at work. He wasn't restrained, tied up, or being coerced in any way as far as the pictures showed.

Plus... yep, there was his other hand going down to his own smaller cock, rubbing it up and down as his other hand continued playing with the balls just in front of his chin. After Fred has taken a couple of dozen shots George caught his eye and gestured behind and below him with his left hand, widening his stance. Harry didn't follow what he meant but the twins always did seem to share a psychic link and Fred seemed to understand immediately.

He got down with the camera very close to the floor just behind his bother and right between his ankles. As he did so, George increased the volume of his encouragement a bit and started gently petting the blond hair on the back of the of the Slytherin head, who was doing such great job pleasuring him. While not applying a lot of pressure (forcing someone onto your cock was a douchebag move!) he did want to make sure the blond never completely pulled off his cock as this might cause him to open his eyes.

"That's it Draco. You want to taste me?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Uh huh" the blond intoned, cock still in his mouth and nodding his head as he continued sucking.

"Then move you hand back and finger my hole" he said, still petting the back of Draco's head.

'Oh, that explains it' Harry thought. Wow, the twins had truly DEVOIUS minds, and Harry had to admire them.

George had widened his stance drastically, ostensibly to give his new lover easier access to finger him. This lowered his crotch which caused Draco to also lean forward further to continue his ministrations. Fred squatted way down, and put the camera next to George's ankle, pointing up. This must have made quite a sight from that angle. It would frame out Draco, happily slurping away on that cock, balls bouncing off his chin, one hand jerking himself off, and the other hand probing at the redhead's rosebud with his middle finger. The twins had virtually no hair on them except for their heads, armpits, and a bit at the base of their cocks. So the placement of the small blond's digit was unmistakable. Even more so because, this being a wizarding camera, it would be a video clip and not a still.

After taking a few shots from that VERY good angle, Fred stood up again. It had only been a few minutes but already George was testing the limits of his endurance. He's already watched Harry and Oliver out on the pitch, then saw Draco beat off under the stands, then Harry and Oliver go at it AGAIN in the showers. While they'd taken a break to go get the supplies for this wonderful setup, his horniness had been at full steam the entire time. So he wouldn't have lasted long anyway. Combine that with Draco's innate cock sucking skills and he'd been ready to shoot almost immediately. Fred sensed this and, again through unspoken signals with his brother, got into position.

"I'm going to cum Draco. Are you ready?"

Draco cooed a delighted yes around his cockhead.

"You want to taste me, you cute little boy?"

Another high pitched coo.

"Here you go" he said, pulling his cock free, just outside Draco's lips. But he kept his fingers entwined in the hair on the back of the blond's head to keep him positioned. "Keep your eyes closed, this stuff can sting!" he said, causing the blond to scrunch up his eyes tight. 'Brilliant' Harry though. 'Even through all this he has the presence of mind to let Fred get this with the camera.'

"Fuck yea. Keep your mouth open. Yea, that's hit. HERE IT COMES!" he cried, as he jerked himself over the edge. And with that George... unloaded. There was simply no other word. Cum shot from his cock right onto the eager boy's tongue. There was so much of it. Two shots hit his tongue, and the other shot to the back of his throat. This instinctively caused Draco to swallow, and he leaned forward ever so slightly has he did so. And more shots came out of George's cock even during that brief moment. They hit the blond in the forehead, just below those beautiful, now sweat soaked, light locks of hair, coating the top of his face in sticky goo.

Draco whined a bit at this. At first Harry thought it was in objection to the shot in the face. But then Draco opened his mouth again, pursed his lips, and stuck out his tongue to cup the top of George's cock. Then Harry realized: it wasn't that he was upset at the facial, it was that it he was disappointed that he was MISSING some of the load. Draco truly wanted to taste every last drop of his first blowjob.

As all this went through Harry's mind, George continued shooting, moaning as he did so. He shot three more voluminous globs into the blond's mouth, who then swallowed again. Still wanting to show off for the camera, the redhead deliberately shifted the angle of his cock so that his last two shots went all over Draco's face, covering it in ropes of cum, which started rolling down his check.

Fred, steady hand that he was, got ALL of this. The semen shooting from his brother's cock into the waiting mouth, the shot on the forehead, the eager return to suckling more cum from the ginger's cock, and the final ropes of cum all over that pretty pale visage. Draco, as before, diligently kept his eyes closed. And so, he remained oblivious to the salacious material being generated on the camera just next to him.

As the pair's breathing slowed, Fred backed away and hid the camera again. Oliver had the presence of mind to grab a washcloth which he handed to George. The redhead got down on his knees in front of Draco and scrubbed around his eyes.

"There... you can open them now" he said. Draco did so. "Did you like that?"

"Oh, fuck yes" he said, breath still coming fast from the exhilarating experience.

"Looks like my aim was off a bit. Here let me help you." Then George leaned in and licked as much of his own load from Draco's face has he could. When he was done, he leaned forward to kiss the blond, who received it eagerly, intertwining his tongue with the older boy, tasting and swallowing as much of the sweet nectar as he could find. While they were kissing, George reached forward and grabbed the three-inch rock hard cock of his newest friend and started stroking. He got an appreciative moan in response. Within ten seconds, Malfoy broke the kiss, breathing hard.

"I'm gonna..." and that's all he got out before he also went over the edge, head falling against the ginger boy's shoulder, body started shuddering with a dry orgasm. George held him as he recovered. It took a minute. Then Draco straightened back up to sitting position and looked around at the other three.

"That was so amazing to watch" Oliver said. "Maybe we should stop and get cleaned up?" he asked, nurturing instincts kicking in, wanting to give the novice a chance to stop.

"NO!" Draco almost shouted. The other four jumped slightly at that, but then chuckled at his enthusiasm. They were all glad he wanted to keep going, though none verbalized it.

"I..." he was a bit shy after his small outburst "I can go again pretty quickly. I... well you can see I can't shoot yet. So some days when I'm really bored, or really horny, I wank five or six times in a row."

"Wow" said Harry. He'd only just started being sexually active himself and was impressed at his (now formal) rival's stamina. "Really?!"

"Yea. Potter... I mean Harry (that's going to take some getting used to) can you shoot yet?" Harry shook his head. Draco was relieved, though he didn't let that show. He still felt a bit competitive with Harry. "Then you can probably do the same. Have you tried?"

"No, not yet" Harry replied. His mind spinning with the possibilities.

"George, I think we've just had a challenge thrown at us" Fred said to his brother.

"Oh boy" Harry said. He was a bit afraid nervous at their conspiratorial glances but his hormones were overriding that.

"You asked about my fantasies" Draco said.

"Yea!" the twins said in unison.

"Well... I..." Draco continued, some of the shyness from earlier returning. He looked up at Fred "I want to see if the two of you taste the same."

Fred's face, already grinning in anticipation, positively lit up. "Malfoy, DRACO (he corrected), wow this IS going to take getting used to... you have a dirty mind. And I like that!" he said, approaching where the blond sat.

George shifted off the side and sat on the bench next to Draco and Fred walked in front of the blond, cock ROCK hard, jutting out from his fiery crotch hair. There was a healthy amount of clear pre-cum dripping down the underside of his cock. Draco put out his tongue and started in on him just like he had his brother a few minutes before. This time he needed no encouragement from anyone and used all the things he'd just learned while working on the twin. George was still recovering from his own orgasm so he relaxed back onto the bench a little to watch the hot show in front of him.

Oliver, meanwhile, decided to test Draco's theory. He moved Harry up against the lockers just behind where the blond was again bobbing up and down on a redhead's cock, dropped to his knees, and started going down on his seeker. Draco couldn't see this. Fred, on the other hand, was enjoying the 'Harry and Oliver' show for what was now the THIRD time today. Harry looked down at Oliver for a minute and then let his head lull back gently into the locker behind him. As he did so, he locked eyes with Fred and they both kept each other's gaze; each enjoying an amazing blow job from a fellow quidditch player in their own locker room.

With all that had just happened, all they'd seen, and the smells and sounds of raw boy sex in the air... neither lasted long. Fred was first, and started panting after about a minute of Draco's starting to work on him.

"I'm getting so close he said" running his hands down the pale face sitting in front of him, caressing his cheek. Draco looked up at him, took his mouth off his cock for a moment and said "Good! I wasn't kidding, I want to taste your load." He then went back to sucking. That was all it took. In fact, with that face looking up at him and having it say those words, Fred doubted ANYONE wouldn't have gone over the edge right then.

"FUCK!" he shouted, his balls pulling up towards his cock. Draco was ready this time and wasn't going to be denied. He gripped the teen's hips tightly and sucked strongly on the cock, not wanting to miss a drop this time. Fred froze, happy to oblige.

Draco got an extra treat this time. Because he kept up a light suction and his tongue was pressing up on the bottom of it, he actually felt the load quickly flow through the fleshy tube, just before it landed at the back of his tongue. True to form, Fred shot as much as George had. Draco thought he was ready for the volume but misjudged it. He wanted to savor the taste a bit and so didn't swallow any of it right away. But there was so much that some dribbled out of the corner of his mouth.

Seeing all this sent Harry over the edge. His orgasm came right on the heels of Fred's. He shuddered with his own dry orgasm as Oliver firmly held his waist against the lockers to help him keep his balance. Oliver stopped his sucking while Harry climaxed and looked up at the waves of bliss passing over Harry's face. Harry grinned down at this team captain appreciatively.

Draco didn't see Harry go over the edge, but he'd heard both Fred and Harry's moaning along with the sucking sounds that Oliver had been making on Harry's prick. That, combined with the cock in his mouth had gotten Draco hard again. After hearing Harry go over the edge he was also ready. He wiped Fred's extra cum dripping down his face into his hand and used that to jerk himself to another orgasm, slowly swallowing Fred's load at he did so.

The five of them collapsed where they were, either on the bench or on the locker room floor, each spent for the moment, breathing hard, and riding a fantastic wave of post-orgasmic bliss. Multi-orgasmic bliss in some cases.

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