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This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Harry’s Discovery, pt 1.

The boys of One Direction were finally able to relax. It was now summer, and they didn’t have any shows coming up for a month. All of the stress, chaos, and long nights were put on hold, and replaced with sleeping in late, swimming, and enjoying the sun. However, Harry had other things on his mind. Things he had been struggling with for a while. Nobody else knew. He was good at hiding it. The rumors were true. He was indeed gay. But the fear of rejection, not only by his fans, but by his own band members, with whom he had grown so close with, kept him hiding.

Modesty was not an option for five boys living together and traveling around the world. They had all seen each other naked whether it was getting changed behind stage or walking around nude in the hotel rooms. This was only a problem for Harry. He was worried that he might get an erection around the other guys and didn’t want them thinking that he was gay. Over time, he was able to control it. He just thought of other things and didn’t pay much attention to the others. At night, when they all went to sleep, he would sneak into the bathroom and jack off, often imaging himself fooling around with the other boys. He was careful about being noisy and had never gotten caught.He assumed that the others did the same thing but it was not something they talked about.

While changing into his bathing suit, Harry glanced into the mirror and noticed how developed and toned his body was becoming. His muscles were more defined and he was much more manly looking than when he had first joined 1D. He noticed that the others had changed as well. Louis especially. Louis, who had looked like a little boy, now had facial hair, tattoos, and body hair. Harry especially liked Louis’ happy trail. It led to nice 7 inch cock, with neatly groomed, dark black pubes and two low-hanging balls. He had seen it a thousand times and it was by far, his favorite out of the four.

Zayne was his second favorite. Zayne was about 6 inches with a big black bush that often stuck out above his boxers. His happy trail was thick and led to more hair that spanned all over his chest. Harry loved to look at Zayne’s jet black armpit hair. The other guys had no where as much as he did. After a show, Harry would imagine himself licking Zayne’s body and ending up in his armpits, smelling the strong manly scent and tasting the sweat.

Nial and Liam were about the same length, 5.5 inches. Both had a good set of pubes. The only difference was that Nial had blond hair. However, Nial and Liam had the hairiest asses that Harry had ever seen. It was a rare sight, but when he did manage to catch a glance of them bending over, he couldn’t help but imagine himself rimming their tight holes and feeling all of that hair against his face.

As Harry finished changing, he looked out his window and noticed that Louis was not in the pool with the other boys. He figured that he was probably still changing in his room. He walked down the hall and noticed that Louis door was open slightly. He peeked through and didn’t see any signs of life, so he opened the door all of the way. Louis was not in his bed but at his desk on the computer. The desk was facing the window, giving Harry full access to his screen. Louis was naked sitting in his chair, stroking his cock furiously. Harry knew that the others probably jacked off, but never did he imagine that he would actually get to witness it. What was even more surprising was what Louis was watching! Two gay boys, who had probably just turned 18, fucking bareback in a field.

Harry didn’t know what to think! Could Louis be gay too?! Dumbfounded, Harry just stood in the doorway and watched. Louis had seen a reflection in his laptop screen and immediately spun around in his chair, still gripping his hard cock which was dripping with precum.

“Harry! What the fuck are you doing in here?! Don’t you know how to fucking knock?!” was all Louis could say.

He slammed his laptop shut and put a towel over himself. He looked like he was about to cry from embarrassment. There was an awkward pause and then Harry stepped fully into the room. and closed the door. Louis sat in his chair staring at Harry. He began to wonder if Harry was able to see what he was jacking off to. As Harry pointed to the laptop, his mouth opened slightly, as if he were about to say something.

        “Harry. It’s not what you think. I clicked it by accident. I swear,” Louis said with a slight quiver in his voice.

        “Louis. Its okay. I don’t care. I just want you to know that I’ve seen that one a thousand times and there is a great cumshot scene at the end.” He smirked at Louis, and then stared at the ground, waiting for a response.

        Louis took a minute to process what Harry had just said and then smiled back. He nervously removed the towel as he and Harry made eye contact. Harry stared at the boy’s crotch and then leaned back to reveal his boner tenting his bathing suit. He removed his bathing suit and exposed his 7 inch cock stick out of his nest of pubes, which he hadn’t trimmed in a while. He also had a happy trail which was making its way past his belly button. Louis stared for what seemed like an hour. In reality, it was only about a minute. Harry slowly wrapped his hand around his cock which was also dripping with precum,  and slowly started stroking it.

To Be Continued….