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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 1- Leaving Paradise

Demetrius: (My mother was molded from clay, and breath life into her, by the Gods! Raised on an island Paradise by the Amazons, she was Princess Diana! The Queen Hippolyta, had died caring Diana is her womb, she prayed to the Greek Gods for a child and was answered. When Diana leaves the Amazons to travel to the world outside, she is known as both Wonder Woman and Princess Diana. As Wonder Woman, she was awarded several gifts by the Olympian Gods, including the Lasso of Truth created from the Golden Girdle of Gaea, when used allows her to compel whomever be entrapped within, to tell the truth, forget, control them. She also has indestructible bracelets formed from the shield Aegis, that can deflect anything. Diana was known to be blessed with being as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules. Themyscira the true name of paradise island, sits in the Bermuda Triangle undetected by man's world. No one is allowed to set foot on the island. Many centuries ago the jealous and vengeful god Ares soon after tried to discredit their name by having his half-brother demi-god Heracles invade the Amazons and demean their standing by stealing their Golden Girdles of Gaea. When Heracles first approached the Amazons seeking battle, Hippolyta met him outside the city gates and tried to reason with him for peaceful negotiations. When this did not work Heracles attacked the Amazon Queen using his strength to his advantage. Hippolyta easily turned the tables on him by using her wisdom and battle skills to subdue him. Still wishing peace, Hippolyta invited Heracles and his men into their city to celebrate a potential friendship with a feast. Hiding his anger, Heracles accepted the invitation.

Once in their stronghold, Heracles and his men drugged the wine the Amazons were drinking and took them prisoner. After the theft of Hippolyta's Golden Girdle and abuse and rape of the Amazons, Hippolyta cried out to Athena to help them escape their bonds. Athena said that she would only aid them on the condition that the Amazons not seek retribution against Heracles and his men as that would be beneath the ideals the Amazons were created to stand for. Hippolyta hastily agreed and the Amazon's bonds were broken and the drugs given wore off. Once out of their drugged state the Amazons were filled with hate and revenge. Breaking Hippolyta's oath to Athena, the Amazons began slaughtering their captors but were upset to find that Heracles and his general Theseus had returned to their homelands.

After the slaughter Athena reprimanded the Amazons for disobeying her orders. She demanded the Amazons serve penance for their actions. Though Hippolyta agreed to the goddess' wishes, her sister Antiope scoffed at Athena for being angered at them for killing their rapist captors. Antiope then denounced all ties to the Olympian gods and said goodbye to her sister Hippolyta, giving Hippolyta her Golden Girdle of Gaea to replace the one stolen by Heracles. She left for Greece, along with half of the Amazon Nation who supported Antiope in her new quest to battle Heracles and Theseus out of vengeance and to replace Antiope's girdle with Hippolyta's. Antiope's tribe later became the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. Hippolyta and her remaining faithful Amazons then went to the sea shore where the Olympian Gods told them their punishment for going against their ideals. They were to be given immortality so that they would forever safeguard a doorway to the underworld called Doom's Doorway . Not only must they protect anyone from entering, but they must also vanquish any evils that try to escape. The doorway was on a far-off isolated island and it would take some time to get there. To guide their way, the god Poseidon cleared a pathway for them across the seas. Once they arrived at the island the Amazons created a new city and named their new home Themyscira, after their previous fallen city. Hippolyta then held a contest of trials to determine which Amazon was the most skilled among her people. The victor, Nu'Bia, was then sent into Doom's Doorway to better safeguard the entryway from within the Underworld while the remaining Amazons protected the entrance in the mortal world. The Amazons continued to live on the island guarding Doom's Doorway, and paying homage to their gods, for three-thousand years. The Amazon Queen raised Diana on the island as the princess of the Amazon Nation. Her love of Diana at times though proved to take precedent over the welfare o f her people. For example, when the god Zeus intended to rape Diana (after she had become Wonder Woman) as a "reward" for thwarting Ares plot, an enraged Hippolyta was willing to put the entire island in peril by confronting the god outright in order to protect Diana. Later still when Diana was told that she was to enter Doom's Doorway alone in order to answer a challenge by her gods, Hippolyta again placed the island in peril by disobeying the gods and entering Doom's Doorway to save her daughter. Though her motherly love was proven in these instances and more, it also showed that she was beginning to lose interest in the rule of her people. Here's where I come in, somewhere in that time Diana found herself pregnant with child, how, who, when and where, is unknown, till this very day! The Queen begged Diana to remain hidden on the island so that no one would learn of this pregnancy, at first Diana, refused, she sought out the support of her two best friends Batman and Super man! Batman ran every kind of test, to determine what was growing inside Diana, was it human, was it alien in origin! Every test Batman performed, showed no sign of being anything but that of a human child! With the mystery of how Diana could possibly have gotten pregnant, Batman offered up the idea of aborting the child. But as the days passed, Diana became attached to that which grew inside her! So she refused, she thanked her friends, asked them to cover for her, while she returned to Paradise Island, to her mother, to have her baby! After her return, Queen Hippolyta went to the oracle Penelope, to learn what she could about this mysterious pregnancy. After much time, with every attempt made to learn anything on this unborn child, there was no such success, leaving more question then any answers!)

Diana: Mother, I don't understand, how can this be happening to me, by the Gods what sort of trickery is this?

Queen: My daughter, I am truly sorry, we have used all means at our disposal to no avail!

Diana: Mother I have never had sex, you know this to be true, yes?

Queen: My beloved daughter do you even have to ask such a question! You must make a very hard decision here and now, will you keep the child?

Diana: Mother you know I cant abort this baby, I don't believe in it, what kind of hypocrite would that make me, although no one but my closes friends knows about this, I would still have to live with myself knowing, that I ended a life, before it even had a chance at life! I cant do it mother, I wont! I will get to the bottom of this, I will discover who would and could have done something like this to me, but the child can not be to blame for the evil actions of others!

Queen: Then we will retreat to the summer palace, will let Mala, Phillipus, and Cydippe escort us!

Diana: I don't want anyone to know till after mother!

Queen: Of course my daughter!

Demetrius: (For 8 months Diana continued to get bigger and bigger! Phillipus, guarded the summer palace from unwanted guests! Mala, stood by her close friend Diana, and Cydippe, Diana's aid her entire life, took care of her! The Queen came and went so as to not arise suspicion. The Queen sought out Penelope, high priestess and oracle.)

Queen: Penelope, you have been my trusted friend for a long time now!

Penelope: It has been my honor, my Queen!

Queen: I must ask something of you, and it requires the most solemn of oaths of secrecy!

Penelope: My Queen, I live to serve you, anything between us, stays between us and the Gods themselves!

Queen: Diana is pregnant with child, as far as she knows no man has laid a hand upon her, yet 9 months ago she found herself pregnant! I must ask you to consult every oracle, soothsayer, mystic I don't care, but I need to know, what has happened to my daughter. She is about to give birth any day now, it is imperative that we find out anything we can!

Penelope: Consider it done, my Queen!

Demetrius: (Days later Diana went into 12 hours of labor, before she finally delivered a baby boy! The fact that Diana just had a baby became less shocking then the fact that she had delivered a boy!)

Queen: By the Gods, Diana, its, its, a, boy!

Diana: (Crying) A, boy, mother, is he healthy, is he, well is he human?

Cydippe: (Cleaning off the crying baby she just delivered!) I have no reason to believe he is anything but human! Would you like to hold him now?

Diana: Please! (Being handed the baby, she looked into his eyes, and they were like looking into her own blue eyes, the baby stopped crying as Diana held him) Mother, look at him, he's, he's beautiful!

Queen: He looks exactly like you the day I held you in my arms the first time! What will you name him daughter?

Diana: For some reason I just assumed I would have a baby girl, I never thought it would be a boy, I have not even begun to think of a name! Do you have an idea?

Queen: Demetrius! After my father, as well as its root meaning, half demi-God!

Diana: Mother, that's perfect, Demetrius, my baby, boy!

Queen: We must beseech the Gods, to bless this child, the first son, of Paradise Island!

Diana: What of the law, no man shall set foot on the island?

Queen: As many times as you've broken that rule, with bringing your friends from the Justice League here, does this really concern you?

Diana: Mother, now you know the only reasons I even had the JLA here, is to help in saving Themyscira!

Phillipus: My Queen, Penelope is here to see you, she said it is urgent!

Queen: Diana, I shall return!

Diana: Don't take to long mother, I need you!

Queen: Since you left for Man's World, I have longed to hear the words from you mouth again! I shall be quick! (Walks out to meet Penelope, they walk the grounds of the Summer Palace!) What have you learned?

Penelope: Someone or something, is blocking anyway of knowing where the child has come from, I have tapped out every source, every avenue known to the Amazons, everything is blocked when it comes to this child!

Queen: This does not bode well!

Penelope: My Queen, there is one thing that I am sure of, this could not have been done by the hands of any mere mortal! I believe one of the Gods are involved here!

Queen: Hera help us if that is the case! Zeus has tried to rape my daughter more than enough times, as well as Ares seeking his revenge, it could be any of them!

Penelope: There is one ritual that I can perform, but I will need some blood of the baby!

Queen: You don't mean to attempt the prophēteia

Penelope: There is no other way my Queen!

Queen: You could be gone for hundreds of years or die trying, I wont ask that of you!

Penelope: My Queen, Diana was raised by as all, you allowed her to be a child of all the Amazons, the mother in me demands that I take this journey in search of the answers you need! Allow me this in the name of my fallen lover Menalippe, she would have wanted me to do this!

Queen: Then you have my blessing! My the Gods watch over and protect you, my sister, my daughter, my friend! (Crossing their arms together in a the shape of an X, letting their bracelets clank together) Godspeed! (The Queen returns to her daughters side! She finds Diana asleep and the baby moving around in its crib, she picks him up and caries him outside and starts talk to him!) Demetrius, my grandson, how I have longed for the day to hear the sound of a baby crying again, the sound of feet pitter pattering. I swear an oath in the names of the Gods, to watch over you, protect you, love you all the days of your life! I don't know the reasons behind how you came to be, and I don't care, holding you here in my arms right now, the love I feel for you, is the same as that of the first time I held Diana in my arms, oh so long ago! (Years have passed, the Amazons came to except him as one of their own, some Amazons were angered by the fact that a male walked among them. Others w ere all to grateful to have a child among them again! Diana possesses a host of superhuman powers granted to her by the gods and goddesses of Olympus, gifts which have been stated to be equal to their own abilities. Primary among these are superhuman strength and stamina, which she draws from a mystical link to the Earth itself granted by Demeter.

Diana is one of the strongest and most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. Her stamina affords her an incredible degree of resistance to blunt force trauma. However, Diana's skin is not invulnerable and can be pierced by sharp projectiles. Diana has heightened resistance to magical attacks and manipulation. She is experienced in battling foes who use sorcery as a weapon. She heals with superhuman speed. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat, proficient with nearly every weapon of her culture, especially the bow and the javelin. She has at times engaged in battle with beings such as Superman, Darkseid, or the Olympian Gods and held her own against them.

She has enhanced senses, as well as being able to communicate with all forms of animals. The God Hermes gifted Diana with the powers of super-human speed and unassisted flight. She possesses the "sight of Athena", or the gift of increased insight, allowing her to sense others' emotions, and is now fully immune to mind control. Diana possesses great wisdom and intelligence, giving her heightened proficiency with languages, being able to speak her native Themysciran, Ancient and Modern Greek, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese (she expressed "difficulty" with the tones of Cantonese during an interview with Lois, Russian, and Hindi.

Wonder Woman is an accomplished strategist and tactician, leader, and diplomat. She has been shown to astral project herself into various lands of myth. In some cases, she has shown the ability to place individuals into a state of sleep while under the power of her golden lasso. Queen Hippolyta used this technique on Diana herself during the Our Worlds at War event. Diana has numerous powerful weapons at her disposal, but her signature weapons are her indestructible bracelets and the Lasso of Truth. The Bracelets were formed from the remnants of Zeus's legendary Aegis shield, and Diana's superhuman reflexes and senses allow her to deflect or reflect projectiles and bullets, including automatic weapons fire, as well as energy blasts, including multi-vector attacks. The Lasso of Truth is absolutely unbreakable and has restrained beings as powerful as Superman, Captain Marvel, and the gods Ares and Hades. The Lasso burns with a magical aura called the Fires of Hestia, forcing anyone within the Lasso's confines to be truthful. The Fires can restore lost memories, dispel illusions, renew the wielder's body, protect those encircled by it from magical and non-magical attacks, and even cure insanity. As time passed Demetrius has begun to exhibit the same abilities as his mother! The Amazons have helped in training him in all the Amazonian ways. Queen Hippolyta, prayed to the Gods to bestow upon him all the abilities of his mother, knowing that one day he to would venture out into Man's World! Diana, continued with her duties to the world as Wonder Woman, leavi ng Demetrius in the hands of his grandmother and sister amazons, his bond with the Queen was closer than his bond with his own mother! He grew up resenting the fact that his mother often chose others over her own son! Donna Troy, his aunt, had an unbreakable bond with Demetrius, so much so that when Diana would witness them together, it stung her heart. But she knew as hard as the choice was between her son and her duty to the mission the Gods have laid out for her, there was no choice, it was a sacrifice she had to make, one that she hoped he would one day understand! Wonder Girl, aka, Cassandra Sandsmark, was another story all together, Diana took her under her wing and taught her everything, along side with Artemis, hell even Supergirl, got to come here and train with the Amazons, and its like I'm a dirty little secret, ok really I'm not a complainer, its just how can you not be hurt, when it looks like your mother would rather be with everyone else other than you! I'm pr oud of my Mother and all that she stands for, and I worry about her all the time, I just wish she would want me around her, the way I want to be with her! It doesn't help that I have no idea who my father is, but than again, neither does my mother! My sister Amazons are amazing, but they aren't men, there are so many questions that I have that I have no one to ask about! Like that fact that I'm on an Island filled with beautiful woman, yet I'm not attracted to any of them, and when I play with my private area, all I think about is what it would be like to have another guy around to play with, each of us touching each others private areas. Or what it even means when I shoot this white stuff out of penis as Epione calls it, she's the head medic here on the Island, she told me that was the name, and tried to explain things to me, but was so embarrassed she just couldn't finish, then the Queen came and told her to cease speaking of any of those things, that I am way to young to know about any of that stuff! I'm 17 years old soon to be 18 and that's just according to Man's World calendar system, here on Themyscira time moves differently, so I'm technically 1117 years old and she still thinks me to be a kid. It was days like that, that I wish I knew who my father was, maybe he could help me understand these feelings I have, the tingling sensation in my body, the reason I think about men more than I think about woman! So many questions never enough answers!)

The Queen's Throne-

Queen: Daughter, why don't you talk to him, you're visits are less and less, and each time you do come, its to train someone and not to just visit your son!

Diana: Don't you think its just as hard on me, he's my son I think about him everyday, but what am I to do, I cant take him with me, I don't want a life of fighting evil all the time, for him!

Queen: Isn't that his choice?

Diana: He's to young to make that kind of decision, he has no idea what the world is all about, how it is run, I'm afraid he would be eaten alive!

Queen: Much like I felt about you when you secretly entered the Bullets and Bracelets contests and won the right to leave this Island Paradise, to be an Emissary for Themyscira! I forbade you to enter, yet you still felt compelled to do so, and you were way to young, with no understanding of Man's World.

Diana: That's not fair mother, I was over 1000 years older than he is right now! The Gods themselves made me their chosen one to teach the world the Amazonian ways and ideals!

Queen: What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander?

Diana: Sometimes I hate that your always know what to say!

Queen: Diana, I don't want him to leave here either! It seems like just yesterday he was brought into our lives to have him leave would break my heart, much like when you first left these shores! But he has a right to it, to seek out his own destiny, to learn what it is to be a man, we have given him all we can, but at the end of the day, we are not men, there are only so many things we can teach him! I have taken the liberty of creating a costume for him, the material is indestructible forged by Hephaestus himself, as a favor to me!

Diana: Mother you made him a costume, its like your sending him out to battle!

Queen: Diana, it is in his blood to be a protector of the innocent, to teach the ways of the Amazons, just as you and Donna, and Cassie have! What are you really afraid of Daughter, I know there is something more, I can see it in your eyes!

Diana: You know me to well mother! All these years I have been afraid of the day that he would ask me who his father is! I have kept him at arms length just for that reason alone! What kind of burden would I put on his shoulders if I told him, that I don't know how I got pregnant with you, that I might have been raped, ok there is no room for might have been, we both know I was! But the point is, what will I answer him, what do I say when he asks about his father?

Queen: That I can not answer you, you must decide that for yourself when the time is right!

Diana: If he leaves the island, whoever his father is, could be laying in wait, for his chance to take him! We don't know what the reason is behind his birth, is he a weapon, can he be controlled, so on and so on!

Queen: Do you actually think we can keep him locked away on this Island forever?

Diana: No! But I just don't have the answers! Hera help me when that time comes! Now with my life having a secret identity and working for the Department of Metahuman Affairs, how do I explain having a son?

Queen: Daughter, now you know just how hard motherhood is!

Diana: Trust me, I feel such guilt over the way I have reacted to things you have done in the past, realizing you did them just to protect me!

Queen: When the time comes you will know what you need to do, how to bring him into your life as Agent Diana Prince of the DMA! He needs to be with other young people his age, and he needs a man in his life! If I had my way none of my children would ever leave here, I would keep you all around me all the time. But the cycle of life demands other wise!

Diana: I just need some more time to think about it, I just feel better knowing he's here with you and my sister Amazons!

Queen: And I'm sure he would feel better being with his mother! But that's the last I'm going to say on the subject. However, why don't you ask one of you friends, Superman or Batman, to talk to him, maybe spend sometime with him, give him a chance to find the answers you know he is seeking?

Diana: That is a good idea! I'll talk to Kal and Bruce about it! Now for the hard part, I have to leave, let me go talk to him! Thank you for everything mother!

Queen: May the Gods be with you always daughter!

Diana: (Walks over to Demetrious) Hello son!

Demetrius: Mother!

Diana: Mother tells me you excel in all your courses and training!

Demetrius: I have good teachers!

Diana: Then why did you put a frog in Maida's lunch bag the other day?

Demetrius: (Face turning red) If you would have seen how many shades of color her face changed into, you would know it was worth a thousand lashes!

Diana: Demetrius! You know she is deathly afraid of frogs, that wasn't very nice!

Demetrius: I was just having a little bit of fun!

Diana: Demetrius, you are a Prince! You have royal obligations, your actions reflect that of the Queen and myself!

Demetrius: So is this what we are going to do every time you come for a quick visit, your going to scold me for every little thing I do?

Diana: Do you think I like having to talk to you about do?

Demetrius: I guess we wouldn't have anything to talk about otherwise!

Diana: Is that what you think, that we have nothing to talk about! I'm your mother, you can talk to me about anything!

Demetrius: Really, can I now! I really don't think you want to start this conversation with me!

Diana: Demetrius, why are you so angry with me?

Demetrius: (With our voices raising we started attracting the attention of everyone around us) How can you even ask me that, how is it that your suppose to be as wise as Athena yet when it comes to me, you have no clue as to what is going on with me!

Diana: Demetrius, calm yourself, there is no need to take that kind of tone with me!

Demetrius: I didn't ask you to come here and start talking to me, you chose to do so all on your own, so you have no one to blame but yourself for my tone!

Diana: Why don't you try talking to me, and telling me what your feeling!

Demetrius: (Now everyone stopped what they were doing and watched us) Your suppose to be my mother, but I have no clue who you are, I see you when you just so happen to have business here on the Island. All I want is to be loved by you, some attention, anything! But no, you would rather going gallivanting around with "Wonder Girl" or one of you Justice League buddies! Well What about me, when is it my turn, when do I get to be apart of your life, when do I get to be treated as if I am your son, instead of handing me off to every other Amazon on the Island, do you even know how many of my birthdays you have missed, and you can spare me the I was on a mission, cause your always on a mission, why did you even have me, you don't talk about who my father is, is it because he didn't want me either, let me ask you this, if you didn't have this Island filled with your sister Amazons and your Mother to take care of me, would you have given me up for adoption! (She stare's at me wit h pain in her eyes, a tear slowly moves down her cheek, my heart hurts for hurting her, but my rage has taken over all my rational senses!) Answer me damn it, did you ever even want me, or could you not wait to get rid of me the moment you knew you were pregnant with child! Was I a mistake you wish never happened so you leave me, so that I'm out of sight out of mind? (Slap!) (She slaps me, I deserved it I know, but I still cant believe she did it)

Diana: Demetrius...I'm...

Demetrius: (I flew into the air leaving her standing there, being watched by the onlookers! I flew as fast as I could to the other side of the Island and landed on the beach, I sat down put my head on my knees and just began to cry.)

Back at the Queen's Throne-

Queen: Daughter, he is young, his words were harsh, but he is just emotional!

Diana: He hates me mother, and he thinks that I have no love for him, and I cant blame him at all, so much of what he said was true!

Queen: Don't talk like that, he didn't mean what he said, all he wants his to know the love of his mother!

Diana: He should have no doubt of the love I have for him, what kind of mother am I, that a son should even question his mothers love! How could I slap him, I cant believe I even laid a hand on him!

Queen: We all make mistakes, we are merely human!

Watch Tower: {Watch Tower to Diana}

Diana: {This is Diana, go ahead}

Watch Tower: {We have a priority one alert, your presence is required immediately!}

Diana: Mother, I have to go!

Queen: You need to go to your son!

Diana: Mother, please, talk to him for me, I will return as soon as I can! {Ready for teleportation} (With those words she is teleported to the watch tower!)

Back at the beach-

Demetrius: (I shouldn't have talked to her like that, but I let my emotions get the best of me as usual. Suddenly in the skies above me to fighter jets shooting at one another both exploded as I flew up one pilot was able to eject himself from his craft, that bore markings similar to those of my mothers armor, came floating down in his parachute, which had caught on fire, and he began speeding downwards, I flew with the speed of Hermes and caught him mid air, he was unconscious, as I held him there in my arms staring at this beautiful man, his long blonde hair flowing, his skin so white, his body looked like he took care of himself, like he was strong, he started opening his eyes)

Man: (Blinking his eyes again and again, trying to focus, when he looked into the ocean blue eyes of Demetrius his heart sank) A-angel, you must be and angel!

Demetrius: (I heard the words of this man, and my stomach became tied in knots, my palms sweaty, my heart all a flutter, looking into his mesmerizing green eyes, I had and uncontrollable desire to kiss him) Sleep now, your safe with me! (He closed his eyes and I flew as fast as I could to Epione, the chief healer of the Island!)

Hours later in the infirmary-

Demetrius: Is he going to be alright?

Queen: Yes, he was lucky you caught him when you did!

Demetrius: Did Eudia question him?

Queen: Yes!

Demetrius: Well, who is he, what was he doing, who was he fighting...

Queen: His name is Steve Trevor Jr. He works for the IADC, Inter-Agency Defense Command! He was chasing down a spy who stole information that would have led to the discovery of secret government agents hidden through-out the world!

Demetrius: So he's a good guy!

Queen: Yes he is! But there is something you need to know! Your mother met the spirit of Steve Trevor's grandmother, Diana Trevor, who was clad in armor identical to her own. Trevor revealed that during World War II she had crashed on Themyscira while on duty as a US Army pilot. She blundered into an Amazon battle against Cottus, a multi-armed demon, at the portal to the underworld. Trevor was drawn into the battle, although she was armed only with her side arm. She wounded the beast before suffering a mortal blow, allowing the Amazons to reseal the portal. The Amazons, impressed by this unknown woman's self-sacrifice, entombed her with honors and clothed her in armor displaying the American flag pattern on her uniform (which they assumed were her Heraldic colors). Consequently, Princess Diana's costume honors Diana Trevor and, by clothing her in its own heraldry, was intended to ease the heroine's acceptance in Man's world.

Demetrius: So this isn't the first Trevor to arrive on Themyscira! Do you think it means something?

Queen: I don't know!

Phillipus: (Walking up) My Queen, Penelope has returned!

Queen: I must speak with her at once, where is she?

Phillipus: She is waiting in your chambers!

Queen: Demetrius, I don't have to tell you...

Demetrius: I know, I know, I wont bother him! (After they leave I make my way into his Steve's room, I walk over to his bed and take a seat next to him. He looks to beautiful laying there, I take his hand into mine, I intertwine our fingers together, his blonde hair hanging down in his face, I take my hand and slowly move the strands from his face! He begins to stir)

Steve: (Opening his eyes) A-angel, your still here!

Demetrius: Shh, rest!

Steve: Am I dead?

Demetrius: Far from it! Your alive and well!

Steve: What happened to the other plane?

Demetrius: It exploded, that pilot didn't make it!

Steve: Where am I?

Demetrius: Paradise Island! Known to the outside world at Themyscira!

Steve: I thought men weren't allowed on the Island?

Demetrius: They aren't!

Steve: If that's the case your one ugly woman!

Demetrius: Ha, ha, ha, I am Prince Demetrius, son of Princess Diana!

Steve: Did I thank you for saving my life?

Demetrius: There is no need!

Steve: How can I repay you?

Demetrius: (Let me count the ways) You're the first man I have ever met, I would love to ask you questions if you don't mind!

Steve: You never met a man before?

Demetrius: Living on a Island where only woman are allowed, pretty hard to meet another man!

Steve: I see your point! So, do you have sex with all these women?

Demetrius: Sex! No! I've heard of Sex, but I don't really know much about it!

Steve: Your kidding me, you're a virgin! How old are you, 18, 19?

Demetrius: 1117 years old, soon to be 1118 years old!

Steve: Your kidding right?

Demetrius: Well according to your standards I'm 17 going on 18!

Steve: Well if I can be candid with you, do you at least masturbate?

Demetrius: Masturbate?

Steve: Ok, do you ever take you dick and play with it rubbing it up and down till it shoots out white stuff?

Demetrius: Dick, is that another word for penis?

Steve: Yes!

Demetrius: Ok, then yes I have done that!

Steve: A lot I'm sure! So, can I ask you why you never mess around with any of the woman here on the Island?

Demetrius: I'm not interested in any of them!

Steve: So the million dollar question! Are you into guys?

Demetrius: That's kind of hard to answer as you're the first guy I've met!

Steve: Ok, lets try this another way! When you're around these woman does you dick get hard?

Demetrius: (Laughing) Ha, ha, ha, no of course not!

Steve: When your around me, does it get hard?

Demetrius: (My face must have turned ten shades of red) I, um, you, that's...(He grabs my hand and moves it to his penis which is hard as a rock)

Steve: Does it feel like this when your around me?

Demetrius: Gulp! Yes!

Steve: Then your like me! I like guys, not girls! Can I ask you for a favor?

Demetrius: Please do!

Steve: Kiss me!

Demetrius: (He grabs my head and starts moving it closer to his, our lips touch and he starts to open his mouth and his kiss becomes wetter and wetter, his tongue makes his way into my mouth so I mimic everything he does, when I suddenly hear foot steps entering into our room, I quickly moved from him, the smile he had on his face was priceless!)

Eudia: Prince Demetrius, what are you doing in here?

Demetrius: I was just checking in on Steve!

Eudia: Did you talk with him?

Demetrius: Of course I did!

Eudia: Prince Demetrius, you should know better, anything you say could be harmful to Themyscira! (Walking over she takes a crystal off a shelf and walks over to Steve, waves it in front of his face, till Steve falls into a trance.) You will forget everything that has happened in last two hours, you will fall asleep. (With that Steve falls asleep)

Demetrius: Why did you do that?

Eudia: You know the Amazonian laws! He must not remember!

Demetrius: (I storm off. The most amazing moment of my life, with an amazing guy, and now he was made to forget it all! This sucks!)

The Queens Chambers-

Penelope: That is all I learned my Queen!

Queen: All these years Penelope, how can I ever repay you?

Penelope: My Queen, I live and breath to serve you! I'm sorry I couldn't find out anymore than what I did!

Queen: Its more than enough to go off of! I believe the fates have sent this young Steve Trevor here, so that Demetrius would have to venture off the Island!

Penelope: I cant believe he's grown so much! Look at him, he looks just like the princess and you my Queen!

Queen: He does doesn't he! He stands at 6'2, and has worked his body to rival that of Adonis himself! Weighing 225. His eyes like that of Diana and myself!

Penelope: The Gods have truly blessed you my Queen with a beautiful family!

Queen: Yes they have, but why must I always lose them to the outside world!

Penelope: Because they don't belong to Paradise Island, they belong to the world! True warriors out to save mankind, to teach them the ways of the Amazonians! So what do you think this all means for him?

Queen: If you want to know the truth of what I think, I shall tell you! I believe him to be the son of Zeus himself, he tried to rape Diana, time after time! I believe he found his way! To what reason he wanted another child out of it, I do not know, but I am sure it is of great importance! For Zeus has had many children, each one has a tale of some quest, or mission, or labor they have had to perform in the name of Zeus! If what you found out is true, the sooner Demetrius leaves the island the safer he will be, I will not lose my only grandchild!

The Coliseum-

Queen: My Amazons I have gathered you all here for a very important reason. Themyscira has been hidden from Man's World for a reason, with this crash landing of Steve Trevor, I fear many more will attempt to find the shores of our island Paradise, and I we cant have that! We have learned all we can from Steve Trevor and it is time to return him to his home. We have erased all memories of ever being here! But as many of you remember man's insistent need for answers, suspicions will arise if we just send Steve back on a boat. There for I have consulted with the oracle and have come to a decision to send Prince Demetrious to Man's World. (Ooh's and ahh's are heard from the crowd) He will be able to secretly incorporate himself into the IADC, which is the branch that Steve Trevor works for as an agent. To insure the safety of Themyscira from ever being detected by Man's World!

Artemis: My Queen, as in the past, as is the Amazonian way, should there not be a contest to decide the best to take on the challenge?

Queen: My belief is that, with there being three Amazonian females in Man's World already, if another one is to leave the Island, the United States would view this as a threat, that we were trying to subtly invade! Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl and the Princess Donna Troy, out there, I would not be making a wise choice in sending another! Is there anyone other than Artemis who feels that there should be a competition, speak now! (No one says anything) Then Artemis, we shall hold the contest of Bullets and Bracelets between you and Prince Demetrius! Magda, please bring the weapons! Prince Demetrius, I must speak with you!

Demetrius: (I walk over to her) Yes, My Queen!

Queen: Are you ready for the task that lays ahead of you?

Demetrius: My Queen...

Queen: I am asking you as your grandmother, not as your Queen!

Demetrius: (I grab her hands) Grandmother, my heart, my soul! I have never been more honored than to know you have so much faith in me, that you would be willing to pick me for this mission. I never thought I would leave this Island, let alone have you chose me to do so! I am beyond ready, I will make you proud!

Queen: Artemis has used her Bracelets against bullets, you have not!

Demetrius: I have been taught by the best Amazons, I have watched you my own grandmother, my mother, my aunt, I have studied, and practiced, I can do this!

Queen: I believe in you my child!

Demetrius: Thank you! (I walk out onto the coliseum grounds, I stand across from Artemis.)

Queen: Artemis, you shall fire first!

Artemis: Yes my Queen!

Demetrius: (I stand with my arms crossed in front of my face, I pray to the Gods to watch over me and to guide my hands today! She shoots the first shot, I wave my right hand, blocking the bullet with my bracelet. She shoots again, I wave my left hand upward blocking yet another bullet. She shoots again, this time she aimed from my crotch area, low blow if you ask me, I wave my right hand blocking again and so on till I block all 6 shots! The Crowd cheers)

Queen: Very good Prince Demetrius. Now it is your turn)

Demetrius: (I shoot she blocks, again she blocks, and again and again till I have fired all 6)

Queen: Very good Artemis! Now to break the tie, we will shoot bullet after bullet without stopping! Artemis, you will go first!

Demetrius: (Ok, I made it through the first round I can do this, I can do this. Zeus help me this day! She fires, I block with my left hand, then with my right hand above my head, then with my left hand I block my crotch area, what is she trying to take away my manhood! Then again and again till I block them all! The crowd cheers)

Queen: Nicely done Prince Demetrius! Now your turn!

Demetrius: (If I can shoot high then low then high then to the side I could be able to throw her off and get her, Oh Goddess of the hunt help my aim today! I begin to shoot, at her head, then her waist, then her shoulder, then her leg, when the bullet grazes her leg and she kneels over and grabs her leg, two Amazons grab her and take her to the infirmary. The crowd starts clapping and cheering for me!)

Queen: Prince Demetrius, you have been challenged to Bullets and Bracelets and you have won! Please step forward! (He walks and stands before me! I place a wreath upon his head a sign of the victory) What I ask of you, is a mission, to protect your home, your sister Amazons. This is no easy task, what I ask of you is the most difficult sacrifice any person can make, but one that I know you can handle, I know you will make me proud!

Demetrius: I do it because I love my people, I love my queen, but most of all I love my mother and my Queen!

Queen: I would expect nothing less from my own child!

The Queen's chambers-

Queen: I have made this suit for you to wear, in the world of ordinary mortals, you're a Wonder boy! (Hands him the costume) I want you to do this, hold your arms straight out to your left and then spin! (Holding his costume in his hand he does as she asks, a thunderous noise is heard and a blue and red light is shown and when it disappears he is standing there dressed in his costume. His costume is a gold mask with a red star at the top, his black hair flows out of the top, the mask only covering his face from the nose up to the forehead and around the back. A tight red tee shirt with the WW symbol in the center. Blue tights with stars up and down the legs. Red Boots with a white strip down the center. A gold belt around the waist.) This is your magic lasso, it is made with an indestructible material as is your outfit. Whoever is encircled within the lasso, will be compelled to tell the truth, you can also make them forget, or order them to do as you ask. Use it wisely and with compassion. The ruby in the star on your forehead, if you rub it in a circle three times, you can contact me anytime you need my help. Eudia, has created papers for you and entered you into the government system, you will go by the name Dmitri Prince, she has made you a transfer into the IADC, Inter-Agency Defense Command. You will be Steve Trevor's new partner! She has also used a little mind control to easy him into accepting you! You papers show you to be a child genius so you've made it through the best academies and graduated with honors, from Yale at the age of 15. You became an agent at 16 and you are now 18 years of age! If any of these steps have not worked immediately contact me, and Eudia will fix the situation! You must keep your secret Identity a secret it is imperative, your mother works for the Department of Meta-human Affairs and is known as Agent Diana Prince, you will be known as her son, and this will give you a chance to have a relationship with your mother! Before you even say a word. That is not a request that's an order from your Queen. And a plea from your grandmother! Please just give it a chance. Although, you might want to wait till after the dust settles, because when she finds out your not on Paradise Island anymore, she is going to flip out on the both of us!

Demetrius: Grandmother, I'm scared!

Queen: Why?

Demetrius: Being away from here, what the world out there will be like, will I be able to do any good out there!

Queen: When I ventured out into Man's World for the first time, I was afraid as well, but I met some really nice people, made friends, learned their ways quickly, but it was a great experience for me as it will be for you! You go there, with all that you have learned here, and put it all to use for Truth and Justice!

Demetrius: I'll make you proud, of me and Wonder Boy!

Queen: I know you will! Now the invisible jet is ready with Steve aboard. I love you very much Demetrius, and remember anytime you need me just use the ruby!

Demetrius: Thank you for everything, I love you more than words!

Queen: May the Gods protect and watch over you, all the days of your life! Now I have put a bag inside the jet, it has all of your identification cards, a lot of money so hide that well, you will need to find a place to live. The Jet has been programmed with the coordinates, get him to the hospital as soon as you get there! Now go my child, and Godspeed!

The Invisible Jet-

Demetrius: (Flying over lands I have never been to before is amazing, but the view inside the jet is even better, as he lays there sleeping, I long to feel my lips pressed against his again! He begins to stir)

Steve: (Opening his eyes) Angel, are you an angel?

Demetrius: Sleep now, this is just a dream! (As I land the plane I lift him up and carry him into the hospital, people all staring at me) I need a doctor!

Lady: What's wrong with him?

Demetrius: His plane crashed! (I set him down on a gurney.)

Lady: Will handle it from here! I'll just need you to fill out these forms!

Demetrius: Forms?

Lady: Ya, you know, who he is, does he have insurance!

Demetrius: Insurance?

Lady: Medical coverage!

Demetrius: I'll leave all that to you, I don't know him, I just saved him! (I turned around and walked out! Strange lady! I would be back to check on him but for now, I best go find a place to live! I went back to the Jet, got out the bag, put it over my shoulder, turned the ship into the size of a small coin put it in my belt! I started walking down the street looking at the stores, realizing I would need clothes too. There is just so much to see and do. I have no idea where to begin. When suddenly I hear gunshots being fired up ahead, men dressed in uniforms are being shot at by four men coming out of a bank holding bags, I flew into the air and landed between the uniformed men and the obvious thieves. They started shooting at me, and I used my bracelets to deflect the bullets the more they shot the more I blocked!)

Thief: And just who are you suppose to be?

Demetrius: I'm Wonder Boy! And you need to put those bags down!

Thief: Why don't you make us, there are four of us, and one of you!

Demetrius: Remember I asked nicely! (They started shooting again, I blocked their shots and moved in closer with the speed of Mercury, I took all of their guns away and threw them to the uniformed men, the first guy came to attack, I lifted him with one hand and threw him backward into the air landing in front of the uniformed men, another came to kick me, I grabbed his leg and twisted it, so that his whole body twisted in the air and he landed with a thud, I grabbed him and slid him across the ground to the other one, the other two started to run away I got my lasso and spun it in the air and caught them in it, yanked it back and they both flew back landing on the ground, the uniformed men came up to me!)

Man: Thank you Wonder Boy, that would have been the third bank robbery by these guys!

Thief: Lousy cop!

Demetrius: Cop?

Man: That's what we are, we're cops or police officers!

Demetrius: Ah, yes, I know this!

Man: Well, will need you to fill out some forms and triplicates!

Demetrius: I catch the robbers and I have to fill out forms! This is a strange place! (I flew into the air and who do I run into, none other than my aunt Donna)

Donna: Hello! I saw what you did, good job, but your new around here, I've never seen you before!

Demetrius: Its me aunt Donna! Demetrius!

Donna: I should have guessed by the costume! What in the name of Zeus are you doing here?

Demetrius: it's a long story! I'd be glad to tell you all about it, but first will you help me find a place to live, and somewhere to buy some clothes to help me fit in!

Donna: Sure, but you have a lot of explaining to do!


Hours later at Demetrius new apartment-

Donna: I programmed my number into your cell phone, if you need me at anytime you just call.

Demetrius: Thank you for everything!

Donna: Your mother is going to kill you!

Demetrius: I don't think she will care at all, she hasn't been interested in my life so far, why should she start now!

Donna: Demetrius, don't talk like that, your mother loves you more than anything! She just has responsibilities that she has to keep!

Demetrius: Whatever!

Donna: Wow, not even a day in the US and already you're using their slang!

Demetrius: Did I use it right?

Donna: Perfectly! Well I have to go, but I will be back to check on you, and remember if you need me for anything just call!

Demetrius: I will! Love you! (She kisses me and flies off of my balcony. I spin and turn into Wonder Boy and fly off myself, to get back to the hospital and check on Steve! I land outside the hospital and channge back to myself and walk inside.) Hi, I'm looking for Steve Trevor's room?

Lady: Are you family?

Demetrius: I work with him!

Lady: Can I see some identification?

Demetrius: (I pull out my nifty Security ID that Aunt Donna helped me pick out)

Lady: Room 306!

Demetrius: Thank you! (I Walked down the hall turned into another hall with the numbers now in the 200's as I got closer to his room, I heard voices talking, I listened closer!)

Voice: As soon as the doctor leaves, will go in and get Trevor!

Demetrius: (I went into one of the closer rooms, made sure no one could see me. I spread my arms out to the left and began to spin until a thunderous sound and exploding red and blow lights and I became Wonder Boy. I went back out into the hall and the guys must have already made there way into Steve's room, I ran really fast and got to the room as Steve was struggling one guy from putting a needle in his neck as the other guy was coming around the other side I ran in grabbed the guy with the needle in his hand turned him around and threw him against a wall, grabbed the hand that is holding the needle, and slammed it again and again until he dropped it on the ground, where I was able to stomp on it, Steve grabbed the other guy and hit him in the face, as the guy flew backward Steve kicked his leg up kicking him in the head casing him to fall to the floor! I held my lasso around and him and began to question him!) Who sent you!

Man: (Struggling) D-don't k-know, j-just h-hear a v-voice on-da p-phone!

WB: How does the voice contact you?

Man: (Not able to struggle) He calls the cell phone in my pocket!

WB: Do you know anything else?

Man: No, I swear we know nothing, just a target name, Steve Trevor!

Steve: Angel!

WB: Excuse me?

Steve: I remember thinking I was dead floating in the clouds and you told me shh go back to sleep your dreaming!

WB: (Thank the Gods I was wearing a mask, I must have turned a 100 shades of red!) Do you know why someone would try and have you killed?

Steve: Do you have a couple of hours for me to give a half a list of why people would be trying to kill me!

WB: So your life is in constant danger?

Steve: If I say yes does that mean you going to fall me around to protect me?

WB: I'll be around! (I hear foot steps running towards the room, so I moved over to the window opened it up and stepped out on the ledge)

Steve: Who are you!

WB: Like you said I'm your angel! (I fly out the window into the night sky)

Steve: Damn who was that masked hottie?

The next morning at IADC- Demetrius from here on in will be known as Dmitri-

Dmitri: (I'm standing with Col. Joe Atkinson and Steve Trevor.)

Steve: I don't need a partner!

Joe: I didn't ask you, I'm telling you, you have a partner deal with it!

Steve: Can 24 languages?

Dmitri: (Saying it in 24 languages) Yes I am!

Steve: (Interrupting) Ok, I get the point! Fine! You follow my lead, you do what I say, and nobody gets hurt! Got it?

Dmitri: (I eyed him up and down, I wasn't used to anyone talking to me this way) Will play it by ear!

Joe: If you two are done with your pissing competition, we have work to do! We got a tip that giant heist is going down tonight! The Museum of modern art is holding a diamond gala, every diamond from here to Timbuktu will be at this event, diamonds worth billions of dollars all in one place!

Steve: Do we have a list of players?

Joe: 3 Known diamond thieves have just arrived in town! Perez, Taylor, Osmond, Smith!

Steve: (Looking at Dmitri) I'm assuming you know who they are?

Dmitri: Perez, stole the Queen of England's Diamond El-Francesca! Taylor, at 19 thought it would be cool to rip off Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamond collection, because they shared the same name!

Steve: Ok, I get it, you know who they are!

Joe: They set up the exhibit's the night before, security is tight, how they plan to get in tomorrow night is beyond me! You two are on it, not one of them gets a way with a single diamond, I have the brass breathing down my neck on this one!

Steve: Lets go Prince, lets scope out the targets!

Dmitri: Good day Colonel Atkinson!

Joe: Just Joe kid, I feel old enough as it is!


That night at the Museum-


Steve: {Prince, I have a visual on Perez and Taylor}

Dmitri: {Copy, I have visual on Osmond and Smith}

Steve: {Listen rookie, we want them caught in the act, so be patient. And rookie, don't get killed}

Dmitri: {Your enthusiasm for my safety is overwhelming!} (I make my way into some bushes and do a little spin and change into Wonder Boy! Now its time to show Steve what I can do!)

End Chapter-