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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 10- Happy Birthday

Inside the Palace-

Ares: Time to make your powers mine! (He puts his hands on the head of Dmitri and Cassie!)

Steve: No, Wonder Boy!

Witcher: Ares you bastard, get away from them!

Dmitri: (As Ares stands above him, ready to take the powers they have gained! A surge of energy enters Dmitri. Power unlike anything he's every felt before, he starts to feel the presence of others in his mind, its not just Dmitri anymore, the Gods have entered him, they have joined together and become one with Dmitri! Dmitri kicks his foot back kicking Ares in the head sending him flying back! Dmitri flips his body back standing on his hands on the table, and then landing on his feet!)

Phobos: Father!

Dmitri: (Phobos comes running to attack, jumping up in the air spin kicking him sending him flying into the wall and crashing!) Stay down!

Ares: You dare strike me a God?

Dmitri: (In a voice that is so deep, sounding like a bunch of people talking in unison!) Ares! You have failed and now you shall pay for your crimes!

Ares: Who do you think you are boy?

Dmitri: We are beyond your comprehension, do not try to understand that which you can not!

Steve: What is he talking about, why does he keep saying we?

Witcher: That's not Wonder Boy anymore, he's combined with all the Gods, become one!

12 hours earlier-

Dmitri: (I was about to go see Cassie, to tell her I would see Ares and find out who my father is! My anger over my mother and her choices was to much, I wanted to be selfish now, I wanted something for me, I wanted to know who my father is! But there was a nagging feeling inside the pit of my stomach, something wasn't right, and I know from my training you don't turn your back on your instincts! So I went to go see Caleb, tell him what I was about to do, maybe I wasn't thinking right, and needed a fresh prospective on the matter! I got to his place and knocked on the door, the door opened by itself, so I walked in!) Caleb?

Caleb: In here!

Dmitri: Why do you open your door without checking to see who it is first?

Caleb: Cause I already knew it was you, telepath remember!

Dmitri: Caleb I need to talk to you its very important!

Caleb: You mother already called looking for you, big fight huh?

Dmitri: You can say that!

Caleb: Look, I'm sorry about the whole Batman thing!

Dmitri: You knew, well of course you knew, you work with them, how could you not know!

Caleb: Look, all I have to say on that is, it wasn't my place to tell you, I would never come between you and your mother, it was for her to tell you in her own time! And I have to tell you, it has taken them years and years to finally get together! Batman is a great guy he loves your mother very much, I'm not trying to belittle you're feelings, but I feel that as your friend I have to tell you this!

Dmitri: I knew there was a reason why I came to see you! But that's not what I came to talk about, Cassie came to see me, she told me she knows who my father is!

Caleb: No way, that's great, who is he?

Dmitri: She cant tell me, if I want the answer I need to go find out from...(Looking down) Ares!

Caleb: Ares, are you out of your mind! You know its just a trap, I don't even understand how Cassie is alright with being involved with him, its not like her!

Dmitri: Zeus help me, but I don't care anymore Caleb, I just want to know who he is! My mother has someone, she's been distant from me my whole life, and I don't know, I just feel like maybe if I met my father, he would, I don't know help me make sense of my life!

Caleb: Dmitri, I understand, better than anyone, the confusion that you have, growing up with my parents wasn't the easiest place to grow up either! I had so many question, the whole gay thing a big part of it, and they were never here, dad was always off fighting some battle somewhere, and mom always being his anchor to the reality, its like I always wanted to ask, hello, why did you have a kid, if you were never going to be around!

Dmitri: Exactly!

Caleb: Ya, but making a deal with the devil, just to find out who you father is, it isn't worth it!

Voice: (A Voice is heard in Caleb's head) Caleb!

Caleb: What?

Dmitri: I didn't say anything?

Voice: Caleb, I need for you to bring Demetrius and come to the top of Fate Tower!

Dmitri: What is it Caleb?

Caleb: I don't know, a voice is saying we need to go to the top of my Fate tower!

Dmitri: Then lets go!

Caleb: We don't know who it is!

Dmitri: How will we find out if we don't go!

Caleb: You're really going to get me into a lot of trouble one day!

Top of Fate Tower-

Voice: I will open a passage way for the two of you to enter into my realm!

Caleb: Who are you?

Voice: All will be answered soon! Now, step through! (A doorway of light opens and the guys walk through. As they entered they are blinded by the bright light, and wait for their eyes to adjust!)

Dmitri: (Finally able to see. He sees Lord Zeus sitting on a throne and Hermes standing next to him. Dmitri, falls to his knees!) My Lords!

Zeus: Arise Demetrius!

Caleb: (Looking from them to Dmitri!) Is that who I think he is?

Dmitri: Yes it is! My Lord, forgive me, but I thought you left our plane of existence?

Zeus: We have, but our power is beyond one reality!

Dmitri: Of course my Lord!

Zeus: Demetrius, there is much for us to discuss and little time to do so! But before all of that, there is something you should know, something you need to know! I am your father!

Dmitri: (My eyes open wide, my mouth hangs open, I'm speechless. Zeus, Zeus is my father! Hermes runs to me with such speed, grabs onto my shoulders and kisses me three times, first the right cheek then left then right again!)

Hermes: Hello brother! It is such a pleasure to finally meet you face to face!

Dmitri: I, I, um, I...

Hermes: Ha, ha, ha!

Zeus: Demetrius, as we speak Ares has set in motion plans to destroy the Amazon race of Themyscira!

Dmitri: My family! (Horror appears on my face!)

Zeus: He has already taken control of Cassandra Sandsmark! She has been under his control for sometime now!

Dmitri: But why, why would Ares do this, when it is us Amazons that worship the Gods?

Zeus: Ares has been a power hungry God since his birth! His lust for power, has blackened his heart, to the point that he does not care if he harms his own flesh and blood!

Dmitri: My Lord, Father, can I call you father, what do I call you?

Zeus: Ha, ha, ha! Of course my son, call me father, I have waited a long time to hear those words escape your lips!

Dmitri: (My heart grows warm with his words!) Father, how do we stop him?

Zeus: My son, it is time for the Gods to return, to take back our rightful place on Mount Olympus! There is only one way to stop him! Ares plans on making Cassandra and yourself Gods, by giving you Ambrosia, Fruit of the Gods! After which he plans to steel your new Godly powers, to make them his own!

Dmitri: I still don't understand, how can we stop him, he really is a God?

Zeus: My son a sacrifice must be made, one that I do not want, but one that you and you alone are the only one that can make it!

Dmitri: What is it, what sacrifice?

Zeus: The only way to defeat Ares is for you to become one with us the Gods!

Caleb: Sorry to interrupt, but wont that drive him insane?

Zeus: Yes Caleb that is true! The only way to stop Ares, might also be the Death of you my Son!

Dmitri: I don't care, if it will save my people, and restore my Gods, and stop Ares, then I must do it!

Caleb: (Grabbing Dmitri and turning him to face me!) Are you crazy, you could die, Dmitri, I don't want you to die!

Dmitri: That means a lot to me, but I have no choice, these are my people we are talking about, and my Gods, I owe them my life, I must do what has to be done!

Zeus: Your courage is admirable my son! If we are able to defeat Ares, if you can find it with in yourself to willingly separate from the powers of the Gods that will be inside you, you will not go insane, we will leave your body!

Caleb: But man is prone to be weak, when it comes to the powers of the Gods, man cannot handle them, it will consume him, till he goes mad and there will be nothing left of him, and only the Gods will be left standing!

Zeus: You're a very smart young man, Caleb, your parents have taught you well! But I have faith in Demetrius, I believe you will be able to release us! You are full of such great attributes, you are humble, you have humility, wisdom, heart, courage, morals, and values that super seed the need for power!

Dmitri: You see all that in me?

Zeus: Yes my son I do, I have watched you since you were born, your selflessness through out your life, has never ceased to amaze me! All your years of loneliness, your heart sadden by the feeling of your mother, that your mother doesn't love you, and your need for a father, feeling like you have been unwanted by either. Yet you remained virtuous! My son there are things you must know, I went down to earth to walk among the mortals, I became a man named Trevor Barnes, I lost my memories of who I was, I only knew myself to be this Trevor Barnes persona that I had created, I met your mother and fell in love, we had a relationship, and that led to her becoming pregnant! Hera discovered me, as I had been gone longer than I normally would have, she gave me back my memories. Out of fear for Hera's wrath on Diana, I erased all Diana's memories on the matter, except that she had met a man named Trevor Barnes, during a vulnerable time in her life!

(Authors note:, see Wonder Woman Paradise lost story, in DC comics for the story of Trevor Barnes!)

Zeus: I didn't know it at the time, but discovered shortly after that Diana was indeed pregnant with you! Afraid of what might happen to the both of you, I kept it a secret all these years! Knowing that the Queen Hippolyta, would believe that I did this only to be with Diana, as I have made advancements on your mother many times in the past, all my attempts where met with a refusal! I dared not tell Diana what had really happened! So I watched you from afar, hoping that one day, I might be able to be with my son, a chance to love you, and have you love me in return! Unfortunately leaving the earthly plane, left me no opportunity to get to know you, up close and personal! But I have been with you all the days of your life, all that you have felt, and gone through, I have seen! My heart hurt for the pain you felt, for the sadness, the confusion (walking up and putting his arms around a crying Dmitri) I have only ever wanted to hold you, and be there for you, to make it all b etter, but the man you have become is one that I am so proud of! I look at you, and know why it is that I fell in love with your mother! Demetrius, you can never think that you mother didn't love you, or doesn't love you, because she love you with every fiber of her being, no one beats herself up more than your mother when it comes to you. She has just been so scared when it comes to you, that she thought she did the right thing by leaving you on the Island to grow, you cannot hold this against her! Her fear about you discovering who your father is, has come from her belief that she was raped, and that is how you came to be born. Remember I wiped her memories away, she just knew herself to wake up with child one day!

Dmitri: I, I, don't know what to say!

Zeus: Tell me you forgive me, tell me that you love me!

Dmitri: I do, of course I love you!

Hermes: Father, it is time!

Zeus: Have you made your decision my son?

Dmitri: I will do it father, I will save my people, and I will aid my Gods, and we will defeat Ares at any cost!

Zeus: Be brave my son, and remember when the time comes, search within the depths of your soul, see the truth, release the Gods and our powers from within! Go now my son, meet Cassie and allow her to take you to Ares, buy as much time as you can, play whatever games you must with him, until we the Gods can join your body and become one! Caleb, go with my son, Hermes give him the spell! Use this spell to become invisible, you shall remain with Demetrius!

Dmitri: Thank you father!

Zeus: Thank you my son, so go with the blessing of the Gods!

Outside the Palace-

Diana: (Punching the force field again and again) Great Hera, what is going on in there!

Hippolyta: Phillipus, send for Penelope at once! Diana, maybe its possible for Penelope to open a window allowing us to see inside?

Diana: Its possible, but I don't know!

Donna: Have faith in Dmitri, he can do this!

Diana: I know Donna, I just, he's my son, I, just don't want the last words spoken between us, to be the fight we had!

Hippolyta: They wont be Diana! The two of you still have plenty more Mother/Son fights ahead of you! By the Gods I swear this to you! (Shouting) Phillipus, where is Penelope?

Inside the Palace-

Steve: Cant you get us out of these ropes?

Witcher: Don't you think I've been trying!

Steve: We need to help him!

Witcher: We cant help him, this is something he has to do on his own!

Steve: Says you!

Dmitri: (Ares grabs Dmitri from behind by the arm and pushes him towards the wall, Dmitri knowing what Ares is trying to do, starts to move at a quicker pace, and runs up the wall flipping and landing behind Ares, kicks his foot up hitting Ares in the head, pushing his head through the wall! He then grabs Ares by the neck and brings his head down on his raised knee, after which Ares falls backwards onto the ground. As Dmitri goes to grab him, Ares kicks both of feet up, hitting Dmitri in the face flipping him backwards, Dmitri lands on his stomach with a thud!)

Ares: I don't know how you are able to fight me boy, but it matters not, I am Ares God of War, I always win!

Dmitri: You have won nothing, all you have succeeded in doing is earning the wrath of the Gods!

Ares: The Gods, where are you Gods boy, where are they, they cannot help you, they have forsaken you and your people! By now your Amazon sisters are dead, as you shall be soon enough!

Dmitri: The Gods have not left, for we are here, and the Amazons are not dead, look now at the fruits of your labors! (With that said, Dmitri waves his hand and the walls of the Palace become transparent! The Amazons are seen outside the walls, alive! Diana her mother and her sister Donna are standing right there able to see inside now!)

Ares: (Angry, shouting) What! How can this be, they should all be dead, where are my monsters?

Dmitri: We warned you, you would not succeed this day! Now it is time to take back what you have stolen!

Ares: I'll kill you for this! Ahhhh!

Dmitri: (He runs at Dmitri, punches, Dmitri blocks, punches with his left hand, Dmitri blocks, spins around comes at Dmitri with his elbow, Dmitri brings his elbow up and blocks, spins back around with his other elbow, Dmitri blocks. Ares reaches behind him grabs Dmitri's head and flips him over, Dmitri brings his leg up kicking up and behind his head hitting Ares in the face knocking him back!)

Hippolyta: (Outside the wall) I taught him that move!

Ares: (Moves over to Steve and grabs him by the hair!) One more move and I snap his neck! Now tell me, why do you keep saying We, and how do you have such strength?

Dmitri: We are the first, the last, and the always! (Waving his hand Ares is sent flying away from Steve. Waving his hand again the ties that hold Steve and Caleb are removed and they fall to the floor, then sit up grabbing their aching wrists! Dmitri then moves over to Ares grabs him by the hair and drags him on the floor over to Cassie. He keeps his hold on Ares head and touches Cassie's head at the same time, removing the control which Ares had over her. She wakes up. He throws Ares across the room, then runs and flips into the air and lands in front of Ares! Ares kicks his feet around, knocking Dmitri down! Ares gets up and grabs a long wood piece off the wall, spins it around his left side, then his right then over his head, bring his under his arm, while he holds out his other hand, and waves for Dmitri to come. Dmitri holds out his hand and another piece of wood comes flying at him he catches it in his hand, flips in the air and comes down with it as Ares raise his stave to block! Ares spins around bring the stick down to hit Dmitri's legs from behind, Dmitri jumps and Ares misses, Dmitri then swings hitting Ares in the head, flipping him sideways, swings down on him, Ares blocks, Dmitri brings the stave down as Ares starts to roll, Dmitri misses by mere seconds!)

WG: (Going over to Witcher and Steve) What's going on?

Witcher: Short version! Ares tried to kill the Amazons, You were under Ares control for sometime now! Dmitri has merged with the Gods to bring down Ares! He just freed you and us from Ares! That about sums it up!

WG: Wow, I missed a lot!

Dmitri: (Holding out his hands, white light beams come out of his hands hitting Ares!) Enough games! You have cause our children pain, our people pain, and you have caused us your own family pain!

Ares: (Now floating in the air with his arms and legs spread open as the beams hit him in the chest!)Ahhhh! F-at-her, pl-ea-se...Ahhh!

Dmitri: You will be stripped of the powers you have gained, Lord Hades will once again rule over the underworld!

Ares: Fa-ther pl-ea-se I,I, be-g of you!

Dmitri: We will allow you you're title of God of War! But you must complete the 12 labors of Hercules! You will never again go after the Amazons of Themyscira! (Ares drops to the floor, breathing heavily, defeated, weakened!) Now you shall begin your labors of retribution! (Dmitri waves his hand and a black hole appear under Ares sucking him in!)

Witcher: (Moving towards Dmitri) You did it Dmitri, but now you have to separate from the Gods!

Dmitri: Lower being you dare address us!

Steve: Dmitri, (Looking at Witcher) what does he mean, what do you mean Dmitri, and what`s wrong with him?

Witcher: I meant Wonder Boy, I was just thinking Dmitri and it's the powers of the Gods, its to much for him, if he doesn't release the Gods from inside him, it will consume him and he will go insane!

Steve: (I knew that kiss was familiar!) No! I wont lose you, not now, not after I just found you! (Steve runs over to Dmitri!)

Witcher: No Steve don't, he could kill you!

Steve: (Grabbing onto Dmitri) Dmitri, I know its you, I know you're in there and that you can hear me, you have to come back to me, there is so much I want to tell you, so many things I want to show you! I'm sorry I didn't just follow my heart when it came to you...

Dmitri: (Tilting his head from side to side looking strangely at Steve!) Why does it speak to us this way! So much emotion, passion, (Sniffing the air around Steve) his body warms with the sight of us, this one lusts after our body!

Steve: Dmitri, look at me, look into my eyes and find your way! (I slide his mask off of his face, look into his eyes, and then grab him and kiss him. The ground beneath us trembles, the more passion I feel, the dizzier I get, I open my eyes as we kiss, our tongues fighting for control, Dmitri begins to glow, the light becomes brighter and brighter till I just cant look any longer, I had to closes my eyes, but I could feel this bright light all around me, the warmth around my body was amazing, unlike anything I have ever felt before! Then I noticed that my feet were not longer on the ground, we were floating in the air, we started turning round and round, as the kiss continued! After what felt like forever, our feet finally returned to the ground, I tried to open my eyes, after a few seconds I was able to see again. Dmitri broke the kiss, he stood there looking into my eyes!) Dmitri, is that you?

Dmitri: Steve, you brought me back from the edge! You crazy man, you could have been killed!

Steve: No, not when you're with me, I knew in my heart, if you thought for a second that my life was in danger, you would not let anything happen to me!

Dmitri: (I heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind me. I slowly turned my head and seen the Gods standing there staring!) Oh, um, (then I saw my mother and grandmother and aunt running towards me, I started running to meet them, we embraced and hugged so tightly I thought I was no longer going to be able to sleep!) Oh, mother, I'm so sorry, forgive me please!

Diana: My son, forgive me for the choices I've made for you, I thought I was doing right by you!

Dmitri: Please mother, you don't ever have to ask for my forgiveness, for the first time in my life I see with clarity, I now understand completely why you've done all that you have, and I'm grateful to you, I know the meaning of sacrifice now, and know that's what you did to keep me safe, you didn't keep me here to jail me, you kept me here to save me!

Hippolyta: Someone is growing up, becoming a wise man! I'm so proud of you Demetrius!

Zeus: It is time for us to leave you and return to Mount Olympus!

Dmitri: (I walk over to him, and lean in, speaking in a low voice!) Will I see you again?

Zeus: (I wink at him!) I shall speak to you soon, very soon, (leaning in closer) if you'll let me, I want to be a close part of your life!

Dmitri: I want that more than you'll ever know!

Cassie: (Walking up and hugging Zeus!) I'm so mad at you, how could you leave we like that!

Zeus: I'm sorry Cassandra, I promise you it will never happen again!

Hera: Zeus, we must go, now!

Zeus: (Rolling his eyes! He grabs Dmitri, and Cassie pulls them in closer and whispers to them!) I will come back to see you both very soon, please take care of one another, you are brother and sister, be kind to one another, be close to one another, love each other! I love you both, very much! (Turning around and standing in the center of all the Gods!) Demetrius, you were given the task of saving your sister Amazons, and helping to return your Gods to their rightful place on Mount Olympus! The risks were great, and in the face of that danger, you stood courageous! You have made the Gods proud of you this day! Queen Hippolyta you will hold a celebration celebrating the champion of the Gods, Demetrius! It seems we were right in choosing the Amazons, they have given us two great Champions Diana, and Demetrious! Be well daughters of the Gods!

Dmitri: (With that said the Gods disappeared in a brilliant white light!) Wow!

Hippolyta: We have much to do...

Artemis: (interrupting) My Queen, My Queen, it's a miracle, by the Gods...

Hippolyta: What is it, speak Artemis?

Artemis: Our fallen sisters, they, they are...alive!

Hippolyta: The Gods have truly blessed us this day! Artemis, I want a celebration prepared unlike anything the Amazons have ever seen before!

Artemis: Yes my Queen!

Dmitri: Grandmother, can I ask you something very important?

Hippolyta: What is it, is something wrong?

Dmitri: Aside from me, I know men are not allowed on the Island, but...I was wondering

Hippolyta: My grandchild has been titled Champion of the Gods as was your Mother, of course, your friends can stay!

Donna: That's twice you've done something completely our of the ordinary! Diana, I think we should ask her for all the things we know she'd say no too!

Diana: You're right, we probably wont see something like this happen for another 1000 years!

Hippolyta: Can I find happiness in my family with out being ridiculed! Those young men aided Demetrious in his time of need, would you kick them off the Island?

Donna: Cassie, come here, are you ok?

Cassie: I'm fine now, thanks to Dmitri!

Hippolyta: Persephone, take these men to rooms in the palace, they shall be our guests!

Persephone: Yes my Queen!

Hippolyta: Let us go, change out of our battle garbs, and prepare for a celebration!

Dmitri: Thank you grams!

Hippolyta: If you weren't my only grandchild, I would so have your head for calling me that!

Dmitri: You know you love it! Mother, I will see you soon, I have to go thank my friends!

Diana: Thank them for all of us!

Dmitri: (I run after them and stop them half way there!) Persephone, thank you but I'll take them to their rooms!

Persephone: As you wish, Prince Demetrius!

Dmitri: (As we walked outside!) You guys, thank you for everything you did for me and my family, I will never forget it! I feel like thank you isn't enough!

Caleb: Dmitri, that's what friends are for!

Dmitri: Then I am very lucky to have friends like you! (We walked Caleb to his room!)

Caleb: Wow this room is bigger than my whole house!

Dmitri: I will have some clothes brought to you, today you dress like an Amazon!

Caleb: Its not a dress is it, cause I'm not really into the whole drag thing!

Dmitri: Drag?

Caleb: Another time!

Dmitri: Ok! Well, don't worry its not a dress! Will see you in a little while! (Steve and I walked out! I grabbed him and flew into the air, we landed on the beach were I was standing when I first found him!) Steve, I'm sorry that I had to deceive you, but I didn't have a choice!

Steve: I want to be mad at you, but I cant, for some reason it just made things easier, I've been struggling with being in love with both, you and Wonder Boy, and now, I don't have to choose!

Dmitri: Steve, what you did back there for me, it was the most amazing gift you could have ever given to me, the gift of life! I knew I needed to separate myself from the Gods, but the power, it was just to much, I didn't want to let go, even though I knew what would happen to me! But you, you said the most beautiful words to me, and I knew, I needed to find my way back home to you, and then when you kissed me, it was like a magnet pulling me to you, and the power was no longer as powerful, as the need to get back to you!

Steve: Dmitri, I meant every word I said to you, I love you, and I remember everything now! I remember being on this Island before, and your angelic face staring at me while I was laying on a hospital bed! The first time we kissed! Dmitri, I love you!

Dmitri: I love you Steven Leonard Trevor! (I grabbed him and started to kiss him, we moved down and laid on the sand, feeling up and down each others bodies as we kissed, I went to go down on him but he stopped me!) What is it?

Steve: Its your birthday, and since the present that I got for you is in my apartment, I'm going to give you something else, something very special to me, something I have never given to anyone! (I took off all his clothes, and moved down to his cock, I took it in my hand, and brought my lips closer to it, I started to lick the head, hearing him moan, pleased my heart, I took the head into my mouth and started sucking on it then moved my mouth up and down on his cock, taking it all the way down to the base, and then back up again to the head! I played with his balls as I swallowed his cock whole! Up and down I went, getting it as wet as possible, making sure to leave it dripping wet with saliva! I took some of the spit and brought my finger to my own ass and began fingering myself, while I worked his cock over, I was going to give him my cherry, I was going to let him do to me, what I had never let another, something I thought I would never do, but I wanted to give him som ething special, something he would never forget!) Dmitri, will you make love to me, will you let me feel you inside me?

Dmitri: Steve, are you sure?

Steve: I've never been as sure about anything in my whole life, as I am about you!

Dmitri: (I kissed him as he laid down on the sand, I got between his legs, raised them up and started to lick his hole, working my tongue in and out, sticking a finger in as well, I wanted to loosen him up as best I could!)

Steve: I want you in me Dmitri, don't make me wait any longer!

Dmitri: (He didn't have to ask me twice, I got up on my knees, raised his legs around me, I leaned in and he leaned up and we started kissing, I held my cock to his hole, and started to gently pushing on it, he started moving his ass back and forth, trying to push back on my cock, he really wanted this as badly as I wanted to do it! The head popped in, he let out a grunt, then a moan, I stayed still, waiting for some sort of sign that he was ready for more, I get it in the form of him, pulling me closer with his legs, I start to push more of myself into him, all the while we remained locked in a passionate kiss, when I was finally down to the base. I lay flat on him, kissing him, enjoying the feeling of my cock inside his warm tight hole.) Steve, this feels so amazing, so tight, so warm, I feel like I'm one with you, connected!

Steve: Do you love me?

Dmitri: Since the moment I first laid eyes on you!

Steve: I love you Dmitri! Now please, don't tease me anymore, slide your hot cock in and out of me, show me how much you love me, by making love to me!

Dmitri: (I went back to kissing him, as I began sliding my cock in and out of him, all the way in, and back out again till just the tip remained inside! He pulled his legs up and I kneeled grabbed the back of his thigh with one hand, and held onto my cock with the other, and started taking my dick out, then ramming it all the way back in, in one motion, back out, and in, the more he moaned the more I wanted to do it. He just kept staring into my eyes, I don't think our eyes ever once swayed away, they stayed locked, looking into each others souls! He grabbed his cock and started stroking it, while I grabbed both his feet and held them as I worked up my pace, to long full strokes, at a faster pace, there was no way I would be able to hold out to long, his hole was so tight, it was milking my cock all on its own!)

Steve: I'm so close, I want to shoot at the same time, tell me when your ready!

Dmitri: Just a little bit more! (I just wanted it to last forever, this feeling of being inside him, I felt so close to him, so intimate a situation, such a sacred thing that he has given to me, the more I thought, the more over the edge it was pushing me! I started ramming my cock in and out of his ass, my balls slapping against him!) Now, Steve, now! (He Grabbed my head with his hand and pulled me into a kiss, while he stroked his cock with his other hand, he started to shoot his load, and I could feel his ass tighten around my cock, it all become to much for me, and I started to blow, shot after shot escaping my cock head and filling his love canal! I had now done to him, what he had done to me, I had marked him as mine, as he marked me as his!) I love you Steve!

Steve: I love you! (After a few minuets of laying on top of each other!) I think we better go get ready!

Dmitri: Do we have too?

Steve: We have all night to do it again and again, and again!

Dmitri: Promise?

Steve: Yes I do! Happy Birthday!

(What Steve and Dmitri didn't know, was that on one side of the mountain above, stood Caleb watching, anger filled his face as he witness the two make love! Every fiber of his being hated Steve, he felt that Steve was wrong for Dmitri, that he would never understand Dmitri, that he would hurt Dmitri. The more he saw them together, the angrier he became! Then he looked over on the other side of the mountain from where he stood, and he saw Superman kneeled there watching the show as well! Superman stood there, grinding his teeth, clenching his fists, he loved Dmitri, he wanted him all to himself, but there he was making love to another. Dmitri had told Superman he had feelings for someone else, that he wanted to see what would happen. Superman never for one second thought that it would be Steve Trevor that Dmitri choose over him! How could Dmitri choose him, when he could have me, was all he could think to himself! Superman punched the ground in front of him, and then took o ff into the air, flying so fast all you could see was a red blur! Caleb, watched everything, and now knowing that Superman really did have feelings for Dmitri, and the anger he could sense from him, he would use that to his own advantage. In that moment a plan was born in Caleb's head, one that he would see through, one he felt would be to save Dmitri, to save the man he Loves!

End Chapter-