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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 14- Lies and Pain


Just Outside Gotham-Shadowcrest Mansion-Home of Zatanna Zatara-


Batman: (Etrigan and I arrive outside an opening into the hidden dimension, where Shadowcrest Mansion is! Zatanna opens a passage and we enter finding ourselves entering through the front door of her home!) Hello Zatanna!

Zatanna: So it takes a crisis for me to finally get you in my home!

Batman: Don't let Diana here you talk like that!

Zatanna: How is the Amazon Princess doing these days!

Batman: Just fine!

Etrigan: We have no time for games!

Zatanna: Hello to you to grouchy!

Etrigan: Grrrr!

Zatanna: Come on, follow me into the library! (They walk into the library!)

Batman: (The room is bigger than the Gotham University Library!) Didn't know you were a collector of books!

Zatanna: These aren't just any books! These are every kind of magical book there is in every dimension, along with an arsenal of powerful relics!

Etrigan: Do you really think it wise to leave them on display like this?

Zatanna: I'm sorry Etrigan, did your powers allow you into Shadowcrest or was it my powers that allow you in! No one can get in here, we are in a completely different dimension! Plus where the hell would you like me to hide a library of books?

Etrigan: Grrrr!

Zatanna: Can you please change into the form of Jason Blood, he would be so much nicer to deal with!

Batman: Enough you two! Zatanna, what have you learned about this kidnapper?

Zatanna: Not who it is that's for sure! Whoever this is, sure knows what he's doing, he's not even leaving any kind of magical residue! But, the powers he's taking, by the way referring to the kidnapper as he, doesn't mean it is a he! Anyway, he is only sustaining the powers he takes for short periods of time!

Batman: How do you know?

Zatanna: After each kidnapping, there was a surge of mystical energy, but by the next day that surge returns to normal, meaning the power returns to where it belongs, but soon after, he must be returning to take that power once again!

Batman: Interesting! So isn't there a way for you to pinpoint the location of the mystical energy, that would lead us to the location, of the kidnapper? I mean doesn't each mystical energy differ enough to leave its own signature, like finger prints?


Back Stage in the dressing room of Zachary Zatara-

Zachary: Stupid people, they wouldn't know a great magician if...

Voice: Ever the little brat, aren't you?

Zachary: What? Who's there, show yourself!

Voice: Your really not worth the effort, you have nothing I want! The only reason I will add you to my collection, is to teach you a lesson in humility! Show you just how insignificant you really are!

Zachary: I'm insignificant! You cant even show yourself! Coward! "ANNATAZ"

Voice: Now what did you go and call her for!

Zachary: (Zachary starts to run out of the dressing room, while he contacts Zatanna telepathically!) <Zatanna, he's after me, I need help!>

Zatanna: <Zachary, who's after you, where are you?>

Voice: Zachary, there is no where to run!

Zachary: What do you want, why are you doing this?

Voice: You thought you were going to get away! Ahahahah, ahahaha! Stop and look behind you, and I'll show you what I'm doing!

Zachary: <Zatanna are you hearing him?>

Zachary: <Yes Zachary I am, but get out of there!>

Zachary: (Stopping and turning around. He sees a man standing, his hair pitch black, dark veins running up and down his face, his eyes pure black!) You! But, but, why? You're suppose to be...

Zatanna: <Zachary, you can see who it is, tell me, tell me who it is?>

Voice: Don't even finish that sentence! What I'm suppose to be is the most powerful, that is what I'm suppose to be! Soon, I will be. Soon I will have everything, I will have the world in the palm of my hands! I will have Dmitri...

Zachary: Who's Dmitri?

Voice: I've said to much! Its time to show you what real power is all about!

Zachary: <Zatanna, he's one of the J...Ahhhh!> (Zachary is hit with a bright white light, falling to his knees and then to the ground as his powers are drained!)

Voice: Useless brat! Thought you were better than everyone, and look how easily you fell to your knees! Time to take real powers, Madame Xanadu, here I come! Ahahahah, hahahhahah!

Shadowcrest Mansion-

Zatanna: Zachary! Zachary!

Batman: What happened, what did he say?

Zatanna: He...he was so scared! it's a man, he knew who he was, he was shocked when he saw him, said his hair was pitch black, dark veins all over his face, and pure black eyes! The guy said, he wants to be the most powerful, that soon he'll have everything, the world in the palm of his hands and that he will have Dmitri, but who's Dmitri? Zachary said, he's one of the J!

Batman: (Dmitri! Diana, oh no!) Hmm, one of the J, he knew who he was! One of the Justice league, or one of the Justice Society! This is a start!

Zatanna: Wait, I think I know who he's going after next! Madame Xanadu! We need to contact the Sentinels of Magic!

Batman: (I need to talk to Diana, now!) I'll meet you outside! (Calls Diana, get her voice mall!) Diana, call me as soon as you get this, 911! (Calls Nightwing!) Dick, I need you to find Dmitri Prince! Now! Keep him with you no matter what! I'll be in touch! Dick, please just do as I say, Dmitri's life may be in grave danger! Thank you!

Dmitri's apt-

Steve: (I was waiting for Dmitri to get home! I drew a bath, lit candles, and had some romantic music playing in the background! I knew he would be home soon, so I left rose peddles from the door, straight into the bedroom! I stripped off my clothes and walked into the bathroom, I had the curtain opened on the large window in the bathroom, it over looked the city! What a view, I got into the hot water, leaned back and closed my eyes! I must have dozed off for a few moments, cause the next thing I knew someone was standing over me, sprayed my face with some sort of mist. Whatever I was sprayed with was intoxicating, my hormones surged to suck high levels. I became like a bitch in heat, my cock rose and became rock hard. I wanted sex bed, I didn't care how, or who, I need to be doing it! Whoever was standing above me picked me up out of the tub and carried me into the bedroom, laying me on the bed! I started tearing off his clothes, he laid down on the bed, and I started giv ing him a blow job, swallowing his cock down to the base, everything tasted so good, the more I was tasting his cock, the more I was hungry for his cock! I was out of control, I had no control of what I was doing, somewhere in me, I knew this was wrong, I didn't want to do it, I'm in love with Dmitri, but whatever I was sprayed with, sent me over the edge, I completely out of control, I grabbed a condom out of the drawer and some lube, I rolled the condom on, lubed up his cock, and lubed up my ass, all I knew was I wanted to have him inside me, I needed him to be fucking my ass with his cock! I turned over and got on my hands and knees, he pushed the tip of his cock inside him, and started to slide my cock all the way in, when I was all the way inside, I started pushing my ass back on his cock, he grabbed my hips and started pounding in and out, my eyes were rolling in the back of my head, I was moaning so loud, the neighbors could hear me, he started smacking my ass again a nd again!)

Outside Dmitri's apt-

Dmitri: (Steve, said he has a surprise planned out for me! After having to go to see the Shadowpact group, all I wanted to do was go home! No clues were left once again, and I really felt uncomfortable being around people I didn't know! I needed to see Steve anyway, after Superboy planted a kiss on me, I've felt guilty, although I know I didn't do anything wrong! Steve and I are new to this, we haven't even committed to one another, and I was hoping that is what he wanted to talk about tonight! I got into the apartment, hung up my coat, and saw that candles had been lit all over the place! Music was playing in the background, talk about romantic, then I saw the rose peddles on the floor, I followed them into the bedroom, I opened the door! My heart sank into my stomach, my eyes watered, there was Steve, getting fucked by some guy, doggy style on the bed! I turned on the lights!) Steve, you bastard, what the hell are you doing! How could you do this, to me?

Steve: Dmitri, I, I, I cant stop myself, I cant stop!

Dmitri: Get out! Get out! Now, now, get out!

Steve: No wait, please, hear me out!

Dmitri: Your still having sex with him, in my bed! (Yelling) GET THE FUCK OUT, BEFORE I PHYSICALLY THROW YOU OUT! (When he continued fucking him, I walked over grabbed Steve and punched him in the face flipping him over the bed! I grabbed the guy that Steve was fucking by his arm and told him to get out! He hid his face from me, which only made me want to see who he was more! He was grabbing his clothes and about to head out the room, when I grabbed him and turned him around, and I came face to face with Superman!) You, how could you! Was this your idea of revenge! (Yelling) Get out, all of you get out now! (I ran and grabbed my coat, my cell phone, and went to my balcony, I held my arms up and out to the left, and began to spin till an explosion of bright red and blue lights appeared, and then disappeared, until I became Wonder Boy! I took off flying into the air, faster than I ever have, I wanted as far away from the apartment! Oh Caleb where are you, he's who I would go to! Caleb I need you, I've lost my best friend, the one guy I could count on! My cell phone was ringing but I knew it was Steve or Kal and there was no way I was going to answer it! I was so angry! I needed someone to talk to, so I thought it was time I fill in Cassie on my sexual orientation and hope that she would be ok with it! I needed someone I could trust, and who better than a sister! I flew to Titans Tower with the speed of Hermes! I landed in the backyard!) Hello! Anyone here! (Nightwing was the first one to walk out!)

Nightwing: Hey, I've been calling you, don't you ever answer your phone?

Dmitri: (I looked at my phone and it was a number I've never seen before!) I'm sorry, I thought it was someone else and I didn't want to answer! Look, I'm sorry, but is Cassie here, I need to talk to her, its very important?

Nightwing: Her and Donna are should be back soon! Is there anything I could help you with!

Dmitri: (Looking downwards, thank the Gods I was wearing a mask, my eyes must be swelled!) N-no!

Nightwing: Dmitri, I mean Wonder Boy, what's wrong, you can talk to me!

Dmitri: I don't know you, I mean I feel like I know you from stories, but I don't know you personally to unload on you!

Nightwing: Your aunt is my best friend we've known each other all our lives, she's family to me, I trust her with my life, the same way she trust me! Please, know you can talk to me anytime!

Dmitri: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! Look, could you tell Cassie to call me when she gets back, its important! (I take off flying upwards, when all of the sudden, my leg is caught, I look down to see that Nightwing, shot his bat grappling around my leg and was flying through the air under me! I grabbed the line, and yanked it up, sending him flying up into the air, and I caught him!) What did you do that for?

Nightwing: I told you I've been calling you, I need to talk to you, its important!

Dmitri: (I held him in my arms, and brought us down slowly. I was so overwhelmed, and I just began to cry! We landed back down in the backyard!)

Nightwing: (Putting his hands to the side of Dmitri's face!) Please, talk to me! (I grabbed him and hugged him!)

Dmitri: It was horrible, this person I was dating, set up a romantic evening for us, when I got there, I found this person with another person I know, they were having sex in my bed! It was horrible! I don't understand, why, I mean how could someone do something like that to someone they say they love?

Nightwing: I'm so sorry, that's terrible! Why anyone would cheat on an amazing guy like you is beyond me! I would never do something like that to you! Do you mind, (I start to lift his mask off) I just want us not to hide behind masks during a conversation like this! (I remove his mask, and run my fingers through his hair! I lean in and start to kiss him, at first he seemed hesitant, but then he began kissing me back! I grabbed his head and pulled him into a tight embrace, pulling on his long hair and passionately kissing him!)

Dmitri: (I suddenly realized what I was doing and pushed him back!) I'm...I'!

Nightwing: No please, its not your fault, I don't know what came over me, its just seeing you in so much pain, it hurt, you shouldn't have to go through something like this!

Dmitri: Yes, but I also shouldn't be kissing you either!

Nightwing: Was I that bad?

Dmitri: No, your kiss was amazing...hey don't do that!

Nightwing: (Smiling) Do what?

Dmitri: Your trying to make me smile!

Nightwing: That and I've wanted to kiss you since the moment I first saw you!

Dmitri: When we met here?

Nightwing: Actually, you were training with Batman, and then he had you working out! I had come in to the bat cave when I saw you laying there shirtless and I stayed in the shadows watching you! You have the most amazing body! The sexiest hair, sweet full red lips, that are so kissable!

Dmitri: Stop, your embarrassing me! So what did you need to talk to me about?

Nightwing: Tonight your staying here!

Dmitri: And I'm doing that because?

Nightwing: I don't know the full details, all I know is Batman said to keep you with me, until him and your mother can get here! Something big is going down and whatever it is, it centers around you!

Dmitri: Oh great, someone's after me again, it must be Tuesday!

Nightwing: Who wouldn't be after a hot little stud like you?

Dmitri: Little? I'll show you little! (I picked him up by the leg and raised him above my head!

Nightwing: Ok, ok, I give in, your not little, your big, your big!

Dmitri: (I set him down!) Don't you forget it!

Nightwing: Come on, I'll give you the grand tour!

Dmitri: Sure! Anything to keep busy! (We walked around the tower as he showed me room by room. I wasn't really paying attention, as my mind kept going back to what I had witnessed between Steve and Superman! It just doesn't make sense, for either really, Steve would never do that, I know him! And Superman, would never go out of his way to hurt me! Something is right, something is wrong! Steve would be calling me now, again and again, trying to say he's sorry! But there is no phone call, just Nightwing! What if this was a set up, something someone wanted me to see, come on Dmitri, think with your brain, who would do this, who would do something like this, and why? I need to get to the bottom of this, I need answers. I'm calling Steve. Nightwing was talking, I have no clue as to what he was saying, I had a million thoughts running through my head. This is the second time I've been at Titans Tower and the second time someone has surprised me with a kiss. I picked up my phone and started calling Steve, it rang and rang, I called again and again, and still no answer! Fine, he wants to be like that, let him be like that! I'm young, I'm new here, why should I tie myself, to the one person, I thought was my soul mate!)

Nightwing: Earth to Wonder Boy, are you in there?

Dmitri: Oh, I'm so sorry, I was inside my head!

Nightwing: (Knocking on a door!) This is Robin's room, he stays here on the weekends and whenever he's need throughout the week!

Robin: Hey!

Dmitri: Hi! (Sitting behind him on the bed, was Superboy! I could have gone without seeing him!)

Nightwing: Superboy, we have company!

Superboy: Yo!

Nightwing: Look I need you to stay here with them, just for a moment, I'm going to go check the ETA on Batman and your mom! As well as Cassie and Donna!

Dmitri: Its alright, I can wait outside, I could use the fresh air! (Is this guy kidding, leaving me with these two after what I just told him happened!)

Nightwing: No, we don't want you alone right now, we don't know what kind of danger your up against!

Robin: Danger! What's going on?

Nightwing: Someone is after Wonder Boy, and Batman's on his way!

Dmitri: (Oh shit, I didn't even think of that Batman's on his way, this means I'm going to have to talk to him! Just great!)

Robin: If you want to go outside, will go with you, but your more than welcome to come in, we were just playing some music and talking!

Dmitri: I would rather be outside if you don't mind!

Superboy: Yes Prince, whatever you say your royalness!

Dmitri: Please, I can do without your smartass comments today, please, I'm asking you nicely I've had the worst day of my life, and I don't know how much more I can take!

Robin: Hey, why don't you just come in, we can sit on my balcony!

Dmitri: Fine! (I walked out onto the balcony! Robin came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder! I wished now more than ever that Caleb where here! I started to cry, and that's when Superboy, decided to have a heart, him and Robin wrapped their arms around me, as I leaned over the side of the balcony and let my tears roll!)

Robin: What's wrong, what happened, maybe we can help?

Dmitri: I'm sorry, this, this is no way for a prince of the Amazons to be acting in front of strangers! (I lifted my mask and started to wipe the tears away quickly and put my mask on before they could get a real good look at my face!)

Robin: Hey, we're all about the same age, so believe or not, we've probably been through the same stuff as you, you can trust us!

Dmitri: I don't know if I have it in me, to trust anyone anymore! Since I've been away from Paradise Island, everyone who's told me to trust them has hurt me in the end!

Robin: Not all of us are that way!

Dmitri: Superboy doesn't even like me, and he's not shy to act like it, and you want me to trust you guys?

Superboy: He, I didn't say I don't like you, I just get jerky sometimes without realizing it!

Dmitri: Look, I'll be fine really! Thanks anyway! (We stood there in silence, staring at the stars!)

Base of the Sentinels of Magic-

Madame Xanadu: I can tell you right now, you will fail in the end! Everything you have done will be for nothing! He will stop you!

Voice: Really! He will stop me, hmm, I think my plans are working perfectly! Right now, his heart is broken! I've controlled Superman, he slept with Steve and was caught! Now Dmitri, is a wreck, his heart shattered! He will be ripe for the picking soon enough!

Madame Xanadu: Have your fun now, it wont be lasting long!

Voice: Time to say goodnight!

Madame: I do not fear you, I am an immortal!

Voice: Yes you are, and your other abilities shall come in handy, predicting what my enemies next moves will be!

Madame: Your cloaked, and invisible, your using telekinesis to move the bodies. That's how your getting in and out without detection!

Voice: You forgot teleportation!

Madame: Yes, no windows or doors were opened or broken!

Voice: You know I will take you know, and that there is nothing you can do to help yourself!

Madame: I do, I have seen it in the cards! But I have seen your undoing, and that is worth it all!

Voice: Then it is time to go, the Batman will be here soon, tonight I want to leave him a calling card!

Madame: Go ahead show yourself already!

Voice: Behind you! (As she turns around, I let her see my face!

Madame:, your one of us? Why would you do this to your own kind?

Voice: Because I can! (I hit her with a bright white light, and drain the powers out of here, till she was to the floor! She screamed in pain!) If only I could have been there to see your face Dmitri, when you walked in on them! But in due time, I will be there to comfort you, to have you, to own you, for you to stand by my side in this new order! Ahahahah, ahahahah, ahahahaha! (Sinister laugh) (I hear Batman coming through the window! I turn invisible! Zatanna and Etrigan are with him! I float Madame's body up, they walk along side her, check her out!) I'm here, Batman!

Batman: I know you're here, I can sense it!

Zatanna: Laever! (Reveal)

Voice: Nice try Zatanna, but say your words backwards all you want, they will have to effect on me!

Zatanna: Then why hide your self?

Voice: When the time is right, you shall see who I am! For now, I prefer to feel, the fear!

Batman: What do you want with Dmitri?

Voice: (Damn) Dmitri! Quite the detective aren't you Batman!

Batman: Haven't heard any complainants yet!

Voice: Dmitri, Dmitri, Dmitri! He's in pain, he's suffering as we speak!

Batman: If you harm one hair on his head, there isn't a place you can hide, that I wont find you and make you pay!

Voice: Hurt him! You have it all wrong! Dmitri, plays a far greater roll, then even he's aware of! Soon you shall all see, soon the world shall know, who the Man is! (I snap my finger and Madame Xanadu and I disappear!)

Batman: Damn it! Come on we need to get to Titans Tower!

End Chapter-