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Subject: Heir of the Amazon!

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Chapter 15- Mind Games


Titans Tower-

Nightwing: (Speaking to Batman thru com-link!) He tried to leave, but I talked him into staying. He's with Robin and Superboy!

Batman: Will be there within minuets! Wonder Woman is on her way, I told her to have Superman meet us there!

Nightwing: Does that mean you learned something?

Batman: Enough to give us a start in the right direction! Will talk more when I land! Dick, no matter what Dmitri doesn't leave Titan Towers!

Nightwing: You got it!

In Robin's Room-

Robin: (Talking to Superboy as Dmitri is laying down sleeping in a bed!) What do you think happened to him?

Superboy: I don't know, but whatever it is, it must have been big, he cried himself to sleep!

Robin: I don't know him, and my heart hurts for him!

Superboy: I know what you mean, I feel like a big jerk, for being so mean to him!

Robin: He probably doesn't even have any friends, since he's so new here!

Superboy: I guess, we should try and befriend him!

Robin: Well you should just start being nicer to him, he thinks you hate him!

Superboy: You know me, I don't always think before I act!

Robin: Ya, I do get you! Sometimes I think I'm the only one that does!

Superboy: That's why you're my best friend!

Dmitri: (Dreaming) Steve! Steve where are you, I cant find you, Steve say something anything! (I'm walking through a forest, its so dark. I cant see anything. I'm holding my hands out in front of me, trying to feel my way around! I can hear the sound of Steve laughing, so I'm trying to follow it, so that I can find him! Finally I see a light!) Steve, is that you, I see a light? Steve! (I continue making my way towards the light, I'm suddenly in a house, and there is Caleb standing there, he's saying something, I move in closer to hear him!)

Caleb: Help me! Dmitri, Help me!

Dmitri: Caleb, what, I don't understand, help you, are you telling me to help you! (I hear Steve's laughing and its getting louder! I take another look at Caleb as he stays standing there staring at me, telling me to help him. I continue walking into the next room and follow the sound of Steve laughing. As I walk into the bedroom, there is Steve and Superman having sex in a bed! They both look at me and start laughing!) Stop it! Stop it! Steve, please don't do this, don't do this to me! Steve! (I see a man standing in the corner of the room, I cant see his face and then Caleb appears again, he's pointing to the man and once again saying to help him! I look between them and Steve and Superman! They continue laughing while they stare at me. I fall to my knees screaming! Waking up yelling!) Steve! Don't do this! Steve!

Robin: Hey, its alright, you're just dreaming!

Superboy: Hey your safe, we're here!

Dmitri: (I sit up in the bed, looking around the room. It was just a dream, but I don't understand! What was Caleb doing in my dream, and asking for help! Who was that man!) was awful!


Nightwing: He's in Robin's room, last time I checked he had cried himself to sleep!

Diana: Cried himself to sleep? What happened, why was he crying?

Donna: Cassie and I just got here! I have no idea!

Nightwing: He came here upset, looking for Cassie! Here comes Batman!

Cassie: I'm going to go see if he's awake!

Diana: Please, if he's up, bring him out here!

Cassie: I will!

Batman: Good your all here! (Superman flies down at the moment!)

Superman: What's going on?

Batman: The kidnapper is someone from the JLA! (Goes on to explain!)

Robin's Room-

Cassie: (Lightly tapping on the door! Robin opens it) Hey, is he awake?

Robin: He just woke up, he had a nightmare!

Cassie: (Walking in and goes over to Dmitri, they hug tight!) Its ok! You're going to be ok!

Dmitri: Oh Cassie, it was horrible! I came looking for you, but you weren't here, I didn't know where else to go!

Cassie: I'm glad you came here, your always welcomed here!

Superboy: She's right, anytime, the door is always open!

Cassie: What happened to you, what's going on?

Dmitri: Do you really trust these two? (Pointing at Robin and SB)

Cassie: With my life!

Dmitri: Would it be alright if I change out of my costume?

Superboy: Sure, do you need some clothes?

Dmitri: No, I have my own! But I must ask you, never to reveal my secret identity to anyone!

Superboy: You can count on it!

Dmitri: Robin, I already know you know who I am!

Robin: Yes I do, and you know its safe with me!

Dmitri: (I stand up and move to give myself some room, I lift my hands up to the right and spin to the left, reversing the spin that changes me into Wonder Boy. With a thunderous blue and red light, I am back to my regular clothes as Dmitri!)

Superboy: Wow, now that was cool!

Robin: That is bad ass! You have to do that every time you change in and out of costume?

Dmitri: Well, it's the opposite to change into Wonder Boy!

Robin: (He is so hot!) That would make things so easier if I could do that!

Superboy: You really shouldn't wear the mask!

Dmitri: Why is that?

Superboy: Why hide how hot you are! You should just do what the rest of them do and wear glasses as your regular self, and when your Wonder Boy take it off!

Dmitri: I'll have to talk to my grandmother about that, and see what we can do!

Cassie: Are we done talking about how hot my brother is! Now will you tell me what's going on!

Dmitri: Cassie it was bad, I walked in on the person I love sleeping with one of mothers friends!

Cassie: Wait, what! Who? And you never said you were seeing anyone!

Dmitri: I was, but now, its over, I cant be with someone that does something like that! I understand why mothers friend did it, he was getting revenge, he wanted me and when I didn't give in to him, he took out his revenge. But the one I thought I loved, I just don't understand people, how can they hurt you this way!

Cassie: So I take it your not going to tell us, who they are?

Dmitri: I cant, as much as I would like to be spiteful, I just cant do that to another!

Cassie: That's big of you, cause if it were me, I don't know if I could hold myself back!

Robin: I knew someone had to of broken your heart!

Dmitri: This is all so new to me, dealing with people, at least on Themyscira I could trust everyone! Here every time I turn my back someone is stabbing me with a knife!

Cassie: I so sorry you had to go through that! We've all been through it, people do the strangest things!

Superboy: But you need to know, not everyone is that way! There are some of us that would never hurt a person in that way!

Robin: This is your first relationship?

Dmitri: This is the first time I have ever given my heart to someone, yes!

Superboy: So you just lost your virginity?

Cassie: Kon-L!

Dmitri: I think waiting 1118 years is long enough, don't you!

Superboy: Wait, what! Your how old?

Dmitri: Time moves differently on Paradise Island! By your standard of time I just turned 18.

Robin: Wow, now that's wild, I never thought about that! 1118 years on earth!

Superboy: A lot has changed since back in your day! HA, ha, ha!

Dmitri: I wouldn't know, I've always been on the Island, till a few months ago!

Cassie: It will get better Dmitri, you just have to give it time!

Superboy: Dmitri! That's your name?

Dmitri: Demetrius, but I prefer Dmitri!

Robin: (Taking off his mask!) Well, you did it, so I should to! I'm Tim!

Superboy: And you can call me Conner! The only time they call me Kon-L is when I'm in trouble!

Dmitri: Conner and Tim, got it!

Robin: So what were you dreaming about, cause you were thrashing on the bed and you kept saying to stop, please stop!

Dmitri: It was bizarre, I was in a forest, so dark, and I could hear my lover laughing! So I followed the sound! Then I was in a house! And Caleb was there, my friend who's gone missing! He was trying to say something, something like help me, he needed my help! But I just kept walking and I had to relive walking in on my lover having sex with another! But the stranger thing is, there was someone else there, I couldn't see a face, just the body, and Caleb was pointing to him and saying help me! What do you think it all means?

Robin: Well, you're probably worried about your friend Caleb, that's why you saw him and then you just went through walking in on your lover having sex.

Dmitri: There was an air of realness to the dream, I cant explain it! I feel like I was suppose to be seeing something!

Cassie: Do you think you were having a dream like Penelope dreams?

Dmitri: Its possible! I would need to talk to grandmother and ask her! I remember her telling me how when she was here, during her time as Wonder Woman, she would have these prophetic dreams. Maybe Caleb was trying to send me a message? He is a telepath!

Cassie: I don't know, that's possible!

Superboy: Prophetic dreams! Is there anything you Amazons cant do?

Cassie: You're mother is here, actually everyone is here, Batman, Zatanna, others. Diana said for you to come out if you were awake!

Dmitri: I'm not ready to go out there and face question just yet!

Cassie: That's why I didn't tell you right away!

Dmitri: Do you know why Batman wanted me to wait here for them?

Cassie: I don't know, they started talking about it as I left! I think he's on to whoever is doing the kidnapping!

Dmitri: I never checked in with work! I think there is a connection between the kidnapper and the "Man" the IADC is looking for! I matched the times and place, and each one happened near to each other!

Robin: But you have no idea who this "Man" could be?

Dmitri: There still isn't visual confirmation on him no! But I caught one of his men! They've been questioning him for days now, and its as if he has no idea what we are talking about!

Superboy: You're an agent for the IADC?

Dmitri: Yes, once again, please, keep this a secret!

Superboy: Wow, your just a bad ass aren't you! What's it like working uncover?

Dmitri: Dangerous! And very exciting! The tools we use to break in and out of places, going in undercover and pretending to be someone else! Its very different from being able to use your powers and being a superhero!

Robin: So, you mean when your not in your Wonder Boy costume, you don't have any powers?

Dmitri: No! But I do have my Amazonian training! But its been good, I've gotten a chance to see what I'm made of! Hey, I just want to thank you guys for making me forget my problems for a minuet! It was nice just being able to be a regular guy! (The was a knock on the door!)

Robin: Come in!

Donna: What are you guys doing, Cassie, you were suppose to bring Dmitri out when he awoke!

Dmitri: Sorry aunt Donna, we needed to talk!

Donna: So you shared your secret with them. That's really good, I was hoping you guys would become friends! But come on we have important things to talk about!

Cassie: Anyone else show up?

Donna: Just Superman, this has to do with the JLA!

Dmitri: What! (The rage at the sound of his name filled my body! I stood up, I raised my arms to the left and spread them as I began to spin, a thunderous red and blue light appeared and disappeared leaving me standing there as Wonder Boy!) I'll kill him! (I ran with the speed of Hermes, leaving them to stand there staring at each other. Then all started to follow. When I saw the crowd, I looked for Superman, after I spotted him, I flew straight into him, hitting him in the stomach sending him flying backwards, I heard them screaming my name, but I didn't care! I flew to him, licked him in the stomach, he grabbed his stomach and bent over, I kicked his head flipping him up in the air, and then landing on his face, I turned him over, and started punching his face again and again!) You bastard, how could, how could you do that to me! (I continued punching him!) You're my mother best friend, you said you were my friend, I hate you, I hate you! (I was crying as I hit again and again! Then the others came over grabbed me and lifted me off of him! The tears just ran down my face, it hurt so much to see him!) I...(Sniffle)...hate...(Sniffle)!

Diana: Demetrius, what's wrong with you, why are you fighting Superman!

Robin: (Talking to WG and SB) Fighting more like kicking his butt!

WG: I still don't believe my eyes!

SB: You don't think Superman is the one...naw, it cant be!

Superman: Dmitri, I don't understand, what did I do?

Dmitri: (Struggling to get away from my mother and aunt Donna!) What did you do, how can you even stand there acting like you don't know what you did?

Superman: Please Dmitri, I don't know what your talking about, I haven't even talked to you, since we were all on paradise island!

Dmitri: Have you lost your mind? Let go of me, let go!

Diana: Prince Demetrius, I command you to calm yourself this instant!

Dmitri: Alright, alright, I'm calm, I'm fine!

Donna: Your sure?

Dmitri: Yes, will talk like normal people! (As soon as they let go, I lunged at him and started hitting him again!) You bastard you know what you did, I walked in on you today! I'll kill you!

Diana: Dmitri, get off of him this instant!

Dmitri: (As they started to grab me off of him again, I turned and saw all these faces staring at me, I must have looked like a crazy person. But they had no idea what he had done, what Superman had put me through! I was so embarrassed, I jumped into the air and started flying away!)

Diana: Dmitri, no! Come back! Kal, what is he talking about!

Superman: Diana, I swear to you on everything, I have no idea! I'll go after him!

Diana: I don't think that's wise!

Superman: Diana, this isn't the time for him to be on his own, someone is after him!

Batman: Maybe that's it, whatever he's talking about, maybe it wasn't Superman, but they made it seem like it was him!

Superman: I'm going! (I take off after him. I don't know what he's talking about, but I know something really had to have happened for him to act that way! This just isn't him! I fly at super speed and reach him I grab him and stop him in midair!) Dmitri, please listen to me! I swear to you, I have no idea what you are talking about!

WB: Why would you follow me, I told you to stay away from me, I'm likely to kill you right now!

Superman: Listen to me Dmitri, you have to trust me! I don't lie, I never lie! If I did something, I would admit to you that I did it! I told you how I felt about you, I told you that I love you! You asked for space, I've given it to you! I thought if I leave you alone, maybe you would want to try having a relationship with me! So there is no way, I would ever do anything to hurt you, you have to believe me!

Dmitri: But I saw you, you and Steve were having sex in my bed and I walked in on you!

Superman: What! There is no way, I would never do that, it wasn't me Dmitri, I swear to you, it wasn't me!

Dmitri: Then you wont mind if I use my lasso on you?

Superman: If it's the only way for you to believe me, then yes do it!

Dmitri: (I wrap my lasso around him!) Did you sleep with Steve?

Superman: I did not sleep with Steve!

Dmitri: Maybe sleep is the wrong word! Do you remember having sex with Steve today?

Superman: No, I don't!

Dmitri: I don't understand how is that possible, how did you not have sex with Steve today when I walked in on you?

Superman: I did have sex with Steve today when you walked in on us!

Dmitri: What! But, you just said you didn't!

Superman: Wait, I don't understand, I just said I didn't, how could I possibly say I did! The lasso compels you to tell the truth! Dmitri, look at me, listen to me!

Dmitri: What!

Superman: What exactly did you ask me when I first said no?


Superman: Dmitri, listen I know this is hard for you, but something larger then what you saw is at work here. Now think!

Dmitri: I asked you if you remember having sex with Steve today!

Superman: No I don't!

Dmitri: But you just said you had sex with him!

Superman: Yes I did!

Dmitri: (Lasso still on Superman) Ok, did you have sex with Steve?

Superman: Yes!

Dmitri: Do you remember having sex with Steve?

Superman: No I don't!

Dmitri: Do you want to have sex with Steve?

Superman: No I don't!

Dmitri: Do you want revenge on me for not dating you?

Superman: No I don't, I want to wait for you!

Dmitri: Ok, but this doesn't explain why Steve had sex with you!

Superman: Because I used the spray that makes you lose control, till all that is left is a animalistic horniness!

Dmitri: What, why would you do that?

Superman: I was forced to do it!

Dmitri: What do you mean forced?

Superman: One minuet I was at the Daily Planet, the next I was being forced to fly to your place, to meet Steve there, to spray him, and then to have sex so that you would walk in and catch us!

Dmitri: By who, who is forcing you to do this?

Superman: I don't know!

Dmitri: (I take my the lasso off of him!) Kal, what's going on, who is doing this, why are they doing it? How could someone use you to hurt me?

Superman: (I grab him and hug him!) I'm so sorry Dmitri! I'm so sorry! Will figure this out, I promise you, we will!

Dmitri: What about you, whoever this guy is, he knows how to control you! That's more dangerous than anything!

Superman: This freaks me out, more than you know! Come on we need to get back to the others!

Dmitri: I cant go back, I just went crazy on Superman, they'll be sure to think me a mad man!

Superman: No, it just makes you one of us!

Dmitri: What do you mean?

Superman: At one point of another every single one of us has lost control and gone after the other!

Dmitri: I don't know, what am I going to say? Why did I fight with you?

Superman: Well, we cant tell them exactly what happened! No one knows about me, no one can ever know, Dmitri, you have to promise me that!

Dmitri: Even in my anger towards you, I still protected your secret! I live by a code of honor!

Superman: Thank you!

Dmitri: Oh no, but if you used that stuff on Steve, he'll be asleep for 24 hours, but he'll remember sleeping with you, he'll know it was you!

Superman: I don't think he will! I sprayed him, and I was wearing a hood. I don't know if he really ever saw my face! You'll have to make sure, he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him!

Dmitri: They are going to ask question, what am I going to say?

Superman: Well we have to tell them that someone is controlling me! If I'm being controlled, there is nothing more dangerous on the face of the planet! I need my friends!

Dmitri: Then we only tell my mother and Batman!

Superman: That's exactly what I was thinking! (Pushing the com-link in his ear) Diana, Bruce, I need the two of you to meet us alone! We're on top of the Chrysler Building!

In the Hidden layer of Maxwell Lord-

Max: Everything is moving according to plan! Once you obtain all the powers to become the most unstoppable Magical being, while I gain complete control over Superman! And Wonder Boy, yes your little Wonder Boyfriend, a tortured soul, I will make him lose control, make him my slave, a team like you, Superman, Wonder Boy, there will be no one on this earth that could stop me! The world will be mine!

Voice: Why are you making me do this, these are my friends!

Max: If you only knew your true potential, you could have had the world you're self! But no, you just have to be one of the boring do-gooders!

Voice: Not everyone is a selfish son of...

Max: Stop! Don't even finish that sentence! I'm a genius, not even Lex Luthur can say that he's been able to do what I have done!

Voice: Someone will stop you, good always triumphs in the end!

Max: (Making fun of him) Good always triumphs in the end! The difference between the good guys and the bad guys is, the bad guy is always willing to do what a good guy never is?

Voice: Because you have no conscious!

Max: What are you complaining about, your getting your little boyfriend aren't you?

Voice: I don't want him that way! That wasn't me, that was you!

Max: Well, yes that was my ingenious plan! How beautiful it played out! Superman, being forced to have sex with a guy, could there be anything worse than that! To make a straight man have sex with another man! Then your little boyfriend walks in and catches the one he thinks he loves in bed with Superman! Oh, the heart ache, my man in bed with another! Ah, for gay drama! I don't think they write better stuff on daily soap operas! So now he will cry his eyes out, mourn the loss of his lover, and will turn to you! So quit crying, you're lucky I'm even doing that for you! I cant have you unhappy, I like to take care of my workers, make sure they're happy, cause if they are, they make sure I am!

Voice: You disgust me, I hate everything about you and everything you stand for, and I swear to you, one day, I will make you pay for hurting my friends!

Max: Ya, Ya, Ya, that's what they all say! You're my little bitch boy, you do what I say when I say and how I say! Hell, if I wanted to I could make you knell before me and suck my cock!
Voice: You wouldn't?

Max: Hey a mouth is a mouth! I can close my eyes, lay back, and let you work my cock over, till I blast down your throat! Don't act like you haven't thought about it! My long juicy cock, I think you want me to make you do that don't you, you want me to slide my cock down your throat, you would love to taste my load!

Voice: I swear I'll bite if off!

Max: You cant get it through your head, you're my bitch! Just to prove it, get down on your hands and knees now, and crawl over to me now! That's it, now unzip my pants and pull my cock out! You like that long cock huh, tell me how much you like it!

Voice: I ha...

Max: I said tell me how much you like it!

Voice: your long fat 12 inch cock!

Max: Go ahead give it a lick! Oh, yea just like that! Now tell me how much you want to swallow my cock!

Voice: Please, please Max, let me swallow, I want you cock, I want it so bad, I need a real man like you, I need a real mans cock!

Max: Enough! Get off your hands hand feet you disgust me! Now, don't forget who's in control!

Voice: (Spitting on the floor again and again!) You sick son of bitch!

Max: Enough games! Its time for you to gain the ultimate power! Your going to absorb the magical library of Zatanna! This will increase your power so much, you will lose the good that's left in you, till all that is left, is pure evil! That much power corrupts, and you my little bitch boy, are the key to the ultimate power! Its almost time, go absorb the powers of the ones we already have before they wake up! I have something I have to do! You have 10 minuets! Don't forget I'm in your head!

Voice: (Goes into a room with tables that the bodies of the victims lay asleep on! He walks over to Madame Xanadu) Madame listen to me there is no time!

Madame: You bastard, you want me to listen to you, we trusted you...

Voice: Please, there is only seconds to spare, I need you to send a telepathic message to Zatanna, tell her Maxwell Lord is going after her library next! Do please, before he finds out what I'm doing!

Madame: (Clearing her mind, she sends out a message to Zatanna!) <Zatanna, Max is going after you libr...>

Zatanna: <Madame, I didn't understand, Max who? Where is he going?>

Madame: <Max...ahhhh!>

Voice: Ahhhhh!

Max: <Nice try, next time you try to pull a stunt like that, I will have Superman kill your boyfriend, do you understand! Scream if you do!>

Voice: (Grabbing his head) Ahhhhhhhhh!

Max: <Now get to Zatanna's library now!>

Top of the Chrysler building-

Batman: Who's the connection between you two?

Superman: Who even known that Dmitri and I know each other!

Dmitri: Mother, did Cassie tell you about the dream I had?

Diana: Yes she did!

Dmitri: Isn't it possible that Caleb was trying to warn me, that he was also trying to show me who the "Man" really is?

Diana: Its very much so possible! You're the son of Zeus, the Gods could give you the gift of sight, and Caleb being a telepath tried to connect!

Batman: Saying it was real, is there anything in the dream that you recognized, or might have been a clue you thought unimportant?

Dmitri: All I know is there were woods, so very dark, and a house, that I suddenly appeared in, wait a minuet, when I was in one of the bedroom, the "Man" came out of a corner of the room, my back was to the door, he came out in front of me, it wasn't a house, it was a mansion! He came out of a secret passage!

Batman: That could be anywhere! I'll input this into the bat computer and see if anything comes up!

Superman: In the mean time, what about me, I could fall pray to mind control at any given moment!

Batman: If that's the case, there is no where for you to hide, the connection with your mind can be triggered from anywhere at any time!

Dmitri: I still don't understand, what part do I have to play in all of this! Why me, what do they plan to do with me?

Batman: If you wanted to control the world, who better than Superman, a male version of Wonder Woman, and the most power magic based person, to have under you control! (Beep) {This is Batman!}

{Batman, its Zatanna, I just got a message from Madame Xanadu, someone named Max, he's going after my libr, that was all of the message that I received!}

Batman: {Where on our way back now!} Someone named Max, is going after Zatanna's libr...hmm...

Dmitri: Library?

Batman: She houses the largest library of magical books and artifacts!

Diana: Great Hera! If he gets his hands on that collection, he will become unstoppable!

Batman: Lets get back to Titan Tower now!

Titan Tower-

Dmitri: Mother, Don't you think I should go and be with you?

Batman: No Dmitri, its to dangerous, right now, you are a target! As well as Superman! The Two of you need to stay clear away from walking into any traps!

Dmitri: That could happen anywhere, at anytime! At least if we stay together, you know, safety in numbers!

Batman: Your wellbeing means more to me than anything, please just listen to what I say!

Diana: Dmitri, just stay here, you'll be with your aunt Donna, and your sister, and friends who will watch your back! Let us handle this for right now!

Dmitri: Fine!

Diana: (Grabbing him and hugging him) You're my son, I love you, and I'll die before I let anything happen to you!

Dmitri: I love you to mother! (I look at Superman and the look in his eyes have changed, suddenly there was a void, like he was no longer driving his own body!) Superman, are you alright?

Superman: (A deep voice speaks through Superman's body) Batman, you've interfered for the very last time, tonight you die!

Dmitri: Superman no! Snap out of it, don't let him do this to you! (I watch in horror and Superman begins to fight with Batman, Superman lifts Batman up and throws him threw a wall of Titan Tower, then super speeds in side to catch him and throw him back out another wall! Batman is human, its different when a super powered person gets thrown through a wall that thick, but for a normal human, it cant be good! And so the Battle of a God among men begins!)

End Chapter-